Night Watcher #8 / 21 Days

75364021-1200px Do you see it now? I’ve been declaring this for weeks, the escalation of emotion, Jonah being thrown overboard into the sea of a perfect storm, the Democrat game plan, and yes, they are not innocent, but well aware of the fire they are intentionally setting! And now we have it in writing! The future laid out for us! And a 21 Day countdown to another escalation! White House Siege! Googling that should bring it up.

Of course none of the Democrat names are on the war plans. And it wouldn’t matter if they were. Things have been proven before, but they are above the law. I have seen this coming for months, but I am a watcher, only the blind or the guilty could deny it now.

Surely most Americans will not vote for the Party promoting violence to win. So Trump wins again. Then what? He cheated! They already are saying he cannot legally win! How can they know such a thing? And then our country explodes! Will Jonah be thrown overboard into the raging sea? What will it take to get control? Will we see martial law? Of course we will. Do we not see the hand writing on the wall?

Are you watching it build? Do you see this growing wave of hate, lies, and emotion? Are you prepared to soar above, or will you be caught in the tsunami? Will you be a part of it? In their eyes President Trump must not win at any cost, so if he wins, then the country must be so devastated that he will spend the next 4 years just trying to repair all the damage. Consider these quotes >

We will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain for exactly 50 days.

…we’ll inspire a global movement of systematic change… A Global Spring… a cultural heave towards a true world order.

We will not let Trump steal the election.

A massive collective action of the sweetest kind of disobedience.

There is also something said about them ensuring a peaceful transition of power. What? The only transition of power they want is into their hands, and none of it has been peaceful so far! President Trump has been under attack from day one! And they are just waiting for Conservatives to retaliate. They know many people are going to be hurt and suffer in this fire they build, and yet they build it anyway?

Again, these groups claim they only intend peaceful protest, and yet somehow there has been much violence. These people know it will only take one little spark to ignite the explosion. I expect if something does not happen to cause it naturally, then they are prepared to light the flame intentionally. And if Trump wins, that is all the spark they need. But what if the Republicans did the same? What if we were threatening violence if Biden wins? How is it that one party is prone to this kind of behavior and there is no vast exodus from their ranks!? No being held to accountable? Yes…they are very sly with their words…careful to send out sparks…but never be the actual fire themself. They are so smart. They are so innocent. But truth always eventually wins. If not in this life, then the next. In the meantime, we suffer.

This must be more of the “good trouble” they keep promoting. “Sweet kind of disobedience”? But what is God telling you to do in this perfect storm, child of God? Do we not have a responsibility in all this? Abortion is still a horrible crime against humanity, and Planned Parenthood continues with blatant disregard to the truth. Most scientific biologist will tell you that life begins at conception! How ungodly, as a nation, we have become!

As followers of Christ what does all this mean for us? Does God still have a mission? As in the days of Noah, more and more violence breaking forth, the earth filled with violence! Again, the hand writing is on the wall! Can we be the peacemakers in such a great fire? But we are the HATERS! That is the lie they believe! Are you a HATER? Is it not so plain how the enemy has worked in all this? We’re not the violent! How are we the HATERS?

Jonathon Cahn has already had a huge prayer and repentance rally planned for D.C. area on September 26th. This has been planned for months! The White House Siege protest begins on September 17th. Both these groups will be in the same area, and how will this be portrayed by media?

The darkness grows…the darkness comes. There are those setting the flames for violence to fill our streets and martial law required! Surely you see it now! They claim Trump won illegally, and yet they are the ones actually trying to win illegally by threat of violence, and in plain sight for all to see! How has America become this? How has a party become this? How is a party able to get away with this? Our right to vote the way we want is under threat of “violence” by one party and one party alone!

I am a watcher and I will continue writing what I see, unless they shut me down, which wouldn’t surprise me a bit. Hopefully I’m too small for them to notice. But here again, one party wants to silence free speech! How can anyone not see this?

Our country is already on fire. The kindling is already set and burning. We have a date with destiny already planned. The perfect storm increases in its hate and Jonah is the target. The last word of the Old Testament is “curse”, and we are in it, if a revival does not sweep this nation and turn the hearts of people back towards God, and one another. What is the price we’re going to have to pay, like Jonah, before such a revival can happen?


Heart and Soul of Nation.

75364021-1200px I keep hearing Politicians talking about this election is for nothing less than the “heart and soul” of this nation. To that I ask what do Politicians know about the “soul”? This only confirms to me what we have said, the church has lost her way, and now the soul is in the hands of politics? The Ark has been captured. Eli and his wicked sons have cost us dearly. The Philistines have ransacked us! That which is the church’s territory is in the hands of the heathens! It reminds me of Constantine influencing the church of 300 A.D. Will we down the road, see the dark place that road led before?

Most Politicians I’ve seen over the years will speak any lie you want to hear if it gets them elected. They flip flop. The very person they were exposing as so vile a few days ago, will suddenly become best friends and endorsing them. Where is honor, integrity, and truth? They show little knowledge of true morality. They endorse the murder of pre-born babies. They live in wealth and luxury. They love money and power. They might be denied communion by their Priest. They will use whatever is available to sabotage a nation’s well-being for their own agenda. They hurt the very people they claim to defend. They allow lawlessness if it promotes their agenda, and again, many innocent people are hurt, including the businesses of hard working people. How long should I make this list? These are the people fighting for our soul? And the church? They seem to have embraced politics as the answer. Have they embraced Constantine? And do we have a choice at this point? Maybe not. Just like Jonah, he really had very little choice in the storm.

Here’s a wake-up call, people. Here’s a news flash! Politics don’t save a soul! We are well into uncharted waters that will surely create a huge hurricane storm of Jonah proportions before this is over. And then, perhaps a Jonah will rise out of the belly of the whale who preaches a true message, as he is forced to sit in the hot sun, miserable. Not a pretty picture.

Now we have a scandal with Jerry Falwell Jr.. What has happened to Christianity in America? Jesus said if we truly followed him, we would be hated and persecuted. However, was that hate supposed to be derived from politics, because the church became a political entity? Or was it other things, like saving souls and being anti-worldly, anti-materialistc, and pro- God? Pro- Word of God? We have succeeded in being hated, but I don’t think it is for the same reasons Jesus was.

I believe in the flux of all this change is the chance to make a different choice than Jonah made. Those who truly hear the voice of God see opportunity. The fields are white unto harvest! However, King Saul must be recognized as a king having no clothes. The Anointing has left him and he is tormented of demons. God is in the caves with David. God is alive and well, and so is the new wine rising for such a time as is coming. We will know more after we see what happens in this election, sad to say. We have allowed everything to become about this election. And when it happens I believe we will see great chaos like we’ve never seen before. And in such times as these a new wine should flow, but are we such a wine skin?

Now is the time to hear God and catch the wave. Trump moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem. He took the stand every President before him coward away from. Now we see more movement towards peace in that area. Trump is involved, “The Art of the Deal”. That is one of his claims to fame. And what does it all mean? New times are coming! End Times are coming! But that 7 year period could still be many years away. Much could still happen if David succeeds in bringing the Ark back into Jerusalem, even as Trump moved an embassy! But that’s church territory! Not politicians!

Now is not the time to be more worldly, more materialistic. Now is the time to live in the high places of God’s Spirit. Be the Skypeople we claim to be. Learn what it means to live by our wings, our spirit man, rather than the dirt of our flesh. Again, Jesus said we would be hated, but for what reasons? Check the Beatitudes. Does God expect us to vote as godly as possible? Surely he does. But can’t we do that without becoming a political platform?

Many times what looks good at the time also conflicts with what Jesus actually said and did. In those times true wisdom stays in faith in Jesus. We follow him. We mount up with the wings of the eagle. We do what Jesus did even in spite of how it may look to our human reasoning. And when we don’t… that 20/20 hindsight eventually confirms the error of our way. As for me and my house, we will follow the Lord and the example he set for us. Constantine led to a dark place before, and will do so again. Jesus is always the true light!

Sail on, brothers and sisters. Sail a sacred ship.


In these chaotic times, with a hurricane rising in the future, where lies true north? Your soul knows. Your soul will find the way, if you pray and obey. The set of our wings!

“Night Watcher” #5 / Wisdom

_apa_2015_briankushner_snowy_owl_kk “But where shall wisdom be found?”

And where is the place of understanding?

Man knoweth not the price thereof; neither is it found in the land of the living.

The depth saith, it is not in me: and the sea saith, it is not with me.

Whence then cometh wisdom? And where is the place of understanding?

Seeing it is hid from the eyes of all living, and kept close from the fowls of the air.

Destruction and death say, we have heard the fame thereof with our ears.

God understandeth the way thereof, and he knoweth the place thereof.”

(Job 28 : 12-14 & 20-23)

I see America burning. The fires that are coming make current events look as nothing! This is the most dangerous election I’ve seen in my lifetime. It’s all about EMOTION, not wisdom. The Dems know exactly what they are doing, and it is pure evil. Between now and election we will see the flames of emotion stoked higher and higher, so that, the average person will be afraid for the Dems not to win! Some will even hold their vote, hoping the Dems win and we avoid all the violence that will break loose if they don’t! What kind of political party wants to win by way of threat of violence? An evil one.

How do you stoke the emotions? Become the helpless puppy in need of a protector. Paint yourself as the weak and violated, simply trying to survive the big bad bully. Stoke the flames of the people so that you might win by some miracle, but if you don’t, then there will be such an eruption that they will wish they never dared to oppose us. That poor little puppy dog will turn into a raging pit bull in the streets! If we can’t win the ball game, then we burn the ball park to the ground, and anyone in it!

This is so obvious to see. Who wouldn’t want Santa Claus for President? Who doesn’t wish Santa Claus was real? But in the real world there is no Santa Claus! The Dems are stoking people with a beautiful Christmas wish! And Trump is the Grinch because he knows things have to be earned! We reap what we sow! This is basic wisdom 101! They are sowing the seeds of destruction and unwilling to earn things honestly! And the worse part of all is, they actually believe this fake Santa Claus will be able to make their dreams come true by way of all this hate and destruction? This is how they think the world works? This is how Christmas comes? Not any Christmas I know!

Call it Karma or call it the Laws of God, these people will fall into their own pits and suffer greatly in the end, but the great tragedy is they will cause a lot of innocent people to suffer along the way. They will leave much destruction in their path, even hurting people they claim to love! How can any country have an election, when that very election threatens to set streets on fire and get innocent people killed? Is that the goal?

The Dems are not presenting themselves as just the underdog against a giant, they are presenting themselves as a helpless puppy dog being kicked and mistreated by its master! They know this card has power to ignite fire in the hearts of misled people! Again, the tongue is setting on fire the course of nature! Mrs. Obama even described voting as: Vote as if your life depends on it! What? Those are fighting words! Someone is going to kill you if Biden don’t get elected? Set those emotions on fire, Mrs. Obama!

Is there a way to throw water on this fire? From where can so great amount of water come? The church has lost the high ground and is completely helpless to face this great need. But if there is still any hope that God’s people can pray to heaven and call for such a rain, then we best be doing it now!

Yes, we still need to cast our vote for integrity on that day. We still need to stand up in the face of threats, lies, fire, and fear, and do the right thing, because that is what honest people do. But can we also call rain from heaven and prevent the horrible event of emotions run amock that lie straight ahead? This is a locomotive building steam and speed as it rolls down the tracks! The Dems are throwing in the coals by the shovel fulls! It is intentional! Mrs. Obama chose her words well! She knew exactly the message she was sending. They all do. The power of the tongue and dangerous words, feeding the flames of emotion!

Can we avoid Jonah being thrown overboard into the raging sea? Will the Bible be thrown into the fire and into the sea?

With frail Joe Biden, the Dems have a win/win; and they know it. If he don’t win the election, the streets will burn, and socialism will be that much closer to being achieved in their eyes. I watched a video of a man clear back in 1969, (I believe it was), who described in detail, I mean in minute detail the exact strategy of socialism to play the “race and hate” card to overthrow democracy in America. He knew every step and strategy back in 1969! I am watching every step he described being played out before my eyes! It’s uncanny! But not so surprising when you understand the true evil at work before us. May the God of heaven help us all in what is coming. We’re gonna need it. If you’ve never prayed before, this is a good time to start.


“A Very Real Danger”

20170927_155337“In the same way, the tongue is a small thing that makes grand speeches. But a tiny spark can set a great forest on fire. And the tongue is a flame of fire.” (James 3: 5-6a)

I sat up late last night because of a speaker who caught my ear. This man was a University Professor, and an expert on Russia. He had lived there for a time, studied them, and was now considered an expert. Politically, he would have fallen on the Liberal side, and had many Liberal friends. He was very well spoken, and what he had to say was so important I wish everyone could have heard.

I believe God “leads” me to things. He leads me to things he wants spoken, taught, written; from this platform and whatever other door he may open. I woke up this morning knowing where God wanted to go today, on this site.

Jerusalem lives in much danger, and they are willing to die for what they believe in, and we’ve just spent some time considering the spiritual plight of Israel, but what of our own very real and present danger? There are many to be sure. My mission from God at Tumble Pigeon Farm is all about the spiritual dangers we face in the church itself, but this particular threat crosses all borders, knows no bounds, and like a fire consuming a forest, will bring devastation to all!

I should have written down the man’s name, but when you hear what he had to say, you will recognize it as the “TRUTH”, so it really doesn’t matter who said it. Among other things, he explained this: (I will relate this point as best I can remember.) > If you were around during the “Cuban Missle Crises” you are aware of how very close we came to major devastation on a grand scale. Fortunately, J.F. Kennedy, and whoever else involved, barely managed to avert the situation. During the crises there was much communication going on between all powers involved, including Russia. (Especially Russia!)

One of his main points was ever since that day, all Presidents have maintained communications with Russia, in an effort to prevent things from ever reaching such a point of crises again! (That makes very good sense.) What this man was seriously worried about and strongly pointing out, our media is on such a Vengeance Trail to get Donald Trump, that they are preventing him from being able to have those same communications every President has had before him! They are completely tieing his hands! And we are the ones being put in harms way, while they conduct their personal vendetta!

He explained every time President Trump tries to speak with Russia, the media begins crying from the rooftops accusing him of collusion and being a traitor! Their goal is to make it impossible for him to do anything! Including maintaining those very important communications which are in the best interest of all of us! And who is doing this? As I have said, but let me get a little more detailed…our very own…innocent…and very trust worthy…having no bias…but only interested in truth…highly honorable…very trustworthy… super intelligent…media! (I’m sorry if I caused you to vomit while reading that.) This is not only a very sad state of affairs, but a very real and present danger for all of us! No matter whose side you’re on! Fire is an equal opportunity destroyer!

I’m sorry, but our media is out of control and gone way to far into the land of insanity, frothing at the mouth and no longer concerned about the actual welfare of one and all. They profess themselves to be so wise in their high and mighty seats, but are revealing themselves to be court jesters having no sense of integrity, and no concern of where their actions are leading!

God’s word not only points out the extreme danger of unbridled tongues, but it also still says Thou shalt not bear false witness! Thou shalt not lie! These people reveal on a daily basis they have no regard at all for something called God’s Word, and I understand that, but knowing this, we need to be aware of how much danger they are putting us all in! If they did have regard for God’s word, they might at least have a little true wisdom.

The Indians are famous for saying: White man speak with forked tongue! (I, as Grandpa White Feather, was looking forward to quoting that.)

Look what trusting a bunch of greedy liars did to the Indians. We have such dark things in our past. Are we any better at spotting when these things are happening again? Only this time, to us?

What is “Fake News”? In most cases it is pure “Propaganda”! Definition of propaganda is: Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political agenda or point of view.

Of a biased or misleading nature. Hhmmm, sounds like a certain snake I’ve read about in a book our media ignores. “Misleading?” Where do they want us to go? We are the herd they want to manipulate. Where are they tring to lead us to? Some utopia of their own design and imagination, based on lies that will never work in the kingdom of human nature? Do we still have the ability of critical thinking? Or have we become the herd of cows they think we are, simply going where they prod us to go?

Our media have become nothing but professional propagandist claiming to be journalist in order to get into our homes, heads, and hearts; even into our very souls!!! They know every lie told can never be completely undone! They also know they are not being held accountable, so why not? What have they got to lose? Evidently they’re not concerned about their reputation.

These people are not elected, and yet they seek to run our country and cannot be voted out! If I decide to tune into a Rush Limbuagh, (spelled wrong?), I at least know what I’m turning on. He’s very up front about it, and I have to intentionaly choose him! How did CNN get into all our airports? I work in an airport and all day long I’m forced to see these “Journalist?” spouting their propaganda! The only thing saving us occasionally is sports! Why do they have this power? How did they get to be the chosen ones? How do we vote them out?

The Bible says the tongue will set on fire the course of nature. Is that what we want? Ask people in California what it’s like having fire constantly threatening your very life and everything you own! Consider the financial cost of repairing fire damage! Is this what any sane person would not try to prevent? So how do they constantly get away with such obvious propaganda?

No lie, broadcasted from such a large platform, can ever be completely undone. Especially when they broadcast the lie in a shout, and then give the correction with a whisper! They surely know this and it seems to be intentional! The correction should have to be shouted at least double the original lie! Maybe that would give them pause, and cause them to be a bit more cautious in the fires they are starting!

They are playing, without regard, with yours and my future, folks. The future safety of our children and all concerned. They are playing with fire, and they don’t have enough sense to even realize the danger! How did such irresponsible people manage to crawl their way into such positions? I’m asking these questions while we still have the freedom to ask such things.

So what of those who never check what they are being told? I’ve always had an interest in hearing both sides. If CNN were not on at the airport, I would still tune it in, at my own descretion, to hear the other side. But most people I converse with can’t stand a Rush Limbaugh type, and do not even open their mind to other possibilities. It’s become their religion! All they spout is propaganda and show no ability to think for themselves! It’s called critical thinking. Politics is not meant to be a religion! (Although, a true religion will shine some light on all our politics.)

I’ll share one more story and then I think were done opening this can of worms for now. I had another college professor in my wheelchair one day. (I push wheelchairs at the airport.) He told me this generation has no ability for critcal thinking. (Now I know that explains a lot!)

He said he could give them a statement, like: Nine out of ten dentist recommend this toothpaste. Then he challenges the class to critcally examine that statement. He could take a lunch break, come back an hour later, and they still would have no other thoughts about the statement! No such thoughts as, why did 1 out of 10 disagree? What did they have to say? Who was this statement promoted by? Are the dentist getting any financial kickback when they promote this toothpaste? And so forth. He said it is as if they have completely lost this ability, and into this slithers the university professors, and fake news. (Propaganda) This is a very real and present danger. Children are playing with matches! Obviously they are not mature enough to know the dangers, (for they are many!), of false witnessing!

We need to be awake, we need to be aware, and we need to be active. If our President is being thwarted by a bunch of sore losers keeping him from doing the very basic things every President needs to be able to do for our own safety and welfare, then we are all going to pay a horrible price when the fire reaches our own back yard. Who will the media blame then? Anyone but themselves and whoever their “person” is, of course. And since they can shout it louder than anyone else from their big platform, most the world will believe. And we will be on fire. A fire birthed from the pits of hell by those who claim to be honest, true, and wise. Media speak with forked tongue!

Can we ever get media back to just giving us the facts, and let us figure it out from there, without their own twist and slant put to it? Who can even find the facts anymore? The facts are lost in a cloud of rumors and shadowy unrevealed and unconfirmed sources! What kind of journalism is this? No kind at all! Not by the definition of journalism, and yet these people still claim such title. (I feel like I’m on a rant, but the danger is real, and is the reason for my passion.)

Anyone who still has the ability to critically think, whether they are religious or not, should be able to see I am not just another Chicken Little yelling the sky is falling. This is a very real and present danger. This expert on Russia saw it as such, and God’s word spells it out very plainly. The tongue can be full of deadly poison; and poison kills! Propagandist are poison dealers. That’s all propaganda is. And snakes with forked tongues, if given the chance, inject their victims with deadly venom.

We need to learn to recognize a “snake pit” when we see one. In the movie: “True Grit”, a young woman, Mattie, falls into a pit in which things start moving! Things that should not be moving! It soon becomes apparent she has fallen into a pit crawling with viperous snakes! What a horrifying experience! An experience she barely survives, but loses an arm in the process. Things are moving, folks. Things that should not be moving! We are in a snake pit! A lot of venom has already gone forth, and many are infected. Keep God’s word close. You’re going to need it. Those of us who are children of Abraham, let us lean together in our common point of Christ, and encourage one another. Pray without ceasing, and speak truth to darkness!



“I did not want to vote for Donald Trump”

Believe it or not, this is going to tie into “Jerusalem, a city of 3 Faiths”, but I want to start by saying: I did not want to vote for Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, I had already made up my mind I was not going to. I live in Indiana, and when my guy finally fell, defeated in my own state, I thought the race was over for me. I voted against Trump that day, but my guy lost anyway.

At that point I told my wife, the race is over for me, Dear. I definitely can’t vote for Hillary. I see no need to list the multitude of reasons. But neither do I want to vote for a worldly man, such as Trump. He may be successful in the world’s eyes, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s just another ungodly man. I no longer had a horse in the race. I wasn’t going to have to go to the trouble of voting again on that day. It was over for me.

There had been other years I “considered” not voting, but this was the year I was finally going to do it. But then the liberal media kept coming at him, like a bunch of wolves trying to take down a bull. The Trumpster didn’t just cave like so many others, but he fought back, and I do like a fighter. Finally, someone was fighting back against the evil agenda of those who could care less about something called: The Word of God! My heart began turning as I watched this man stand his ground, and not cave. But I still was not blind as to what I was voting for.

I am surprised at how many Christians believe President Trump is a Christian. Whaaat? Definition of the word Christian is a devout follower of Jesus Christ. Does the Donald fit that definition? Not at all! So how do so many Christians seem to add 2+2 and come up with something other than 4? How are they blind to what he makes no effort to hide?

Just because a man may have some morals that happen to line up with “some” church values, and he gives favor to the church, doesn’t mean he is a Christian. What about all the blatant disregard of our Lord’s teachings, and I’m not talking small violations. I won’t guess at what is hidden in his closets, but just the obvious things we all can see. If he has had a true conversion to Christ, then how does such a man continue making millions of dollars off of Casinos, gambling, alcohol consumption, misfortune of others, scantily dressed women, and beauty pageants? These are just the things I know off the top of my head!

The church needs to “awaken” and realize we do have an ungodly man in that office, and we voted him in! Yes, we saved ourselves from Hillary, and we’re making a last ditch effort to drain the D.C. swamp, but don’t kid yourself on who the Donald is! This is just another example of the worldliness infesting the modern church. In Revelation 3:18, Jesus challenged the church of Laodicea to buy ointment for their eyes, so they might see!

But it’s true, many Christians have somehow become convinced the Donald is a Christian. There was a Roman emperor named, Constantine, who claimed to be a Christian also, and in that time gave much favor to the Church! Before his reign was over, he set in motion several changes to the church, some of which we still are entangled in to this day! Constantine marks the greatest diversion from what the early church fathers had been doing for 200 years! It led to the Catholic church, which eventually led to Martin Luther, but when we Protestants came out of her, we still brought baggage with us going all the way back to Constantine!

So…I continue watching. I watch the media who helped me vote for him. I see them frothing at the mouth like the insane, in their desperation to get him out! But I also see a man keep on fighting against the insane! And what shall the result be? Who knows, as the world turns. But he is setting some things in motion, of which Jerusalem is a major event.

Politics have always been such a dark arena, because there is power there, and lots of money, and human nature being what it has always been, it has a powerful pull on the kingdom of man, like the “one ring” in the movies: “Lord of the Ring”. Unless the “heart” is changed and the vessel filled with the Spirit of God, then human nature corrupts everything it touches. This brings us back to Jerusalem, the three faiths, and the children of Abraham.

Those who have become the children of Abraham by way of birth through Jesus Christ, they know God no longer requires a temple in Jerusalem, not really. Yes, if you’re still in that old covenant, then yes, you are still under laws saying Jerusalem is the one place of true worship, but if you have not rejected Christ, as they did, then you have been enlightened by what Jesus told the woman at the well!

(John 4:21) “Believe me, dear woman, the time is coming when it will no longer matter whether you worship the Father on this mountain or in Jerusalem. (VRS 23) But the time is coming – indeed it’s here now – when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way.”

We will continue looking at how us children of Abraham through Christ differs from Abraham’s other children. We take after our father Abraham in some very important ways! One of which is this one more scripture I will leave you with, concerning our father, Abraham. I hope you too, take after Abraham in this:

(Hebrews 11:10) “Abraham was confidently looking forward to a city with eternal foundations, a city designed and built by God.”

This is the temple the followers of Christ are looking for in Jerusalem. It shall come down one day, the Bride of the Lamb, the city Zion! New Jerusalem! But in the meantime, we will watch all those who still do not understand the revelation Jesus gave to a simple woman at the well. A woman who certainly was not a religious scholar, but had such an encounter that day, I’m convinced it changed her life! She had a life changing conversation with Jesus, and rose far above in her understanding, than the religious experts of her day.

We have become the temples of the Holy Spirit. We shall watch all those who still wrestle with the Law, and material things. Look not at that which is seen, but at that which is not seen, and worship God in spirit, and in truth. For the Father seeks those who worship him in “that way”. Selah. (And let us set a proper table while we’re at it. Amen.)