“The Christian Mystic” Part V

20171117_161659 I invite you on this journey with me, of the Christian Mystic. I’m not sure how far this will take us? I freely admit I am learning as we go, therefore, some things I may say in this beginning, may change as we learn and grow on this journey. So far I am completely intrigued with glimpses of things I have seen!

Here is my understanding at this point. When you study a Christian Mystic it helps to prepare yourself for material that may be more like the Book of Song of Solomon, than anything else in your Bible. I don’t think anyone would argue that it takes an advanced soul to fully understand and enjoy the Song of Solomon. And anyone who can read and learn such things is climbing a mountain well worth the time, effort, and training to climb. Once the top has been reached, you gain a perspective that can be gained no other way. The perspective and the experience of the climb changes you in very spiritually positive ways.

I have four books I’m reading at this time which pertain to Christian Mysticism. One book was written by a lady who wrote these words:

“The liberated soul loses her name in the One through Whom and in Whom she merges; just as a river reaching the sea loses identity with which it flowed through many countries to arrive at this destination. Now it is in the sea; and here it rest without labour.”

Because of the book this lady wrote, she was arrested, jailed, put on trial, asked to recant her book or be burned at a stake. She refused to recant what she believed and was burned alive at a stake until dead. She is one who will be spoken of more as we make this journey together. Her book that brought her painful death, which I bought, is entitled: “The Mirror of Simple Souls”.

Another way of preparing yourself is by combining 3 scriptures. (Please remember these are my own interpretations I have made based on my current understanding.) So we are going to add 1+1+1=3. Here we go.

#1 > “And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice — the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him.” (Romans 12:1)

#2 > “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” (Phil. 2:13)

#3 > “For in him we live and move and exist.” (Acts 17:28)

All this, and more, = CHRISTIAN MYSTIC.

Romans 12:1 + Philippians 2:13 + Acts 17:28 = C.M.

That is quite an equation and only the beginning of an understanding that can take you into very deep places, some of which you may decide does not fit your understanding of scriptures, but also some who do take you to higher places than you have ever known. Finding the right mystic may also be a part of the journey. Some you may agree with more than others.

I’m feeling led to share a thought of my own in these articles, that I believe fits well with our subject of study. I believe we can all look deep into God’s mirror  and find new ways of expressing little understood spiritual truths. Anyone who loves doing that has the tendencies of a CM. Here’s my thought, in brief. >

Hebrews chapter 4 speaks of a “REST” that is reserved for the people of God, and this REST does not have to be future, but can be NOW. Jesus invited all those who are weary and heavy laden to come unto him and he would give them REST. The Sabbath is supposed to be a day of REST in which God ceased from “his own works”. If we cease from “our own works” and live in the works of God, we enter a sacred and supernatural REST. If we stay in our own works, then we are living in the “#6”, the six working days of the week. But if we enter the Sabbath of God’s works, and live in the 7th day, we live in the “#7”! I call this “Living in the 7th Day”. I abbreviate it: “L7D”.

6 is the number of man, and 666 is the Mark of the Beast. A life of living in the 6 leads to a life of 666. But if we enter the Sabbath God is offering us, and live in the “7”, we enter a supernatural life of faith that I believe these mystics also speak of. I have seen this and taught it for some time. And yes, as I started exploring these mystics, I realized I may have had family I have not been aware of. Maybe you might discover the same thing?

Also note that the quote from our mystic lady not yet named, spoke of a REST at the end of the quote. A REST the river knows after losing itself in the sea. How very interesting. I love it.

And so we have begun our journey into the exploration of Mysticism to see if it might be something we want more of, or… that’s not for me. Hope you enjoy.


“The Christian Mystic” Part IV

20170430_145845 DOCTOR STRANGE”. Another very popular good guy sorcerer. But before we get into that, I must say I have so enjoyed learning about the “Christian Mystic”. This has always been an arena I was aware of, but knew little about.

I’ve never been Catholic, and I’m always very careful of adopting anything Catholic because of practices I see as not always scriptural. Not that they have not done good things too, but I tread carefully. Actually, in some ways, this has actually helped my Catholic perspective.

I’ve had to purchase 3 books, so far, and also some Wikipedia research in order to gain light on this subject. Again, I have found an area I feel to tread carefully, but as long as you are careful, I’m finding some very interesting thought. Thoughts I myself have had for a long time. Thoughts I believe may have great value in our current time. So…starting in Part V we will begin to focus on the CM, and not so much these fictional characters, although they represent very real practices by people who are not fictional.

According to the Marvel Universe comics, Doctor Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats. Strange was created during the silver age of comics to bring a different kind of character and themes of “mysticism” to Marvel Comics.

The character’s origin story relates that he was once a brilliant but ego driven surgeon. After a car accident renders his hands badly damaged, he searches the Earth for a way to repair them and eventually learns of the Ancient One. He becomes a student, (after some convincing), and becomes a practitioner of both the mystical arts as well as martial arts.

He rises very quickly in his new pursuit and eventually takes up residence in a mansion called the Sanctum Sanctorum, located in New York City, and takes on the title of Sorcerer Supreme. Once again I had to rewatch the movie to refresh my memory. The training he receives teaches him to draw on energy from other dimensions. This energy can then be used to make magic. Spells, magical weapons and devices, supernatural abilities, all these things are the world in which he now lives.

Originally he was a very egotistical and prideful man who did not believe in anything mystical. Science was his chosen faith, and he was a strong believer. But his path forces him this direction and leads to the breaking of pride and the gaining of humility, even though he still seems to do his own thing, break rules, if he deems it advantageous to the goals.

When the next big Avenger movie hits, the battle with Thanos, Doctor Strange will be a part of that battle, fighting for the saving of Earth and the human race. Personally I find Doctor Strange much more interesting than Harry Potter, but both still glamorize something our Bible has revealed as “dark”, not light. Therefore, even as a child when I was very into comic books, I read a couple of his and decided that even though I enjoyed them, they were not for me. This movie was the first time I’ve seen anything of Doctor Strange in a long time.

Unlike Harry Potter, who is an unfortunate child you feel sorry for and immediately want to like; Stephen Strange is this egotistical man who has everything you could want. Granted, perhaps he has earned what he has, but his self absorption makes us not want to like him. There is not a humble bone in his body. So when life suddenly breaks a bunch of his bones and sends him down a path of brokeness leading to humility, we kind of enjoy it.

Once again he proves his ability to rise to the top, but he is still not prepared to live a life of personal sacrifice. His abilities are needed to fight the darkness always threatening to overwhelm the world. This would require complete devotion to a higher cause and a selfless life. He struggles with such a choice. He does not want any part of it. But before the show is over, he becomes this person putting the welfare of others before his own. It appears to be a lonely existence, but a cross someone must bear.

It is easy to see the parallels of the fictional Doctor Strange to the same path and choices any person faces if they seek spirit rather than material. We can look at our own journey in Christ and find commonalities. The breaking of self…study of ancient writings…gaining of spiritual understandings and spiritual laws…such as God promotes humility and resists pride. We know our own training God has put us through over the years, but never forget, if you are a Christian, Doctor Strange is not promoting our God or the Book our God gave us.

He would not be one to pray. He might meditate, but if he prays who is he praying to? Some “being” of these other dimensions? And who is this being? Would he declare him to be Jesus Christ? Sadly, no. And if he did, then sorcery is a sin he would need to abandon if he wanted to learn the way of God, the way of true light.

I for one would like to encourage every Christian to consider their own Sanctum Sanctorum, in which they pray, pour over the ancient scriptures, and devote themselves to the one true God. It is my hope that as we look further into the Christian Mystic, that it will inspire us to do that very thing. I know some of you could write this subject yourself, because you already know and love this path we speak of. But in our current culture of running here and there, my gut tells me our Churches are full of people more concerned about worldly success, than learning the ways of a true disciple of Christ.

So be careful what you do with the many many “good witch” heroes flooding our major platforms these days. The Bible is not a book of spells. Don’t treat it as such. I fear many modern churches have fallen into what amounts to casting scriptural spells. The weapons of “our” warfare work in a much different way. Walk with Christ. Learn God’s ways. Be Holy Spirit trained.

Be aware of your surroundings and know what is going on. Jesus sent the Disciples out as sheep among wolves, but he also said be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. So what is this power that enables a sheep, a harmless dove, to accomplish great things while in a world of wolves? That’s our God. To know Him is to love Him. I look so forward to examining the Christian Mystic. Amen.

“The Christian Mystic” Part III

20171202_173614 So I rented and watched the last episode of Harry Potter last night. I’m one of those who basically watched the first movie, thought it was pretty silly, and then only saw pieces of others until the final episode, which I saw some time ago. So I needed a refresher, and I can see J.K. Rowlings was not kidding when she said, “My books are largely about death.” She also said it is the goal of every person with magic to seek immortality, and that we’re all frightened of death.

That last episode definitely was not a comedy, but dead serious about many things, especially death. She gave several views of death from different vantage points. Of course there is the totally evil Voldemort who wants to avoid death no matter what it takes. No matter what it cost others, he must be the one who lives.

Harry Potter, on the other hand, almost becomes Jesus Christ! Except for being nailed to a cross and suffering a slow death, he did. Our wizard hero realizes he must die in order for others to live. He comes to believe this is the only way to defeat Voldemort, and has to make this terrible decision of laying down your own life for the sake of others. This wizard who has fought so hard all this time, suddenly decides not to even put up a fight, but presents himself as a lamb for the sacrifice! Apparently, he even goes into death, or a coma, or something. But he has the choice of either going on into death, or coming back to life. (Sort of like a resurrection, but it didn’t take 3 days. Maybe 3 hours.)

In the process of all this, Rowlings presents some pretty heavy hitting contemplations on death. Many others die during this time too, and naturally, it bothers Potter that they died trying to keep him alive. He also has a rather deep conversation with the old schoolmaster while in that other dimension.

The point was also made that no one is really gone as long as they still live in your heart. They might even still be with you in their spirit form.

These are a few of the perspectives given in this very serious show where characters also fly through the air on broomsticks and have a wand battle that reminded me of a weird version of Star Wars. It is obvious Rowlings does not have anything new to add to our speculations about death. Hence, the fear of what might be on that other side. What if there is nothing? We don’t like that perspective and usually offer something different in our movies, which she did also. We tell our children “Grandpa is in a better place now.” We want to believe there is a heaven, but what if there does turn out to be a hell?

The Christian Mystic (CM) knows that immortality is not on this side of the River Jordan, but the other. If a magical person wants immortality then they must be willing to die. (Not that we really have a choice.) But how shall our immortality be spent? Who wants to live in an eternity of judgement? Not I.

The CM looks around at creation and sees a Creator. He examines the word of God and sees wisdom and prophecies beyond what is humanly possible. He studies the history of the nation Israel, who claim they had an encounter with God, and sees more evidence of something supernatural, because these people have such an unnatural track record on this planet, and continue so. He considers what would cause 12 Apostles to totally change their lives and be faithful unto death for that message, if they had not walked with something so convincing they could not deny. The CM looks at all these things and more, and then decides the evidence of the Bible is overwhelming, and wants to know more!

However, the Christian Mystic also looks within. He studies what his heart and conscience is telling him. He does not just feel the wind, but he hears the voice in the wind, and he knows. His faith leaps in acceptance of overwhelming evidence of a spirit world and a God who created all. He looks within and sees the monster, the evil in his own heart that would even murder your own Creator, and then he knows God’s mercy is his only hope. He enters that mercy like the prodigal son returning home, and he sets himself apart from the older brother who became consumed with hate and judgement. The Bible he has come to believe says to repent and call on Jesus, and so he does. He says, You are right God, and I’m so wrong. Please save me through your Son, Jesus. And he means every word he has said.

J.K. Rowlings has created a world in which the bad guy looks like a snake, has a pet snake, and talks snake language. It seems obvious where the source of his power must come from. But who or what is the source of power of all those fighting the bad guys? What makes these spells and incantations work so powerfully? So without any real explanation we glamorize sorcery to be something it is not, and label it as “fiction”. Well, at least that much is true. The way sorcery is presented in Harry Potter is pure fiction.

A Christian Mystic is a servant of God. As such, God works through him to affect this world in supernatural ways. He makes no claim to be anything himself. The power is not his, nor does he decide how it should be used. God does. In Potter’s world, these incantations somehow pull power out of the air, or from the good person, or from nature itself, or who knows what as I don’t know if it is ever really explained in any of the episodes. Please enlighten me if anyone out there knows. But we will look at Doctor Strange next. This is a new and upcoming Marvel superhero of the supernatural. He’s fun to watch, but what is the sermon he preaches about the other side? We shall see.

Harry Potter leaves us with plenty of questions and no real answers. Only the same speculations unbelieving man has offered for many centuries. Jesus came claiming he had seen the place we all are asking about, and he offered first hand answers. But only we can decide if Jesus was a madman? Or exactly what he claimed to be? The real thing. Christian Mystics all over the world seek his face and testify of a transformed life. They also speak of a three-fold path. Soon we will look at these things.

“The Christian Mystic”

indian lady (3) Is there such a thing as a Christian mystic? One dictionary definition gave me: “Mysticism” > the belief that direct knowledge of God or ultimate reality is attainable through immediate intuition or insight.

Upon more research I found it is a rather precise definition with a very broad application. It has been applied to any and all seekers of spirit, spiritual knowledge, supernatural, voice of God, religions, and etc.

A mystic is drawn to explore the spirit side of life in an effort to understand, apply, find answers, and solve spiritual mysteries. With the broad application of this word, “Mystic”, I believe we do have Christian mystics, and because of such broad application it is necessary to specify exactly what kind of mystic you are, if you are one.

Mystic could include any of the following terms: wizard, sorcerer, warlock, witch, Satanist, magician, and etc. But these would all be people drawing their power from Satan, and not God. For instance, when Moses was facing the magicians of the Pharaoh of Egypt. Moses threw down his staff and it became a snake. The magicians threw down their staffs and they became snakes also! (But not by the power of God.) They had another source, a dark source, and Moses’s snake ate the others.

I’m feeling led to go down this path because mystics, wizards, sorcerers, warlocks, the supernatural, are all very popular with Hollywood and this generation. We are seeing more and more of this stuff. I think it is a sign of our time, and the “seeds” of where we are going in our future harvest.

A mystic has a true hunger for spiritual things and a deeper knowledge. In that sense, I wish all Christians were mystics. Instead of being so caught up in the things of this world, and how to have success in the things of this world, a true mystic is more interested in the mysteries of God. I probably fall in the category of a Christian mystic. I’ve been this way most my life. I am fascinated with how to walk by faith and not by sight. A strong prayer life is one part of the answer. Mystics delve into prayer, and even fasting. They explore spiritual avenues.

So here we are in the day of Harry Potter and Doctor Strange. We also have good witches and white sorcery. (There is no such thing as white sorcery. It’s all dark, truth be told. The source of the power determines which side of the great divide it derives from.)

And how would the Matrix fit into all this? New Age mumbo gumbo. But truth is, we live in a matrix, just waiting to respond to faith. And it does. It happens all the time. The matrix is responding to the seeds we are sowing even now…whether seeds of witchcraft and sorcery, or seeds of God.

This is why all this is so dangerous, you know. It has been said that the pen is mightier than the sword, and that’s so true, because with a pen, “words” are written. Words put forth ideas people come to believe in. All of creation was spoken into existence from words and faith. We play with the very fabric of this universe as large platforms spew forth lies, hate, and manipulation.

So were going to look at this concept of the Christian mystic. Are they really drawn to a lot of flashy stage lights and shish boom bah? Not normally. Where are our mystics today? And what do they see coming? I would say John the Baptist was one type of mystic. Prophets are mystics.

When the Harry Potters of our future rise up to throw down their staffs and they become snakes; are we ready? This is our new subject for an episode or two. Let me know if you have an opinion in this. Do you like the idea of being a mystic? Does that appeal to you? If you’re too caught up in material things, you’re not likely to be a successful mystic.

So lets talk about Harry Potter, Doctor Strange, and any others who represent that ilk today. Is it all harmless fun? What do you think? We shall see.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall.”

20171202_173614 My day usually starts with 3 things: Quiet, white thoughts (prayer), and black coffee. Pretty much in that order. One reason I start my day that way is because I know without “God’s” power in “my” life then “my” monster comes more and more out of the cage God currently has him in. The more I understand Beatitude #1, the better off I am. The more I am the tax collector crying out to God have mercy on me, and not the Pharisee praying “thank you God I’m not like him”, the better off I am. So I like giving God my very first fruits of the day, and taking no chances, for I know what I am. I like gathering the manna God rains down in the morning, but melts away in the heat. It cannot be found after we are worn and weary from our busy day. (So says Grandpa White Feather. LOL)

We have just spent a lot of time on the previous 5 articles: “Is God the Monster?” I must say it has been a labor of love and revelation for me. In the beginning I was hesitant to go down that path, for I was not sure I could do justice to the subject. But God was there all the time, leading me places I was not expecting, and even revealing things I had not seen. For example, God charged Adam to dress and keep the Garden. I always wondered what Adam was supposed to do in a perfect Garden? What work was there to do?

But in these articles we began asking the question, when did Adam’s “turning” actually begin? How long had the “table been set” for the monster to have his day? Adam failed to maintain a certain “spiritual atmosphere” in the Garden. He failed to maintain the “Lord’s Table”, and it became a table set for the monster. I never saw this before. (And there is much more that could be said on that.)

Todays words are mostly to ask that all you very busy people, for I know that we all are, but if you missed any of the 5 episodes, I think it is worth our time to… get quiet… enter some white thoughts…maybe grab a cup of black coffee (or tea)…and go back to read those articles again…I know I have…and will again and again. (The Path of the White Feather.)

If we are the tax collector and not the Pharisee, then we know what we see about ourself when we look in God’s mirror. If we understand Beatitude #1, then we know we are the monster, not God. But the monster wants to dress you up, justify yourself and your actions, turn you into the older brother of the prodigal son, turn you into a Cain!

My words on this today is, never forget what you see in God’s mirror. Look in it regularly, and live a life of love and mercy because we know except for the grace of God, we are still the monster.

“For if you listen to the word and don’t obey, it is like glancing at your face in the mirror. YOU SEE YOURSELF, walk away, AND FORGET what you look like. But if you look CAREFULLY into the perfect law that sets you free, and if you do what it says and DON’T FORGET what you heard, then God will bless you for doing it.” (James 1:23-25 NLT)

(Verse 27) “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means…(?)

Dear Lord, I pray that by the ministry of your Holy Spirit in us, that you would show us where we are too proud, too much in love with ourself and our ways, and teach us to walk your white path of humility. You walked the red path, so we could walk the white. We are the monsters who ripped you to shreds and turned your path red. May we never forget. Amen.


Church of the White Path, at Tumble Pigeon Farm.

“Is God the Monster?” Part V

20171202_192016 “Even Gentiles, who do not have God’s written law, show that they know his law when they instinctively obey it, even without having heard it. They demonstrate that God’s law is written in their hearts, for there own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right. And this is the message I proclaim — that the day is coming when God, through Christ Jesus, will judge everyone’s secret life.” Romans 2:14-16

In the episodes leading up to this point, we have emphasized how it is not God who is the monster, but it is us. In the last episode we even showed a great deal of evidence that God has mercy for those who have never had a proper introduction to Christ, and prayed for such people when he prayed “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” The above scripture (Rom. 2:14-16), is another scripture referencing such a people. We called these people the “Golden Rule People”, and presented evidence that they may inherit the earth, the New Earth! While the Bride of the Lamb enjoys the fullness of God’s Kingdom in New City Jerusalem. Such wonderful possibilities. All indicating God is not the monster some like to believe and teach.

Until now, all this has been the easy part. After much study I cannot deny there is a “Cup of Wrath” slowly filling for all those who are truly monsters. However, what I find so very interesting, is what fills the cup! What is the cup filled with that eventually pours out on the “filler”? Because I think it may not be what most of us envision. Who qualifies as a monster in the eyes of God? The monsters are actually filling their own cup! As we have said, our sin nature is self-destructive. But again, what does God consider to be so evil, that he allows it to fill the cup? What kind of darkness is filling the cup?

This Episode #5 also begins our attempt to understand God as revealed in the Old Testament. I do not consider this a small thing. Our journey will begin in the New Testament, but will eventually also enter the old. I might add on a personal note, I am still between jobs, waiting for the background check to clear, which seems to be moving extra slow for some odd reason; and I am still fighting a virus in my lungs that does not want to go away. All of this has contributed to my being locked away in my cave to ponder and write these things. You be the judge if you think God’s hand is in this, but I am looking forward to being healthy again. Soon! (I hope.)

In Isaiah 60:2a, the Bible reveals “darkness”, and also something called “gross darkness”. “For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people:…”

I think we have proven hell is a place God has reserved for “monsters”, but what does God consider to be a monster? Certainly not the innocent. I believe Jesus revealed to us over and over again what God considers to be monstrous, and it is not only darkness, but a gross darkness so evil our minds can barely comprehend! Satan is very good at hiding his true image. No one in their “right mind” would ever want to be associated with a darkness so sick, unless they too are a monster.

God’s word even speaks of a “reprobate mind”, which these people are given over to because they do not want to recognize God is God. What is reprobate? Gross darkness! A darkness that would murder their own Creator in full knowledge of what they are doing. Such as what we might see rise up after the 1000 year reign of Christ. This army of attackers still want to murder God even after 1000 years of peace and beauty! Again we ask, what kind of monster are such people? And may we all pray we never do such a thing ourself, because that seed is in every one of us. Lord have mercy on each of us, and keep us in your grace.

This actually is our first snapshot of Jesus revealing what God considers so evil, that it is monstrous, and if taken far enough, becomes unredeemable. Did you ever notice how Jesus was very merciful to the poor and humble, but very hard to the Pharisees? How is it he could eat with sinners but always ended up in trouble in the Temples?

“Two men went to the temple to pray. One was a Pharisee, and the other was a despised tax collector.” (Anybody remember how Jesus treated Zachaeus?)

This parable is contained in  Luke 18, and Jesus spoke it to the Pharisees! About how the Pharisee prayed a prayer of self pride, but the tax collector recognized his own spiritual poverty (Beatitude #1), and cried out to God for mercy. Then Jesus said this: “I tell you this sinner, not the Pharisee, returned home justified before God. For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” (Verse 14).

Immediately after this parable, probably on a different day, but Luke presents it at this time, Jesus speaks of children: “I tell you the truth, everyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.”

In an earlier episode we considered the wisdom of a little child and how they have a natural fear of monsters lurking in the dark, and therefore, also have a natural love for light! But as we outgrow our childhood, we have the potential to love gross darkness and hate the light! This is such an evil, and we could name different sins like pornography, adultery, hate, murder, stealing, lying, selfishness; but when you boil it all down, the plain evidence Jesus revealed about the Father over and over again, is that God is going to put down the PROUD and ARROGANT, and lift up the poor and humble. It appears this is what is filling the cup, filled by the sinner themself, and then poured out on himself, only multiplied, because a harvest is always multiplied. We reap the harvest we have sown with our own hands. Spiritual law 101, except for grace!

Back in Revelation again, we find this same analogy. The harlot has filled her cup! But with what?

“And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:” (Rev. 17:4) (Full of what? Gross darkness!)

“And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus:” (Rev. 17:6a)

“And then I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.” (Rev. 18: 4-6) (The cup which she has filled!)

From there the scriptures go on to describe what incredible pleasures and luxuries she had indulged herself in. Such pride and arrogance. So what is the measure of a monster? How much does the cup of wrath hold before it spills over? Because this is where it connects to the Old Testament, when God told Abraham he could not have the promised land yet, for at least another several hundred years! “Because the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.” (Gen. 15:16)

Had the Amorites never filled that cup, it would not have poured out on them. But notice what our God judges so severely: Pride, arrogance, exalting yourself at the expense of others, rather than sacrificing yourself for the love of others. The Golden Rule. This is the sin God so hates. This is the sin Satan is so full of, even from his very beginning steps into a world of gross darkness. This is the monster. It is a form of self love over God and anyone else. Yes people, we really can love ourself too much. Think abut it.

So if we would judge God, we would have to say he is the lover and defender of all those who really care about others, even when it cost them a personal price. And he is the judge and enemy of all those who exalt themselves at the expense of others. We see it over and over again in scripture, even in the Old Testament.

In Revelation, when the martyrs are under the altar crying out to God, how long will you wait before you avenge our blood? These people were slain because they followed a lamb! What kind of evil is this?! But the cup of the dragon was not yet quite full. The day came when it was, and their own evil cup began pouring out on them, whereas the saints drank of the good wine, from the cup filled by their Lord as they followed the Lamb in his service.

Here’s an ending thought. The Pharisees asked Jesus: “Then why did Moses say in the law that a man could give his wife a written notice of divorce and send her away?” Jesus replied, “Moses permitted divorce only as a concession to your hard hearts, but it was not what God had originally intended.” (Matt. 19:7-8)

I wonder how much of what we see in the Old Testament is actually because of OUR HARD HEARTS, not God’s? Did God really want a time span, or learning curve, of “AN EYE FOR AN EYE”? Or was it us? Jesus ate at the tables of sinners, and got in trouble at every temple. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Would you dare to judge God? We might be surprised to find out how much of our accusations against God is really because of a huge, I mean gigantic, beam in our own eye! Not to mention the condition of our heart. Do you think it might be possible, as the monsters we are, and the self-destructive nature we have, that it might actually be impossible for us to accurately judge the God of love? Are we really in any position to judge what pure love is? Or the rights of the one who created us?

I suspect if we take the Beatitudes and look at their exact opposites we will find what all the cups of wrath are being filled with. After all this, what I see is, God is the friend of the humble, and the enemy of the proud. But evil is really its own worse enemy, and everything that seems to poor out on them really comes from their own gross darkness. In heaven, there will finally be no monsters to be feared. God will be there. He will fill the place. But he is not the monster. And by his great love and grace, no longer are we.




“Is there a God to be Feared?”

20171109_131414 I am afraid the time has finally come I must begin to make some decisions on where this Teepee is going. Half of me is excited about this, and the new things I have seen; and half of me is nervous about what a huge responsibility this is.

I have been in much study for weeks now. Currently I am between jobs and have been sick. This too has allowed me much study time. I start my new job in a pet store as soon as my background check clears. I just left my old job two days ago. We also have much snow, ice, and cold keeping everyone inside right now.

In many ways I feel like the “Rey” of Star Wars in that this sword has been calling to me and I must not say “NO”. This is why I have so enjoyed writing my Star War Series. The new episode came at just the right time for me. And the church I grew up in, could be imagined as the Luke hiding on the island and somewhat compromised in his own darkness. But I have left that bleak picture to embrace a bright vision full of hope and glory, much like Rey trying to learn this ancient way in her modern day. I’m finally at a point of beginning to make some decisions about the “Proper Table Setting” of God’s word and the Fellowship of His Table. Tumble Pigeon Farm is to be such a place.

I do believe Zahnd is right that Jesus shifted things from the Temple to the Table. Even as we see Jesus in Revelation challenging the Churches to be zealous and open the door for Him to come in and “sup” with them. But my question is, have we been zealous enough about a “Proper Table Setting”? Does the Table Setting affect the strength of God’s Presence? We should not only realize we have progressed from Temple to Table, but because of that very fact, be concerned about “Table Setting”.

I just listened to a one hour debate between Brian Zahnd and another Bible scholar concerning what really happened at the cross and is God the Father a vengeful God who sacrifices His own Son, ( a form of child sacrifice), in order to satisfy His own hate/wrath against sin? (Wow, what a question, and yet so much hinges on the answer to it. Just like who told Eve she could not “touch” the tree. Answers to such questions as these are more important than we sometimes realize.)

I love much of what Brian Zahnd says and teaches. I really enjoy his stuff. And even though I don’t think the picture forming in my head is completely the same as his, I do believe he has been a great help in me finding the “balance” I have been hungry for. I have always believed this “balance” was there for the discovery, if only we could search it out, because the American Church has become prideful in her own certainty, and lost her way.

So is there a God to be feared? Does darkness fear light? It should, because light cannot show up without darkness being expelled. But who is of the darkness? Anyone who does not believe in the Word of God, whom we Christians call Jesus. (Basically John 3:18-20). Jesus is the very nature of God expressed in word and deed. So if someone lives according to the Word of God, even though they have never received the “name of Jesus” per say, is that person evil? This is the question I am currently seeing new light on.

But let me say this! If someone truly loves darkness, and they have no respect for God’s will in their heart by the nature of conscience, then that person better fear God! If they are of the principalities of Satan himself, they better fear God! Yes there is a God to be feared! If someone can taste of Jesus and decide to spit him out, that person better fear God! For as darkness cannot stand when light shows up, neither will they be able to stand. Blasphemy of God’s love, His Holy Spirit, is a fearful thing to be guilty of. If we have done such things, we reveal ourself to be so wicked, that the very fires within ourself will consume us forever. Like Satan cannot control his own burning, neither will these people be able to control theirs. By its very nature, light is the end of darkness.

Is God a vengeful God because light is painful to darkness? Would polio consider a polio vaccine as evil or vengeful? I suppose it would, but the person being healed would embrace the vaccine as love and salvation! This world is sick with a spiritual polio and needs a healer. On judgement day, “polio” will be eradicated! We have no love for it. Could we even say we hate it? Yes, I believe that is correct. So if you not only have polio, but you love and embrace it; you are one with it…you love the ways of polio over the ways of God…let me tell you there is a God to be feared!

I’m not sure I’m explaining this very well yet, but this is only meant to be a beginning. I have much to share on these subjects, even some questions to pose that I do not pretend to be sure of the answers. But as we seek answers from God with a totally honest and humble heart, I believe we will see more than we have seen before.

Don’t hesitate to pose questions of your own at this site. I think most people are not looking to be divisive. We simply know we must be faithful to what we believe to be true. I respect that. I think we all respect that, and we all must live by that same code of faith. And at the same time, not be afraid if we might be wrong on something. Hiding in fear of being wrong should never be our answer, because this is simply a form of “PRIDE”, and God hates PRIDE. It is of the darkness, and when God shows up… Well, we know what happens when light enters a dark room. We already spoke of that.

So here we go people. What I have named as “Church of the White Path” at “Tumble Pigeon Farm” is beginning to draw some lines in the sand of what we are. Yes, we are about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the simplicity of Christ, and we have a great desire to know, “What hath God actually said?”

All sincere opinions are welcome.

We are about to enter into questions not often spoke of, and possibilities I have not heard presented. We enter these things in a desire to truly know our God.