“The New World?”

20190820_115546 What do you want in life? What does your heart truly desire? Are you willing to pay the price?

“And when the man found the treasure in the field, he sold all that he had and bought that field.” (Matt. 13:44-46)

We have entered a window of time. Hearts are going to be tested. One might say they already are, but I believe the greater tests are yet to come.

We are entering a new world, things will not be the same. Are you ready for life in hyper-drive? You thought things were fast and hectic before? Have you enjoyed your slow down? This one was forced on us. What have you done with it? How have you spent it? Have you discovered the beauty of slowing down and hearing God, or are you anxious to race back into the world and all it has to offer?

COVID 19 has been a fork in the road forced on us. But there are more forks coming that we will choose of our own free will. And what will we choose?

I’ve always been one to enjoy the quiet places with God, such as sitting under the beautiful willow. During this time I have been able to enjoy even more of what I treasure. God has purposed  it for me, whatever my calling is, that in this time I’m almost 65, in the danger zone, but I’m also retired! I’m able to stay in this quiet if I choose, for a purpose, a purpose God has set.

I was working part-time when all this erupted. My wife and I have talked and she agrees I’m meant to focus totally on remodeling this old house into the House Church I believe God has tasked me with. There is also much reading, writing, study, and prayer I need to do. We want to be part of God’s current fresh move. There is a new wine skin, but… EVERY PATH HAS ITS’ PRICE.

What are you working hard every day to pay the price for? Someone once said, show me what a person spends their money on and I’ll show you what they love. God has so much he is offering mankind, but those unwilling to pay a price he will deny. God intentionally designed it that way.

God has offered most of his treasures only to those willing to climb a mountain, or seek training, mastery, discipleship. He does not offer his treasures to the complacent, the lazy, those who have no fire, no desire for HIM. You will not accidentally stumble into the treasures of God, or win them by scratching a lottery ticket. And some of us thrive on that! We love it that way! God designed us that way! And Hollywood knows it! They make many movies of it in one form or another. It’s a plot line that’s always a winner.

I watched a movie last night called: “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. It’s a Walt Disney show. I’m always looking for movies that parallel reality in an imaginative way to inspire us to see the reality it parallels. I really enjoyed this movie because you have a master sorcerer trained by Merlin himself. (Please know I’m not recommending sorcery! I want you to see what God offers that the world is always trying to create counterfeit imitations of. If we can take the “desire” the world is so good at creating, and apply it to God’s reality, it can be powerful!) Jesus said if his people did not praise him in spirit and truth, then the rocks would cry out. I have found many rocks singing these days.

So this master sorcerer paid a price, (of course), to gain such mastery. Through discipline, love for Merlin, dedication to the art, self-sacrifice, study of ancient writings, etc, he has entered a world few others know. Now this master sorcerer takes on an apprentice to train in these same arts, but does the apprentice really want it? There are no short cuts the teacher truthfully declares.

At first the student doesn’t want it. Then he gets a taste of it and decides he does. He asks the sorcerer to teach him more, to train him, disciple him, into this bigger world and this different way of living, but is he really ready to pay the price to walk this path? The master sorcerer expects him to pay the same price he had to. There are no short cuts or easy paths up the highest mountains.

I must admit, I have a weakness for such shows, and the world loves them too. They have a multitude of forms. “Ramen Girl” is such a show. “Whale Rider”, Karate Kid, King Arthur, so many movies based on this God-given desire to seek a thing and achieve a level of mastery. But what will you choose in this coming new world?

We are entering a new reality. The gates are starting to open and we do not know exactly what to expect, but change has come! In all this change, in what the new world will offer, how many will still choose God, his Presence and his ways as their treasure? How many prodigals have come back to the Father’s House to stay in the “old man’s” “old ways”? And how many are about to rush right back out into the world for all they can grab? It will be interesting to watch.

I spend a lot of time in this room of mine, pondering, watching, praying, and seeking to read the tea leaves. It just seems to be my nature.  I hope I’ve given you something to think about today. I pray a fire burns in you towards God. Let that fire grow! Let it warm your bones and your heart to climb whatever mountain there be into the strong Presence of God, and let us be real medicine men in the earth offering the healing leaves of God!

On that note: I heard on news that the demand for anti-anxiety meds have spiked by something like 34%! People don’t like to admit it, but there is always a real need for real medicine men walking in the anti-anxiety message of God! But you must be REAL! The world doesn’t need Christians using worldly methods. They can get that from the world. The world still wants to know if God is REAL. We must be REAL if we expect to make any REAL difference in this coming new world. Are you called to be such a one?

“And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible.” (Ist Cor. 9:25)

Is there a peace passing all understanding? God says there is, and no pills required.


The Glow of Slow – 1/16/19

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And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brothers to the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come here also.  (Acts 17:6)

In my journal today I began considering the beauty of slow. For some odd reason the calendar I bought for this year has a theme of “sloths”. I was attracted to it. They say the sloth spends most of its time seeing the world upside down, so much so that even their fur grows in the wrong direction! Can you believe that?

Well…I feel I identify with the sloth in many ways. I too, see the world upside down. If the unbelievers were saying the Apostles were turning the world upside down, then it was already upside down and they were turning it right side up! I don’t fit this world, nor do I fit the modern church, but my journal today are some thoughts concerning the flow of slow. I hope you enjoy.

Journal > I love the flow of my simple days. So far growing old has been mostly enjoyable, the chance to slow down. The glow of slow. Would a sloth be considered lazy? They seem happy. They meet their own needs. They live like forty years! The jungle is their home and they don’t ask for hand-outs. They live in their design and are very content in that. I’ve never seen a sloth trying to be a dog, monkey, or anything other than who they are. No personality complex. A picture of focus , peace, and contentment.

I don’t want to be lazy, but I do want to live in spirit, not flesh. The flow of slow. I’m convinced God drives in the slow lane. Most people cannot afford to slow down or their debt will catch up with them. What is that old saying? In the jungle the slowest gazelle gets eaten, and a lion who can no longer run will starve. So every day the sun rises, you must be ready to run. But that’s the animal kingdom, not man. Made in the image of God, there are other ways, mostly made possible by spirit. Unfortunately, we who consider ourself the hunter, often end up the hunted, by our debts! Who’s hunting who? Don’t you dare slow down, or they will catch you.

The flesh will certainly have you living like an animal if you let it. When I think of the “slow flow” I think of a peaceful river rather than raging rapids. Jesus lived in the flow. He was a master of it. I never see him panic or rush. Even when Lazarus was dying he did not drop everything in a panic and run to save the day. He stayed in Spirit, the Holy Spirit. This is what Jesus DID.

I don’t have to live like an animal, but so many do. When I see the hungry look in people’s eyes, what they lust for, I see the jungle. When I see the stress in their eyes and in their actions. When I hear the fight or flight in their words. When I see them popping pills to cope, it is the jungle. These people are trapped in man-made jungles, but God intended man to live in gardens. Yes, gardens. You remember Eden, right?

I’ve gone to Central Park in New York City three different times. It is so strange to see that patch of a garden in the midst of such a huge man-made jungle. That park is as a jewel set in ugly concrete. People flock to it to save their sanity and feed their soul. Man’s desire for beauty and peace is easily seen, even in a city of predators

In the jungle to capture something it must be hunted, pounced upon, chased; and only the strong and smart survive. New York City is full of such predators. They do not see the absurdity of the contrast. They pride themselves on being hungry, a hunter, a predator. They go to the park to prepare themself for another hunt. The measure of success is all that matters. In the documentary called “The Minimalist”, one of the two guys was disgusted with the fact he sold cell phones to children, in order to be successful. He had had an awakening, but many live in denial of what they do, what they have become.

But is “contentment” captured by way of a chase? Is contentment really that hard a thing to capture? Can it be captured in the pounce? Or is that why so few people have it? Is it captured only after the rat race has burned us out and wised us up? Is it caught or simply embraced? Like trying to grab something in water. Come at it too fast and it moves farther away, always just out of reach.

Hhmmm, I can see I want to write more on this. So I will end for now, with a picture of a turtle. My wife loves turtles, so much so I have given her the name of “Turtle Faith Lady”. We’re about to start some renovating of our small house. She has the theme of ocean and turtles as our main room, so I told her today that I get one room to have a theme of the sloth. We shall see what room that shall be? Possibly bathroom. But trees and shades of green will likely spring forth in some room of this house. LOL. More coming soon, this is Grandpa White Feather signing off.


Is there something about moving slow that tends to a long life? How old do jackrabbits live?



“The passing of the torch!” Is there an Awakening going on? Perhaps right under our nose, and we do not even know?

We have done much study from the book of Hebrews chapters 7-8 concerning the huge change God made through Christ when he shifted the priesthood from the Tribe of Levi, to Jesus Christ of the Tribe of Judah! This was a major move on the Cosmic Chess Board, freeing us from the Laws of Moses and connecting us to the grace, mercy, and love of Christ! This changed everything! (Unless you deny Christ, and then things are kind of the same for you. Sorry.)

We see this coming change being announced another way through the message and action of John the Baptist. It is only appropriate for the torch to be passed from the Tribe of Levi, to the Tribe of Judah, by a member of the Levite priesthood. Even though John himself didn’t fit the normal model, his parents did, and as such was of the proper linage to pass this torch. Did we realize what was happening as we read those scriptures?

As a young student of God’s word there is a lot we fail to see, I find it so very interesting when I see Hollywood put out movies which seem to parallel the truth. They are not the truth in and of themselves, but they parallel it in odd ways. I often think of when Jesus said, if man will not praise me, then the rocks will cry out in praise!

Is it possible Hollywood is occasionally preaching revelation, current spiritual events, without even realizing it? Sometimes I think it must be so, after all, we are all spirit beings whether we are saved, born-again, or not. We have a spirit connection to spiritual things. Writers, artists, creative people get “inspired”, and create something saying even more than they know. Suddenly, those with eyes to see and ears to hear, begin to notice, even though the producer may have no idea. They are living in the parallel, not the real. It’s kind of like fake news.

Is there an underground Church of people developing who are allergic to Americanized Christianity? I believe there is. The five wise virgins are awakening.

I’m not happy with everything Disney has done in developing the transition of STAR WARS, but I have very much enjoyed watching and pondering it. Are rocks crying out? Even at the end, when Luke’s famous light sabre suddenly explodes, ripped in two! Is that not a picture of what was happening when Jesus came the first time? The Law was being superseded by all those entering Christ through his cross! And now?

Will very similar conditions bring Christ back the second time, that brought him the first time? Were not the pharisee a type of the five foolish virgins? Should we not be checking ourself in God’s mirror?

So what does this mean? Do we not have a chance to be a part of God’s great move in our time? God’s perfect will and revelation is always available to anyone in every time, but we must recognize the move of God and jump on board if we want to be a part of it. Rey was very reluctant about her new developments, as her life takes on new pain and meaning. They always seem to go together.

It is my daily prayer for this strange thing God has me doing with the teepee, to be a part of God’s move in this day. I have been consuming books, and study in God’s word like a man who has been on the verge of starvation! In my spirit I feel such an urgency to be ready for something this spring, and I so want to be ready.

In the meantime, after two years of very mild winter in Indiana, this year has turned into an ice cold roaring lion seeking to devour anyone not properly protected. Much sickness is moving around as people wheeze and cough. In spite of all these things, including financial challenges too, nothing can stop a true child of God, and child of Abraham, from being a bright light in dark times!

Many of our Churches are so far in debt, money becomes an issue, and they are no longer free to preach the pure word of God. Satan has them right where he wants them. And so we see an Americanized Christianity in which much interest revolves around success and money, as they preach of the One who said “Blessed are the poor in spirit”, and had no place to lay his head.

John was a voice in the wilderness; a prophet, declaring the king of that time had no clothes! The heavenly clock is ready to drop the axe on a fruitless limb! (He declared.) Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand! Leave your indifference, become diligent and set a proper table for the Presence of God! And He will sup with you.

Poor Rey in all this STAR WARS story. She does not know what is going on with her. It’s as if her world is falling apart, and her life was already pretty difficult even before she began discovering some kind of force. Now she is in constant battle, and facing a foe with training, while she frantically scurries to put together the pieces of this new jigsaw puzzle! There is an evil beyond description rising, and who can stand against it? This nobody?

We just spent a year speculating as to who Rey was born from, in order to have the force. Only to find out she is but a commoner. Nothing royal about her at all, other than she is another living person with the potential to shine great light in dark times! The force is no longer a respecter of persons, it seems! A torch is being passed, a transformation is taking place, and all those who know His voice will find Him.

So she goes in search of her teacher, the great Luke Skywalker, only to find the great teacher hiding on an island and totally disenchanted with anything to do with the force! This poor girl! Can her path be anymore discouraging or impossible? And yet something in her hungers for this force, and so much so she will risk everything to grow in it! And then we see others too.

How are these new Jedi Knights being trained? As for the child of God, our Sword tells us we need no teacher other than the Holy Spirit in us. Now granted, the Holy Spirit uses others God has gifted and called to be teachers, but even if we’re separated like John on the Isle of Patmos, we can seek God! (And grow, be fruitful, shine great light.)

I couldn’t be more excited in my old age, to see what God is doing. I’ve been waiting most my life to see someone begin pointing out the king has no clothes. The big question now is, where do we go from here?