The Wind

20180606_124255Jesus said to Nicodemus, “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whether it goeth: SO IS EVERYONE THAT IS BORN OF THE SPIRIT.” (John 3:8)

This was the first scripture that caught my attention and began to paint a picture in my mind of what it meant to WALK IN THE SPIRIT. I began seeing such a freedom, such a liberty, because where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, not a box prison, not cookie cutter conformity, not bondage and drudgery, but to be like the wind. When I picture the wind I think of a bird or a sailboat.

I began imagining a sailboat on the seven seas of life. The Captain of this sailboat has intentionally cut the “man-made” motor loose and dropped it to the ocean floor. Then he grabbed the oars and said, “No more row row row your boat stressfully down the stream!” (And he threw them overboard too.) Now he is dependent upon an unseen power, invisible, not man made; the eternal wind! He waits upon the wind. 

This is how I see walking with Jesus. Jesus says, Walk with me. God says, Learn my ways. The Holy Spirit says, I will teach you.

The above picture shows some of the progress I have made on the Teepee. I now have a tarp at the top in which it can be raised like the sail of a boat by ropes I have strung over limbs in the tall tree above it. I can also lower the tarp and close off the top. Yesterday the wind was blowing in such a way that I used the ropes to pull the tarp completely away from the opening. IT ALL DEPENDS ON HOW THE WIND IS BLOWING.

For the true child of God, everything should depend on how the wind is blowing. I check the wind in my spirit everyday. I set my sails to that wind, not some worldly wind, but a fresh breeze from heaven. Is your life like this? Do you know the ways of the eagle, they that wait upon the Lord? My story, “Flapless”, teaches of these things.

20180606_180924 You might notice windows are going into the Teepee also, and air vents at the bottom. We are letting in wind and light. The winter was a learning experience. I closed the Teepee up and all the winter moisture caused a dank, mildew, depressing situation. But wind, light, and smoke is changing all that. Yesterday I got a good fire going and threw wet limbs and leaves on it. I smoked that Teepee good! Bugs beware! Wind and light lives here! It’s so easy to drive the bugs out of my Teepee. I love it.

Once again the atmosphere in the Teepee is coming alive with the Presence of God. I was there several hours as I spent time with God for the Fellowship that night.


We are talking about how God is like the wind. And as his disciples, as Jesus said he was going away so another could come, if we are properly spiritually growing we should be “Disciples of the Wind”. Jesus said, I’m going away! Another is coming! One who is like the wind! We move in the Holy Spirit.

Jesus words to Nicodemus are not the only hints we have concerning this wind-driven Spirit life. After his baptism Jesus was immediately “driven” by the Spirit into the wilderness for his 40 days of temptation. (After the Holy Spirit appeared in the form of a bird! The dove,)

“And immediately the Spirit driveth him into the wilderness.” (Luke 1:12) (Are we wind-driven like a sailboat? Do we realize the potential of such a life? Does this kind of talk seem strange to you? It should not.)

We also consider the birth of the Church on the day of Pentecost, when in that upper room it says there was the sound of a rushing mighty wind! This happened as the Holy Spirit invaded that place. God’s people became wind-driven at that very moment!

A close study of Genesis 3:8 reveals God had a habit of showing up in the garden to fellowship with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day when the “evening breezes” were blowing. Just a coincidence?

When God created Adam, he “breathed” into his lifeless body the breath of life and he became a living soul, brought alive by the breath of God, a blown wind.

In Ezekiel 37 the prophet is told by God to prophecy to a valley of dead bones. He begins to do so and the bones began becoming flesh and blood bodies again, but there was no life! So the prophet is told to prophecy to the four winds in verse 9, the winds began to blow and life came into them! A mighty army rose up brought to life by prophecy and a holy wind!

The eagle is a tremendous picture of what the Christian is “supposed” to be, living in the high places and “soaring”, not flapping, upon the Wind! Does this describe your life? A supernatural walk with God? The joy and freedom of Spirit life? Living in the high places of God?

I only learned recently, a close study of the “spiritual gifts” will lead you to original language calling them “wind-driven spirituals”. What an interesting description. Is our life a wind-driven spiritual? Wow.

This walk, this way of life, is all tied up IN and revealed IN your “Priesthood” IN Christ. In this time, in this earth, it’s all about being the Priest, not the king. I am so anxious to get back to our spiritual armor and the seven deadly sins, but this all ties together. As we reveal problems in our life we must also reveal answers.

Your spiritual armor is charged through the practice of your priestly ways! Jesus said the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Watch and pray! That was his answer! You cannot live like a sparrow and expect the power of an eagle! You cannot live like a motorboat and expect the wind in your sails! And if you prefer the life of a sparrow or motorboat, what does that say about you? Are you teachable? The first generation out of Egypt died in the wilderness, all but two! They were not teachable.

I’ve heard too many messages preached in which I was told everything I should not do, but was not given the answer as how to overcome. God never points out our shortcomings without also giving the way of overcoming. We serve the God who has all the answers. There is no dilemma he does not have the answer for, and usually that answer will be tied to MORE of the Holy Spirit, the Wind, in our life! Are we soaring or flapping? Row row row your boat.

After waiting on the Lord in my Teepee yesterday, that night our Fellowship had prayer and then had pizza and a movie: “The Shack”. That movie is such a strong message about inner pain, judgement, forgiveness, and trusting God. I love their representation of the Holy Spirit, the Wind. The garden message in the movie is my favorite, even though there are many very strong messages. But the Holy Spirit working in our life. Do we trust God completely? Or do we fight the Wind?

Do you struggle with surrender? It is a paradox. We cannot imagine that surrender could be the key to all our fulfillment, and yet it is. Do we believe God, or not? Faith without works is dead. We live in a day in which Pastors pat you on the head and say everything is alright, even though your life is a complete rat race and struggle. 2+2 somehow is not adding up to 4, but God does have the correct answer. God knows how to add 2+2 and get 4. God is the fork in the road for every one of us. Will we trust him completely, throw the oars overboard, and surrender to the Wind? This is a Godwalker, an Enoch person, a true spiritual life. (So teaches Grandpa White Feather, and intends to go to his grave so teaching!)

Some people have problems with the movie, “The Shack”. I tried reading the book and struggled with it. I never got all the way through. So I was very surprised when I watched the movie and really enjoyed it. Perhaps you have a comment you would like to share about the movie?

So for now we will end with these thoughts of God’s Spirit like the Wind, a fresh breeze from heaven, Spirit life, and I’ll give you a few more pictures of the Teepee progress. A third window will be going above the two. I also flipped on the Christmas lights and it was beautiful as we had a very grey and raining day outside.



“My dog, Shadow.”


Do you see that big black area, like a black hole in space? That’s my dog, Shadow. At night time wherever she is sleeping, we have to be sure we keep a small light on or you cannot see her! She is literally invisible! We’re always afraid someone will trip over her and be seriously hurt. Let me bring the camera in for a closer shot.


Can you see her now? She’s very camera shy. She’s the hardest dog I ever seen to get good pictures of. When you point a camera at her, including all phones, her ears go down. She weighs in at 100 very solid pounds. Her mother was Labrador Retriever and her father was German Shepherd. (But she mostly looks Lab, and loves the water like a Lab also.)

My daughter had purchased a pup from the litter and by the time I got around to checking into it, there was only one pup left, and they had nicknamed her “Hoss”, because she had such a tremendous appetite! I guess that’s why she grew so large. She grew considerably larger than my daughter’s dog.

Shadow is my partner at Tumble Pigeon Farm as we are developing the Teepee and everything else. And just like the way she is curled up on the floor by my side as I write this article, she “shadows” me everywhere! She is my constant companion. Shadow is the perfect name for her. Every where I go, she quietly follows.

When I was painting the Teepee, of course she was right there. She ended up with white paint on her black fur and an orange spot on her nose!

This week has been a really tough one around here. After shoveling snow at the farm I got very sick. I ran a fever on and off for three days. I coughed so hard and deep I thought my toe nails would come up! I missed two days work and also had to delay a job interview at a Pet Store. If you follow this Blog you know I’m trying to move my life towards Whitestown Indiana, where we are building a spiritual retreat. We’ve also had wind chills way below zero and people’s pipes freezing. Its been really tough. Fortunately, my pipes have survived all this, and with as sick as I have been, I’m so thankful they have.

But today I was supposed to make that job interview after having delayed it. I was a mess as I crawled out of bed. I had not shaved or showered in three days. I’ve had very little appetite. I was weak from lack of food, no energy, still have some cough, especially if I breathe that cold air, and somehow I had to get to this interview? Could I possibly pull myself together enough to do a good interview? I was seriously worried.

Why is God’s will so hard sometimes? Am I sure this is God’s will? My heart says it is, but why is everything against me? If I were to simply go by the signs around me, I’d be convinced I must be on a wrong path, but my heart still says go! So by faith, I will.

I rose early and it took me hours to get ready. I managed to down an egg on toast and some coffee, and it actually tasted good. I got my vehicle warmed up and headed to the appointment. My coughing spasms have greatly decreased, thank goodness, but I did this interview entirely by prayer and faith. I was hired on the spot and begin training this next week. I won’t be pushing wheelchairs at the Airport much longer. My physical circumstances did not prevent God’s will from going forward, as long as I was still willing to step out in faith. (Even though I still feel lousy!)

Now I get to work in a field having to do with dogs, and other pets. I’m looking very forward to learning more about taking care of the health of my dog, Shadow. And soon we will begin preparing the shack we will move into on the farm. This will be the future part time home for Shadow and I, as we more and more develop Tumble Pigeon Farm.

So as my strength and health slowly returns, we continue in Faith Forward Motion that all these things shall be. Even though in my flesh I feel so very weak, my spirit man still burns with a vision that simply must be. It’s a beautiful vision. I have seen what I must do, and step by step we progress that way. Act III in my life will not be boring with such a vision to pursue.

Our progress may be slowed by such severe winter conditions as we are having, but progress is still progress. We are not discouraged by old age, sickness, freezing cold and snow, or anything of this physical realm. We have learned to walk by faith, and not by sight.

My wife has this virus too, and I told her, “Just focus on keeping breathing, dear. This thing will pass and bright skies will come again, if we just keep breathing, and then with that breath…live inspired!