“What’s in the Picture?”


Hhmmm, Part II of “Eternal Bricks”. As I said, I did not plan this picture. So after I invited you to study it, I did the same myself, and was quite surprised!

I did not pay any attention at all to what was in the glass cabinet beside the table whereupon I sat the brick and snapped three pictures. Not until I began to study the pictures, and it was then I noticed the candle sticks lying on their sides, as if removed from their stands! And a glass eagle taking wing! And something over the table, the tip of which you see, but do not know what it is, but I do! This accidental picture is such an amazing message! (If it be true.)

“Look how far you have fallen! Turn back to me and do the works you did at first. If you don’t repent, I will come and remove your lampstand from its place among the churches.” (Revelation 2: 5 – spoken by Jesus himself!)

The book of Revelation plays a big part in the things I will soon be sharing. I have never had such an incredible understanding of that book as I have had since embarking on this new journey. What were the odds that I accidently snapped such a picture as this, which so amazingly lines up with the growing message of this blog site? This picture is smarter than me. I would not have thought of this.

And what hangs over the picture? I am embarrassed to say. It is a relic of my past, that now has all new meaning! It is a Rod Parsley Covenant Partner sword. It has hung on my wall for years, even though I have not listened to him for years, for some odd reason I never was able to figure out. Oh the story that connects me to that sword!

Things are getting a little uncomfortable for me now. It’s one thing to share my experience with a church I do not name, and few people would know of whom I speak. It is not my intention to do harm to the body of Christ, but I must say, this ministry has been perplexing to me. His ministry has been such a major force for good in so many ways in this earth, and yet there are many Gentiles that I fear blaspheme the name of God because of ministries like this, and many more who are much worse, but I’m so sorry to say I have to include this ministry in the lot. This breaks my heart, and reveals how far I’ve come on this path. A path I have been on for some time, and did not even know, hence the reason I lost interest in his preaching, and his books. I didn’t know this picture was going to take me there.

I must admit I am bias here, and I want to avoid hard words, because this ministry was once very precious to me, a long time ago. And I must point out, this is only my “opinion”, being offered up as possible truth, because we are living in such perilous times. The “body” is divided. It is so very divided. But the five wise virgins were not, and they were in unison, even “one” in their answer to the five foolish. This so breaks my heart. I am a “nobody”. Who am I to speak such things?

How much should I share, Lord? What needs to be said, and what does not?

It’s a beautiful “looking” sword, but it has no edge; it’s rather heavy, it’s mostly ornamental, as it was meant to be. Perhaps for safety’s sake. I understand. But this sword with no edge, I did not buy, because our money was too tight at the time. I forget what was being asked for it. My mother bought it and ended up giving it to me. Boy, this sure takes me back. I’ve always had a problem with the way many modern ministries go about getting their money. Money and ministry is a big issue with me.

I’ve been to his church a few times, even a week of Holy Spirit Explosion, back in the day, which came at a critical time in my life. I guess it was right for where I was then, and where this ministry was at that time. But afterwards, eventually, I got tired of all the money gimmicks. I don’t know how else to say it. And his preaching lost interest to me.

Before writing this article I went to his site to see if anything had changed in all these years? If it has, it was not obvious to me. The ministry says God is going to do some special things for the Covenant Partners, and it is somehow connected to the fact that it is the year 2017, a number ending in “7”, which means certain things, so join now. But in my humble opinion, perhaps just a minion, isn’t it actually the number 17? How weird is that?

This saddens my heart. This ministry lit a fire in me many years ago, a fire still burning today, and I made a journey to connect with it because of a spiritual linage going all the way back to a man of God named, Smith Wigglesworth. Now I see another sign, because I still read Smith Wigglesworth, but have not this ministry in a long time. What would Wigglesworth think of this ministry if he were here today? I do not know. But I love reading Wigglesworth still today, and I cannot say the same for the other. That’s all I can bring myself to say in this matter.

There is an awakening happening, and no one said it would be easy, or painless. Who are the churches who’s candle stick shall be removed? I fear we travel this road dangerously, at great peril to our soul, but how can we be anything less than honest? Is not dishonesty also a great threat to the soul? And so I find myself bad-talking a ministry I loved, a preacher I admired, a ministry I still miss? This too, judges me, for better or worse. Others must judge.

Each of us will have to decide for ourself what the Spirit of the Lord is saying in this day and hour. I remember in a very small early morning prayer meeting, with the Pastor of the church of 800, I spoke words I thought very strange to me at the time, and others spoke too, words nothing like mine, and mine were “completely” ignored. I thought it all very strange, and filed it away in the back of my mind.

The words were…“You have to say “no” to the woman! You have to say “no” to Eve.” There were a few more words I don’t exactly remember, but they basically emphasized the same point. I was one of the last to speak that day, and yet it was totally ignored, and likely not even remembered by anyone there, but I remember it clearly. There was something about the speaking of it, and something about the ignoring of it. Time judges all things.

What a strange picture I took today. Is it prophetic like words prayed in an old prayer, once upon a time? Now that Pastor is on leave, and in counseling? Time will tell, I guess. I’m just glad to be out of the Americanized Christian mess, or at least struggling to be so. I’m still working on what all this means, and this blog site is recording my journey. One day at a time, as it unfolds, and I report it as honestly as I know how. We will see where this teepee is going. I certainly did not expect this today. This picture takes me by surprise.

But there is an eagle taking wing also, and in February I hope to be publishing my book, “A Bird Called Flapless”.  Stay tuned for more!


What Brought Jesus the First Time? An Axe?

“Even now the axe of God’s judgement is poised, ready to sever the roots of the trees.” (Luke 3:9a) (John the Baptist declaring the time! Preparing the way for Christ!)

This is John the Baptist himself, the forerunner of Christ, explaining to the religious brood of vipers, that Jesus was coming and there was an axe “POISED” ready to strike, preparing to chop down the corrupt religious system at that time. Need I remind of Roman’s chapter eleven’s warning to all of us that if a wild branch were grafted into the tree, how much easier it would be to cut it off and graft back in the original branch?

I have often posed the question, will the same conditions that Christ came the first time, be the same conditions that Christ comes the second time? This thought has haunted me for many years. Because “WE” are the religious system that is supposed to be shining the light of God to the world! Would we repeat the same mistake the original branch did? Would we fail to recognize God in our time? Has our message of Christ become so perverted, that we would not heed the true words of Jesus himself? Is this “King Theology”, as I have labeled it, nothing but a house of cards ready to fall, as I believe it is? Is there a huge axe poised over the modern church, and it will fall immediately after the second coming of Christ?

The pretrib version of the rapture shows tremendous persecution of those who follow Christ thereafter. The early Christians also suffered great persecution from Rome after Christ came the first time. Is the modern church repeating the same mistake the original branch of the tree made? Thereby setting up the same conditions which brought Christ the first time? I hate to say it, but there is something that seems very likely.

If John the Baptist showed up today and was baptizing in a nearby river, and some of our tv evangelist, or modern church pastors went to him, asking him who he was, do you think he might have the same message for them that he had for the scribes and pharisees of that day? And are we the spiritual products of those preachers? Is this setting up the great falling away? Has it been in progress for a while now?

I have shared how something has drawn me out of the modern church religious system and has me now facing a lot of questions for myself. The teepee I have built, which is not fully completed by any means, but is functional, will likely open its doors for anyone interested this coming spring. In the meantime, I have this time, to make some hard decisions about what hath God actually said in our New Testament covenant with Him. One thing I see so far is, our modern church strains at a gnat and swallows a camel!

Is a church service supposed to be about the “Presence of God”, or the “presence of man”? Are we setting our table to please God, or please more men (and women)? When we come together as a corporate group, should we not be seeking the greatest Presence of God we can achieve, rather than the greatest presence of people? And would not a greater Presence of God, eventually develop the kind of body of Christ we’re seeking anyway? Our mission to build up the body of Christ into an image which actually reflects the nature and character of Christ?

This is the spiritual journey I am on. Others are on this journey too. Many are hearing a John the Baptist, a voice crying in the wilderness. I am in much study, prayer, and reading at this time, and will likely be so this whole winter. I’m still holding off on some thoughts I’ve had concerning the latest Star Wars movie, so as not to cause spoilers, but I’m here to tell you, the lives Princess Lea, Hans Solo, and Luke Skywalker went on to have after their great victory, does not seem to have been so great! They spent their whole lives in battle against the Empire, and it’s still not dead! How depressing is that?

I do believe there is a new wave coming, just as Jesus was in his day, and the five virgins who have the oil will recognize that voice. Indeed, already are recogning the voice of the lover of our soul! Perhaps this is the time of John the Baptist preaching to make straight the path of the Lord! Something is stirring in the hearts of God’s people. An awakening! It’s real! And it’s the most important thing at this time! (But will it actually seem contrary to the word of God as we have known it, even as it seemed to the pharisees in that day?)

So……….. we need to discern what sound doctrine is. We need to know what the truth is. It’s contained in God’s word. It’s there for us to find. God has given us the Holy Spirit to lead into that promised land. He has not left us orphans. Jesus is speaking! And so is a false image of him. Surely, if we are sincere, we can recognize the real Jesus from the fake!

I have much to say on this journey we are making, and this article launches this subject. By the time my teepee opens, I will have to know what it shall be. A House of Prayer, for sure, but what else?

I have mentioned I’ve been reading Brian Zahnd. His message came to me just at this time. I think finding the right balance of what he is saying may be the answer to a lot of my questions. I will be sharing more thoughts on that message after I complete more study of his books. But let’s finish this article with this: What did John the Baptist follow his hard words to the pharisees with? When the crowds were moved by his words and asked the question: “What should we do?” (Luke 3:10) What was his answer?

John replied, “If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have food, share it with those who are hungry.” (And he continued. But you get the idea.)

There is much I agree with Zahnd on, one of which “I think” is: Christ is coming back for a people who truely love God (first), like a bride should; and then also live by “The Golden Rule”. We are not kings of our own little empire, but our hearts should not be able to help noticing the plight of others. This is not an easy thing, but I do think if we pray, the Holy Spirit in us, will do the work of changing our hearts, so that we actually become what we speak with our mouth. In other words, many of us claim these things “verbally”, but are not living it “actually”. The two must become one. Our words must become real. There is an axe poised for the foolish virgins.

Who are the true John the Baptists in our day? The day of our visitation. We must hear such people. I’m spending this winter seeking that very thing. I hope we can do this together.


Changing the System / Hebrews 7

“And if the priesthood is changed, the law must also be changed to permit it.” (Hebrews 7:12)

We need an awakening. Things have changed and we don’t even realize the extent of that change. And yet we have also made changes God has not made! There has been a change of priesthood. Jesus was not even of the tribe of Levi. He was of the tribe of Judah. By Jewish law he could not even become our high priest unless God was changing some things. God said he was, and that had been his plan all along.

Hebrews 7 makes a big issue of a mysterious person who shows up only once in the Old Testament, and yet the Apostle Paul, (Or whoever wrote Hebrews), makes a huge issue out of this person.

Hebrews even goes as far as to say Christ was not after the order of the Levi priesthood and the Old Covenant laws, but was of a completely different system! Completely separate from Aaron and Levi! A New Covenant based on much better promises and somehow connected to this mysterious priest known as, Melchizedek!

So…if God is changing the priesthood system, then what is he changing it to? The most simple answer to that is: What ever is written and explained in the New Testament, our New Covenant with God through His Son, Jesus. Nothing more, and nothing less.

So…if you cannot find the New Covenant stating you are still under a law, such as tithing, then you are not still under that law! You have been set free and lifted to something better! And if we choose tithing to be the sacred cow we make an example of, be careful not to try and stand on any scriptures where Christ is having an encounter with someone “still under the law”, because as far as what I have been able to find, that is the only time Jesus ever referred to tithing, when he was in a debate with a Pharisee still under the law.

We are going to get very deep into Hebrews 7 and Melchizedek, because that is the awakening, that is the king having no clothes, that is Black Belt Christianity if you want to think in terms of such an analogy.

In Christ Jesus, God took us from a “set of laws”, and a condition where man covered his head to pray to God, and he took us to this!

“I will put my laws in their minds, and I will write them on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people.” (Hebrews 8:10b)

The Holy Spirit, the very Presence of God did not live in the Old Testament Jew as we have the Holy Spirit living in us today. We have become temples of God! They needed laws to keep them on track, but they even messed that up, by adding things and setting boundaries God never said! Like Adam telling Eve she could not even touch the tree! The Levite told their farmers if the cow fell in a ditch on the Sabbath, then the cow had to die! You do no work on the Sabbath! Jesus said that was not what God hath said!

Okay, I’ll calm down now. It’s just that I’ve spent so many years of my life trying to fit the modern church and thinking there was something wrong with me, that now I’m very passionate about the freedom God is showing me, a life of “walking in the Spirit, led of God, led of what God has actually said, nothing more and nothing less.

I was even lied to about Christmas! Can you believe it? No! I’m not talking about Santa Clause. I expect to be lied to by the world. I expect all kinds of fantasy, gimmicks if it makes money or allows their pet sin. But lied to by my church? Why was I not told the truth about Christmas? Why are our religious, college trained experts, silent on these issues? Why do they pet them and keep them? Why are they afraid of the truth setting people free?

Well, that’s another article later, but for now, just know we need to understand the change God made in the “system” through His Son. And we need to be sure of what the New Covenant says, and what it does not. Did tithing precede the law? Yes it did, through Abraham. Does this mean it is still in effect because it preceded the law? No, it doesn’t. Because circumcision also preceded the law through Abraham, and the Apostles had a big meeting over that and said it was no longer in effect. Done! Period! It was now a thing of the heart, just like Hebrews 8 describes to us, a circumcision of the heart!

So yes, we are going to consider this mysterious person, Melchizedek, and much of the book of Hebrews, even a special REST God says is reserved for his special people, and much more. It’s time we awaken, and be about our Father’s true business.