My Dog, Shadow.


Someone recently asked about my dog, Shadow, so before going on to new chapters of “Yinney the Sloth who needed to Poo”, here’s my dog and loyal friend, Shadow.

We were playing football the other day and I discovered she was cheating by using an under inflated ball! Deflate Gate!

What can I say? She was caught red-handed, nor did she try to deny it. She just looked at me with those big brown eyes and said, “Throw the ball!”


She is actually a Lab and German Shepherd mix. Weighs around 100 pounds! She is so black she is invisible in low light. We have to keep a night light on where she sleeps because if we don’t, we have fallen right over her before! Thank goodness she didn’t get hurt.

She loves the water and I occasionally swim with her. Just got to watch out for those front paws when she’s doing the dog paddle. I learned that the hard way, trying to give her a hug in the water. LOL. Be sure you get to the side of the dog.

Fetching is her favorite sport. If you can throw it she will fetch it. A refrigerator, a live person, my wife’s yappy little white pomeranian, or even a dead person. If you throw it in the water she goes right in, so much the better. (Oh, that’s my 1990 Dodge Ram short bed truck in the background. Complete with Ram’s head on hood. Yes, I have a black dog and an old black truck. Sounds like a country song, but Shadow loves the truck as much as I do.)


She’s not the fastest runner. My daughter has a sister of hers, and a cousin. They are smaller. Shadow stands head and shoulder taller. They outrun her to get the ball, but they better get out of the way when she arrives or they might get bowled right over. They swim faster too, but Shadow is a very strong and steady swimmer, just not so fast.


She was the last pup left when I got her. The owners had nicknamed her “Hoss”, because she always tried to eat everyone’s food. They couldn’t fill her up. I’m sure if I let her, she would be fat and sassy. Lay around and not want me to throw the ball.

I’m so glad nobody picked her, nobody saw her potential. She is the very one I hope I would have picked had there been other choices, but maybe God was helping me get the right one? I like to think so. He that dwelleth in the secret place, shall abide under the SHADOW of the Almighty.”

So that’s my dog, Shadow.



If someone spends a day with me?

If someone spends a day with me, will they closer heaven be, when day is through?


What is this crash course grinder God is putting me through? So I shoveled snow at the farm in subzero weather, and now have a bad cough. So much so I decided to call in sick at work, because I have a job interview at a Pet Shop tomorrow, and must be ready! I got one day to get over this.

So in this unexpected day off, I end up down loading a book about Saint Francis of Assisi, thanks to Brian Zahnd, and now find myself 60 pages into a study I never expected to be doing. I might add while coughing my head off. (Kinda weird?) And this shack is my future part time habitat? (Definitely weird!)

Funny thing is, I’m enjoying every minute of it. (Except the cough.) Stay tuned for further developments at Tumble Pigeon Farm and a journey away from modern Christianity.

Oh, and don’t worry. My wife and I do have a small house in the big city. God is taking good care of her while taking her husband on this journey. The shack is only part time, but very precious time, indeed. (My dog, Shadow, a 100 pound Lab, loves the shack!)