Learning to Share – Part IV

5883 So how can we share everything we own without becoming an actual “commune”? The Lord’s prayer says give us this day our daily bread. God promises to meet our needs. I don’t believe the Bible teaches poverty or destitution. Poverty is part of the curse. But how much do we actually “need”, and how much could we share if we truly lived by faith? How creative could we become in helping others with our abundance? Our extra.

“And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had.” Acts 2:44

This is a personal question between every true believer and the Spirit of Christ. What God shows me to do is no reflection on what he might give others to do. But how many Christians today are really sharing all they have and loving their neighbor as themself? This is a real problem in the modern version of Jesus many of us follow today. I finally left this modern church and decided to face Jesus for real, therefore, I finally had to learn to truly share, or deny Christ!

So here is what an all-knowing, all-loving, and very creative God has shown me. Yes, it had my wife almost in tears, but she has come around a lot. I’m very proud of her. Sometimes we need time to process things, and realize our heart really does like this, even if there will be personal pain involved.

And Jason, also, as our other member, is also searching his heart to know his part. It was not an easy Fellowship meeting that night. Jason is no handyman and we all know this. So it is likely he will eventually help in other ways, but here are the long awaited details of what God has asked me to do in sharing our 1400 square foot home.

It starts with a garden and ends in a laundry mat. Our house is “L” shaped, which creates a secret secluded area in the “L” in which we have been creating a secret garden, as a prayer garden, for going on two summers now. We just added the tent gazebo in picture above. Now it just happens this house has two back rooms that my wife and I can spare if we put our minds to it. They can become something else, with a lot of work and creativity. God gave me a vision of what could be.

The two rooms can be connected by opening a wall. They have no outside door. There is no outside entry to these rooms, but one can be put in. This new access would be located right in the Prayer Garden area! So anyone entering those two rooms would come into the center of the garden to enter these rooms. But why would anyone want to come to these rooms? Perhaps a studio apartment? Make some extra income for ourselves? Lord knows we could use it, but we can also spare it!

So the plan is to put a washer and dryer in there, some free laundry soap, a sitting area with coffee, and invite struggling people to enter our prayer garden, enjoy the beauty and peace, enjoy some fellowship, and wash your clothes free! There is room for children to play in our fenced in yard. Time slots will have to be scheduled, and it will be “slower” than a laundry mat, but it will save them money, and they can have Church at the same time!!!

From the time I began the garden, the message was: “Slow Down and Hear God.” Those who have been with us for a while might remember the pictures and articles when we began gardening last year. Those articles are still deep in this blog site, but now the VISION grows! And to include a way to reach out to people, share God’s love in us, share our house, and offer free access to a washer and dryer.

Maybe there could be two washers and dryers some day, but never more, because that is part of the beauty of it, to slow people down and have them spend some “time” with us. Save your money; spend some time. Let us tell you about the sharing message of Jesus, who did not love money and material things as our modern church seems to. Let us show you the real Jesus Christ.

So…now you know what had Brenda almost in tears, because I’m also fixing this old house for her, and now my time and money was going to be more divided. The time table on all this is not known. Progress is slowly made every day. I’ll post some more pictures at end of this. But as long as I am faithful to do what God tells “me” to do, I don’t worry about anything else. Like right now I could be drywalling a wall, and finishing dry wall, but God said work the blog first, send out what I tell you. So here I am in my recliner typing rather than drywalling. It’s all the same to me, staying in God’s constant flow like an eagle in the wind.

We also saw the Avenger movie: ENDGAME. Are we near to ENDTIMES? Strange to make such a change of subject at this moment, but not really, because if you want to do a study of what it means to find a balance in loving our neighbor and loving ourself, do a study of the changes in attitude between Ironman and Captain America. Cap needed a little more “self-interest”, and Ironman a lot more “selflessness”. I’m telling you it is quite a study to do if you love comic book stuff. Sorry, I grew up on my Bible and comic books, while isolated in the country as a boy. That explains a lot, right?

So until the next time, and I have not forgotten Yinney, I’ll conclude with pictures here, but may your heart be moved to know the real Jesus Christ in all his glory. You will never regret it. And be creative! Amen!

This is the Murphy Bed I built, where my wife and I sleep in living room while our 1,000 sq. ft. of the house is being worked on. It’s really quite nice and no great sacrifice, although many spoiled Americans would probably say it is. The other 400 sq. ft. is to become the free laundry room.

That junk van has got to go. This will be entry to garden and the door to the rooms will be on this back corner of the house, very close to tent gazebo.

20190425_172730 That’s our windchime hanging from tent, and our small pond complete with bull frog and some water lilies I just planted. Goldfish coming soon.

So much to do, but loving every inch of progress. It gets me out of bed every day, and the Fellowship of the White Path, (FWP), of which we are constantly sharing God’s Word and growing in his Spirit.

I will do regular update articles on the progress. But I’m needing to get back to “Yinney” also, and quotes I love from mentors I have found in this way. Please keep reading. We enjoy every follower and any comments and questions offered. Peace be unto you, and love your neighbor as yourself. It is the Kingdom Way, and it is the real Jesus. And spread the Word! This blog site is an easy way to do that. Thank-you for reading.

Practice the Pause…Pray!!!

Part of our ministry at fellowship of the White Path is creating flower boxes and gardens with a message of “Slow Down and Hear God”. I enjoyed this article so much by “Godly Chic” that I decided to reblog. Hope you enjoy.

The Godly Chic Diaries

Practice the pause.  When in doubt, pause.  When angry, pause.  When tired, pause.  When stressed, pause.  And whenever you pause, PRAY!!!

If words just ran together leaving punctuation behind, with no commas or periods.  Each page would stay undefined.   And imagine your favourite song being denied any intervals of rest.  Every note would lose its power.  It would be a cacophony at best.

No matter how softly you whisper a prayer, God surely listens, understands and knows the hopes and fears you keep in your hearts….And when you trust  HIM, Miracles happen.

As you move through your day to day experience  let the prayer on your lips be….I want to know the fullness of who I am.  So guide me closer in every step today to a fuller recognition of what I’ve been asking for and who I really am.  Rise above the noise to feel the trueness of…

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Love Upward and Outward #1

668571080“Love Upward first, and Outward also.”

Turtle Gardens are coming! Slow down, and hear God.

We may run with this title of “Love Upward and Outward” for some time. This has become the motto of our Fellowship: “Fellowship of the White Path”.

Well the “outreach gardens” have begun and I thought I would try to keep the pictures going too, so you can see the progress as it happens. Instead of building big temples, Jesus invited “Temples to His Table”.

Know ye not that ye have become the temples of God? God is not looking for temples made by man nor hand. He’s looking for you. He’s looking for us. He’s looking for his family.

Yes, Jesus changed things. I hope your church isn’t confused about the changes he made, but it’s all good! So the heart and soul of these gardens is to be a “Table” in which to fellowship upward and outward. Always keep your love for God first, because he is the power working in us to also love others in a godly way. Consider these your thoughts for the day to ponder, we’re keeping it short, and now here’s some pictures.

This is the garden area for my mom. It’s a green stretch of ground 20 feet wide and 30 feet long. We painted the building yesterday in winds rushing 25 mph. That was actually no fun, but we gott’er done.


There is an apple tree at the one end. Our Lord willing, this plain Jane site is going to become a beautiful garden. This is before we painted. It got a fresh coat of white yesterday. The blue arch is something my mom salvaged off the Tipi. (LOL).

Now as to our own place, I started taring up jack! Much work to do, starting with much clean-up. I’m taking the old deck out, we have gutters to clean, leaves to burn, and amazingly enough, we actually discovered a few plants survived the winter in a little corner flower garden we had. So the area already has life!


20180411_144856 We also found water damage to the house we did not even know was happening. So we are a long ways from setting our garden table yet. And we have a Turtle Box about to happen also. In memory of a one year old girl who was shot in a drive-by and died. Turns out I know the grandma of the little girl. This box needs to be special, and it will speak words hard for the human vocabulary to express. Pictures of the box coming soon.


That’s it for now. Grandpa White Feather saying, Love upward first and outward also. Slow down. (Speed kills!) And hear God!


What is the Simplicity of Christ?

Love upward and outward.

I want to spend some time on the “Simplicity of Christ”.  My next few articles may be short or long, but I want this to be the subject. It was a deep hunger for simplicity driving me out of what has become the church system. And as I began studying the scriptures with new eyes, the first thing the Holy Spirit revealed to me was Jesus shifting God’s Old Testament Temple to a New Testament Table, because Jesus was bringing us into “family”… the family of God.

Jesus constantly fought with the complicated system of the religious Pharisees. As asked in a previous article, why would he fight that system so hard, even to the sacrifice of his life, only to create another complicated system of his own? He took that whole system of laws and summed up God’s will as “Love Upward first, and Love Outward also”.

A Temple is religion, a Table is family. Love Upward and Outward, and you will fulfill all the law. Be family.

God recently surprised me with an outreach direction for “Fellowship of the White Path”. At first I was a little surprised at what this meant, because it meant the fellowship was to not only continue, but be offered to others, which means potential growth, which means eventual multiplication, which will also mean a need for other leaders who are able to lead in this same “Table Ministry” kind of way. WOW. Our focus is not a church, but a fellowship, which also fulfills church. (Does that make any sense?)

And of course our outreach is very simple. We plan to create “Turtle Gardens”, which have a message of “Slow down and hear God”. These Turtle Gardens not only connect to the “Free Book” I am about to release, but they are also Prayer Gardens, and Fellowship Gardens. These gardens will also have a “Table”.

We are starting with 2 gardens and a Box! Sometimes a “Turtle Box” is better than a garden. More to come on the Box later. The first 2 gardens is one for my Mom, which even though it is on the farm where the Tipi is, this garden is separate and will be hers. The second garden is at our city house, which I must admit has been neglected while I have pursued the Tipi. This garden will give us a spot to invite people here in the city. We will invite them to a beautiful Table that says “Slow down and hear God”. Lets share a cup of coffee and talk about God. God likes gardens. You did know that, didn’t you?

I end with a few pictures of the ugly spot this piece of ground currently is. A Turtle Garden is coming to this neglected place, a Prayer Garden. This is only the first article on “Love Upward and Outward”.  The Holy Spirit has much to say on this. Updates and pictures concerning the Garden Outreaches and the Tipi Retreat will fill the articles for this spring, summer, and fall. Enjoy, and thanks for reading. (Here’s my lovely wife showing you our ugly back yard.)



Believe it or not, there is a small pond buried in there somewhere.