A Prayer – “Light be!”

Father… as our election draws closer every day we need TRUTH. So many lies flying around. I pray that those with lying tongues be exposed! Let there be light! I pray America RETURN to her godly roots and her biblical foundations and embrace them again, for they are the favor of God! I pray the wickedness of Hollywood and other platforms who daily attack your Word and your Presence, I pray they fall in their own pits! The snares they set for others would become the very snares they are trapped in! Let them fall in and be exposed! Light be! Let America seek Jesus again. Let the liars be cursed in their ways. Let their own words and evil prayers come back upon them!

I pray that your Church, Lord; your body in this country become prayer warriors again, casting off the cares of this life and walking in the Priesthood you have ordained. I pray the Church stop selling her birthright for beans! I pray her eyes would see INFINITY more than finite! I pray her mind be renewed by the INFINITE, casting away her pots of beans! Perhaps this time the ship can be lightened, the pots of beans thrown overboard into the raging sea, and Jonah be saved! But if not, if this great ship cannot be turned from Tarshish, then throw us into the sea, Lord. It is what we need.

I’m asking a lot, Lord. Your Church has so corrupted herself in worldliness. Can anything besides the belly of a whale redirect her? I do not know, Lord. But this is my prayer. I ask all these things in your name, Lord. I ask our Father, in the name of Jesus, LIGHT BE! Let TRUTH come forth with such weight and heaviness, that it sets upon the lies, and when TRUTH sets herself upon those lies, they cannot bear the weight of it, and they are crushed! I pray people be set free again in the liberty of truth, for surely right now, we are not. In Jesus name, Amen.

(If this prayer echoes in your own heart and soul, please join me in praying this as much as possible between now and the election, and even after if need be. We are at such a critical fork in the road in this country. The path we take will be our future, whatever that path holds, whether good or bad. Anyone claiming the name of Christ today, who is not aware of this ultimate fork in the road, surely must be sound asleep. We need to wake each other up and get back to being the Priest God has called us to be. There is a huge gap we are meant to be standing in, but are we? Are we functioning as Priest, or Gentiles? I truly believe this perfect storm we are in is more about God’s Church in America, than America itself. Just as it was with Jonah in that day. The Church is called to be the “Champions of TRUTH”, but where are the champions of our day? Let them rise up! Then perhaps this storm can pass away.)

Pure Wisdom.

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“Belly of the Whale” / Prayer

75364021-1200px The storm rages and Jonah is thrown overboard into the violent sea! You know the story. Is America throwing “church as we have known it” overboard? Statistics say they are. Is traditional church being rejected? And yet Jesus is not traditional church, and he rises above!

Have you ever noticed in your walk with God, how if you “defile” yourself for a time, then it takes a little while to get that intimate Anointing back? As Priest of God we’ve all been there. It’s a most basic lesson of understanding the power and Anointing of God. The Old Testament spoke of it symbolically as eating or touching unclean animals. Or if you had touched a dead thing. The O.T. painted us a picture how intentional sin can “defile” us, and then there was a time period of cleansing before the Priest could perform his priestly duties again. I call this our 3-Days in the belly of the fish.

Jonah was in a heck of a predicament, wasn’t he? And yet it took him 3 days before he could pray a prayer that God actually answered! Are we in that same spiritual condition?

“… And Jonah was inside the fish for three days and three nights. Then Jonah prayed to the Lord his God from inside the fish.” (Jonah 1:17b & 2:1)

Jonah had definitely slid into a distant relationship with God, and was sailing farther and farther away until the fish brought him back, and even then Jonah still had an attitude. God continued working on him even as God was saving Nineveh.

What is it going to take to get the church back into a position of power and Anointing with God? I believe I see the great fish coming! We are in the storm now, Jonah has been woken by the unbelievers and told to pray, but he has not yet admitted to this storm being his fault! It is his fault because he is not preaching God’s message that was given! Not only that, but he is sailing AWAY from the will of God, choosing to go to Tarshish rather than Nineveh, because those people were so evil! They deserve to die! (He decided.) Hard hearted.

Jonah was planning on living a blessed life in Tarshish rather than preach to the heathens the warnings and judgments of God. Have we not done the same? The storm is here! We have been woken and told to pray! But Jonah’s prayers were no good until after 3 days in the fish belly! We’ve not had our 3 days yet. We’re not Skypeople living by our wings. We’re destined for fish food.

So…what kind of a fish, and what kind of a belly does God have “planned” for us??? God is very intentional in these things, you know.

Then the sailors picked Jonah up and threw him into the raging sea…

Now the Lord had arranged for a great fish to swallow Jonah.

In our New Covenant God also warns us about a life of sin, unholiness, defiling our temples, which have become our very body. We are called to be Skypeople, not Earthdwellers living in defilement! We have forsaken our sacred ways! We don’t live by our wings, but we live as normal men! A life below, not above! A kingdom below, not above! A life of carnality, not Priesthood! We’d rather live in Tarshish!

We have much better means of forgiveness and restoration now, through Christ Jesus, but believe me, in severe cases, God still has his GREAT FISH! And the last verse of the O.T. is still a warning ending in the word “CURSE”! I believe we are there. We have pushed God’s buttons too many times and crossed an invisible line.

Now the heathens have not thrown us overboard yet, but they sure are beginning to think about it. HATE SPEECH! RACISM! GENDERISM! ABORTION, CONTROLLING POLITICS, HOMOSEXUALITY! EQUAL RIGHTS IN THE CHURCH! They have a lot of reasons already prepared. We’ve actually gone soft on these subjects, but they don’t see it that way, nor do they want us to have a chance to get stronger.

During the time of this election, they are throwing their lots and asking their gods for a revelation of who is the cause of this perfect storm? We already know who the lots fell to, Jonah. We have caused a political storm they will no longer tolerate. So the tolerant will cease to be tolerant in the name of being tolerant. 

In 18 more days the “50 Day White House Siege” begins. The lots are being rolled. The storm continues raging and it will not go away until God’s people get right with God again. Until they can pray the prayer that God hears.

Leviticus 18:24- > “Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, for the people I am driving out before you have defiled themselves in all these ways. Because the entire land has become defiled, I am punishing the people who live there. I will cause the land to vomit them out.” (Like the fish vomited Jonah?)

The land is defiled with hate, violence, lies, murder of babies, divorce, adultery, lust, materialism, selfishness, homosexuality, perversion, and how much more can it stand? In all this the church has been asleep. Now the storm is upon us. If God will hear our prayers as he did Nineveh, perhaps we can shorten out time in the belly. It’s up to us, the church, God’s people who paid the price for a ticket to Tarshish rather than following Jesus.

“The night watchmen found me as they made their rounds. They beat and bruised me and stripped off my veil, those watchmen on the walls.” (S. of S. 5:7)

snowy owl in Colorado
Are we awoke now?

“Of Doves & Demons” #1

 “…and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.” (Isa. 10:27b)

How do you win a battle of Love verses Hate, words verses guns, or doves verses demons? It cannot be done through the flesh. This brings us back to where we need to be, people of God. Our carnal ways will be our demise. We must relearn what we have forgotten. We must get back to where Jesus started us. BACK TO THE HOLY SPIRIT, and something called the ANOINTING!

In this world bullets are feared, and rightly so; but in the bigger world, the world this little world was birthed from, the Anointing is feared most of all, because of the Anointed One, whose name is the name above all names…Jesus!

But some tried to use the name of Jesus, and the demons said…Peter and Paul we know, but who are you! (Then proceeded to beat them!) There must be the Anointing. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof will fail. Have we forgotten His way?

Here’s our situation… as followers of Christ we are called to Love in a world that Hates, and especially hates us! How do we survive? How can we win? It’s Mission Impossible!

UNLESS… there is a God in heaven who will once again grant his power on us as he did Samson back in the day! But who of us are ready to pay the price of the anointing? Who of us are so hungry for more of God that He is all we can think about, and we seek Him as in the Song of Songs?

The HATE is evident to see, that is the problem, but now we need the solution to the problem. This new series “Of Doves & Demons” I am hoping will run for awhile. I think God has much to say and we have much to relearn. We have much to regain of what we have lost, as David bringing the Ark of the Covenant back into Jerusalem.

In just this past month, our little Fellowship that we like to call: “CHURCH EVERYWHERE”, has seen 2 unexplainable powerful touches of God upon a few people. I have longed for such things but never seen it before on this level! This is new for me! It was literally the power of a sovereign God touching hearts in a way beyond us! I honestly believe it was supernatural in nature, and the only thing different I have done is seek God specifically for His “Anointing”.

I have studied and sought. I am still studying and seeking and I must begin sharing thoughts as God inspires.

It is easy to see the strategy of the enemy> HATE. Steal, kill, and destroy! He’s actually not very creative. Powerful people are using their tongues to set on fire the course of nature. It is set on fire of hell! But they have a strange fire, God’s Word speaks of it, and we have a holy fire. Yes, the Church must get back to fighting strange fire with holy fire! This is the Anointing, and it is the supernatural power of God.

There is so much to say on this. It comes at a cost, priest of the Most-High God. Are we ready to perform the sacrifices we are called to perform? If we are, then just like Elijah, there will be fire from heaven! And the priest of Baal will fall!



“Yinney” – Chapter 8

images (3) Yinney had slept long and deep through the night, but as the sun rose, so did his “Sacred Sloth Morning Song”.

Rising morning sun, I greet you. Singing morning birds, I thank you. Gentle cooling breeze, I welcome you. Great and mighty tree, I hang from you.

Predators may lurk jungle below…

And so his morning worship could be heard for the first time in this area of jungle, and beside this lagoon. Yinney was preparing for a special meditation this day. It had been a thing in his mind for a long time. Sloths are prone to meditate. It is part of their God-given nature. But he understood that worship and prayer were not the same as meditation.

Sometimes prayer can be very meditative, but prayer and worship are still directed towards the Great Creator, the All-Father, whereas meditation is not necessarily so. Sloths are very deep thinkers. To go within oneself and pursue a thought, and perhaps many before finishing, as one thought may lead to another. This was his way, and Lu-Lu had given him much to think about.

Had Yinney been a person instead of a sloth, people would have told him, “Yinney, you think too much. Don’t take life so seriously. Just have fun! Party till you’re done!”

But Yinney did take life seriously, very seriously. Life was a great and precious treasure, not to be wasted, or aborted. People would have said he was born with an old soul, and perhaps so, he had been this way from very young. But in the animal kingdom, it was expected for a sloth to be of an old soul nature.

In the animal kingdom there were a few other creatures that Yinney considered to be spiritual teachers. The slow moving turtle, who traveled light as he carried his home on his back, and lived very simple. The eagle, who lived in high places and understood the ways of the wind, to soar more and flap less. The spider who with great patience wove an invisible web of faith and waited for the wind to carry to her everything she needed. The deer, who could leap with such a grace, and disappear, become invisible. The owl who who who who could see in the dark and fly with such silence. These five, and of the ocean creatures he did not know.

All morning he had been motionless in his sacred tree as he watched animals coming and going to the lagoon. This was a watering hole. He saw no fear from the animals towards the water itself. No sign of piranhas, large snakes, things of that nature which might be living in the water.

A sloth has a max speed of 15 feet per minute in a tree, and 9 feet on ground, but in water they can travel 44 feet per minute! They are strong swimmers with those long front arms. But even more impressive, they can slow their body metabolism to one-third of normal and hold their breath underwater for as long as forty minutes! If a sloth can be motionless in a tree, they can be just as much so sitting on the bottom of a lake. Yenny wanted to meditate while sitting motionless at the bottom of this lagoon. It had been a thing in his mind for a long time, almost as if the water called to him. Might this be a special body of water next to his sacred 7th Day Tree? Might it be magical?

Yinney had made up his mind. It was a risk he had to take. Several hours had passed as he prayed and studied the water. He would do this thing. The best limb to enter he had already picked out. It took an hour of slow sloth ninja moving, but he finally had himself hanging just above the reflecting pool. He saw himself hanging there. His moving had been so slow, perhaps not another critter around had even noticed this fur-ball making his way towards the water.

His eyes stared deep into the lagoon, the water so clear he could easily see into it. Little fish swam about, but he saw nothing of danger… and in he slid.

He needed to go deeper. The Amazon was very hot and the cool water refreshing. His long arms beginning their steady slow stroke. He loved the water and now he lived right next to it. How had he been so blessed?

On his first trip he did not want to go any farther than necessary. He would need something to cling to at the bottom. Spotting a large tree sunk to the lagoon floor, he decided this would be the place. It was time to focus. It was time to float, catch his breath, slow his heart rate, take a deep breath, and then… Yinney went under.

<This continuing story of “Yinney the Sloth” is the property of Don Allen, alias: Grandpa White Feather.)


Practice the Pause…Pray!!!

Part of our ministry at fellowship of the White Path is creating flower boxes and gardens with a message of “Slow Down and Hear God”. I enjoyed this article so much by “Godly Chic” that I decided to reblog. Hope you enjoy.

The Godly Chic Diaries

Practice the pause.  When in doubt, pause.  When angry, pause.  When tired, pause.  When stressed, pause.  And whenever you pause, PRAY!!!

If words just ran together leaving punctuation behind, with no commas or periods.  Each page would stay undefined.   And imagine your favourite song being denied any intervals of rest.  Every note would lose its power.  It would be a cacophony at best.

No matter how softly you whisper a prayer, God surely listens, understands and knows the hopes and fears you keep in your hearts….And when you trust  HIM, Miracles happen.

As you move through your day to day experience  let the prayer on your lips be….I want to know the fullness of who I am.  So guide me closer in every step today to a fuller recognition of what I’ve been asking for and who I really am.  Rise above the noise to feel the trueness of…

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“Fellowship of the White Path”

1985 Church has certainly changed for me.

For me, my wife, and my good friend Jason, church has become a “Fellowship”, and it can take place any time and any place. As a matter a fact, it takes place every time we come together, because what is the church? It’s God’s children coming together, whether 2 or 3 or a 1000. Whether in a barn, a bar, or a secret meeting. Or even a mall food court as in the picture above. (I believe that’s Al’s arm in the background between Jason and I.) If we love Jesus, and his Presence is in our midst, we’re having church!

My journey to this has not been a careless one. Those who have followed this site know it to be true for I have written much on it. I’ve always been the thinking, pondering type, as most writers are, rather introverted, a loner, and yet guided by God’s Holy Spirit, which means people! My nature may be a cave, but God’s nature is love people and so it is by God’s power, (not my own), I find myself having a social life. Praise God! It is good.

Followers of this site know I spent a lot of time digging through the early church father records, and with perspective gained by Polycarp and a few others, my New Testament Bible began coming alive in a fresh and powerful way! It was an eye-opening experience involving many weeks of study and prayer. This led us to have a Christian version of the Passover during Easter, and became a “key” for me understanding many things. (Because it is about a Table!)

There were 7 of us total that day in the mall, but most of the time we have been the “3 Amigos”. And what do we do? Acts 2: 42-47. Yes! It’s true! It can be done! It’s a simple list actually. Jesus delivered us from a complex religious system into simplicity itself. Love God with all your heart, and love others as yourself. Love Upward first, and Outward second. At the end of this article I’ll give you the list again, so you can see how simple it really is, and compare it to the church you participate in.

I don’t know how many churches I have left over the 62 years of my life. For many many years I did not think that much about it. There was always a reason. One time the Pastor was divorcing his wife, and my wife and I had just come through two years of marriage problems, but stuck it out until we both got right. So we just couldn’t handle this Pastor’s divorce, and it actually wasn’t long before another woman showed up in his life.

Then there was the Pastor that just rubbed me the wrong way. I was there because a good friend insisted we needed to be. I told him I’d give it a year. After one year we left. A few years later we learned the Pastor had an afair, and didn’t do right by my friend either. I considered my gut feelings vindicated.

Most churches were simply me being dissatisfied with what I perceived to be materialism, or hiding inside the four-walls, lack of really knowing each other, still feeling something was all wrong but couldn’t explain why. I mean, I could point out such things as mentioned, but most people seemed happy in our modern church system. So there was always the nagging suspicion that it was “I” who had the problem, until I dug into early church history of which our Pastors, for some reason, actually teach very little about, as if hiding something, and indeed they are, whether they know it or not.

Armed with new knowledge and a fresh leading of God, Church changed for me. The Temple transformed into a Table, and it has been so good!

When we were at the food court, at a table, I initiated a plan to build a “Flower Box” for a grandma we knew who had recently lost a granddaughter in a very tragic way. Our “Fellowship” took this on, and today, if things go right, it is to be delivered. Hopefully, the grandmother and I will also get to sit at a “Table” and have some “unchurchlike” church.

A few days ago I was in a hospital room with a man who had just had a complete heart transplant. It just happened my brother-in-law had the honor of leading him to Christ. Then my brother-in-law called me, completely out of the blue, I had no idea, next thing I knew I was meeting this man and offering him “discipleship”. But why me? Why is God directing what were news events to this little group of three? These three rebels not attending formal church services? (To be fair, Jason does still attend Catholic Mass on a semi regular basis.)

Now we are creating “Turtle Gardens” and “Turtle Flower Boxes” with the message of “Slow Down & Hear God”. Yes, that’s what I believe God told this little fellowship to do. Not your typical outreach program, but nothing about us seems to be typical anyway. And in these gardens there must be a “Table”, the Lord’s Table, a place of fellowship with God and man.

So we still have the Tipi Retreat about to get back underway as good weather is finally here. More pictures of that coming soon. And we have a free book releasing in one month, of which the heart transplant person is already reading. We have this blog site going forth which I will never know until in heaven one day if it’s having any effect or not. And we have the regular fellowship meetings of the “3Amigos”, which we asked the question and studied scripture on, “Are we teachable?” That was after we ate out at a Mexican cafe and also worked a little in the garden. The 3 of us then left our garden, went to Jason’s apartment, and had a great time in the Lord, both in the Word and prayer.

I don’t know how long we will be the “3”. But as long as it stays as good as it has been, then I’m not worried, God is doing something. I am amazed how much this “3” is doing actually. I have not gone seeking these things other than sharing God’s Word as a teacher, and loving upward first and outward also. So here is the list pertaining to God’s simple church as described in Acts 2: 42-47. (In the order given in scripture.)

1.) Be devoted to the Apostle’s teachings. (Your New Testament Bible.)

2.) Fellowship.

3.) Share meals, including the Lord’s Supper.

4.) Be a house of Prayer.

5.) Meet together. (Early church mostly met in homes.)

6.) Share what you have. You are your brother’s keeper. (But you still have the right to possessions as you feel led.)

7.) They worshiped together.

8.) Met in homes for the Lord’s Supper and shared meals. (This is listed twice!)

9.) Praise God together and show goodwill.

10.) And the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved. (NLT Version).

There you go. We have been adopted into God’s “family”, not a religion or a building. We ARE the building, wherever we go, wherever we meet, whenever we decide to, but it should be regular and often. We need that time together as family. The world system beats on us every day, but in our family we find love, hope, truth, and strength.

This only touches on one point of many we have written of in past articles in this journey. I felt it might be good to give a status report of sorts, as to what church has become for me since delving into the early church fathers. It has become a Table, not a temple. It has simplified. It’s not about money. Some money has been given completely free-will and only towards projects, such as the Turtle Flower Box Outreach. 100% has been able to go into whatever project it’s given towards.

I hope to write a little more often of what comes of this Fellowship of 3, because I think we need to broaden our understanding of what church can be. I’m not the only one preaching this message, for sure. It seems to be a rising move of God. So until the next time…Don’t neglect your upward love, and in the power of that…love outward also. Grandpa White Feather, amateur gardener, signing off.


What is the Simplicity of Christ?

Love upward and outward.

I want to spend some time on the “Simplicity of Christ”.  My next few articles may be short or long, but I want this to be the subject. It was a deep hunger for simplicity driving me out of what has become the church system. And as I began studying the scriptures with new eyes, the first thing the Holy Spirit revealed to me was Jesus shifting God’s Old Testament Temple to a New Testament Table, because Jesus was bringing us into “family”… the family of God.

Jesus constantly fought with the complicated system of the religious Pharisees. As asked in a previous article, why would he fight that system so hard, even to the sacrifice of his life, only to create another complicated system of his own? He took that whole system of laws and summed up God’s will as “Love Upward first, and Love Outward also”.

A Temple is religion, a Table is family. Love Upward and Outward, and you will fulfill all the law. Be family.

God recently surprised me with an outreach direction for “Fellowship of the White Path”. At first I was a little surprised at what this meant, because it meant the fellowship was to not only continue, but be offered to others, which means potential growth, which means eventual multiplication, which will also mean a need for other leaders who are able to lead in this same “Table Ministry” kind of way. WOW. Our focus is not a church, but a fellowship, which also fulfills church. (Does that make any sense?)

And of course our outreach is very simple. We plan to create “Turtle Gardens”, which have a message of “Slow down and hear God”. These Turtle Gardens not only connect to the “Free Book” I am about to release, but they are also Prayer Gardens, and Fellowship Gardens. These gardens will also have a “Table”.

We are starting with 2 gardens and a Box! Sometimes a “Turtle Box” is better than a garden. More to come on the Box later. The first 2 gardens is one for my Mom, which even though it is on the farm where the Tipi is, this garden is separate and will be hers. The second garden is at our city house, which I must admit has been neglected while I have pursued the Tipi. This garden will give us a spot to invite people here in the city. We will invite them to a beautiful Table that says “Slow down and hear God”. Lets share a cup of coffee and talk about God. God likes gardens. You did know that, didn’t you?

I end with a few pictures of the ugly spot this piece of ground currently is. A Turtle Garden is coming to this neglected place, a Prayer Garden. This is only the first article on “Love Upward and Outward”.  The Holy Spirit has much to say on this. Updates and pictures concerning the Garden Outreaches and the Tipi Retreat will fill the articles for this spring, summer, and fall. Enjoy, and thanks for reading. (Here’s my lovely wife showing you our ugly back yard.)



Believe it or not, there is a small pond buried in there somewhere.

Is God treating you as His Friend? / Star Wars

Why would such a question be related to Star Wars? Could it be because of what Jesus revealed about the nature of God, and how he treats his “friends”?

“I no longer call you slaves, because a master doesn’t confide in his slaves. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me.” John 15:15

Is God treating you as his friend? Are you growing in understanding and revelation? Are you living in the secret place where things are revealed? Can you explain mysteries? Can you explain to others and answer questions you could not before? Are sins one by one falling away? Has your witness become more powerful? Are your steps ordered of the Lord? Do you struggle with “Martha chores” because you love “Mary ways”? Is the invisible more real to you than the visible? Are you a Mary or Martha?

Darth Vader said the force is strong with “this one”. Star Wars is all about resisting the evil “Empire” and growing stronger in an invisible force not worldly or materialistic. These are only a few of the comparisons to Star Wars.

Can I learn from Skywalker how to be a Godwalker? “NO.”

As a Godwalker you have a different light sabre, the Bible, learn from it! You also have a different Lord, “Hear ye Him!” And the Holy Spirit is not just a force; He is divine, and He is God! Be filled with Him! 

I love using Star Wars as an analogy. But no more than that. I’m looking very forward to the latest movie tomorrow. But how can we challenge ourself to be strong in the Lord, and the power of “His” might? For therein lies “the way of our Way”.

Jesus said of his dwelling place, it shall be known as a house of prayer.

James says we have not because we ask not, and when we do ask, we ask amiss, to consume it on our lust.

There is a supernatural river of life flowing from God’s temple. The only way I can explain the changes I have experienced in me over the years is, that it has been supernatural. God working very hard in me, because I sought his face consistently. Not here and there, but faithfully. And now I feel to pray…

Father, I ask in Jesus name, that anyone seeking your face to walk with Jesus, even to walk upon the water in His grace, may you grant more of your Holy Spirit to them, so they might be called “the friend of God”. I ask we be filled with the same heart Mary had, that the Marthas of this world would not distract from what cannot be taken, for that which most certainly will be. Grant us eyes to see, so we do not ask amiss. I ask for that supernatural first-love. A love only you can set aflame, and maintain, as branch draws on Vine. I ask these things in Jesus name, AMEN.

There has been a great journey leading to this article. I hope you desire more. I hope you take the journey contained in this site. Much labor has gone into these articles. Each one deserves a hearing. May God bless you in “the way of the Way”. Jesus is that Way.


“Where is this Teepee going?”


This is a Teepee that does not move, and yet it’s going somewhere.


In Matthew 25, at midnight, the ten virgins hear a shout declaring: “The bridegroom is coming!” This shout, this declaration awakens them.

Has the shout come yet? Is it just beginning? Are we nearing the midnight hour? Is Jerusalem the capitol of Israel? What time is it? Does anybody know?

Hhmmm… One thing I notice about these virgins is there very rapidly becomes a major division between them. > Give us some of your oil. (They even said, please.) NO! Go get your own. < Are we supposed to be divided? And while they are gone, they are left behind. Those who were ready, were taken.

Some would say I have a negative message as I declare the king has no clothes. I might be causing division. Is it a negative message when a lawyer points out a politician twisting, or adding to, or omitting from our Constitution? Is it negative when an Officer of the Law points out a criminal act? Or a doctor delivers a true message to their patient?

The politician can be corrected. The criminal can be arrested. The patient can be healed. Truth is never negative. It is healing, revealing, liberating, for those who have the wisdom to grow by it. Lies are negative.

Is there an awakening? Has a shout gone forth? Are questions being asked? Are people leaving the modern church in order to save their faith? That’s what I heard one preacher declare. Are they searching for schools in the wilderness, asking: “What hath God really said? Is it true women are not to be pastors, exercising authority over men? Is this really true? Does the New Covenant of love really say that?

Where is this Teepee going? Where is God taking it? It’s going there… into all the rough and tumble of an awakening! How do we set a proper table for God? At the end of Revelation chapter three, Jesus challenges the church of Laodicea with: “So be diligent and turn from your indifference.” (NLT version) (Verse 19).

>Be “diligent”. Turn from your “indifference”.< Is God looking for a proper table setting? He follows this statement with: “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.”

IF YOU HEAR MY VOICE? About what? BE DILIGENT? STOP BEING INDIFFERENT? Has the modern church become indifferent to a proper table setting unto God? So where do we go to find a diligent church? That’s a good question. But my gut says if God is tapping me on the shoulder to do such a thing at this time, then I’m sure I’m not the only one. And are we causing division? A church civil war like the Marvel movies of the Avengers? Ironman verses Captain America, who will now change himself to Nomad? Who’s with Ironman? Who’s with Nomad? Our heroes divided? Some of them at odds with the government?

Well…if telling the other five virgins to get their own oil, if that is a form of division and church civil war, then YES, that’s what we’re doing, because we’re fed up with naked kings and lukewarm Christianity! I’m tired of an unscriptual table, as if what God put in writing does not matter. What “man” has the authority or power to pass such judgement on God? Are not God and his Word, ONE?

There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? Are you aware of it?

The modern church in America has created a theology of kingship, not priesthood! We’re more concerned about the morning stock market than our morning prayers. We walk in the flesh, not the Spirit. We cannot neglect priestly ways and claim to walk in the Spirit. If the branch is not drawing on the Vine, it can do nothing. We feed our bodies every day. They say there is an obesity problem in America. I push wheelchairs in an airport. I’ve seen that problem first-hand. But our prayer life is starving! My house shall be known as a house of prayer? And as a priest of Christ, so you shall be.

Spend that time in prayer. Lay down your kingship as Christ also did, practice your priesthood. Drink of his Holy Spirit, and be part of the awakening.



Where are the Bruce Lees of Christianity? Part II

“And if a man also strive for masteries, yet he is not crowned, except he strive lawfully.” (II Timothy 2:5)

In other words, you don’t get your black belt, son, unless you prove the proper skills of a black belt. Pulling out a gun and blowing your opponent away will not get you a black belt, even if it’s a black belt martial artist you just blew away. You got to “learn the way of your Way”. And for the Christian, that means, how do I live by priestly skills, not carnal ways. Hhmmmm.

Do you really believe in the power of God’s Spirit? Do you really believe there is true power there? Do you believe it enough to construct your whole life around that belief, and learn those skills? Will you pursue those skills at least as hard as Bruce Lee pursued his fighting skills? Does our Master not deserve even more devotion?

ARE YOU REAL? Maybe you “are” living by the way of your Way? You’re just not being honest about what your “Way” really is. The church has let so many “worldly ways” sneak into the sanctuary that no one is sure what’s eternal and what’s temporary any more. Soon we will be confused as to male or female.

As I have said, it’s hard for a naked man to defend his position. Bruce Lee was true to the words he spoke. He was true even unto death. He practiced what he preached, and he sought to constantly improve those skills and to have a better understanding of a more perfect way of self-defense.

We have the Word of God. As we study, we should have seasons of growth where we come to a “better understanding” of what God hath said. When we do, are we faithful to grow, change our way, practice the new understanding until we have it down pat? Or do we simply continue in the old, in the lesser, in the mediocrity, in the luke-warmness, the no-fire? If so, we need an awakening.

I intend to die like Bruce Lee, living what I preach. Living by what I have learned, and constantly seeking even better understanding, a more perfect Way. This is one reason I’m building the Tipi. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to do something that was true to what God has showed me, cause I couldn’t seem to practice it in the modern church of our day. Even our government pleasing ways make me sick. Am I anti-America? Not at all. Earthly kingdoms will do what earthly kingdoms will do. But when I allow them to influence what I teach from the Word of God, just so I can maintain my precious tax-exemption, that’s being anti-Kingdom of God!

What did Jesus do? What would the Apostle Paul do? What would Bruce Lee do? What would an upcoming Jedi Knight do? Light or darkness? Are we willing to endure hardness to be a warrior? This is “the way of the Way”. 

Jesus did not hide “the way of the Way”. Neither did the Apostle Paul or any of the other Disciples. Neither did Bruce Lee or any other warrior try to hide the hardness of this Way. But there is also joy here. And there is power here. As we climb in mastery, there are also all the benefits contained in mastery.

Acts 1:8a> “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you:…”

Yes, there is power there, but it is the power of Priesthood. It is in more of the Holy Spirit. It is of that “Way”. So if you want to learn that “Way”, then you better learn to pray. Jesus said you can do “nothing” without me. It all starts on our knees drinking more of God’s Spirit as we pray and worship. The two go together. They are like the two wings of the eagle.

Never forget this is not our home. Spiritually speaking, we are the Children of Israel in the wilderness after coming out of Egypt. When God moves, when the cloud moves, you better learn to flow with Him, stay in the Shadow, His will and presence, His secret place. This is “Godwalker”. And you better learn to gather your “manna”, your spiritual sustenance everyday. These things were all for a picture to us to learn from and receive revelation of how Spirit life works. Have you seen this? Are you awakened?

I know what God had me do. He had me start right here, gathering my daily manna, in prayer. I was no longer allowed to take God for granted, or fail to appreciate His power in my life. I became very conscious of my “first-fruits” to God every day. How I broke my fast as one of his priest. Every night as we sleep, we enter a state of fasting. When we eat “break-fast”, we break the fast. I don’t manage to do this every single day, and I am not under some “law”, but at least 95% of the time I enter prayer and worship before coffee. In other words, I seek God’s Way in my life before I break the fast. I render first-fruits unto Him. Prayer before coffee has become one of my priestly mottoes.

There is great power in this understanding, because there is no good thing in us, and if there is to be good things come of us, then it is only when “God in us” produces those things supernaturally. So if we become faithful in drinking of the POWER OF GOD, which is His HOLY SPIRIT, then all these other things begin to supernaturally grow within us. This is God’s WAY. Not based on our own abilities, but based on His. Not based on our own power, but based on our obedience to the revelation we currently have, and our desire for more. Constant growth unto a more perfect day. Selah.

In the coming movie, our new Jedi needs a trainer. Let the Holy Spirit be your trainer. Jesus says: Walk with me. God says: Learn my Ways. Holy Spirit says: I will train you.

Now we’re getting somewhere.