A Final Word on Mike Adams?

BLOG-16-05-2017-2 So this is it. Murdered by harassment. Wow. He was under such pressure and hate that he was murdered by suicide. This is the hate of the Left, but no one will cry out for fear they end up like Mike Adams. The haters really do have the power, and it has always been so on planet earth when the church fails to hold the standard. When the salt fails, you get more and more decay, hate, violence, and death. The New World cometh.

So a man like Mike Adams had no security cameras at his home? Hard to believe. Maybe he wasn’t as smart as I would have thought. And these cameras show nothing? Are they blank? They did not show his suicide? Strange behavior? Nothing? No hint of anything? No close friends doubting this conclusion? He spoke of no plans with the money he was about to get? And his family has no remarks? No questions? Wow. The silence is deafening.

So if he murdered himself due to the pressures of hate and harassment, then those Haters are guilty of murder just as much as a cyberbully would be. Right? I mean, not guilty by law, perhaps, but by Spirit. However, before you Haters celebrate too much, karma’s gonna get you for that. You would say bad karma got Mike, but his hate does not justify your hate either. Tell yourself your hands are clean as much as you want, but karma is a tough dude to fool. Your karma comes. Good luck with that.

Based on the little information we’ve been given, compared to the ample motivations of people hating him, I am surprised this would not be deemed highly suspect? In my own mind, the death of Mike Adams is being swept under the carpet as quickly as possible, while I am sure there are many who are actually celebrating. What might they call such a party? A Hate Party? A celebration of death party? Hhmmm. How many might there be? Your hate, my hate; it’s a wonderful life. But again, karma cometh.

Well, if no one sees a problem here, if no one decides to pull the carpet back and give that very large and obvious lump a second look, then I guess it’s over. Another win for the Left. Good shot, Somebody. A 3 pointer? Is anyone keeping score? Who’s ahead? I’d call this a win for the Left. Move on folks, there’s nothing to see here.

Personally, I don’t have a horse in this race. Us Haters crucified my Horse many years ago, but he didn’t stay dead. Now I run a different race. But it will be interesting to watch if Mike stays dead, or someone resurrects him and his words. You can’t kill him twice. Dead is dead. I know I downloaded one of his books. It’s been very interesting.

I only ventured into this event because Mike Adams was so hated due to his words and beliefs, that as a follower of Christ, I felt a kindred spirit, and also Bernell Trammell we continue hearing nothing about. I have written much in previous articles about the rise of Eve. Her day is coming! But I would like to make one personal clarification.

My concern is “the Church”. That’s my Horse. The world is gonna do what the world is gonna do. I’m sure we’ll even have a womxn President someday. And when that happens I hope she does an excellent job. But the church itself is to run by a different standard than the world, and when the world finally gets around to coming down full-fire on her beliefs, like someone did on Bernell Trammell, that’s the day I likely die and get swept under the carpet. I can live with that. And I will live, and I’ll be back, just like Jesus and Bernell. Just say’n.



Wake up people, this wave is rolling, and it plans to roll over anyone in her way!

“I’m confused” Mike Adams/Bernell Trammell

7326378758_6998e8784a_b I’m beginning to think if you want to be shot dead, its as simple as checking the right boxes. It would seem that Mike Adams and Bernell Trammell both checked all the right boxes, and suddenly turned up dead of gun shot wounds!

Now here is why I’m confused, I thought the “Left” was against gun ownership? I thought it was the “Right” who loved guns and acted like animals? But if that is so, then why is it people on the “Right” who speak up with “words”, are mysteriously suddenly turning up shot dead by guns? Are we shooting ourselves? Why is it if you happen to be Pro-Trump, or Conservative in general, and you happen to be Pro-Jesus, or Christian in general, and if you happen to have personal opinions differing from the current mob mentality, and if you speak out your opinions just like the “Left” do, then you have a higher than average chance of turning up dead from lead poisoning! Just how does that happen? The Left are good at denying, but they always fail to give the jury credit for being smart enough to see past their lies! They have such high opinions of themselves, and such low opinions of us.

It is true that Conservatives try to be law-abiding and live by a code of “Live and let Live”. We tend to have a sense of fare-play and everyone has the right to speak their minds. We will even defend your right to do so!  But there is also a reason why many people on the “Right” believe in gun ownership, and I’m afraid the “Higher-Ups” of the “Left” are pushing the buttons of the “Right” in the hopes of causing just exactly what they know will happen…a Blood-bath!!!

You see, those on the “Left” who live in their Ivory Towers will not be the ones in the crowd when the HATE suddenly explodes! They know if they can get their manipulated herd to cross the line far enough, then once they cross that line, a sense of honor on the Right will demand a just response! And once that happens the Ivory Tower people are ready to swoop in like righteous angels and demand all the changes they ever wanted!

How do the Left do this? We see the damaged buildings and the destruction and looting of private property and yet when President Trump sends in soldiers to protect private property, somehow he is the bad guy! Some how what we actually have video proof of does not prove anything! Their lies are believed more than our own eyes! And if the Right decide to meet fire with fire, even though we have shown great restraint while the Left runs amuck, it will somehow all be our fault! How are they able to do this!

How do they do this? Well remarkably enough, what we are getting shot for…WORDS! They do it with WORDS and violence. HATE! I use to work in the Indianapolis Airport. All day and night long CNN played on those TV screens. We had no choice! How is that? They still own the major media, the major news papers, and the Universities, as Mike Adams would attest to if he were still alive today! But his books, his words are still with us. There is so much HATE on the Left it constantly boils over the top of their ever burning kettle. (And yet we are the haters.)

How do we prevent the blood-bath the invisible enemy so much desires? And can you believe as surely as the sun rises in the east, the Left will deny they are pushing our buttons. With a straight face, while their finger is pressing the button over and over, they will look at you across those camera screens and say, “We’re not pushing any buttons. You are! You shouldn’t have guns! You are HATERS! And we’re going to shut down your business, your livelihood, your church, your speech, until we rule!”

People on the “Right”, I know this is hard, but there must be an answer. How do we avoid the blood-bath? It would seem people on the “Left” do own guns and they are actually using them, contrary to what they constantly preach. Their preachers and prophets are wolves in sheep clothing, manipulating their people. They preach “down with guns”, and yet their media is silent when they use them! CNN is silent on the darndest things! And very quick to draw if we make the slightest mistake! I don’t know how they live in their skins? Maybe that’s why snakes have to shed their skins so often.

I am beside myself. I see this coming and don’t know how it can be stopped, because people have a right to defend themself, and sooner or later they will, and that is exactly what they want…more chaos…more HATE…more pain on the “little people”, as long as it don’t get to them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see those in the Ivory Towers of the “Left”, actually have to pay a price for the laws they have broken? You know the ones I speak of. This is why the “Left” is so emboldened, they know they usually get away with it. They are the elite! We are their peasants to manipulate. They will tell us what we need to know. They will determine what truth is.

Sorry to be so doom and gloom. But I see this train coming down the tracks. Louisville came so close to it just this past weekend! That was a potential powder keg ready to blow! The media and Democrat politicians need to stop protecting the VIOLENT protesters and law-breakers! They must face serious consequences! Or the people themselves will see to it they do! And that will not be good for anyone! Not even the Left! But you don’t care, do you. Destruction serves your ultimate goals.

I’m simply the average joe living in the trenches of what has become a war zone. I look around and try to make sense of what I see and hear. Maybe I’m all wrong. Maybe I don’t see what I think I see. Maybe Mike Adams decided to kill himself, and Bernell Trammell, a very nice man, should have minded his own business and kept his mouth shut. Maybe I shouldn’t be giving my opinion. Who am I? Can anyone verify what I think I see? Or am I the crazy one? They say the crazy don’t know they’re crazy. But I see an ocean wave rolling towards land, growing as it rolls, and its got the church’s name on it. Wake up people! We need God’s power again! People like Bernell are being murdered in the streets! A George Floyd causes all kinds of havoc upon the land! But a Bernell Trammell? Hardly a word. A Mike Adams? Guess he asked for it.


Old Paths – Micro Church? #1

9021 Will modern church fight the Sea Change in spite of “over whelming” evidence of her failure in America? Why do I specify America? Because it seems we have not failed so badly overseas. It appears our dollars invested to send missionaries to third world countries, and such, is resulting in much multiplication and revival! But why is that? Is it because our American version of church is succeeding there? Not according to the studies I have read. They are succeeding for exactly the opposite reasons!

These oversea revivals are not adopting the big church modern system, but they are doing it much more closely to what the Early Church of the Old Ways did! House to house! What we see throughout our New Testament! Isn’t that interesting! You say No? Maybe? We will see.

And in a time when the American church should be self examining and asking why all this has come upon us “on our watch”, we do not self-examine, but simply say to pray, vote for Trump, and we will overcome! (Where is the humble yourself, repent, turn from your wicked ways, seek my face?) If this is your answer for where we are going, then what is your reasoning on how we got here? Have you yet to even admit it is the modern church that is responsible to God for America’s condition? And if these be judgments from God, then who has caused them, the unsaved world who do not know what they do? Or a modern church who is supposed to know what they do?

I must give Mario Murillo credit for this. I believe he pointed out our SIN in scripture, and once I saw it,  I needed no further explanation because it was all so plain! I don’t know the details he has taught on this, but here is what seems so prophetically accurate to me, and yes…this does relate to our new SERIES of Old Paths and Micro Churches. I’m so excited to be finally getting fully into this.

I recommend one and all to read Jonah in detail, for yourself, but here are a few points for us to “launch” with. 1)…The Lord gave a message to Jonah! This is 1:1 of Jonah! And what did he do with it? He did not speak it! He refused to even go to those people that the message was for…and he RAN from God!

He was to warn of coming judgment, but refused! You may say we have had lots of people screaming judgment for years. Yes…but did you listen to them? And the message of the modern church has not been judgment, but prosperity and success and king theology! It says in verse 3, Jonah did not preach the message of the Lord, but got up and went in the opposite direction! He went “DOWN” to Joppa and got on a ship for Tarshish, whose name in the Greek means = a stone, a jem, a reverse! And when I think of a “jem”, I think of money, prosperity, materialism!

2)…But the Lord hurled a powerful wind over the sea, causing a violent storm that threatened to break the ship apart! (Remember the vision I’ve shared in detail in previous articles? The whirlwinds, dry corn shucks, and wire fences? And two old gates?) Fearing for their lives these unsaved men started praying to their gods for divine help! But Jonah was not praying in the storm, he was sleeping! (Vrs. 5)

3)…The captain of the ship demands for Jonah to pray to his God also! This is like the world telling the church to wake up and pray! What are you doing sleeping in a storm like this? And soon, it is discovered, the whole storm is because of Jonah! It is not because of these ungodly men who know not what they do, but because of Jonah who knows exactly what he is doing! The storm has come on ALL of them because of Jonah, God’s man, not anyone else! This is our fault, church! And are you examining your modern ways to figure out why? Or must we be thrown overboard, by the world, into the sea, to be swallowed by a fish, before we will finally get serious about our calling as Priests in the earth!

We will be having much more to say about Jonah and the church, for example…in chapter 2, verse 10, it says the fish “spit” or “vomited” Jonah out of his mouth! That sounds a whole lot like the church of Laodicea to me! And what have we already been saying? But even as Jonah is spit out on that beach, he still has serious attitude issues! But I don’t want to just spend time on how we got here, but also where we go from here. In this series I want to talk about both. We need to speak about what Jonah did, and also what Jesus DID!

The clock is coming full circle! Is the church becoming as the Jewish church was in Jesus day? Jesus looked at the Pharisees and said, when speaking of Nineveh! > “The people of Nineveh will stand up against this generation on judgment day and condemn it, for they repented of their sins at the preaching of Jonah.”

“Now someone greater than Jonah is here — but you refuse to repent.” (Matt. 12:41b)

He goes on to say, “Now someone greater than Solomon is here — but you refuse to listen.”

Refusal to take this seriously. Refusal to repent or listen. I no longer claim to be a Christian. I have tried to correct my habit of speech developed over many years of being a Christian. I try to always specify “I am a follower of Jesus”. I need to go deep into that, also. The modern church has so tainted the name of “Christian”, that I can no longer use that title in good conscience.

However, the name of Jesus still stands pure! If you truly follow Jesus, which is Christianity in its purest and simplest form, people will still respect you. But what does that mean? How have we sullied the name, Christian? Do you even understand? Love of money…king theology… power… sexual unfaithfulness. And related to power…”politics” now also “marks” the name Christian/church/Bible, in the eyes of the world. The world knows Jesus never went political, even though baited more than once by the disciples.

Do I plan to vote? Yes. Do I make a major issue out of politics? No. I focus on the transformation of hearts in Christ Jesus. I never want to speak of politics to the point someone will not listen to me concerning Jesus. Only if I were called of God to that work would I become that vocal, and God does call such people. But the church as a whole is meant to be preaching the Gospel! And multiplying through discipleship! Like salt out of a shaker!

Did you know the death of Billy Graham has proven itself to be a spiritual marker in time, for this nation? And consider this, even though Billy Graham was associated with every President we ever had, it seems, but he was not political! The few times he crossed that line he said he regretted! The young Rev. Graham got involved with Nixon and crossed the line. But the older Graham had learned! He was advisor to both Clinton and Reagan! He told “Christianity Today” in 2011 that he would have ‘steered clear of politics” and he had crossed the line a few times but would not do that now! He did not join the Moral Majority or the Religious Right! How do you think he was able to advise someone like Clinton and also Bush, or Jimmy Carter, and also Reagan? And yet remain above it all!

Billy Graham focused on changing hearts in the power of God, and then a right heart votes godly! And good political leaders with a true desire to serve the people become available. But in a world growing more and more worldly, it don’t matter how political you may get, soon, there will be no good choices! (And some would say we’re already there!) This storm is because of the church running from God’s true message and true ways! And the world plans to throw us in the deep blue raging sea! At least Jonah admitted it was because of him.

If the modern church fails to admit its sin, will God still prepare a fish for us? Or simply let us drown? If we are spit out on the beach, will we preach it then, or just remain a beach bum? Building sandcastles, and lamenting the days of yore?

I firmly believe when the first church in Acts was simply growing larger and larger in that one place, God was saying, “This is not what I want, guys.” So he put his Believers in a salt shaker and began shaking the bottle, because they were simply piling up in a large hump, in one place, not seasoning the whole plate at all! So he allowed persecution and sent them out like salt to sprinkle throughout the land and multiply. Invade, saturate, multiply, fight decay, and season the experience of life for all to see!

Is this thing being called “Micro Church”, the new move of God? Is it God trying to get us back to the wisdom and Holy Spirit power of the old ways? Are we in big lumps that don’t know how to truly be the “family” of God, experiencing shallow relationships instead of the deep? We have so much more to say on this subject, as to Modern Church…Micro Church…Jonah…and Jesus!




“Looking to the Future” #1

20200615_181949 It was so hard for me to leave the discomfort zone of the teepee and come back to my Indianapolis home. If not for my wife, whom I love very much and always want to be with her, the teepee would likely be my home. But with the city house we have a position of outreach to thousands of souls who could use some time at the teepee, if only they wake up to it.

I spent 5 days there. When I woke up this morning in the comfort of my city bed, I turned on the radio to hear there had been 7 more shootings in my city after 1 a.m.. Welcome back to the big city I told myself. No police were involved. 2 died. 5 injured. There was a blood trail from where the 2 dead were found. Police have no idea who did this and are asking for help from any witnesses. This is the usual thing we hear on these shootings.

Do any witnesses come forward? I have no idea. We keep hearing of more shootings and no suspects. This was a Tuesday night /Wednesday morning for God’s sake! What the hell? And I do mean that…this is spawned from hell itself! Violence growing in the streets! Violence feeding violence! Violence birthing other forms of violence! The violence mutates like a virus, but it’s still more violence! 

I do believe it would only take one more spark in this perfect storm to put us in a days of Noah scenario. And I do believe if the church continues its current form, we will get there, but the target will also become the church. Not because she preaches righteousness, but because she is political, rich, and full of the world, i.e. IDOLS! The same ones faced by Gideon, Elijah, Ezekiel, and so forth. This modern day church of idols will be judged by God. It is coming. And what should a true believer do in all this? I very strongly suggest finding a true body of believers doing it the way Jesus did!

And how do we do that? Interesting. We have much to talk about in this series.

So I’m fresh back from desert time with God and he has me begin a series like this. I can hardly wait to find out what He is going to say.

First of all, you might be scratching your head and asking, “How in the world did we get here?” A Post-Christian nation? And with churches on almost every corner?” The easy answer is, we sowed the seeds for it, and there must be something wrong with our form of doing church! The right answer is not always a complicated one. Sometimes it’s so obvious it cannot be denied by “honest” people. People with an agenda will deny true answers all day long and still sleep good at night! But not lovers of truth.

However, the question now becomes, where do we go from here? And this is a very PERSONAL question. Where do YOU go from here? Where do I go from here? Each of us must answer that question for themself. But it is good to look for people who might be hearing from God and add their words to your consideration. God has always made known his secrets through his prophets. Some of us are willing to enter deserts to hear God. Some of us, when we wake, our first thought are, “What is God saying today? What might he reveal today? And what is the world revealing too?” Some of us are called to these things like others are called to be a doctor, or soldier, and etc.

I could easily write 5000 words right now and no one would read it, so I break it up in chapters that I call a series. This series is just beginning. You can read about my 5 days at the teepee / in the desert in the previous articles. It will add much to things, but in the launching of this series lets start with this… Have you heard of #walkaway?

I believe I have that right. It’s about a man who was a devout Democrat and actually cried when Trump was elected. Now I don’t know all the details to his story. I’m not about politics here, but “somehow” his eyes got opened to the real agenda and ways of the party and he got so DISGUSTED he walked away! Later he did a tweet or something, his testimony, and it went viral! Thousands have joined him in this movement! Now what would be the spiritual parallel in this? What would be the spiritual parallel to this walkaway movement?

I mentioned earlier that the world reveals things too. Many times things we see in the “material” world have a “spiritual” parallel. Maybe I can see this because I walked away from modern church just like this guy did the Democrat party. And I am not alone in this movement. I got my eyes opened as to what the early church actually was, and then I saw what modern church actually is and got so disgusted I walked away! I knew God would have his true Believers out there somewhere. Surely I could not be worse off than I already was.

Now the modern church would say I have become a part of the great falling away. But America didn’t go Post Christian under the watch of this new wine skin, it did so under the watch of the modern church! And… if the modern church is the one who has become Laodicea, whom God himself said he would spew out of his mouth, if that entity is falling away, then how can my leaving the “falling away” entity, be falling away? Would it not be me pointing out the truth? Would it not be me proving I am not one who will stand by and be a part of the great falling away? Jesus said where two or three are gathered in my name, He is in the midst of them! The early churches were small and very personal. God’s family is meant to be exactly that…FAMILY, not a congregation.

So…I guess I’ve laid the groundwork for this series. There is so much more to say. I expect to write a lot for the next few days because the need is so great. People are educating themself as to what the early church was really like, and there is a wind blowing for such a return! Also consider this > They say we are in a “culture canceling” movement in America. The powers that want to be are erasing our past culture! Okay church. Okay fellow Christian. How long will it take for them to realize America was founded by mostly Christians and we are the original culture of this country? How long before they look for ways to cancel / erase us?

We have so much to speak of. The night warrior in the sky, Gideon. I believe God is secretly developing small groups again, who will be of the anointing of Gideon and his 300. Jesus, his personally trained guys, started churches that were small, personal, “simple”, and real. How big can a group grow before it loses that? I don’t know, but were losing this country big time! The church is not seen as the answer to ANYTHING these days. More politics have become the answer, and it would seem that is even the answer the church is preaching… we need more politics? It’s a sad state of affairs. Show me one place where Jesus ever promoted any politics other than the politics of the Kingdom of God. Politics have become just another IDOL in our pews and on our platforms. Welcome to the perfect storm of 2020!

When God pointed out to me June of 2020, way back in October of 2018 when I was spending my first 2 weeks at teepee, I only had vague ideas what form it would take, but I see a lot more clearly now. Stay tuned. More coming soon.




“Vision Update” #3


This is one more reason I left the modern day church.

We just keep falling into man-made ways, rather than depending upon the Wind. I’ve tried to be “diplomatic” long enough. I just don’t care anymore. People today have to be hit over the head with a 2×4 or they don’t hear a thing! Motorboats are roaring so loudly no one hears the voice of the sailboat! Row boats are paddling in such a frenzy they know nothing of the peace and ways of a sail boat!

The way I see it, “POLITICS” can be worked two ways. One: Do the work of a Priest. You affect the hearts and minds of people with the message of Christ by living as the Priests we are called to be. And then those people go and vote in a godly way and the country is blessed by God!

TWO: The church becomes political. We are desperate to the point of hanging our hopes on a carnal man. We try to FORCE people to live godly through politics rather than a heart transplant by the power of God. We use law. We go backwards to the laws of Moses rather than the Spirit of Christ.

Now I ask you, which did Jesus do? I also ask you, which is the church doing? 

The church has been functioning as the picture above for too long! Even the horse can’t believe his eyes! He stares at us in disbelief! We’ve lost all spiritual horse sense! And we need to repent of it and get our minds renewed back into the ways of God!

I believe the vision I had shows that our politics, and Trump, are about to backfire on the church! Big time! You cannot force righteousness. It’s always had to be a desire of the heart! If God’s earthly Priests affect the world for enough people to have that changed heart, then good leaders will be elected. But if the church lives as kings rather than Priests, guess what? You become political. You try to force righteousness. Your ways begin to feel like a dictatorship. And all hell is gonna break loose! Why???

Because for one thing, since we have not been the priesthood, light has greatly decreased, the standard has fallen, darkness has greatly INCREASED, and we will be out voted! Whether this election or the next, it really will not matter, Donald Trump unintentionally has made the church the target! The world not only wants to get Trump out of that office, but they want to make sure no one like him can ever get there again! The church is about to become Public Enemy number One! You say we have already been that? No we have not! But I fear you will soon learn the difference! (And I think it’s too late to change course. We need to get back to being the Priesthood, but the world is not going to forget what we have already done.)

The disciples were always trying to get Jesus to go political, remember? How do we forget? How do we not learn? Jesus always redirected their attention back to the Kingdom of God! He never went political! And when the church finally did, with Constantine, we ended up in the dark ages! Why is this so hard for modern Christians to see? And yet I know I’m a very small minority and the church will consider me insane, stupid, blind, or a traitor. But there comes a time when you give up caring, because you’ve spoken these things in a nice way till you’re blue in the face and it got you nowhere! Again, what did Jesus do? I follow Him. Show me otherwise.

Even just before Jesus is about to leave, the disciples are still wanting to go political, but our Lord’s answer still has not changed. He is trying to tell them spiritual things, things of the Kingdom of God, but they still have a kingdom of man mindset. >

“And being assembled together with them, he commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the Promise of the Father, which, He said, you have heard from me, for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now. Therefore, when they had come together, they asked Him, saying, “Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?”

Even as he is leaving! And how did he answer? He basically said don’t worry about that and took them right back to a focus on the Kingdom of God! He spoke of power in the Holy Spirit and being witnesses! Be the Priesthood! This is all in Acts 1:4-8. This is what Jesus did. We ask what would Jesus do? This is what he did, and so did the early church he started. But we are not the early church anymore, are we? Oh to God that we were! It can be frustrating being a sailboat in a world of motorboats and row boats. Row row row your boat stressfully down the stream!

So… the two gates I have given much detail about in previous articles. I now believe those two gates represent the connection between Trump and the church. They also represent a church gone political, as in the days of Constantine. When I showed up in the wind storm, I found my 87 year old dad out there, hanging on for dear life, and trying to tie the gates shut and blockade them with cement blocks! The wind had already blown the gates open several times. The latch which normally was good enough, simply couldn’t withstand this kind of FORCE. So my dad, a picture of the “old guard”, the traditional status quo church was out there trying to prop it all up! More programs! More man-made devices!

When I showed up the answer seemed obvious to me. I couldn’t believe he was even out there trying to do it. But the gates were acting as a net. As the old, dry, lifeless, unanointed corn shucks were getting caught and pinned against the gates, as the gates were filling with this dry lifeless stuff(!)… they were becoming solid, the wind was no longer passing through and the pressure was building like clogged arteries! But when I showed up, driving a truck with Ram’s horns (Shofar) on the hood, and being someone who has left the old wine skin, I broke the connection of the two gates and opened it up! Now the wind blew through and a sign of the old wine skin rupturing! But all those in the secret place, which are some of the words I painted on the teepee, will be marked by God. I’m not saying it will be a comfort zone. The teepee is not yet very comfortable, but do we want comfort, or POWER? And I’m not talking political power, I’m talking God’s POWER!

Usually we meet God in the “discomfort zone”. In the denying of the flesh we find the Spirit. Those who will walk on water, then, are in the discomfort zone seeking God NOW! And likely has already been for some time, but it’s not too late!

I have one more thing to share at this time concerning these two gates. The day God showed me the church and Trump, it just happened I was going to the farm later that day. When I showed up a turtle dove was perched on the left gate! Now lest some of you are thinking this is a sign that God is on the side of the party of abortion, let me correct that quickly. What God was showing me is the dove was indicating which gate was the church. It sat right there looking at me as if to say, “Have you got it yet?” And then peacefully flew off. Therefore, the gate on the right had to be Trump. Why is this interesting? (And this had never happened with any bird before! None!)

The gate on the left is old, worn, and weak; but the gate on the right is actually attached to a 4×4 post which is rotting at the bottom! The bottom of that post is greatly damaged and weakened! It is the weakest of all! My dad even put a small wheel under that section of gate to help support it! Interesting, huh. And our modern church is irrevocably attached to this man. Am I saying we should never have voted for him? NO! We can cast our votes without making a big political issue out of it, and the other choice was Hillary! She is rotten completely through! But…

If we had been a proper Priesthood all these years, it never would have come to this. The fact we had little choice is because we have failed so miserably to be the salt and the light of Christ, and become lovers of this present age. Priests are called to discomfort zones. We perform sacrifices that help people.  We are called to a life of sacrifice, not kingship. Salt gives its life away as it performs its action against decay. A candle slowly gives its life as it lights a room. Scripture is very plain on this matter, and also the life of Christ himself. We are called to discomfort zones, but the ZEAL that burns within us for the Kingdom of God, so overrides any price we pay, that it is counted as all joy to us! It’s a supernatural paradox that only happens when you’re truly in the POWER of God! It is a work of the Holy Spirit, completely supernatural! And how do you get more of the Holy Spirit? Usually in the discomfort zone.

Church…you got the cart before the horse. Some of us are realizing the truth of this and are repenting and changing. I was in some fasting and praying before Passover. I was in some fasting and praying again at Pentecost. And now I’m getting ready for a return to the teepee for three days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, this next weekend. I will be fasting, praying, studying, and listening. I have not had a time of spiritual separation unto God in that teepee since those ten days back in October and November of 2018. I plan to take my laptop and do some blogging while I’m there. I plan to share some thoughts as I am in that separated time, whatever God will allow me. I hope you stay tuned. Maybe even tell some friends.

There is much yet to tell on this living vision I had. We have mostly spoken of the gates so far. In view of recent events, I felt it critical to share my thoughts on these gates as quickly as possible. Be spiritually prepaying yourself. Joshua faced Canaanites, Jebusites, and all kinds of “ites” in his day. But we are facing Clintonites, Obamaites, Bidenites, and etc. You get the picture. Even Joshua suffered defeat when there was sin in the camp. And I know we are not perfect, but people, we’ve drifted so far from the original pattern of the church, and what is still written in our New Testament Bible, that we have fallen into much idolatry! It’s not about being perfect! But like in the days of Gideon, there are idols to fall! Gideon will be one of our next topics of the vision, the warrior in the night sky! Stay tuned!


“Trump is not Jesus!”

5883 Left Wing Media? LOL! I hate politics. I see it as a necessary evil. There is no perfect system, and for some reason… the chance for power…money… fame… bling… whatever; modern politics attracts a lot of undesirable behavior from people. Makes them act like little spoiled children.

Yesterday is an incredible case in point, when President Trump took the media to school and became their teacher with the facts in hand. What did the left wing media do with it? Did they learn anything? Did they thank him for presenting no-fake facts? Did they walk out of there smarter? No… they walked out filled with even more hate, and to all of us watching it is so obvious that it leaves us sick of our stomach and shaking our heads! I almost puked as I checked CNN last night to get their take on it all. I do like hearing both sides.

What did they do with their day in class? Instead of learning a single thing, they cried that the teacher was a bully! How dare he use the truth against us? (Aren’t real journalist supposed to desire truth? If they’re not journalist, what are they? Why are they even there?) How dare he stand up to our attacks! He’s nothing but a big bully! (I am so sick of my stomach after almost four years of these losers crying.)

Do they think President Trump is Jesus? He’s supposed to stay silent like a lamb while they constantly seek to find fault and twist every word he says? They expect a man to be perfect?

So the analogy here is a school room of higher education. The media did not know they were going to be taken to school, or they would not have showed up. They want a one-sided show. What if the media represent real students in a real school? What kind of students are they? When presented with facts concerning their own bad behavior, they cry bully! The teacher presented the facts, provable by their own words written or spoken and recorded, and somehow they sat in class and totally misinterpret and twist the lesson? In other words, these are the kind of students who could never learn anything, or ever pass a class! You can’t teach someone like that! And these are the students we listen to??? The pen is deadlier than a gun. America protects their speech, but these people are dangerous! Don’t kid yourself into thinking they are not. The gun is loaded!

How has politics come to this? How has media come to this? Was it this way in the days of our forefathers? Or have we become some kind of spoiled brats they would have taken not to a class room, but a wood shed! (Oh oh… that’s probably not good political correctness. I hate politics., but it’s the best system we got.)

Somehow…in spite of ourself…America is still a great place to live. However, if the church don’t get back to the Christian roots of what she is called to be, the tides of evil are rising! Truth is falling in the streets! The President can do as good a job as anyone could ever reasonably expect in very uncertain and unknown times, and yet he will be attacked every time he tries to tell us what’s happening.

Frankly, even if I thought Trump was a horrible president, (which I don’t), but if I did, I would still have to give the man great credit for being willing to walk onto that platform day after day, knowing he was about to be attacked in every crafty word of question or remark that could possibly be devised. Jesus had the “VERY SAME” problem with the Pharisees! And even Jesus called them vipers and snakes! Even Jesus did! And Trump is not Jesus! I think he’s shown tremendous restraint! LOL. If you can use those words with Donald Trump. (I can’t believe I’m even saying this. Wow.)

But compared to the left wing media, they make President Trump look good! That’s a truth hard to believe possible, but they do! And I hate politics! But as an honest person, I still have to admit this system has given me a good life. I thank God for America and this system that has somehow managed to work in spite of all the corruption that has attacked it. But how much longer will it be so? Especially as we become more and more a post-Christian nation? (No fake news here, just facts.) What about it, church?

I actually heard a Christian the other day recommending the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”! What kind of Christian is that? This is our own facts being thrown back in the face of what the church has become! What are we doing about it? Are we going back to our spiritual roots! NO! We just keep pressing blindly ahead! Don’t bother me with the facts, I’ve got my best life to live! I don’t have time for truth! What does the Bible REALLY say? What did Jesus REALLY do? I’m not interested! I love the Beatitudes, just don’t expect me to live them! What kind of love is that?

Can any system or person or country withstand continual attack from people so set on an agenda based on lies? A people so in love with power, pleasure, money, and self promotion that no one truly seeks the good of their country anymore? Could that day come when there is no longer anyone fighting for what is right in Washington DC? When there is no longer push back against the lies? No longer exposure of the lies? Because if they do, they come under such attack the average person could never survive? Even their family is persecuted!

To tell you the truth, one of the main reasons I finally decided to vote for our current President, was the fact he fought against the lies no matter what people thought or said. True…it wasn’t always pretty, but at least he fought! I’ve been so sick of wishy washy politicians who let media walk on them, that when I saw a man who would at least stand, whatever other faults he may have, I voted for him! And plan to do so again because the truth is, the side on the left is still just as messed up as they were! Maybe worse! They haven’t learned a thing! They ate their school books or cooked them, or both!

If the President says something is white, they say it’s black! If he decides to change to black, then they say it’s white! And was always white! Even if we did say it was black before! Don’t face us with such facts as our own words and actions! You’re just a big bully! (Wow…that’s really sad.) Do they really think we don’t see this? We would have to be blind.

It’s amazing to me that those of the left, if they were to read this article, they would totally deny their own words and actions as if none of it matters at all, and they would simply try to shout me down with hate and name-calling, just like the behavior of little kids I remember in grade school. They would never let me forget my words, even things they might twist my words into, but they can say and do whatever they want, be wrong a million times, but they get a complete pass in their own minds.

But as proven by all this, these people must not be the brightest bulbs in the room because they don’t seem to realize how obvious this all is to the rest of us. They really think they are fooling us? Oh my. They think we don’t see they have no clothes? Oh my. They really think they’re that good? Oh my. Well… there you go, I guess we see the problem, huh. Thy’re not good journalist at all. They are traitors to true journalism. A plain old dictionary can teach you that much. Where do they get their facts from? Their own minds. I guess they also have a fake dictionary, too. (I’ve got to stop because this just keeps getting worse the farther I go, and I don’t want to go there. It’s a snake pit.)

Like I said, I hate politics, but I am fascinated by human behavior. One reason the Bible will always be relevant is because human behavior never changes without the help of God. The Bible will always be relevant and some people will always want to burn it into nonexistence if they could. They have tried before. These people claim to be Christians while promoting the death of babies in the sacred womb. How much darker can it get? This is the kind of darkness the Bible warns us about. This is the kind of truth that is falling in the streets. And I have written these words while I still can.

“…….. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matt. 6:23b)

Truth is simple. Lies are complicated. Let us seek the simplicity of truth.

“A Very Real Danger”

20170927_155337“In the same way, the tongue is a small thing that makes grand speeches. But a tiny spark can set a great forest on fire. And the tongue is a flame of fire.” (James 3: 5-6a)

I sat up late last night because of a speaker who caught my ear. This man was a University Professor, and an expert on Russia. He had lived there for a time, studied them, and was now considered an expert. Politically, he would have fallen on the Liberal side, and had many Liberal friends. He was very well spoken, and what he had to say was so important I wish everyone could have heard.

I believe God “leads” me to things. He leads me to things he wants spoken, taught, written; from this platform and whatever other door he may open. I woke up this morning knowing where God wanted to go today, on this site.

Jerusalem lives in much danger, and they are willing to die for what they believe in, and we’ve just spent some time considering the spiritual plight of Israel, but what of our own very real and present danger? There are many to be sure. My mission from God at Tumble Pigeon Farm is all about the spiritual dangers we face in the church itself, but this particular threat crosses all borders, knows no bounds, and like a fire consuming a forest, will bring devastation to all!

I should have written down the man’s name, but when you hear what he had to say, you will recognize it as the “TRUTH”, so it really doesn’t matter who said it. Among other things, he explained this: (I will relate this point as best I can remember.) > If you were around during the “Cuban Missle Crises” you are aware of how very close we came to major devastation on a grand scale. Fortunately, J.F. Kennedy, and whoever else involved, barely managed to avert the situation. During the crises there was much communication going on between all powers involved, including Russia. (Especially Russia!)

One of his main points was ever since that day, all Presidents have maintained communications with Russia, in an effort to prevent things from ever reaching such a point of crises again! (That makes very good sense.) What this man was seriously worried about and strongly pointing out, our media is on such a Vengeance Trail to get Donald Trump, that they are preventing him from being able to have those same communications every President has had before him! They are completely tieing his hands! And we are the ones being put in harms way, while they conduct their personal vendetta!

He explained every time President Trump tries to speak with Russia, the media begins crying from the rooftops accusing him of collusion and being a traitor! Their goal is to make it impossible for him to do anything! Including maintaining those very important communications which are in the best interest of all of us! And who is doing this? As I have said, but let me get a little more detailed…our very own…innocent…and very trust worthy…having no bias…but only interested in truth…highly honorable…very trustworthy… super intelligent…media! (I’m sorry if I caused you to vomit while reading that.) This is not only a very sad state of affairs, but a very real and present danger for all of us! No matter whose side you’re on! Fire is an equal opportunity destroyer!

I’m sorry, but our media is out of control and gone way to far into the land of insanity, frothing at the mouth and no longer concerned about the actual welfare of one and all. They profess themselves to be so wise in their high and mighty seats, but are revealing themselves to be court jesters having no sense of integrity, and no concern of where their actions are leading!

God’s word not only points out the extreme danger of unbridled tongues, but it also still says Thou shalt not bear false witness! Thou shalt not lie! These people reveal on a daily basis they have no regard at all for something called God’s Word, and I understand that, but knowing this, we need to be aware of how much danger they are putting us all in! If they did have regard for God’s word, they might at least have a little true wisdom.

The Indians are famous for saying: White man speak with forked tongue! (I, as Grandpa White Feather, was looking forward to quoting that.)

Look what trusting a bunch of greedy liars did to the Indians. We have such dark things in our past. Are we any better at spotting when these things are happening again? Only this time, to us?

What is “Fake News”? In most cases it is pure “Propaganda”! Definition of propaganda is: Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political agenda or point of view.

Of a biased or misleading nature. Hhmmm, sounds like a certain snake I’ve read about in a book our media ignores. “Misleading?” Where do they want us to go? We are the herd they want to manipulate. Where are they tring to lead us to? Some utopia of their own design and imagination, based on lies that will never work in the kingdom of human nature? Do we still have the ability of critical thinking? Or have we become the herd of cows they think we are, simply going where they prod us to go?

Our media have become nothing but professional propagandist claiming to be journalist in order to get into our homes, heads, and hearts; even into our very souls!!! They know every lie told can never be completely undone! They also know they are not being held accountable, so why not? What have they got to lose? Evidently they’re not concerned about their reputation.

These people are not elected, and yet they seek to run our country and cannot be voted out! If I decide to tune into a Rush Limbuagh, (spelled wrong?), I at least know what I’m turning on. He’s very up front about it, and I have to intentionaly choose him! How did CNN get into all our airports? I work in an airport and all day long I’m forced to see these “Journalist?” spouting their propaganda! The only thing saving us occasionally is sports! Why do they have this power? How did they get to be the chosen ones? How do we vote them out?

The Bible says the tongue will set on fire the course of nature. Is that what we want? Ask people in California what it’s like having fire constantly threatening your very life and everything you own! Consider the financial cost of repairing fire damage! Is this what any sane person would not try to prevent? So how do they constantly get away with such obvious propaganda?

No lie, broadcasted from such a large platform, can ever be completely undone. Especially when they broadcast the lie in a shout, and then give the correction with a whisper! They surely know this and it seems to be intentional! The correction should have to be shouted at least double the original lie! Maybe that would give them pause, and cause them to be a bit more cautious in the fires they are starting!

They are playing, without regard, with yours and my future, folks. The future safety of our children and all concerned. They are playing with fire, and they don’t have enough sense to even realize the danger! How did such irresponsible people manage to crawl their way into such positions? I’m asking these questions while we still have the freedom to ask such things.

So what of those who never check what they are being told? I’ve always had an interest in hearing both sides. If CNN were not on at the airport, I would still tune it in, at my own descretion, to hear the other side. But most people I converse with can’t stand a Rush Limbaugh type, and do not even open their mind to other possibilities. It’s become their religion! All they spout is propaganda and show no ability to think for themselves! It’s called critical thinking. Politics is not meant to be a religion! (Although, a true religion will shine some light on all our politics.)

I’ll share one more story and then I think were done opening this can of worms for now. I had another college professor in my wheelchair one day. (I push wheelchairs at the airport.) He told me this generation has no ability for critcal thinking. (Now I know that explains a lot!)

He said he could give them a statement, like: Nine out of ten dentist recommend this toothpaste. Then he challenges the class to critcally examine that statement. He could take a lunch break, come back an hour later, and they still would have no other thoughts about the statement! No such thoughts as, why did 1 out of 10 disagree? What did they have to say? Who was this statement promoted by? Are the dentist getting any financial kickback when they promote this toothpaste? And so forth. He said it is as if they have completely lost this ability, and into this slithers the university professors, and fake news. (Propaganda) This is a very real and present danger. Children are playing with matches! Obviously they are not mature enough to know the dangers, (for they are many!), of false witnessing!

We need to be awake, we need to be aware, and we need to be active. If our President is being thwarted by a bunch of sore losers keeping him from doing the very basic things every President needs to be able to do for our own safety and welfare, then we are all going to pay a horrible price when the fire reaches our own back yard. Who will the media blame then? Anyone but themselves and whoever their “person” is, of course. And since they can shout it louder than anyone else from their big platform, most the world will believe. And we will be on fire. A fire birthed from the pits of hell by those who claim to be honest, true, and wise. Media speak with forked tongue!

Can we ever get media back to just giving us the facts, and let us figure it out from there, without their own twist and slant put to it? Who can even find the facts anymore? The facts are lost in a cloud of rumors and shadowy unrevealed and unconfirmed sources! What kind of journalism is this? No kind at all! Not by the definition of journalism, and yet these people still claim such title. (I feel like I’m on a rant, but the danger is real, and is the reason for my passion.)

Anyone who still has the ability to critically think, whether they are religious or not, should be able to see I am not just another Chicken Little yelling the sky is falling. This is a very real and present danger. This expert on Russia saw it as such, and God’s word spells it out very plainly. The tongue can be full of deadly poison; and poison kills! Propagandist are poison dealers. That’s all propaganda is. And snakes with forked tongues, if given the chance, inject their victims with deadly venom.

We need to learn to recognize a “snake pit” when we see one. In the movie: “True Grit”, a young woman, Mattie, falls into a pit in which things start moving! Things that should not be moving! It soon becomes apparent she has fallen into a pit crawling with viperous snakes! What a horrifying experience! An experience she barely survives, but loses an arm in the process. Things are moving, folks. Things that should not be moving! We are in a snake pit! A lot of venom has already gone forth, and many are infected. Keep God’s word close. You’re going to need it. Those of us who are children of Abraham, let us lean together in our common point of Christ, and encourage one another. Pray without ceasing, and speak truth to darkness!



Roy Moore Defeated

As the world turns in the kingdom of man, will the church follow the world in Eve’s march to manhood?

Why not? We seem to slowly follow the world in everything else. Services offering more entertainment than holiness. Churches slowly accepting women as pastors over men. Eve is on the march like never before, and the tide is with her. Except in the church, right? But who dares to preach about the role of woman in the church anymore? Watch out, preacher! You may be the next Roy Moore!

If the man did what they claim, then good for Eve! It seems all these were a long time ago. Did the man have a conversion drawing him closer to God? If he has been well-behaved ever since, does that prove a true change of heart? When is enough time, enough time, to prove we have changed? Does the new birth in Christ mean a fresh start and clean slate? Yes it does. But that would not be something recognized in politics, nor does it exempt us from earthly consequences we already set in motion.

The rise of woman in earthly affairs should be easily predictable, after all, if we are headed into the last days, if we are to have fertile ground for the rise of antichrist, did he not by-pass God’s chain of command and go straight to Eve? Be careful now. Don’t read into what I am saying. I’m not saying women are evil or stupid any more than man is evil and stupid. I’m ONLY saying, Satan loves to disrupt and pervert God’s chain of command. And any time he can succeed in that, he has atmospheric conditions “favorable” to his desires. (That’s all I’m saying.)

“IF” Roy Moore did the things he’s accused of, then he gave Satan, through women, a lot of opportunity and power. “IF” he did not, then these accusing women are giving Satan a lot of opportunity and power through them. But we see Eve as the primary player on the board at this time, and attempting to reach even to our presidency! They want Trump’s head on a silver platter! Will they succeed?

BUT NOT ALL WOMEN! I hear there are those who still believe in the godly chain of command, and even voted for Donald Trump. Unfortunately, our worldly media does not want to hear the voice of “those women”. We see your lips moving, BUT WE CAN’T HEAR YOU! “THEY” call “those women” stupid and put them down all the time! For some reason they are allowed to do so, but no one else can be such judges. They are the judges of which women are stupid, and which ones are enlightened, or smart. They are the judges of which women should be heard, and which should remain silent in the world!

Men need much wisdom when it comes to woman. Is that a bad thing for me to say? Adam needs much wisdom when it comes to Eve. Everyone knows that Billy Graham made sure he was NEVER alone with a woman other than his wife. Was Billy Graham afraid of women? Was he a woman hater? Was he a male chauvinist pig?! “No.” But he had wisdom, he knew who his enemy really was, Satan; and he knew his enemy! (The Art of War?)

I have heard our Vice President Pence, has the same Billy Graham policy. (I hope he does.) If so, then his “woman”, his good “wife”, can protect him against the allegations of evil women willing to do “anything” to get what they want.

God gives his church biblical wisdom concerning woman. This has nothing to do with the world, the kingdom of man. The world can do what the world wants to do, we’re talking about inside the body of Christ, the church, the Kingdom of God. How many pastor’s today still conduct their sanctuary service unto God in such a way pleasing to Him? How many pulpits still preach God’s word on the different roles based on gender? Do we remind people, God and Adam were having a party before Eve was invited? That “God and Adam” had a relationship before “God and Eve”?

Does that mean God loves Adam more than Eve? NOT AT ALL! If Adam keeps messing up, then Eve may have more in heaven than Adam! It wouldn’t surprise me a bit! Mary and Martha are still one of the best lessons to be learned for Adam and Eve! Who’s your first love? But God has a “Master Plan” from the very beginning, and only the Master totally understands what His plan is.

God and Satan are both much better at spiritual chess than we are. God’s already checkmated Satan on that multi-level spiritual chess board, but he has always been slow to believe. But watch out church! Don’t think Satan only has his eyes on the head of Donald Trump! We are the body of Christ! Let not head and body be separated! Five virgins were left behind that day! The door closed like a guilloteen, and head was separated from body! Heed the words of Christ to his churches in Revelation through the Apostle John. There may be a spiritual multi-level chessboard, but neither God, nor Satan, considers this a game!

I want to get back to the 3 faiths in Jerusalem today, but I just felt led to write this little reminder. My journey started because I did not fit the modern church, and even as I am sorting out these very issues for myself, and “what God hath said“, I cannot help but notice the rising power of Eve in our current culture, and how it is just “another” sign of the time. My wife and I have peace in what God has shown us in this matter, and whatever service may take place in the teepee I have built with my own hands, it has nothing to do with the kingdom of man, it’s all about the Presence of God, and pleasing Him. He stands at the door knocking. I want to invite him in, and I want Him to say: Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I want Him to feel at home. I want Him to be pleased. And so does every “Mary” in His service.



“I did not want to vote for Donald Trump”

Believe it or not, this is going to tie into “Jerusalem, a city of 3 Faiths”, but I want to start by saying: I did not want to vote for Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, I had already made up my mind I was not going to. I live in Indiana, and when my guy finally fell, defeated in my own state, I thought the race was over for me. I voted against Trump that day, but my guy lost anyway.

At that point I told my wife, the race is over for me, Dear. I definitely can’t vote for Hillary. I see no need to list the multitude of reasons. But neither do I want to vote for a worldly man, such as Trump. He may be successful in the world’s eyes, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s just another ungodly man. I no longer had a horse in the race. I wasn’t going to have to go to the trouble of voting again on that day. It was over for me.

There had been other years I “considered” not voting, but this was the year I was finally going to do it. But then the liberal media kept coming at him, like a bunch of wolves trying to take down a bull. The Trumpster didn’t just cave like so many others, but he fought back, and I do like a fighter. Finally, someone was fighting back against the evil agenda of those who could care less about something called: The Word of God! My heart began turning as I watched this man stand his ground, and not cave. But I still was not blind as to what I was voting for.

I am surprised at how many Christians believe President Trump is a Christian. Whaaat? Definition of the word Christian is a devout follower of Jesus Christ. Does the Donald fit that definition? Not at all! So how do so many Christians seem to add 2+2 and come up with something other than 4? How are they blind to what he makes no effort to hide?

Just because a man may have some morals that happen to line up with “some” church values, and he gives favor to the church, doesn’t mean he is a Christian. What about all the blatant disregard of our Lord’s teachings, and I’m not talking small violations. I won’t guess at what is hidden in his closets, but just the obvious things we all can see. If he has had a true conversion to Christ, then how does such a man continue making millions of dollars off of Casinos, gambling, alcohol consumption, misfortune of others, scantily dressed women, and beauty pageants? These are just the things I know off the top of my head!

The church needs to “awaken” and realize we do have an ungodly man in that office, and we voted him in! Yes, we saved ourselves from Hillary, and we’re making a last ditch effort to drain the D.C. swamp, but don’t kid yourself on who the Donald is! This is just another example of the worldliness infesting the modern church. In Revelation 3:18, Jesus challenged the church of Laodicea to buy ointment for their eyes, so they might see!

But it’s true, many Christians have somehow become convinced the Donald is a Christian. There was a Roman emperor named, Constantine, who claimed to be a Christian also, and in that time gave much favor to the Church! Before his reign was over, he set in motion several changes to the church, some of which we still are entangled in to this day! Constantine marks the greatest diversion from what the early church fathers had been doing for 200 years! It led to the Catholic church, which eventually led to Martin Luther, but when we Protestants came out of her, we still brought baggage with us going all the way back to Constantine!

So…I continue watching. I watch the media who helped me vote for him. I see them frothing at the mouth like the insane, in their desperation to get him out! But I also see a man keep on fighting against the insane! And what shall the result be? Who knows, as the world turns. But he is setting some things in motion, of which Jerusalem is a major event.

Politics have always been such a dark arena, because there is power there, and lots of money, and human nature being what it has always been, it has a powerful pull on the kingdom of man, like the “one ring” in the movies: “Lord of the Ring”. Unless the “heart” is changed and the vessel filled with the Spirit of God, then human nature corrupts everything it touches. This brings us back to Jerusalem, the three faiths, and the children of Abraham.

Those who have become the children of Abraham by way of birth through Jesus Christ, they know God no longer requires a temple in Jerusalem, not really. Yes, if you’re still in that old covenant, then yes, you are still under laws saying Jerusalem is the one place of true worship, but if you have not rejected Christ, as they did, then you have been enlightened by what Jesus told the woman at the well!

(John 4:21) “Believe me, dear woman, the time is coming when it will no longer matter whether you worship the Father on this mountain or in Jerusalem. (VRS 23) But the time is coming – indeed it’s here now – when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way.”

We will continue looking at how us children of Abraham through Christ differs from Abraham’s other children. We take after our father Abraham in some very important ways! One of which is this one more scripture I will leave you with, concerning our father, Abraham. I hope you too, take after Abraham in this:

(Hebrews 11:10) “Abraham was confidently looking forward to a city with eternal foundations, a city designed and built by God.”

This is the temple the followers of Christ are looking for in Jerusalem. It shall come down one day, the Bride of the Lamb, the city Zion! New Jerusalem! But in the meantime, we will watch all those who still do not understand the revelation Jesus gave to a simple woman at the well. A woman who certainly was not a religious scholar, but had such an encounter that day, I’m convinced it changed her life! She had a life changing conversation with Jesus, and rose far above in her understanding, than the religious experts of her day.

We have become the temples of the Holy Spirit. We shall watch all those who still wrestle with the Law, and material things. Look not at that which is seen, but at that which is not seen, and worship God in spirit, and in truth. For the Father seeks those who worship him in “that way”. Selah. (And let us set a proper table while we’re at it. Amen.)






20171117_161644So I get up this morning and I’m trying to fix my black coffee, (I like it black), after bathing my mind in white thoughts during morning prayers. As a Priest of Christ walking the “White Path”, one of my mottoes is “Prayer Before Coffee“.

White thoughts before black coffee”. When we sleep, we are in a state of fasting. The wise Priest will offer his first-fruits to God before breaking that fast. Very powerful. Very good medicine, strong medicine, Path of the White Feather.

So I’m fixing my coffee and I turn on the radio to see what the “kingdom of man” is doing? In no time at all, I learn President Obama made a speech comparing President Trump to Hitler, (without actually using his name). (Would Hitler have supported Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel? Hhmmm.) (Who’s Hitler?) So a past President not respecting a present President is a man worth listening to? That alone should tell us all we need to know, something about honor, but be that as it may, the news of the day went on, as the world turns.

Then I learned Australia legalized gay marriage. Okay, fine and dandy for you, this is the kingdom of man, but they didn’t stop there? They also passed laws forcing all ministers to have to perform the gay wedding ceremonies?! This is like forcing a devout Jew to eat pork! This is the civil war we have spoke of! What churches will bow the knee to the kingdom of man, and what churches will not! Who will have oil in their lamps and who will not! With the biggest baddest guy coming, if we continue our Avenger comparison, with Thanos coming, can anything pull a divided church back together to face the END TIMES? Who will stand against even our own government? Captain America was the ultimate patriot, and yet even he had to rebel! (And become Nomad!) Hhmmm. Selah.

Next came the news of the first casualty of the Jerusalem Battle. A 30 year old Palestinian man was shot dead by live fire in a protest confrontation. First blood had been drawn! And all in the name of religion.

Add to all this, of course, are all the recent sexual assault revelations; a thinly veiled plan to still get Donald Trump. Do they really think we don’t see their true motives? Why can’t they just be honest about “anything”? The Democrats were strangely silent on all these matters, covering up a world of filth, (Bill Clinton?), until it became politically advantages for them. Now all of a sudden they are the white knights in shining armor? I think I need to eat some grass. (Real, in my yard, green grass like you mow with a mower!)

Looking back on it, I now understand why I looked out in and saw my 100 pound black Lab eating grass, just before she began to upchuck something! No kidding! This really all happened while I was fixing my coffee!

Good medicine, bad medicine. Okay, I get it folks, the news is not the best place to go expecting anything “uplifting”. Spend too much time there and you will become a very negative person, but we do need to be aware. We do need to have conversation about these things. We need to draw together and encourage each other. We have brothers and sisters in Australia who are now having their lives turned upside down by new laws suddenly enacted! Who’s next? Where can we go? What are we going to do? Are you really ready for such religious persecution? Will your faith stand up to the threat of jail, or law suits? We have business owners right here in our United States of America who have already had their livelihoods, and lives, turned upside down by this very same stuff! Are any of us really safe in this new world coming? What kind of thoughts are you having? Are we preprayed and prepared? Is there enough oil in our vessel?

Well…I have seen how a teepee that I began building as a way of connecting with my grandchildren, of which I took on the name: Grandpa White Feather, teacher of the White Path in Christ; I have seen how that teepee has become a symbol for this website, a structure of coming together, and a website I did not know I was going to be creating. (This site is relatively new to the blogging community.)

You may not live where my teepee is, but this website is a connecting point. We can lean on each other here, as we enter the Truth Storm of the last days. I have decided I do need to touch on politics at this site, but only in a way for us to lean on each other and be encouraged. This planet is the kingdom of man, and we are the everlasting Kingdom of God. The bad medicine of this world cannot overcome the good medicine flowing in me from the Kingdom of “my” God. “The Lord”… “IS”… “MY”… “Shepherd””!”

Jesus walked the Red Path so I could walk the White. Jesus says, “Walk with me.” The Father says, “Learn my ways.” The Holy Spirit says, “I will teach you.” We are called to be an Enoch people, Godwalkers! We have this Covenant with God through the blood of His Son, and we need to live in the Praise, Prayer, and Promises of that Word. This is good medicine, strong medicine. The world speaks with a forked tongue, snake’s tongue. I will tread upon the lion and adder! There is a Truth Storm, and we are “Called” and “Empowered” to be “Spiritual Storm Troopers”! Our feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace!

Let this place be a place of coming together as we face these very black storms. Let the white thoughts, white prayers, and white ways (spiritually speaking, no reference to skin color), be a light in this world’s darkness. My thoughts are pure in this matter. If it were not for the darkness of this world, I would not have even needed to make a clarification on what I meant by “white ways”. Everyone would have assumed the best, instead of the worst, unless otherwise “proven”. But it is no longer so in the kingdom of man. This is the world we now have, as the world turns.