“Yinney – Notice”

three-toed-sloth Just a quick notice for my night people who may have missed chapter 3 coming out this morning. If you’re following “Yinney the Sloth who needs to Poo”, don’t miss chapter 3! The story is really starting to take shape. In chapter 3 Yinney sings the “Sloth Sacred Morning Song”, and a bird called Lu-Lu shows up with a dire warning!

“Yinney” Chapter 3

Note to the reader: I know it’s not normal to write a story, as like a book, on a blog site. It’s a bit awkward to land on chapter 3 and need to scroll down to chapter one if you want to get the whole story, but for some odd reason I’m doing it anyway. This story actually starts with an article I wrote on 1/19/19 titled: “Do No Harm”. I highly recommend going to the trouble of scrolling if you want to get the full impact of this very simple story of “Yinney the Sloth who needs to Poo”. This story is quickly growing and there will be much for you to Enjoy.


Chapter Three

Another day was just beginning as Yinney sang his sacred morning song. It was a cheerful little medley that bounced about like a fluttering butterfly. Only a sloth of the sacred ways could sing it properly, but you can try if you like. The words flowed out of his heart with great respect and gratitude, which was how his father had taught it to him. It was one of the few things he remembered of his father.

Rising morning sun, I greet you. Singing morning birds, I thank you. Gentle cooling breeze, I welcome you. Great and mighty tree, I hang from you.

Predators may lurk the jungle below, but our ways are higher in the trees, our ways are touched with cooling breeze, our ways are invisible in the leaves, our ways are blessed with peaceful flow, our ways are blessed with S-O-U-L.

(Repeat as much as the Spirit moves you.)

It is hard to explain how a sloth sang that last word, “SOUL”. Perhaps only a sloth can do it. But it was beautiful, and the word hung in the air for a spell, as if supernaturally empowered. It hung in the air much like Yinney himself hung from his limb as he sang. Perhaps that is part of the magic of the song? If you climb into a tree and hang from a limb like a sloth, looking at the world around you upside down, and sing this “Sloth Sacred Morning Song”, perhaps you will get the proper sound of that last word, too. It’s worth a try, don’t you think?

Suddenly, Yinney’s morning was interrupted by the sound of a brightly colored bird. Her feathers were the bluest blue!

“Oh that was lovely!” the bird said. “It has been so long since I’ve heard that song sang by a sloth of the sacred ways. Hi! My name is Lu-Lu!”

Yinney was not sure what kind of bird Lu-Lu was? She had the rich colors of an Amazon bird, but mostly males wore the bright colors. Lu-Lu was somewhat different in that respect. Her blue was so rich in it’s radiance! But all that aside, he appreciated the compliment and said, “Good morning, my name is Yinney.”

And so the morning of his third day started in this very way, with only four days left to find his sacred tree, his 7th Day Tree. But there was no hurry, for Yinney knew that even this might be the Spirit ordering his steps to finding just the right tree. The Spirit worked in mysterious ways, weaving a path easily disturbed by selfishness, rudeness, failure to recognize and appreciate simple blessings, such as a chance encounter with a bird like Lu-Lu. In some ways Spirit life was like walking on water, not dirt.

“So where is your sacred tree?” Lu-Lu asked. “Is this it?” Obviously she was “knowing” in the ways of his people.

“No. This is not the one. I am on my journey to find my 7th Day Tree. This is day three. I have four days left.”

“Ohhhh,” Lu-Lu said. “Well, I would tell you you better hurry up, but I know that is not your way. Yours is a way of faith, a way of peace, rest, and trust. A way of contentment which is very much in danger these days.”

“Yes,” Yinney agreed and added, “You’re talking about Jag the neighborhood bully, right?”

Lu-Lu was silent for a long moment before answering very carefully, “True… Jag is a great danger around here. I have seen him rip more than one poor peace-loving creature to shreds!”

Yinney winced at the thought as Lu-Lu so bluntly described the event. “Be very careful where and when you poo, Yinney,” she warned.

“But Jag is perhaps not the worst of it,” she continued. “At least he is not a threat to the jungle itself.”

Yinney blinked slowly three times. When a sloth is in deep thought, sometimes they blink a lot. This remark triggered three blinks before asking, “What do you mean, Lu-Lu?”

“Oh, I forgot, you don’t get around much, do you,” then she chuckled.

“Well, my soul travels much,” Yinney corrected, “the search for my sacred tree fills me. It will become my center. My world will revolve around the 7th Day Tree, and I will bless it with my poo. I eat poisonous leaves no one else can, and the nutrients of my simple ways gives a tree strength no other tree will have without a sloth of the old ways choosing it. And the things I need knowledge of, somehow finds its way to me, perhaps through such a messenger as you.”

“Spoken like a true sloth of the old ways!” Lu-Lu blurted out brightly. “I like you Yinney. My wings have taken me many places, and let me enlighten you as to the greatest threat of all! Have you ever heard of ‘Predator Cities’?”

(This story of Yinney began on 1/20/19 and belongs to Don Allen, alias: Grandpa White Feather.)

“Yinney” – Chapter Two

Little did Yinney know as he searched for his special tree, the world was speeding up all around him. Mornings were no longer sacred for most people, the demands of making a living made the beauty of slow almost impossible. It now required a very intentional person if mornings were going to start with a focus on soul, rather than stress.

Yinney knew little of these things as he continued in his own intentional ways of slowly moving, conserving energy, yet very focused, very determined to find that special tree he would always return to when he needed to poo. It was his sacred duty to perform.

Sloths are rather unique when it comes to pooing. For one thing, they only do it once a week, every seven days. The slow metabolism making a sloth a sloth is key to this once a week function. Another peculiarity is they always come back to the same place to do their job. It is at the bottom of a particular tree they have selected. It is as if that place becomes their bathroom.

Some sloths do poo in the air letting it fall to the ground, but Yinney was not of that way. His people had always put a high priority on the sacred, and the poo should not be dropping out of the sky and landing all about, but should be blessing the chosen tree with nutrients and fertilizer, so it continues staying healthy and strong. His mother, Minney, had been fertilizing the same tree for many years, and it was one of the greatest trees in the jungle. Yinney intended to do the same. It was of the old ways, the way he had been taught.

He had no clock telling him time, but he knew two days were gone and only five were left to find his special tree and lay claim to it. A sloth did not know the meaning of “hurry up”, and the tree he now clung to simply would not do. He did not like the color of the green leaves, and they tasted funny, too. No, this certainly would not do. So as he hung upside down looking all about, he suddenly froze in position, barely breathing at all! There was Jag! Straight below! Would the jaguar see him and climb the tree?

images (4)

No, not this time. Muscles on the sleek cat rippled as it slunk slowly along, on the prowl, always hungry, but Yinney was invisible, not moving, and high in the sky. That heavy cat could never have climbed out upon the skinny limb he was hanging from. He knew he was safe, but he worried about five days from now, when he would need to poo! He had to find the right tree in a safe place.

But in the land of man, storm clouds were brewing. In a race of people who prided themself on speed, efficiency, and multitasking, an order was being placed. Even as Jag passed below and he clung to his tree for safety, at that very time an order was being finalized, and Yinney was in danger he did not know. This order would be the first coming from a recently purchased territory in the Amazon. “What a sweet deal it had been,” the man bragged over the phone to his friend.

Mother had warned him about the neighborhood bully, the killer known as Jag, but she had no knowledge of the danger of man. She had seen humans a few times, but they never seemed dangerous. This man’s name was Jerry. He owned a lumber company that had passed down through the family, starting with his grandpa, but had remained just a small family business until Jerry came on board.

Jerry had plans. He wanted to make as much money as he could. He was willing to work hard and smart, constantly searching for new and better deals. It didn’t hurt either that his area was entering a boom-time. Everyone said it was so. “Jerry, you lucky son of a gun. That mill never paid off for your granddaddy, or your father, but you are now in the right place at the right time.”

Jerry was ready. He was hungry and enjoying his success. His income had already doubled just since last year, and this was only the beginning. He rose hungry every morning ready to rush out to the hunt.

For a sloth, his normal view of the world is upside down. If Yinney had known of Jerry, there would have been nothing he could say that would have convinced Jerry to slow down and reconsider. He worked all the time. His wife and two kids hardly saw him until he came home exhausted at the end of his long days. But he told himself everything would be alright. One more year of this kind of income and we move into a fine house with a big swimming pool. Everyone will be happy.

Yinney had a view of sacred ways, but what is sacred to man in our modern day? Is anything? Not life, or God, or family, or honor? Only money? Only having more stuff? Bigger and better stuff in the pursuit of happiness?

But what brings happiness? Is it material things? Science is proving more every day that beyond a certain point of our needs being met, success and money do not bring happiness. Yinney sees the world upside down, but has a better understanding of what real happiness is than Jerry ever will. If only he knew there was a threat greater than Jag, a race of people who worshiped speed, not the glow of slow. The day would come when he would know. As if the jungle wasn’t enough of a danger in itself, there was a jungle of a different kind, and as a predator city, these cities were consuming the world.

Yinney once again started his slow journey, satisfied that Jag had moved on. His long arm began slowly reaching for another branch. His movements were almost as if not moving at all, almost hypnotic in its’ slow flow, staying invisible in the sky. There was no doubt in his mind, a fine tree he would find, and at the end of seven days he would bless the tree with his poo. From that time forth the tree would be his. It would be his 7th Day Tree. He would always be there again every seven days, for as long as he lived.


(The story of Yinney began 1/20/19 and belongs to Don Allen, alias: Grandpa White Feather.)

The Glow of Slow – 1/16/19

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And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brothers to the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come here also.  (Acts 17:6)

In my journal today I began considering the beauty of slow. For some odd reason the calendar I bought for this year has a theme of “sloths”. I was attracted to it. They say the sloth spends most of its time seeing the world upside down, so much so that even their fur grows in the wrong direction! Can you believe that?

Well…I feel I identify with the sloth in many ways. I too, see the world upside down. If the unbelievers were saying the Apostles were turning the world upside down, then it was already upside down and they were turning it right side up! I don’t fit this world, nor do I fit the modern church, but my journal today are some thoughts concerning the flow of slow. I hope you enjoy.

Journal > I love the flow of my simple days. So far growing old has been mostly enjoyable, the chance to slow down. The glow of slow. Would a sloth be considered lazy? They seem happy. They meet their own needs. They live like forty years! The jungle is their home and they don’t ask for hand-outs. They live in their design and are very content in that. I’ve never seen a sloth trying to be a dog, monkey, or anything other than who they are. No personality complex. A picture of focus , peace, and contentment.

I don’t want to be lazy, but I do want to live in spirit, not flesh. The flow of slow. I’m convinced God drives in the slow lane. Most people cannot afford to slow down or their debt will catch up with them. What is that old saying? In the jungle the slowest gazelle gets eaten, and a lion who can no longer run will starve. So every day the sun rises, you must be ready to run. But that’s the animal kingdom, not man. Made in the image of God, there are other ways, mostly made possible by spirit. Unfortunately, we who consider ourself the hunter, often end up the hunted, by our debts! Who’s hunting who? Don’t you dare slow down, or they will catch you.

The flesh will certainly have you living like an animal if you let it. When I think of the “slow flow” I think of a peaceful river rather than raging rapids. Jesus lived in the flow. He was a master of it. I never see him panic or rush. Even when Lazarus was dying he did not drop everything in a panic and run to save the day. He stayed in Spirit, the Holy Spirit. This is what Jesus DID.

I don’t have to live like an animal, but so many do. When I see the hungry look in people’s eyes, what they lust for, I see the jungle. When I see the stress in their eyes and in their actions. When I hear the fight or flight in their words. When I see them popping pills to cope, it is the jungle. These people are trapped in man-made jungles, but God intended man to live in gardens. Yes, gardens. You remember Eden, right?

I’ve gone to Central Park in New York City three different times. It is so strange to see that patch of a garden in the midst of such a huge man-made jungle. That park is as a jewel set in ugly concrete. People flock to it to save their sanity and feed their soul. Man’s desire for beauty and peace is easily seen, even in a city of predators

In the jungle to capture something it must be hunted, pounced upon, chased; and only the strong and smart survive. New York City is full of such predators. They do not see the absurdity of the contrast. They pride themselves on being hungry, a hunter, a predator. They go to the park to prepare themself for another hunt. The measure of success is all that matters. In the documentary called “The Minimalist”, one of the two guys was disgusted with the fact he sold cell phones to children, in order to be successful. He had had an awakening, but many live in denial of what they do, what they have become.

But is “contentment” captured by way of a chase? Is contentment really that hard a thing to capture? Can it be captured in the pounce? Or is that why so few people have it? Is it captured only after the rat race has burned us out and wised us up? Is it caught or simply embraced? Like trying to grab something in water. Come at it too fast and it moves farther away, always just out of reach.

Hhmmm, I can see I want to write more on this. So I will end for now, with a picture of a turtle. My wife loves turtles, so much so I have given her the name of “Turtle Faith Lady”. We’re about to start some renovating of our small house. She has the theme of ocean and turtles as our main room, so I told her today that I get one room to have a theme of the sloth. We shall see what room that shall be? Possibly bathroom. But trees and shades of green will likely spring forth in some room of this house. LOL. More coming soon, this is Grandpa White Feather signing off.


Is there something about moving slow that tends to a long life? How old do jackrabbits live?

Fellowship of the White Path 1/14/19

20181007_191325 Jesus walked the red path of his own blood, so we could walk the white path of his own righteousness. (Fellowship of the White Path).

I enjoy watching documentaries on the subject of “happiness”. I enjoy seeing those who are unbelievers come to the same conclusions my Bible already teaches, and most the time these people do not even realize it, or they simply don’t want to admit it. But as you know, I have a bigger problem with our Modern American Church, which I call MAC.

I have said for years that the modern church has set Jesus up to be blasphemed by the unbelievers, because most churches today preach a materialistic Jesus and everyone knows he was the extreme opposite of that! Therefore, the TV evangelist, or the preacher living in a mansion, or constantly asking for money, and also teaching we are still under a law of giving 10% or we’re robbing God, creates a very materialistic image of Christ, causing a lot of people who truly are interested in “SPIRIT” to be attracted to other eastern religions who practice “simplicity”/ “moderation”.

More and more we are learning simplicity, not materialism, is part of happiness. Jesus taught and practiced this, but you wouldn’t know it if you followed the average Christian for a week, or the average pastor, as they are just as caught up in the American rat-race as anyone else! They are just as in bondage to “stuff” as anyone else! And then comes along some spiritual guru teaching and living closer to what Jesus taught, and people respect that person, and are drawn to them.

This documentary showed people living close to nature, in a simplicity but not poverty. They helped each other and were almost as family, which is what the church is supposed to be. This was not a fly by night outfit, but has been around many years. They have several of these communities around the world. They have proven it can be done. They even believe in Jesus! His picture is right there with the other spiritual gurus! They even teach Jesus taught the same thing they do! And to a point, he did! And that’s how people are fooled. They look at a very materialistic church and they say well, I know Jesus didn’t teach that. I’ve tried that “church thing”, and it wasn’t like family. So they end up believing there are many ways to God, and their spirit is drawn to the simplicity and love of community. Frankly, so is mine!

However, good as these people are, Jesus still taught their was only one way for your sins to be actually “forgiven”. Now this is a problem. I call these people the “Golden Rule People”, and I actually love them. I’m attracted to them. I’m like them in many many ways! I even built my teepee! I love the Black Hills, Crazy Horse, and nature! But to be a part of the “BRIDE of Christ”, there is only one way! Jesus made that VERY plain.

So…thank you MAC church for misrepresenting our Lord so lavishly. The Bible is very plain as to what it says concerning those who cause the name of Christ to be blasphemed by unbelievers. Your showing the world a Jesus who is always operating on the wrong foot. He gets off on the wrong foot at the start of every year by how we have twisted the Christian Passover New Year, and he stays on that wrong foot all year long! This is not what Jesus DID! So when a guru comes along living and teaching more like Jesus DID, then he seems to have great wisdom, and a key to happiness, and so he does, because Jesus did it too.

My wife and I raised five kids in a simple home of 1400 sq. ft. (And one bathroom.) Our whole life I’ve heard people say they don’t know how we could have been a family of 7 in an area that small and only one bathroom. But I lived it! And I know it wasn’t that bad! It’s people’s mindsets! It’s their love of luxury! They don’t know how because they don’t want to know how! And it’s not as bad as they say it is! I probably would not have even thought twice about it had their not been so many good people feeling sorry for us. It made me think there must be something wrong with me, but if Jesus is our example, maybe there is something right with me!

Present day, my wife and I are about to become empty nesters. We have this whole 1400 sq. ft. to ourself! And guess what? I’m about to turn the house into 1000 sq. ft. for her and I, and turn the other 400 sq. ft. into a studio apartment so we can help people and make a little on the side, as I’m on a fixed income now. You may have seen the pictures of the Murphy Bed I built in our living room. This was 2-3 articles back. The bed came out awesome! (And my wife is slowly adjusting as she more and more sees the vision of living simple and focusing on things that really matter.)

The people in the documentary had a love for “God”, and a love for people. They put a priority on spirit more than flesh. But without the blood of Christ their sins are not forgiven, and no one is perfect! So I call these people the “Golden Rule People”. Jesus said if you love God with all your heart and love people as yourself, you will fulfill all of the law. So these people have a part of the spiritual puzzle right. What is God going to do with them? It is plain they will not be part of the Bride and will not live in New City Jerusalem, not with unforgiven sin. But you may recall I have speculated as to who these people are who populate the new earth? Well…I don’t know. I just know better than to put God in a box. I know God loves these people and wants to see them forgiven of all sin, washed white as snow, so they can wear the wedding dress for our Lord.

I don’t want to take any chance on standing before God on judgement day without the blood of Christ. The Bible says hell is a real place, and that Bible has been right on a whole lot of stuff. It’s not a book I want to go up against in any way. In other words, if the Bible were running in a horse race, if I want to be a winner, I’d put my money on the horse called Bible, the Word of God. I certainly would not bet against it.

I will end with this quote and teaching of Jesus: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6)

The Bible teaches this one point from cover to cover. There is no remission of sin without the blood. The life is in the blood. It says it a million different ways and in a thousand different analogies. This is what Jesus taught and lived. He even asked the Father for a different way. As far as I can think off the top of my head, this is the only prayer request Jesus ever made that the Father did not answer in the way Jesus requested. In other words, there was no other way. The flawless lamb taking the place of all of us very flawed people. Broad is the way leading to hell, and many there be who take it. Narrow is the way, a single gate, one door, leading to salvation. This is the Bride of the Lamb. It’s what Jesus said. It’s what the Bible says. Those of us who teach God’s Word are simply messengers.

As a messenger I don’t get to say I’m right and you’re wrong. I already confessed to being wrong when I decided that Book was right. When I decided Jesus was the real thing, I had to confess I was very wrong, and I’m still very flawed, and I NEED that perfect one to take my place, pay my sin debt, so I can live the rest of my life, and eternity, in a LOVE DEBT, rather than sin debt.

The old me had a sin debt he could never pay, not through all of eternity. Now I owe Christ a LOVE debt I can never fully repay. Not through all of eternity. But what a blessed life it is living in the LOVE debt. People all over the world, living by the Golden Rule, prove the wisdom of God. Happiness is found in spirit, not flesh.

Fellowship of the White Path 1/12/19!

20190112_090409 This is the winter view from my recliner as I enjoy a peaceful morning watching snow fall in Indianapolis Indiana. Our first real snowfall this year, and our Colts play a big game in Kansas this evening. So much good stuff to enjoy.

This is Grandpa White Feather here just to do a shout out and remind people that Jesus is about a “Table”, not a “Stone Temple”; and a “body”, not a building. The history of all my research concerning these things is deep within the archives of this site, but now we do Journal Writings. It’s been a month since my last one, so here we go: (Oh! And welcome to the New Year!)

Journal 1/12/19 > I find myself thinking about the “ability”, “skill”, “talent”, “gift”, “willingness”, “attitude”, “mind set”, to ADAPT.

“Adapt-ability”. Some people excel at it, but many do not. And as far as Christians go… they “should be” among those who excel, but are they? Has the “modern Christian” lost this ability? And does God plan to test it? Hhmmm.

I have found adaptability also includes a person’s skill at thinking “outside the box”. We get stuck in “normal”, the accepted, and then something comes along that upsets our apple cart and we feel as if everybody is looking! Now we got to somehow get our life back into the “accepted” as quickly as possible! But maybe God is wanting us to break the mold, escape the box, birth something new, different, and creative into the earth? And this is our opportunity, not our bad luck or disadvantage.

Adaptability…the ability to cope with change, or respond well to change. Life can change very suddenly. The ability to adapt is a survivor skill. If you don’t want to be a survivor, if you just want to roll over and die, then discard adaptability. You don’t need it. But if you want to be a survivor and thriver. If you want to be “happy”. I’m just saying.

And why should Christians excel in this? Because we walk in “spirit”, not flesh, right? Like water, spirit is very adaptable because we are not hung up on physical things, right? We use physical things, but they don’t use us. We possess physical things, but they don’t possess us. Material possessions are our slaves, not vice-versa. Right? Be not entangled.

A lot of people panic and lose who they are in the change. We see the change as a crises, and maybe it is, or maybe it’s not, but we panic instead of staying in faith. The change we hate the most are those we see as threatening who we want to be. Anything threatening our dreams, vision, desires, can send us into fear, stress, panic, depression, and some even suicide. We’re too entangled into something we think we cannot live without, and we do not even know where this new path might be taking us? Perhaps we only need to wake up from our dream and be able to see the new possibilities.

We don’t have to lose who we are, if we’re truly adaptable, because that is part of who we are, a visionary, able to see outside the box of what everyone says is the normal, the accepted. God is supernatural, not something called normal. He is creative. If the old box isn’t working anymore? Create a new box!

Many people today are discovering materialism does not lead to happiness. Some discover this in time to adapt, make changes, and live a whole new way that does lead to happiness. Others are so in dept by the time they realize, so entangled, they see no way out. They fail to think outside the box. They only know they are not happy, and instead of finding a new path, they lead lives of quiet desperation pretending to be happy, so they fool others, or maybe they even give up the pretense, but they are lost. They have lost themself and don’t know what else to do. Their stuck. Living in a gold bird cage and no longer free to fly. They want to soar, but materialism has caged them in fool’s gold.

Our world today is in love with the idea of magic and sorcery. People know there is something mystical, it is real, and it works, if they can only figure it out and tap into it. Moses faced the magicians of Pharaoh, and Noah faced fallen angels and giants. Jesus said it would be as in the days of Noah. You see…you don’t have to be a Christian to tap into “faith”, or the “supernatural”.

The Bible says the measure of faith has been given to EVERY person. Faith is the substance God created the universe from. In other words, it is the material our universe, all things physical is made from. What if ungodly people get better at using faith than the godly people are? Faith is free for all. It is how we tap into salvation if we so choose. It is the material of all creation. Any person powerful in faith can affect that material, cause changes, both good and bad.

Faith is increased in a few ways. One is by studying ancient texts, both good and bad. The Christian loves their Bible, but the world hates it. Another is surrender to the “will of God”, and this is our biggest advantage if we are faithful to it. But another is the sheer unity of numbers. Even as the ungodly were building a tower of Babel, and God had to divide them, or nothing would be impossible to them, because they were of one language and in unity.

The Church is very divided as to the will of God. You study Jesus judging those seven churches in Revelation and you might understand why I have left our modern American church. So I am a division myself. But the world? They seek to be a “one world” again, a global community. And as good as that sounds? It also offers a unity the world has not known since the days of Noah.

For the Christian, our lack of surrender to what Jesus actually DID causes our faith to be focused in many wrong directions. Pharaoh resisted Moses by forcing the Children of Israel to keep making bricks, but he took away their straw, forcing them to scatter, and work harder, longer, seeking for the straw, so they could still make just as many bricks for Pharaoh, or be in fear of what might happen. Do we see anything like that today? Does a bear live in the woods? But there was a TABLE coming, a Passover Meal, and we would be wise to get our eyes back on what really matters, such as family, and a table, His Table. He prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies. He prepares a table.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

So ends the journal thoughts of Grandpa White Feather this day, as the snow gently falls and everything is covered in white. My big black dog loves running in the white snow. I’m rooting for the Colts today, but we shall see. Win or lose, the really important stuff still goes on. Nothing changes for me, because I walk in what is not seen, rather than the seen. The invisible is eternal. It does not cease, therefore, neither do I, and neither do I lose who I am in Christ. Amen. This is supernatural.


Inner Circle – continued.

20181007_154219 God Task + Inner Circle + Prayer + Simplicity = God Balance / Peace.

The Grand Opening with our Teepee was a “HUGE” hit! This picture shows 3 of the grandkids having a great time on the rope swing inside Teepee. There were 17 of us all together, including my mom and dad, great grand parents. Four Generations!


In the Church early days, people used their homes for gatherings. Was that of necessity or intentional? Many feared something would be lost when large buildings began to be used. I see a common challenge in our Churches today, as many are waking up to the need to be more than a gathering, but to be “family”.

I believe the strong “discipleship format” of the early Church created close relationships and family. I also believe “homes” were best suited for that. The Church today is wrestling with trying to get back that “spiritual family” relationship while in very expensive modern buildings that do not feel like home or family.

The most successful youth ministry I ever had was in my home! It was amazing the kids who were being attracted to it. Many of them had single parents and broken homes. They were actually drawn to the family/home atmosphere we had. But I think it is even bigger and deeper than that. I think that is why Jesus did it the way he did, and he was showing us that true religion is more about a “Table” than a “Temple”.

It was a hot day, so we had the inside table and an outside. My truck tailgate was part of that. Chicken was roasting on outside grill, while others roasted a hotdog in the indoor chiminea. Cold lemonade was the main drink. The fellowship was awesome. We had a perfect atmosphere for fellowship. We had Table Ministry, plus food, rope swing, a secret fort for the kids, and archery for the adults. And what would all that be without the opportunity to chop wood? Here’s some various pictures >






There are many more pictures that could be shown, but the point is: Family/Fellowship. Real relationships. Table Ministry, like the Lord’s Supper, not short form Temple programs.

Do you have an Inner Circle in which you are involved in Table Ministry and real discipleship? This is real Church Jesus way. 

Our next article will move on from the Inner Circle element of our Formula, but I hope you don’t forget the importance of this element. Table Ministry/ Discipleship is near and dear to the heart of God. Modern Churches are struggling to make this work. Some are trying to force something that should come naturally. I heard a preacher preach the other day that he was “forcing” his people into the streets. They had a program they hoped would accomplish this. I’m sorry, I’m glad they got the big picture now, but I still think they are misguided on the “how”. Just my opinion. Many religions force their people into the streets. God looks on the heart. He looks for the cheerful giver, and so on.

So… here is one last picture of the names growing on our “Signing Wall”. To sign the wall a person must have done something benefiting the Teepee, or visit three times. On third visit you can sign the wall. I’ve painted short messages on outside Teepee also, so I’ll leave you with 3 pictures. Grandpa White Feather saying, until the next time, happy trails to you.


White Feather Neighborhood



It looks so calm on this side of Teepee. Everything was happening on the other side. LOL.