Adam & Eve & shades of grey” #4


“The Peace of God”

“I am leaving with you a gift — peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

Signed… Jesus Christ.

No…the world cannot give this peace. It is impossible, for it is not of its nature. Is it any wonder? A friend and I had our Fellowship/church at the Dunes in northern Indiana this last week. I’m so glad it was not a hot sunny day, because the cool breezes, and the mixtures of blues, whites, and greys in the water and sky were so PEACEFUL! God knew the best medicine and what the aesthetics of our sanctuary that day should be! This was a view that was “felt” as much as seen.

The birds were at peace too, (imagine that), as they enjoyed the tan colored sand and green grasses against the backdrop of a lake so big, it seems as the sea. All of this and more mixed together to create an aesthetic of peace and beauty. Both the bird and the landscape seemed unaware of what was going on with man, in the big cities, in Indianapolis just three hours away, in Chicago not so far away, in the media, our cell phones, and the minds and hearts of so many. Racism, Covid 19, and politics. All our media’s current favorite subjects.


Is there something wrong with me that when I see how the world does things, I simply go farther out to sea? I seek more Holy Spirit, more of the love of God, more of the wisdom of God? And does that mean I don’t care about what has happened to the black man, and the pain they feel, and the rage they need to vent? Is that what it means?

The best answers come from a peaceful mind.

Less than best come out of minds of chaos, torment, fear, hate.

The world simply is not my way. It’s not that I don’t care, but I see the over reacting, the violence, the closed minds filled with socialist agendas and antichrist thinking, and I know where this is going. So I speak the Sword of the Lord, but no one wants to hear it, because the Bible is part of the problem, I am part of the problem, so they say.

Doesn’t Jason look peaceful here? (Last Fellowship’s Sanctuary.)

So I found myself fellowshiping with the cool breeze, a great lake, a good friend, and some winged birds. God showed up in that place, and in my soul. I will continue looking to the vast ocean of God for my answers. He wrote them upon the waves of the pages of my Bible, the cool breeze of His Holy Spirit, and the sharp edge of His Sword.

This is why the world will shout the Bible down. It will not be allowed to speak. Darkness flees when light speaks, so it must not be allowed! God’s Sword must not be allowed to come out of our mouth, because Eve/Gaia cannot stand when this Sword cuts!

“Pull down your father’s altar to Baal, and cut down the Asherah pole (Canaanite goddess) standing beside it.” (God’s instructions to Gideon. Judges 6:25)

“The head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.” (1st Cor. 11:3)

Yes…we are the greatest danger to the New Age Movement, Socialism, Rise of woman, and Gaia worshipers. This is true. And the modern church will “cave” right on time, but Gideon’s 300, and Elijah’s 7,000, and the message of John the Baptist will not cave. This world may shout down the modern church and put them in checkmate, but never the likes of Gideon, Elijah, or John the Baptist, whose souls were full of the Sea, the peace and power of God.

Sail on Soul Sailors… fill your sails with the Wind, not the chaos of this world. God is the Wind under our wings and in our sails. Prepare to walk on water, come what may. Pray now, so you will not be lacking later, if the Lord be your Shepherd.

These gods and goddesses sink like the rocks they are, at sea, but only at sea.



“Have you considered following Jesus” #1

20200613_140232 Who would you say has been a great leader? Is there a life coach, a financial guru, an historical leader, a political leader, or Religious leader, an author, a sports coach, military leader, or any hero you would follow if you had the chance?

Jesus said, “Follow me.” But what does he offer as a leader? Let’s consider.

1.) He focuses on the eternals, not the dead-ends. Sins forgiven.

2.) He increases the inner life, a focus on spirit, and temperance of flesh.

3.) He gets your mind off yourself. More blessed to give than to receive.

4.) He offers power to transform, and also transform others.

5.) He offers this power in the Holy Spirit. He teaches that the Holy Spirit is a living dynamo, dynamite, in us, if we follow Him.

6.) He stands against wrong, offers light, not darkness; offers truth, not lies; love, not hate; peace, not fear; and empowers us to do the same.

7.) He leads us against the great dragon, enemy of your soul.

8). We are the Lion, the Eagle, the Ox, and the Man. He sends us out like sheep among wolves. But we have power the wolves don’t understand. Sheep have the Shepherd, and follow him. We are gentle as doves but wise as serpents. Even the wolves of Rome could not defeat the sheep of Christ.

9.) We learn of things unseen, and dwell under the shadow of the supernatural.

10.) We learn the power of child-like faith, to move mountains.

Jesus says, “Follow me.” He offers to be your leader.


“Sailing the Deep”

sailboat-clipart-sunset-161755-38093 Sailing the deep, who will go? Is it easier not to know?

Stay in the shallows of your soul.

Eternity is too deep for me. Let there be Mortality.

Just let me sleep.

Professors love to pontificate. Upon the Bible they do defecate.

We know the way, they say.

But the deep says…

The soul of man is empty, without the Wind.

We invite Soul Sailors one and all, to this site.

There are no deeper waters than God, and His Word.

And what is the truth of what it says?

It can be known, if you dare.



“Yinney” – Chapter 26

maxresdefault “What does your Hebrew Book teach about karma?” Bubba asked. And so it began, fellowship / communion around the discussion of faith, spirit, soul; things of an unseen and eternal nature.

“May we first pray for light?” Yinney asked.

“Light?” Bubba repeated as a question. The other monkeys hanging around looked up at the sky and light bleeding through the trees and scratched their heads.

“Yes, light,” Yinney repeated. “The first words God revealed himself by in the Hebrew scriptures was, ‘Let there be light.’ We seek enlightenment, do we not? God reveals himself as a God who gives light, but we should ask of him.”

The small congregation of monkeys looked at each other and shrugging their shoulders, decided that made sense.

“Oh, that kind of light!” Bubba said with enthusiasm. “Yes! Please do.”

Everyone bowed their heads and Yinney began. A hush fell over the area as he prayed a few simple words, “Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, according to your will as expressed in your very first words to us, ‘Let there be light.’ Amen.”

Everyone opened their eyes. Bubba spoke. “That is very interesting,” he said. “I never gave it much thought, but that ‘is’ God’s first written verbal words according to your ancient texts.”

“Yes… it is. What do you suppose that means?” Yinney asked.

Bubba was not slow to answer, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but as I recall, according to the Hebrews, God was creating everything, so he created the lights.”

“Yes,” Yinney confirmed, “But do you suppose that is the only kind of light God was referring to? Our Father is the God of all lights. Including the light of knowledge; to know and understand. Ignorance is a form of darkness and poverty. Our God wasted no time in revealing himself as the giver of light, not darkness.”

Hhmmm, that is very good. I like that,” Bubba said. “I had not thought of it before, that God might choose his first words in Genesis very carefully, realizing he could reveal himself at that moment in a very significant way.”

“Exactly,” Yinney agreed. “But I like your question about karma, because I have always been amazed how many people in all faiths believe in this spiritual principal. My faith also believes in ’cause and effect’. Do unto others as you would have done to you. In our ancient writings it is spoken of as ‘reaping what you sow’.  It is a spiritual law, much like the physical law of gravity, it automatically works, and is no respecter of persons. It shows no partiality. The rich will fall as quickly as the poor, and the predator as heavily as the leaf-eater.”

“Indeed, indeed,” Bubba said before quoting: “And here they say that a person consists of desires, and as his desire, so is his will; and as his will, so is his deed; and whatever deed he does, that he will reap.”

“Very well said,” Yinney complimented and Bubba smiled. “Good actions equals good karma, the Buddha says, correct?”

“Correct,” Bubba affirmed.

“So if there is good and bad intentions and actions, then does that not suggest there must be some form of right and wrong, moral ethics, personal judgement, a conscience, a sin and righteousness?” After dropping such a large question, Yinney slowly began reaching for his cup again, and the monkey with a watch started the stop-watch to time the action.

“Yes. We agree there is definitely right and wrong. Such as right intention, right speech, and right livelihood.”

“The Eight-Fold Path,” Yinney stated. “I have always loved the way Buddhism describes that path. I must confess, I’m very impressed with what the Buddha was able to discern in a time period before the Covenant of Christ. In a time when even God’s chosen people were living by God-given laws and rules.”

“Yes, the Ten Commandments,” Bubba acknowledged. “But why did God change his mind? Why did he need to replace his first covenant? Did he mess up? Did he make a mistake? Why did he have to make a better way if the first way was from an all-knowing and perfect God?”

The cup had finally reached Yinney’s lips even as three monkeys were now gathered around the monkey with the watch. They intently watched, expecting Yinney to drink, but no, first he made a comment, as the seconds quickly added up. Was Yinney about to set a new record they wondered?

“Ohhh, such a great question, Bubba! I look forward to answering that!” But then he began to sip his juice. Yes, conversation with a sloth required great patience, but as a Buddhist, Bubba had patience and viewed this as a good test of his mastery.

Now the monkeys were getting very excited indeed, as it appeared Yinney was going to set a new record. His previous longest “cup from saucer to lips and back again motion” was coming up fast, and the cup had not left his lips yet! The Howlers could not help themselves as they got so excited and began howling loudly!

Yes indeed a new record was set! The cup finally landed softly on the saucer and the monkey hit the stop button. Such clapping and applause as never was heard erupted in the trees. Yinney did not seem to pay any attention, but Bubba knew what his friends were doing and simply smiled the whole time.

“The simple answer is,” Yinney began, “but oh so deep…” then he paused. Again a hush fell over the ever growing group.

“Yes…” he said again, before continuing, “Let me first say this. Our modern religion seems to have lost its way in the shallow and complex. We complicate everything, but that was not Jesus way, and neither is it mine. We have no desire for the shallow and complex, but we love the simple and deep.” Then he paused again, looking in Bubba’s eyes to see if there was understanding. Bubba was smiling.

“And so…” he continued, “the simple answer to your question, but oh so deep, is…he did not replace his first covenant. He fulfilled it! And from the beginning, he set the first covenant ‘knowing’, and ‘prophesying’, he would be the one to fulfill it, thereby ushering in his ultimate gift to man, just as planned all along. And the enemy of our soul, the most evil predator of all, never saw it coming!”


This story brought to you by and property of : Fellowship of the White Path.

“Path Without End”

“Yinney” – Chapter 25


“Are you a spiritual teacher?” Bubba suddenly asked.

“I hear you are, too,” Yinney answered.

Bubba sat back on the limb and his demeanor became one of great interest. “Have you come to ask questions about Buddhism?”

“I have come seeking a table of fellowship,” Yinney answered. “I would like to have conversations concerning Buddhism and Christianity ‘IF’ …we can do so in an atmosphere of ‘fellowship’. In my faith ‘fellowship’ determines everything. If we can talk and share, while maintaining an atmosphere of peace and love, a true desire of knowing each other, and respect, then our conversations could bear great fruit. But if we cannot do so in such respect, if fellowship is not possible and it becomes a battle of pride, then I will take my leave, for I do not seek such things. I offer mutual respect and conversation about our favorite subjects, and to seek understanding.”

“Bubba was silent for a while, obviously in deep thought about this sloth, before asking, “And what is your faith?”

“I am a follower of Jesus the Christ and the Hebrew scriptures,” he answered.

By this time several monkeys were hanging around. The verbal drama playing out before them was the most interesting thing going on.

“I have also studied Hebrew scriptures,” Bubba said, “and we believe the Prophet Jesus was a great teacher. He is highly respected by one and all. But does not your scriptures ask, what fellowship can light have with darkness?

“Indeed it does,” Yinney confirmed, “and if we descend into darkness I will take my leave, as I have said, but ‘fellowship and mutual respect’ is not darkness, it is light. It is sought by my faith. Some religious people push a temple, not a table. They constantly press you to come to their Church building, but I say we have Church right here. I say every action we take should be a form of Church.”

“Hhmmm,” Bubba said as he rubbed his chin. “You are different. Perhaps we could test this thing you say. I too, have no desire for battle. I am peace loving even as the Buddha taught. My ways are simple, and I do enjoy good conversation about eternal things. Perhaps we should do this?”

“We already are,” Yinney revealed with a smile. Bubba’s eyes lit up, and slowly it began, that deep laughter rolling upward out of his soul! And then all the other monkeys began leaping about and cheering! Something new, something of great interest had come to their grove of rubber trees! This would provide much entertainment for one and all, the “Conversations of Bubba and Yinney”! There would be much to think about. Boredom was broken this day, as something new had come!

“So…how does this work?” Bubba asked. “Can this nice fat limb be our table?”

“It most certainly can,” Yinney answered.

“It is done then. We shall have spiritual conversation in an atmosphere of mutual respect! Are you thirsty, my very slow friend?”

“Yes, a drink would be nice,” Yinney answered.

Bubba motioned to another monkey, asked if he would be so kind to bring some drinks, the monkey hurried off and soon returned with a pitcher of juice, two cups, and some green leaves. He set them on the limb between them, and then leaped away to hang by his tail and listen.

“Oh this is very nice. Thank you,” Yinney said. “I have been on a six day journey seeking community in the neighborhood. I only recently chose my 7th Day Tree and became a part of this area.”

“I am aware of your need to be at the same tree every seven days,” Bubba said. “It sure presents a great danger for your kind.”

“Yes, it does. Our greatest danger. But also a great honor to bless the tree in such a way.”

Bubba watched the sloth slowly reaching for the cup of juice. He wondered how many drinks he could take before Yinney even took one? So far he was up to three, but who was counting?

“So how much time do you have before you must leave?”

The cup had finally reached the sloth’s lips. Yinney was parched and the juice was so good as he savored it. And he did savor it.

Bubba patiently waited, somewhat amused and amazed. The other Howler monkeys whispered in each other’s ears, and one began timing the sloth on his watch! The crowd around Bubba’s rubber tree had grown tremendously as word spread through the trees of the jungle like wild fire.

“Ahhhh,” Yinney finally said, “That juice is so good! I have the remainder of this day I can spend with you. Tomorrow morning I must leave, but if we have good fellowship, I will return as God allows. And you must visit me, too. My 7th Day Tree stands at this end of the lagoon.”

“very good,” Bubba said. “Everyone knows the lagoon you speak of, much like this grove of rubber trees is known. How did you learn of us?”

“Do you know a spider monkey named, Kujo?”

“Haaaa!” Bubba laughed! “I certainly do! So he has not been swallowed by an anaconda yet? Haaa! I love it when he tells me I’m just an accident. He is such a sad monkey. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him laugh.”

“That is sad,” Yinney agreed, “not to laugh.”

And so it was that Yinney became known in a grove of rubber trees as he sought fellowship with Bubba and whoever so desired. Communion was the heart of our Lord. He always had kind words for the lost and the hurting. He sat at tables with sinners and shared food, but he spoke very hard to the religious! And when he spoke in their big temples, his words so infuriated them, they would run him out!

This was the beginning of a friendship of respect between Bubba and Yinney, and many deep conversations.

“So what does your holy Word say about ‘karma’?” Bubba asked.


“Yinney” – Chapter 22

images (7) It was time to make himself known to the neighborhood and begin building community, as the vision had spoken. As a spiritual teacher, Yinney was all about promoting peace, and promoting peace was all about true “fellowship”. And you can’t have fellowship with someone who wants to eat you. This was an important part of the message he carried in his heart as he went out.

His 7th Day Tree lie a day behind. He was in the early hours of his second day of travel. He could only go three days out before having to begin his journey back to his tree, because when Yinney had to poo, it had to be there. It was the sacred way of his people, and why have a sacred tree if you’re not going to live in a sacred way?

So far there had been no special contacts with anyone, but he still remained hopeful and prayerful. There was no reason to rush. No reason to allow the small Fellowship that had started with Lu-Lu to be overcome by fast growing weeds. Weeds flourished in speed. Slowly he moved through the green canopy of trees like a slow flowing river, at peace with himself, his God, and the world.

Sloths are masters of moderation. Their very survival depends on it. A diet of leaves does not provide a lot of calories, so they do not have the fast metabolism for speed. They must be conservative in stretching the fuel they have and waste no energy. They had learned to pace themself in the flow of slow, thereby maximizing a day’s progress. This usually meant moving through trees at a speed of 13 feet per minute. This of course was interrupted by regular rest breaks.

Yinney was now well into his second day of moving in just this way. The morning hours had long passed when he first heard the sound. But what was it? The sound of someone crying? He was not sure, but turned in that direction. Another twenty minutes later he arrived at the source. His sloth ninja movements had kept him unnoticed by the one he spotted below, someone obviously in distress. It was a capybara.

Yinney decided to make contact, after all, the capybara were peace-loving as himself. Perhaps they could have fellowship? He would tell the capybara of his 7th Day Tree next to the lagoon, a place of fellowship for all. But first he must inquire of the source of the large rodent’s sadness, for it was very clear the capybara was indeed weeping.

Yinney was now directly above the grieving beast, but still unseen. He decided it was best to simply make himself known and offer his help. “Hello, friend. Are you in pain?”

The capybara was so lost in grief it was not even startled by a voice suddenly coming from above. For one thing, predators did not come with kind words, but with slashing claws and sharp teeth!

“Oh! Your a sloth! No wonder I did not see or hear you,” the large Amazon rodent said while making a great effort to contain his weeping and regain composure, but the effort was only somewhat successful, when Yinney asked his next question.

“What is the source of you grief, friend?”


My friend…my friend…my friend…” and he cried some more before finally adding, “he was murdered by that predator, Jag! Jag ripped him to shreds and feasted on his body! He left his carcass for others. He bragged of slaughtering my friend, and what a delight he was to feast upon. My friend is dead, and I miss him. There is no justice. His life was snuffed out by a thoughtless killer. All he wanted to do was graze in peace.”

Yinney managed to find a lower limb and moved closer to the grieving capybara who had lost a special friend. “There is nothing that can take away the pain you feel. Your friend is honored in your grief. You show yourself a true friend.”

Yinney said little after that. He stayed close and let the capybara talk as much, or as little as he felt, until finally a peace began to fall over him.

“My name is Capy,” he finally shared, his voice weak from so much emotion.

“Hi, Capy. I’m Yenny. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

A gentle conversation began between them as Capy maintained some control. He knew of the reputation of sloths being great spiritual teachers, and began asking more about faith and an afterlife.

“Is my friend still alive somewhere? Will I see him again, someday?”

“From the moment of conception we never cease to exist,” Yinney answered. “Soul is eternal. This is why we focus on the soul, not the flesh. These are things we teach. Jesus taught us to lay up treasures in heaven, not upon this earth, where sooner or later we must say good-bye. Did your friend have knowledge of ‘The Great Way’?”

“I cannot say for sure, but he spoke of an eagle who once taught him things very similar to what you say. I think I would like to learn more of this way you speak of, and the Fellowship. What is the name again?”

“Fellowship of the 7th Day”, Yinney answered, and further explained, “We are not confined to any time or place to have Church. We are having it right now. Jesus had Church all the time, and everywhere he went. My 7th Day Tree is simply where I live and can be found most of the time, but as you see, I also love house calls. I just can’t get there very fast, being a sloth and all.”

They both chuckled about that. Then Yinney dropped on down to the ground and spent some time explaining to Capy about the All-Creator, his Son, the Holy Spirit, and how God came to man through the Hebrew people, and the Book they wrote of the experience.

Capy could not get enough, he was so hungry to know more. He was at such a point in his life, with the sudden loss of his friend. He made sure he understood where the 7th Day Tree was before Yinney finally climbed back into the trees and slowly ascended out of sight into the canopy of green. Yinney was happy. Fellowship had connected. Community could grow, and maybe something could also be done to alert the peaceful when predators are around.





“Yinney” – Chapter 11

download (2) With all the rich color of her blue feathers, and the bright yellow around the eyes and beak, Lu-Lu had suddenly landed upon a limb of Yinney’s 7th Day Tree.

“So this is it!” she declared. “This is where my favorite sloth will center his life.”

“Yup,” he affirmed. “This is it. And look! I have a lagoon!”

“I see that. What an awesome place you have found. This truly is a wonderful spot.”

“Thank you. I am very happy indeed. Go ahead and take a look around. I have not been to the top yet. I might do that today.”

Yinney knew Lu-Lu could check out his tree on her own and save him the energy. She quickly jumped from this limb to that, as he watched with amusement. Could she really appreciate every fine detail of this special tree, as she moved so quickly, he wondered? He watched her turning her head when she studied the lagoon below.

“Hhmmm, very interesting!” she declared, and then flew to the uttermost top branch of his tree, to look about. After a hard look, she returned.

“Well, what did you see up there?”

“I saw the smoke has not reached this area yet. Even from your highest branch, it still cannot be seen.”

“What do you mean?” he asked, “What smoke? Is there a fire?”

“Oh, there is a fire alright, but not the kind we think of. A fire burning in the belly of man. Since we last talked I flew towards the east and checked on the road man is attempting to build through the Amazon.”

“What?” Yinney asked, and then slowly blinked three times before saying, “A road!”

“Yes, can you believe it? A road in the Amazon jungle? But don’t laugh, they are doing it. Its been a major challenge, and progress is fraught with set-backs, but man intends to tame this jungle for his purposes. Their machines belch smoke, are loud, and stink. I was looking to see if you could see it from here, but your safe, for now. In other places many animals are running deeper into the jungle.”

When Lu-Lu mentioned animals on the run, Yinney realized it was part of the vision he was given at the bottom of the lagoon.

“Lu-Lu, you’re not going to believe this, but the All-Creator gave me a vision of this, while meditating at the bottom of this lagoon.”

“What?” It seemed Lu-Lu’s yellow around the eyes got bigger and brighter as she reacted to Yinney’s statement. “Wait a minute. Let me see if I understand what you’re saying. “Did you just say you meditated underwater? And you had a vision?”


“You’re a strange one, Yinney, but I like you. It’s a wonder you didn’t drown! Are you crazy?”

“It’s one of the beauties of slow. I can hold my breath for a very long time. I always wanted to do this, so I did not waste any time. The very next day after finding my tree, I went into the lagoon. I found a tree settled on the bottom, and latched hold of it. I was resting down there for a while, when suddenly a voice began speaking, and I knew it was the All-Creator!”

“Wow…” Lu-Lu was still trying to imagine doing such a thing. No wonder sloths are sought after as spiritual teachers in the animal kingdom. Who else would do such things? “So what did the voice say?” she finally asked.

“Well… it’s sort of a ‘big picture’ vision. Not a lot of details were given as far as the ‘how to’ is concerned. The vision said bad things were headed this way, but this tree and lagoon would be a protected place, and animals on the run would come here. I am supposed to set this tree as a refuge and develop a special place of community and communion. It said I had three years to prepare.”

“Oh my,” the blue macaw said with worry in her eyes. She was silent for a time before finally saying, “That would seem to make sense. Three years. Yes, I can see that. With the way the jungle is fighting back against the progress of man, it could easily be that long before it affects you. So even without me telling you of these things, you would already be preparing even though you knew not what was coming?”

“Yes, the Spirit prepares us for many things, even though we don’t always have the details before it actually happens,” Yinney explained. “And there is one more thing…”

Lu-Lu waited in anticipation of what the “one more thing was”. She could tell it was something important from the way he was acting. This sloth who lived such a simple, peaceful, and slow life, centered around a particular tree and his need to poo, actually was better prepared for the future than she was, even though she flew all about with much flapping, constantly keeping an eye. What was Yinney about to reveal to her now?

“There will be a man.”


“Yinney – Notice”

three-toed-sloth Just a quick notice for my night people who may have missed chapter 3 coming out this morning. If you’re following “Yinney the Sloth who needs to Poo”, don’t miss chapter 3! The story is really starting to take shape. In chapter 3 Yinney sings the “Sloth Sacred Morning Song”, and a bird called Lu-Lu shows up with a dire warning!

Ezekiel 8 Matrix continued.

20171202_173614 I don’t usually put out two messages on a Sunday, but I’m feeling such an urgency in all this, so here we go…

“Matrix”: an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure, such as a womb. A “mold” in which something is cast or shaped.

Have you considered your Matrix? We all have one. How good would you say yours has been? And once you grew old enough to question the Matrix you were born into, that Matrix you were given no choice about, how well have you done in seeking TRUTH? Have you questioned your reality for yourself and sought to find what actually is? What sources have you put faith in? What teachers, what experts, and what inner voices?

Today’s message is difficult for me because I don’t want to sound like the crackpots I use to think others were. (LOL). So here’s the deal, I’m not a fanatic just trying to kick and scream about Easter and Christmas. It’s the way those two pagan holidays have affected other things in the Church that has me so alarmed, especially the Lord’s Table, the Lord’s Supper, and how far we have drifted from what the early Church fathers said was TRUTH, and even what the Apostle Paul described in I Corinthians 11.

Both Christmas and Easter are directly connected to the fork in the road the Church took around the time of Constantine. We Protestants rebelled against the Church which developed out of that, and we came out! But did we actually go back to that good thing the Church was prior to that fork in the road? Evidently, we did not.

Adam was told to “take care” of a garden that seemed to need no care. It was a perfect garden. No curses yet existed. But there was also a sacred atmosphere in that garden. In other words, there was a certain “Table Setting” for God. But that Table Setting began to change. How long had the Table been set for Satan to show up before he actually did? Have we changed the Table setting for the Passover, and the Lord’s Supper? Is Satan setting at that table smiling, because it is now suitable to him?

It appears Adam began loving Eve more than God. He listened to Eve that day more than God. He gave Eve’s wishes a higher priority than God’s. How long had Adam been in this spiritual condition, causing a change in the atmosphere, a change in the Table Setting more conducive to Satan, than God?

This is what Adam failed to maintain, and God has put man in charge of maintaining his Church. Hhmmm, I wonder how our Table Setting looks to God? I wonder how well our current shepherds are doing? In Ezekiel 8, once again, God is very upset at his people about the Table Setting! I fear it is happening again! Will we treat it as a small thing? It did not end up a small thing for Adam, nor for those Jews still in Jerusalem! It is not a small thing today either! It is not a small thing to God!

So today I simply want to set before you some history concerning the roots of both Christmas and Easter so you have that knowledge. It really is quite interesting. But please understand the spiritual threat hanging over the Church goes much deeper than two holidays that man has managed to turn into silliness. When it comes to Santa, we always told our children that Santa was a “game” adults like to play during Christmas, it’s just a “game”, but we also want you to know the TRUTH. So we ALWAYS have family devotions around God’s word on that day.

As far as the Easter Bunny? Well, I prefer hunting eggs at home and not mixing it with the Church. That would be my leadership, anyway, but I’m really more concerned about what Jesus taught Paul concerning his Lord’s Supper, than those silly eggs! However, when you see the details of how antichrist these holidays really are, it will convince you were treading on thin ice if we do not handle them with great care! Satan is the master of seduction, a matrix slowly shaping you into something, like an evil womb that feels warm and cozy when all the while you’re being misshapen!

So here is some history and you be the judge. Only question is, where to start?

We need to remember the early Church was still under the Roman Empire. They also still had very strong memories of Babylon. The Church has always been in a spiritual warfare with “evil empires”. John’s vision of the Book of Revelation reveals that these two empires are still very present and play a big part in what is to come upon the earth, and the Church, in the last days. So what are you saying here, Grandpa White Feather? I’m saying these worldly forms of antichrist, both Babylon and Rome, are like our major enemies! Don’t play with them! They want to rule you! Kill you! Chop your head off! And both Christmas and Easter are nothing more than “compromises” the Constantine Church made with those empires! And God takes compromising very seriously, as should we!

I guess I’ll start with Christmas. Remember, there are more details of all this in past articles, but when Constantine made it more popular to be a Christian, than not to be, and the Church was filling up with worldly fake Christians, the Church at that time was having a hard time explaining why so many of their people were still joining the Roman pagan holiday celebrations known as Winter Solstice. This was a Roman heathen holiday well established for many years, and the church was participating!

Not only was this holiday the day of longest darkness and shortest light in our calendar year, but it started with a celebration called Saturnalia, or Saturn, a major god of Rome, and 6th planet from the sun. Any faithful witch still celebrates these holidays today, but of course, with different meaning than we do, but they had it first! And Jesus was probably not even born in December! But rather than stand our ground and disciple God’s people to be different, the Church joined them! But we put our own spin on it! Right? I’m sure that pleases God, especially when you read Ezekiel 8 and hear how angry God is at Jerusalem for Sun worship? Have we gone mad?

All year long the Romans looked forward to Saturn’s Festival, called Saturnalia. As a matter of fact, eight pillars of Saturn’s temple still stands today! It was originally celebrated on December 17th but later was expanded to seven days! It was a festival celebrating prosperity and wealth, as the sun god grew stronger each day. Saturnalia led into the pagan festival of Winter Solstice, aprox. December 21. Winter Solstice was worship of the Sun god! This marked increasing lengths of days! The unconquered sun god! Chief god of Roman Empire!

Under Roman Emperor Aurelian, his holiday is traditionally celebrated on December 25th as are several gods associated with Winter Solstice in many pagan traditions. This is the Roman Cult of “SOL”. Sol Invictus > The Unconquered Sun!

The Romans named Saturday after their beloved god, Saturn, (Saturn-day), some time before 2nd century CE, so the Church was well aware of these things! Both Babylon and Rome were involved in the naming of our days, so yes, OBVIOUSLY… SUN-day is SUN-day, and not SON-day! All symbolic of Roman god worship, not the great I AM! The Winter Solstice celebrates the “rebirth” of sun gods,  as in resurrection. It was known as the great “reversal” and carried a practice of the “King of Misrule”! In which roles were supposedly switched! And with Jesus resurrecting on a Sunday, the church should know to be extra cautious of anything to do with sun worship! But rather than set ourself apart, we joined the birth of Christ to it? Whaaat? And what of the Lord’s Supper and the Passover?

In the midst of Jesus instructing us to do this in remembrance of my “death”, a shadowy shift has taken place, a slight of hand, in which we put more emphasis on his “resurrection”, on the empty tomb, than his death and cross! And we put more emphasis on our own “overcoming” king theology, than our own cross and death to flesh! It is the king of misrule! The king has no clothes, but nobody is pointing it out! Christmas is a complete compromise of the Constantine Church embracing worldly ways and entering the festival of Saturnalia and the Sun gods! Now read Ezekiel 8 again and see if your “spidey senses” are tingling? The first Roman “Christian leaders” replaced Saturnalia with Christmas and carried over some practices, such as the King of Misrule. Once again, fact is stranger than fiction!

Odd coincidence is, the Church doesn’t have one holiday I can think of, directly related to Christ, that has not been affected by these pagan sun worship festivals. Most Churches do some kind of a “New Years” thing, but that really has nothing to do with Christ. Did Jesus want us making a holiday out of his birth? I don’t see it. The early Church did not! I see no scripture for it.

I DO SEE Paul, John, Polycarp, and others instructing us to maintain the Passover meal in the Christian way, the Lord’s Supper, his death, his cross. Now that relates to Easter, which we go against God’s word and no longer do an actual Passover meal, we do not teach the 7 Days of Unleavened Bread, but we do invite the Easter Bunny to hide eggs for our children to hunt. We have short-formed the Lord’s Supper, and this is a reflection of our modern church condition! This is where “Tammuz” (Ezek. 8: 14) comes in. Here it is in short form.

Babylonian worship of Tammuz, beloved of Ishtar (Easter) – the god of spring vegetation, coming to life, resurrection. Vegetation burned in the summer, died in the winter, and came back alive in the spring. The women mourned over the god’s demise in July and longed for her revival in the spring. This festival had the vilest of immoralities. Women tore out their hair and prostituted themselves. But once again we see a pagan holiday having emphasis on resurrection!

Does God copy the world? From what I can see, the early Church fathers did not believe your resurrection was a “done deal” until you resurrected! Until then, the path, and the emphasis is on what we do have, a CROSS, a death! And that CROSS is the path to that resurrection. Put the emphasis on celebrating your resurrection and you create a false security in which people lose the proper fear of God and also end up being seduced out of their resurrection! These are not small things! We have allowed them to have far reaching tentacles!

The Passover Lord’s Supper should happen 3 days prior to his resurrection. The Passover meal is not a quick trip to McDonalds! That meal begins 7 Days of Unleavened Bread, a message to get the sin out of our life. But what do we do? We cram the Lord’s Supper, which is no longer a supper, but we cram it into Sunday, and we celebrate his great resurrection when we should be in a mindset of 7 Days Unleavened Bread, get the sin out of our life! Shish, boom, bah! Good job everybody! Now let the kids hunt eggs!

As a side note, Wiccans (witchcraft) celebrate these same holidays, they have eight holidays (Sabats), which celebrate the journey of the earth around the “sun”. There you go. Seems the Church has some common ground with the Wiccans after all. Who knew?

In the next article I’ll give you a quote from Justin Martyr, early Church historian and theologian, in which he speaks of Christ in the grave on Saturday and rising on Sunday. You will be amazed at the stupidity of his statement from what is otherwise a very intelligent man! It will blow your mind!

If the Lord’s Supper is a master key, a pattern for church, a template; then we have drifted very far from that way. We have changed it, short-formed it, played with the Table Setting, mixed it with sun worship, and invited the devil! In short, by changing the master pattern we have set a pattern for everything we do! This is why it is no small thing. It’s more than just a couple holidays, and a couple days out of the year. It has become a reflection of everything the modern church has become. It is the table we set before our Lord.

Until then, this is Grandpa White Feather signing off and saying, “Seek out the old ways, wherein is the good path, a white path, walking in white with Christ. And seek fellowship with those who desire the white path of TRUTH, that which is actual reality. Examine the Matrix that has shaped you, and have the courage to call a spade a spade; and a heart a heart. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, not man; and all these other things shall be added unto you. Amen. 


Fear & Pleasure – which came first?

838843 As explained in previous article, Grandpa White Feather just spent time in Georgia with two of his Grandkids. He had stories to tell, and names with “meaning” to impart. But that’s the previous article. One of my sons is in the military and stationed just south of Savanah. I was in the military also and spent some time at Fort Gordon, so I have a few memories of Savanah and a beach called Tybee Island from 35 years ago. I was 27. Wow…where does the time go?

I decided as I began my trip home I would take the scenic route and visit Tybee Island. I felt God was drawing me there. Many things about this trip became a vision quest along with my original reasons for going. We slowly share them.

So as I arrived I discovered, as I was expecting, the place had evolved over the 35 years to be more commercial, more money oriented. I passed through an area of shops before reaching the beach. I was worried it had become just another crowded and hot beach, but I’m pleased to say it was not. There were more people there than used to be, but still wasn’t bad.

So I grabbed my coffee, chocolate chip cookies, journal, pen, book, and a jacket to sit on and headed onto the beach. I wasn’t there to swim. I was there to “remember”. I wanted to wade in the water, look for shells, be quiet in my soul, and remember 35 years ago. My young wife, and our first two of five children. Perhaps I would even hear God speak.

I wasn’t there long when something happened. I was sitting Indian style a ways behind everyone else, where the sand began to go up into some dunes. The cool breeze was awesome. The sound of the waves relaxing. Seagulls sailed overhead. Sand was hot and soft. A perfect beach day and I was enjoying it. People splashed in the water. The beauty of it drew you to enter in. Dive into the waves. Go for a swim, but then came the fin!

I didn’t see it at first. What I saw was a few people running towards the water and seemed to be frantically waving for people to come out of it. Of course, anyone out there could not hear the shouts. The waves were too loud. But the hand signals could not be mistaken as long as someone saw them, and they began to.

Sure enough, as we looked just a little farther out, a fin cutting through the water so plainly it could not be missed. As people saw it, they began frantically racing for the shore! I’m sure every movie of “Jaws” raced through their mind. Somehow this beautiful scene of peace, joy, and wonder had in a single second turned into a terrifying run for your life! Ever try running fast in water? Like your worst nightmare. How do things so suddenly change on planet earth? A peaceful drive while listening to music suddenly becomes a terrifying crash. So many examples could be given.

Fortunately for us on this day, in just a few seconds the fin did a curl and revealed itself to be a dolphin! And then another was spotted. Everyone was so relieved, but… you can bet your boots no one went into those waters with the same joy they were feeling before. If fear had not been there before, at least a little was there now. That little reminder of what else could be in those waters, and God spoke to me as I considered it all: Ever since the garden, this is the world man lives in.

We desire pleasure. We seek pleasure. We work hard all week so on the weekend maybe we can enjoy some pleasure. But our pleasure is constantly threatened with fear. This is the curse. This is our mortal world. But which came first? Fear or pleasure? PLEASURE!

God’s will for us was innocent and honorable pleasure. But we want more. God told me this is still our human nature to want more pleasure than is good, and so we cross lines we should never cross, then consequences begin to set in and the fear of many things, even our eternal destination. We live in a world of desire for pleasure at risk of consequences, and then comes fear. We desire to swim in the beautiful ocean, but there are also sharks out there. How far out should we swim? What is good and what is not?

Sex is good when devoted to a partner we truly love, not lust. A partner we’re willing to take on all the responsibilities of life together with. But how much lust has led to damaged children, or murdered children? You see, the shark doesn’t always just eat you, on planet earth. Our sins have real consequences. We’re not just hurting ourself. That’s another lie of the devil. We live in a world in which the ripples of our actions affect those around us. Many times those are people we supposedly love. We are all connected. When we sin we’re choosing to potentially hurt others.

There are godly pleasures, and plenty of them. God desires to bless us with them. When we live in God’s will, just knowing that diminishes all fear. Even if something bad does seem to come upon us, knowing we walk with God gives us a peace passing all understanding. But if we play with the “7 Deadly Sins”? We know the day will come when we harvest the bad seeds we have sown, and there is fear! Real fear! If you slow down long enough to think about it.

That is why most people keep running, keep drinking, keep drugging, keep sinning, keep denying, keep doing whatever they do to NOT THINK ABOUT IT. I will swim in these waters and not think about the sharks until I see a fin. But then…the day will come…when you see the fin too late. Those jaws are coming for you, and there is no escape. Your party is over, and no matter how much you scream, because scream you will, but it won’t change a thing. We push these thoughts away. Drown the pain. Avoid truth. Laugh and party. Deny reality. But it’s still real, and that day is coming.

This is the world so many people live in. This is not the fellowship of the white path in Christ, where peace passes understanding. Some of us are drawn to those waters. I do not try to explain that peace, because as the scripture says, it is a supernatural God-thing. Who can explain?

I watched them running that day as I sat peacefully on the shore eating my chocolate chip cookies, drinking coffee, and listening for God to speak. He spoke very plain and loud. I would not be afraid to swim in those waters if I decided to. I did 35 years ago and had a great time, my wife and I, and our first two sons, who were very young. There is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy a beach and swim in the ocean, but it is the spiritual analogy we look at today.

I did not know today’s article would touch on the 7 Deadly Sins. So far we have only spoke of “Greed” (May 16 article: “White Wolf”). I’m not trying to hit that topic today, but we are still in those waters. What does it mean to walk the white path and have a good name? God has challenged me to teach the white path of a good name. What name would God give you, if choosing a name that fits?

I have a friend I recently named “Storm Rider”. (You see, Chief White Feather has power to do such things. Or so the story goes.) But he got that name because he wrestles with his emotions a lot, when things happen. Sometimes he rides the storm, and other times the storm ride him. It is a good name to inspire him to always ride the storm. Be the Storm Rider.

Another person I am about to name “Desert Joker”. People actually like him because of his dumb jokes. Somehow it works for him. (This is great fun while teaching spiritual points at the same time.) But this guy is the master of “dry humor”. Get it? It’s part of the way we fellowship with people. If you know someone well enough to give them a name that fits, and can help them, then chances are you’re having “Table Ministry” with them, not just a casual acquaintance.

So this is our message for today. Walk with God and know his peace! The fork in the road is ours to choose. Personally, I’d rather swim with dolphins than sharks. Call me crazy if you like, but if you do, I’d question your own common sense. And yes, you would not be one I choose to hang with. I would invite you to my path all day long, a path of God’s blessings, and a path of good medicine. But the sharks path only seeks to to harm; to steal, kill, and destroy. No thanks. Dolphins are great.

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