VISION / Proper Perspective.

“Lesson One”

How have we become so distracted with what Christ “laid aside”, over what he “took up”? We have taken up what he laid aside, and neglected what he took up! Are we “Kings and Priests”? Yes, but here on earth “king” is not our focus. We lay it aside for a time, in order to serve! The Priest walks in service, not the king. What did Jesus do? What is the example he gave us? What did he say and teach us? What has he put in writing? The last shall be first, and the least shall be greatest! The POWER is in the Priesthood! The WORRIES is in the kingship! A king walks in many worries, but the Priest walks in confident PEACE that passes all understanding. The Priesthood is supernatural, the kingship is not. We have been robbed by a king that has no clothes! By a theology that is a house of cards!

So how have we gotten so caught up in being “the head and not the tail”, “above and not beneath”? These are Old Covenant words to the Children of Israel during a time of “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”? Do you want to live in that, or would you prefer mercy and grace?

Jesus came to take us to a higher level in which if someone plucks your eye, you do not want to also pluck theirs! We are taught to love our neighbor as ourself. How can we do that if we expect to be above them? The New Covenant in Christ works in a different way. The Old was meant to be our school master leading us to that which is greater, a love so great for both God and mankind that we no longer think in earthly carnal ways, but have become a Kingdom of Priest to the world.

If we want to get technical about this, even the scripture our Preachers are using to preach their kingship theology is actually a King James mistranslation! And most our preachers know this, but keep right on preaching it! Something stinks in the House of God!

Revelation 1:6 (and 5:10) > “And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen”

Most translations, even the Amplified version which has been around for a long time, translate the scripture: “He has made us a kingdom of priests for God his Father.”

If we stay with the old King James translation, then there is disharmony in the flow of God’s Word. For how can there be harmony with being a king when Jesus taught blessed is the poor in spirit, blessed are the humble, they that mourn, and the persecuted? Along with many other words he spoke, in which he preached against materialism, love of money, putting self first, etc. etc.. Even his own example of the way he lived. He did not live like a king, and the Disciples kept “seeing” an “earthly” kingdom, wanting Israel restored to being a “head”, and above not beneath, the whole time he was talking about a nonmaterial spiritual kingdom! We do the same today! Have we learned nothing?

The only way we have harmony in the words of Revelation 1:6 and 5:10, is if we line it up with I Peter 2:5 and 2:9. These scriptures describe us as his holy Priests, royal Priests and holy nation, a spiritual house, a royal priesthood. If Revelation 1:6 and 5:10 are translated as a “kingdom of Priests”, then everything Jesus said and did is in perfect harmony, and what Peter wrote is also in perfect harmony. All of God’s Word comes into perfect harmony that we have been “Born-Again” into the eternal Priesthood of Christ after the unending order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 5:6).

With all this in mind, consider the erroneous effect the perspective of being a king on earth, being above and not beneath, being the head and not the tail, has had on the modern day Church, the body of Christ. Our Lord’s Disciples are doing more to establish an earthly kingdom, many times their own little earthly kingdom, than they are establishing the unearthly Kingdom of God.

Many times this leads to a love for money and self on the throne. We are not functioning as Priests, nor do we know how to do so, nor do many of us even want to. We rush off into our day ignoring God and our spiritual powers, to live as flapping little sparrows in the lowlands, instead of soaring eagles in the high places of God’s Spirit.

All this is fixable if you have a heart to learn. If service to God, and not people, become your first priority, your first love, all this is fixable. “END LESSON ONE”