Ezekiel 8 Matrix continued.

20171202_173614 I don’t usually put out two messages on a Sunday, but I’m feeling such an urgency in all this, so here we go…

“Matrix”: an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure, such as a womb. A “mold” in which something is cast or shaped.

Have you considered your Matrix? We all have one. How good would you say yours has been? And once you grew old enough to question the Matrix you were born into, that Matrix you were given no choice about, how well have you done in seeking TRUTH? Have you questioned your reality for yourself and sought to find what actually is? What sources have you put faith in? What teachers, what experts, and what inner voices?

Today’s message is difficult for me because I don’t want to sound like the crackpots I use to think others were. (LOL). So here’s the deal, I’m not a fanatic just trying to kick and scream about Easter and Christmas. It’s the way those two pagan holidays have affected other things in the Church that has me so alarmed, especially the Lord’s Table, the Lord’s Supper, and how far we have drifted from what the early Church fathers said was TRUTH, and even what the Apostle Paul described in I Corinthians 11.

Both Christmas and Easter are directly connected to the fork in the road the Church took around the time of Constantine. We Protestants rebelled against the Church which developed out of that, and we came out! But did we actually go back to that good thing the Church was prior to that fork in the road? Evidently, we did not.

Adam was told to “take care” of a garden that seemed to need no care. It was a perfect garden. No curses yet existed. But there was also a sacred atmosphere in that garden. In other words, there was a certain “Table Setting” for God. But that Table Setting began to change. How long had the Table been set for Satan to show up before he actually did? Have we changed the Table setting for the Passover, and the Lord’s Supper? Is Satan setting at that table smiling, because it is now suitable to him?

It appears Adam began loving Eve more than God. He listened to Eve that day more than God. He gave Eve’s wishes a higher priority than God’s. How long had Adam been in this spiritual condition, causing a change in the atmosphere, a change in the Table Setting more conducive to Satan, than God?

This is what Adam failed to maintain, and God has put man in charge of maintaining his Church. Hhmmm, I wonder how our Table Setting looks to God? I wonder how well our current shepherds are doing? In Ezekiel 8, once again, God is very upset at his people about the Table Setting! I fear it is happening again! Will we treat it as a small thing? It did not end up a small thing for Adam, nor for those Jews still in Jerusalem! It is not a small thing today either! It is not a small thing to God!

So today I simply want to set before you some history concerning the roots of both Christmas and Easter so you have that knowledge. It really is quite interesting. But please understand the spiritual threat hanging over the Church goes much deeper than two holidays that man has managed to turn into silliness. When it comes to Santa, we always told our children that Santa was a “game” adults like to play during Christmas, it’s just a “game”, but we also want you to know the TRUTH. So we ALWAYS have family devotions around God’s word on that day.

As far as the Easter Bunny? Well, I prefer hunting eggs at home and not mixing it with the Church. That would be my leadership, anyway, but I’m really more concerned about what Jesus taught Paul concerning his Lord’s Supper, than those silly eggs! However, when you see the details of how antichrist these holidays really are, it will convince you were treading on thin ice if we do not handle them with great care! Satan is the master of seduction, a matrix slowly shaping you into something, like an evil womb that feels warm and cozy when all the while you’re being misshapen!

So here is some history and you be the judge. Only question is, where to start?

We need to remember the early Church was still under the Roman Empire. They also still had very strong memories of Babylon. The Church has always been in a spiritual warfare with “evil empires”. John’s vision of the Book of Revelation reveals that these two empires are still very present and play a big part in what is to come upon the earth, and the Church, in the last days. So what are you saying here, Grandpa White Feather? I’m saying these worldly forms of antichrist, both Babylon and Rome, are like our major enemies! Don’t play with them! They want to rule you! Kill you! Chop your head off! And both Christmas and Easter are nothing more than “compromises” the Constantine Church made with those empires! And God takes compromising very seriously, as should we!

I guess I’ll start with Christmas. Remember, there are more details of all this in past articles, but when Constantine made it more popular to be a Christian, than not to be, and the Church was filling up with worldly fake Christians, the Church at that time was having a hard time explaining why so many of their people were still joining the Roman pagan holiday celebrations known as Winter Solstice. This was a Roman heathen holiday well established for many years, and the church was participating!

Not only was this holiday the day of longest darkness and shortest light in our calendar year, but it started with a celebration called Saturnalia, or Saturn, a major god of Rome, and 6th planet from the sun. Any faithful witch still celebrates these holidays today, but of course, with different meaning than we do, but they had it first! And Jesus was probably not even born in December! But rather than stand our ground and disciple God’s people to be different, the Church joined them! But we put our own spin on it! Right? I’m sure that pleases God, especially when you read Ezekiel 8 and hear how angry God is at Jerusalem for Sun worship? Have we gone mad?

All year long the Romans looked forward to Saturn’s Festival, called Saturnalia. As a matter of fact, eight pillars of Saturn’s temple still stands today! It was originally celebrated on December 17th but later was expanded to seven days! It was a festival celebrating prosperity and wealth, as the sun god grew stronger each day. Saturnalia led into the pagan festival of Winter Solstice, aprox. December 21. Winter Solstice was worship of the Sun god! This marked increasing lengths of days! The unconquered sun god! Chief god of Roman Empire!

Under Roman Emperor Aurelian, his holiday is traditionally celebrated on December 25th as are several gods associated with Winter Solstice in many pagan traditions. This is the Roman Cult of “SOL”. Sol Invictus > The Unconquered Sun!

The Romans named Saturday after their beloved god, Saturn, (Saturn-day), some time before 2nd century CE, so the Church was well aware of these things! Both Babylon and Rome were involved in the naming of our days, so yes, OBVIOUSLY… SUN-day is SUN-day, and not SON-day! All symbolic of Roman god worship, not the great I AM! The Winter Solstice celebrates the “rebirth” of sun gods,  as in resurrection. It was known as the great “reversal” and carried a practice of the “King of Misrule”! In which roles were supposedly switched! And with Jesus resurrecting on a Sunday, the church should know to be extra cautious of anything to do with sun worship! But rather than set ourself apart, we joined the birth of Christ to it? Whaaat? And what of the Lord’s Supper and the Passover?

In the midst of Jesus instructing us to do this in remembrance of my “death”, a shadowy shift has taken place, a slight of hand, in which we put more emphasis on his “resurrection”, on the empty tomb, than his death and cross! And we put more emphasis on our own “overcoming” king theology, than our own cross and death to flesh! It is the king of misrule! The king has no clothes, but nobody is pointing it out! Christmas is a complete compromise of the Constantine Church embracing worldly ways and entering the festival of Saturnalia and the Sun gods! Now read Ezekiel 8 again and see if your “spidey senses” are tingling? The first Roman “Christian leaders” replaced Saturnalia with Christmas and carried over some practices, such as the King of Misrule. Once again, fact is stranger than fiction!

Odd coincidence is, the Church doesn’t have one holiday I can think of, directly related to Christ, that has not been affected by these pagan sun worship festivals. Most Churches do some kind of a “New Years” thing, but that really has nothing to do with Christ. Did Jesus want us making a holiday out of his birth? I don’t see it. The early Church did not! I see no scripture for it.

I DO SEE Paul, John, Polycarp, and others instructing us to maintain the Passover meal in the Christian way, the Lord’s Supper, his death, his cross. Now that relates to Easter, which we go against God’s word and no longer do an actual Passover meal, we do not teach the 7 Days of Unleavened Bread, but we do invite the Easter Bunny to hide eggs for our children to hunt. We have short-formed the Lord’s Supper, and this is a reflection of our modern church condition! This is where “Tammuz” (Ezek. 8: 14) comes in. Here it is in short form.

Babylonian worship of Tammuz, beloved of Ishtar (Easter) – the god of spring vegetation, coming to life, resurrection. Vegetation burned in the summer, died in the winter, and came back alive in the spring. The women mourned over the god’s demise in July and longed for her revival in the spring. This festival had the vilest of immoralities. Women tore out their hair and prostituted themselves. But once again we see a pagan holiday having emphasis on resurrection!

Does God copy the world? From what I can see, the early Church fathers did not believe your resurrection was a “done deal” until you resurrected! Until then, the path, and the emphasis is on what we do have, a CROSS, a death! And that CROSS is the path to that resurrection. Put the emphasis on celebrating your resurrection and you create a false security in which people lose the proper fear of God and also end up being seduced out of their resurrection! These are not small things! We have allowed them to have far reaching tentacles!

The Passover Lord’s Supper should happen 3 days prior to his resurrection. The Passover meal is not a quick trip to McDonalds! That meal begins 7 Days of Unleavened Bread, a message to get the sin out of our life. But what do we do? We cram the Lord’s Supper, which is no longer a supper, but we cram it into Sunday, and we celebrate his great resurrection when we should be in a mindset of 7 Days Unleavened Bread, get the sin out of our life! Shish, boom, bah! Good job everybody! Now let the kids hunt eggs!

As a side note, Wiccans (witchcraft) celebrate these same holidays, they have eight holidays (Sabats), which celebrate the journey of the earth around the “sun”. There you go. Seems the Church has some common ground with the Wiccans after all. Who knew?

In the next article I’ll give you a quote from Justin Martyr, early Church historian and theologian, in which he speaks of Christ in the grave on Saturday and rising on Sunday. You will be amazed at the stupidity of his statement from what is otherwise a very intelligent man! It will blow your mind!

If the Lord’s Supper is a master key, a pattern for church, a template; then we have drifted very far from that way. We have changed it, short-formed it, played with the Table Setting, mixed it with sun worship, and invited the devil! In short, by changing the master pattern we have set a pattern for everything we do! This is why it is no small thing. It’s more than just a couple holidays, and a couple days out of the year. It has become a reflection of everything the modern church has become. It is the table we set before our Lord.

Until then, this is Grandpa White Feather signing off and saying, “Seek out the old ways, wherein is the good path, a white path, walking in white with Christ. And seek fellowship with those who desire the white path of TRUTH, that which is actual reality. Examine the Matrix that has shaped you, and have the courage to call a spade a spade; and a heart a heart. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, not man; and all these other things shall be added unto you. Amen.