Climbing God’s Mountain

It is a spiritual Samurai mountain.

My solitude is precious today, as always. A fresh blanket of white covers our Bird Mountain. Our first snow.

I happened to snap this picture. There are many odd details in it. A Samurai? His sword appears to be a white feather? And is that the Millennium Falcon in the tree in the background? Yes.

We are in a time of growing light and exposure of both the good, the bad, and the ugly, perhaps even in our own life.

God has a mountain. It is a sacred mountain, a holy place. He does not force us to climb it. He invites us to his high places, to an eagle mentality. He waits, hoping we will fall so in love with His Holy Spirit that we will be drawn to God’s high places. But there is a mountain to climb, and it is samurai in nature, it will not happen by accident, it must be very intentional, the choosing to live in Holy Spirit.

But what of the other mountain, the mountain that entangles?

“You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also. Share in the suffering as a good soldier (samurai) of Christ. No soldier (warrior) gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.” (2nd Timothy 2:1-4)

The world has many mountains to offer also, but without God’s mountain first, they only serve to entangle us. We become slaves. We are unfulfilled in our spirit. Our wings are clipped and we are grounded. It ought not be so with the people of God, a mountain people, a Skypeople!

As light grows we see how entangled America has become in a darkness being revealed. A war is upon us. Civilians do not fare well in war. They are not birds of prey. They have little fight in them. They live in fear, hide, and die unfulfilled. The call is going forth! Climb that mountain and know the strength of your Lord!

Seek the Holy Spirit and begin climbing to the higher places of God, where he pours out his anointing from the Ram’s horn, the mountain sheep! Leap upon the high places of Spirit, and you will be strong! You will be free! You will be fulfilled, and know eternity! Amen!!!

We will share more details of this picture soon.

Fellowship of the White Path 8/5/18


We’re still looking at the “Sword of the Spirit”, our main offensive weapon in our Armor of Light. And as we have been in this series, something very special happened last night. I left my last church a year and a half ago, and when I did I also left one of the best friends I’ve ever had. We go way back over 40 years.

When I say “I left”, I don’t mean we left on bad terms or ended our friendship, but suddenly we hardly saw each other. I had taken a different fork in the road. Not only was I going a different way physically speaking, but also spiritually, because I entered what is being called the 2nd Reformation. I began having a different perspective on what church should be, and I knew if I shared my thoughts, it would be hard for him to hear. I knew if he read the things I was writing, not only might it be hurtful, but even make a lot of lesser men angry. So we had not really had a good-honest-sharing of the heart-get together in over a year and a half, but last night it happened.

Here is how I approached it with him. I used the American Civil War. In this war where brother actually fought brother, and brother even killed brother, I asked: What if we had ended up on opposite sides? If we came face to face on that battlefield, would our friendship allow us to step aside out of sight, and share each others views without killing each other? He said he liked to believe we could. I felt the same.

Then I posed it a different way. I said, what if we had lived during the Reformation? What if I had remained a Catholic and you became a Protestant? Would we have still been able to come together and talk about our differences, our heart-felt beliefs, without getting mad and destroying our friendship? Again, we both liked to think we could.

God’s timing always amazes me. I did not know as we began our study of the Sword, that I was also going to draw that Sword. I’m not talking about my friend, but I’m talking about this blog site, our Fellowship, and the Church as a whole. I suddenly realized with our last article that I had actually declared Civil War on the modern church system. I have been writing such things for a while now, but I never thought the message would keep getting stronger, or become the focus of my mission.

I was very slow at publishing the article previous to this one, because I felt like I was crossing a line I needed to be very sure about. I did a lot of praying that day. I reread the article like 10 times! But by the end of the day, that night, the leading was still there, shoot it forth. And I did. I crossed that line. I knew I had. And then, last night I finally got to share my true thoughts with my friend without trying to guard every word I spoke. He at least now really knows where I stand, and what beliefs I am standing upon. He knows I have done my homework, and not carelessly jumped into something. Now whether I have done my homework “correctly” or not, is another question. And he may need a lot of time to search that out, as I have.

I also never thought of it as a 2nd Reformation until I saw someone else say it in their blog site. And then I realized why that seems to be true! So I asked my friend, last night, what was the technological advancement that helped to cause the Reformation? He answered correctly about the invention of the Printing Press, which eventually got God’s Word into the hands of the common man, and the Catholic church could no longer control the knowledge the common people were learning!

So then I asked him what is the technological advancement that is having the same effect today? At first he did not get it. I don’t think he even had thought in terms of a 2nd Reformation going on. So I added, just as the Printing Press made new knowledge available to the masses of that day, what has done the same today? Then he got it. The Internet. But he still didn’t understand what the new knowledge was, until I explained to him I had been able to download 5000 pages of writing by early church fathers while setting in my recliner and never leaving my room! In ten seconds time I had the writings of people directly discipled by the Apostles themselves, and put into positions by the Apostles themselves, and all the knowledge they had shared, which for some reason our modern church has avoided sharing! This too is God’s Sword! God’s Sword is truth, knowledge, light! God is all about enlightenment in actual truth! LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Jesus said I have not come to bring peace into the world, but a sword! (Matt. 10:34) (A Sword of LIGHT!)

Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”

It had been a long time since my friend and I had had a conversation like that, where I had been able to speak of things most on my heart. His and my wife were visiting in another room and we were in the man-cave. They were talking children and shopping; we were talking hard steel and fire!

I had a special movie planned, and we brought in Chinese food and shared “Table” together. The “special” movie is a Christian film called: “Masterless”. Believe it or not, it is like a Samurai version of Pilgrim Progress! It’s a totally unique film that thinks outside the box. Of course, a Samurai Sword plays a big part in the show, as a Ronin Samurai seeks truth, and a master. I love this movie! I tried to show it to my friend over a year and half ago! But last night it finally happened! (Good things come to those who wait and pray!)

So…… Is there a 2nd Reformation going on? I believe there is. Human nature still the same, set up the same circumstances of new knowledge coming into the hands of the common person, history repeats itself, truth always having the same effect, the axe is poised over the modern day worldly church still heavily involved in sun worship, god of prosperity! (We even call it the Prosperity Gospel. How sad is that?)

Is there a Civil War just beginning to really be visible to the average eye? I believe there is. But I praise God that some of us have friendships able to survive even Civil Wars! After all, we are Christians, right? And we war different, right? Those who are true, do. Those who are not, may not! So watch out!

What a night it was for us. I still bask in the glow of the memory of it this morning. And today, we have another Baptism! My friend, Jason, who has been a devout Catholic all his life, now sees we need to get back to something predating both the Catholic and the Protestant churches! We need to get back to what Jesus DID! And he was not sprinkled! No more “short-forming” what Jesus DID! He was fully submerged under the water in a symbol of death! And the Lord’s “Supper” is a “Supper”! Not a tiny little white something and a tiny thimble of juice! How could our God of abundance ever call that a supper?

These things only touch the tip of the iceberg as to the “deep” changes it has caused in the church, and how far we have drifted from what Jesus DID. I have written of these details in many articles of this site. I hope to do a sidebar, soon, that list the articles specifically relating to the “journey” I have made in my own searching for answers. This will make it possible, notice I’m not saying “easy”, for a disciple must “learn”, and we’re not looking for “easy”, we’re looking for “light”, and this will make it “possible” for a true disciple, a true warrior, to make the very same journey I have made, “if they so desire”.

Welcome to “Fellowship of the White Path”. I am Grandpa White Feather. I seek for a tribe of “Godwalkers”, an Enoch people. May God Almighty Himself raise up such a people! He has! He is! And He continues to do so! So says Grandpa White Feather, a simple teacher of God’s Word.

3365  This lady had taken Samurai Sword lessons.

3367 Very proud Grandpa.

The Quest continues / Day 3


Day 3 of our Quest was me climbing “White Butte”, which in my mind was symbolic of a climb to purity, and I did not know I would shed blood on that climb and become blood brothers with White Butte.

This special place actually took us into North Dakota. The butte is also on private property, it is not government owned. It caught my eye on a map because it was marked as the highest point in North Dakota. I always check out where the highest point of a state is, and when I saw the name “White Butte”, I knew I had to go there.

When we finally located it, thanks to GPS assistance, I was greatly surprised to find it actually looked white! I had hoped it would, but didn’t really expect it. I would be making this climb alone, just God and I. My Samurai sword, seen leaning on the gate in above picture, would be with me. (In case of rattlesnakes.) But also because God’s word is the sword of the Spirit, and I picture every devoted Christian as Samurai for Christ! We are warriors called to spiritual warfare, light verses darkness, truth verses lies, heaven verses hell. I believe in the warrior side of our spiritual life. There is discipline, sacrifice, and skill. There is training if we desire to be all we can be for God. My sword symbolized all of that to me, and I wanted it at my side. (It actually slides down my back.)

Turtle Faith Lady was perfectly content after her big climb up Bear Butte, to sit back in her lawn chair, drink soda, enjoy the view, and try to snap some pictures from a distance. So after taking the minivan as far as I dared up the side lane of a field, I got out on foot and headed for my encounter with a place I never been before. I would climb to a place God would show me, and I would worship, pray, and seek God for his great leading to come.

A white lane lay before me as I headed towards the great butte.


As I drew closer I saw a well worn path, easy to hike, headed towards my left and into the butte; so I went right, towards the white cliff walls not easy to climb. Something drew me like a homing beacon to a wall I couldn’t resist. Before I knew it I was well off the ground, Samurai sword slid down my back, and unknown territory pulling towards a high place I never been. It was a thrill and I was loving it.

It all was going very well until I came to my last handhold. I was suddenly stuck. I could find nothing to grab and pull upward! Everything around me wanted to break away! I was barely holding on and I could not go back. Going backwards is impossible. You can’t see the footholds you used to get up. You can’t see them, feel them, or find them. It’s as if they just disappear! As I realized the danger I was in, my heart began to race. Fear was a growing thing. A monster trying to eat me!

I had to get control. Control my breathing. Push back the fear of sliding downward out of control, my wife watching me fall, helpless to do a thing. She would struggle her way out there as quickly as possible, only to find me broken at the bottom. No one around to help. An ambulance likely very far away. It was as if I was more worried for her than myself. You see, her mother had passed away in her early fifties in just such a way.

My wife’s dad was working on the roof of their house. It was a very hot summer day. He fell off the roof. Her mom heard something. She found her husband lying broken on the drive. She managed to call an ambulance and then suddenly had a heart attack and died. My wife’s dad survived. It was a tragic day.

My breathing smoothed out, but how long could I hang on? I need something to dig with! My sword! Reaching backwards over my shoulder, the hilt of my sword was right there. It drew out smoothly, the blade flashed in the bright sun, and my wife suddenly knew something was wrong. I had been in that spot too long, and now I was pulling out my sword?

The sword was long and awkward for such a close up task. I dug as best I could at the hard crusty dirt. I thought I was being careful but in the blink of an eye, such a small slip and red blood began pouring from my thumb onto the white butte! Oh this is not going well I thought to myself, but at least I had a new hand hold in which I was able to get a firmer grip. I had bought me some time.



To be continued…