“New Wine Skin” #1

images (2) “Sailing such waters as these.”

I enter these waters as a teacher defending my case. You deserve no less. If I cannot show strong evidence of what I claim then I should be completely ignored. Have I done my homework to sail these waters? You will be the judge. Have you done yours? But when God called me out of what has become the status quo of modern church, almost four years ago, I had not yet seen the night warrior in the sky, nor people trapped against wire fences by fierce winds, or a pandemic marking the entering of the last hour. These things would come in October of 2018, and then the pandemic this year.

I have been waiting and watching ever since October of 2018. God showed me gates opening. In October of 2018, I saw gates opening and fierce winds in June of this year. And I believed he was also saying the last hour begins, a period of about 42 years. But Jesus could return anytime all is fulfilled. When will the temple of Jerusalem begin rebuilding?

A lot of Christians don’t believe my warnings concerning the money-hungry modern church, and the preachers who teach such theology. I call it “King Theology”, but Jesus taught a “Servant/Priest Theology”. The kings rob themself of the magic, because kings worry about many things, but the servant is upheld by God in a supernatural faith and peace, and this is truly magical. It is a REST that still somehow produces results. A peace that somehow conquers battlefields. It’s a paradox magical and only possible with God.

But enough of introductions. Besides Jesus preaching a very nonmaterialistic lifestyle, what other evidence do I have? Let’s start with a man named Polycarp, and a Church of Smyrna. I found my answers when I left the modern church and began studying the early Church, as in the Book of Acts Church after persecution sent them outward into the uttermost parts of the earth.

The Great Commission was always God’s plan. The average modern Christian has 200 years of missing Church knowledge, and why is that? You would think that men directly discipled by the men directly discipled by Christ, would be very important knowledge for us. Polycarp was one of those men. He was directly discipled by the Apostle John, and then ordained as the House Pastor/bishop of Smyrna! A house church.

The value of this knowledge is of supreme interest because this Church was given a report card from Jesus in Revelation chapter two, while Polycarp was the bishop! And this church was one of only two that got an excellent score! The words Jesus spoke over this Church are of extreme interest, especially when you compare them to what He spoke concerning Laodicea! When you compare these two churches to the Churches of today, it gets very interesting.

Another point making Polycarp of such incredible interest is he wrote some things, and others also wrote of him. When we study those writings we discover there was a fork in the road taking place concerning the direction of the Church during Polycarp’s lifetime. The Rome bishop, which was beginnings of the Catholic Church, wanted to make a big change and Polycarp stood against it! He fought against this change his whole life! And he lived 80 some years before he was eventually martyred, burned at a stake in Rome by Roman authorities!

Now I know I must be careful not to overwhelm you the reader with too much at one time. So… let me present this easy to prove evidence that can be shown very quickly, and this will be our start. Polycarp was the bishop of Smyrna at the time Jesus judged the 7 Churches. Compare God’s words to Smyrna and Laodicea. Please note the Church of Laodicea had a theology very much like the King Theology we have today in modern Churches. But God’s words to Smyrna were very opposite of most Churches today. Jesus has not changed his message. When Jesus set the sails of His Church, he said you cannot serve God and money! Jesus has not changed, but the set of the sails for many Christians has.

Jesus words to Church of Smyrna: “I know about your suffering and your poverty, but you are rich!” (Jesus specifically mentions their poverty, but declares them rich! He goes on to speak more details concerning the suffering and more suffering to come.) He ends his message to Smyrna by saying: “Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches.” (Rev. 2:11a)

Jesus challenges anyone with ears to hear to listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches! Do we want to be among those who have ears to hear? Then Jesus commands us to “listen” and “understand” what he is saying to these 7 Churches!

Here are his words to Laodicea: “I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish you were one or the other! But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! You say, ‘I am rich. I have everything I want. I don’t need a thing!’ And you don’t realize that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked. So I advise you to buy gold from me, gold that has been purified by fire. Then you will be rich. Also buy white garments from me so you will not be shamed by your nakedness, and ointment for your eyes so you will be able to see. I correct and discipline everyone I love. So be diligent and turn from your indifference.” (Rev. 4: 15-19)

After those words Jesus speaks of knocking at their door and coming in to share a table. We have spoken of how Jesus transformed religion to relationship, and huge temples to simple home tables. But people today are indifferent to my words, it seems. Or are they God’s words? Jesus commanded Laodicea to turn from her indifference! And what of us today? Lukewarm water is a mixture, a water of “compromise”, mixing both the cold and hot to get lukewarm. Mixing the world with the sacred only defiles the sacred.

This first evidence, besides the words, teachings, lifestyle, and Beatitudes of Christ, are but the tip of a very large iceberg of evidence that even ends up shining light on how we ended up in the dark ages! It’s a fascinating study and journey.

The battleships of old were huge Clipper ships with many white sails catching the wind for their power. Polycarp was a battleship of his time, and so were all the Apostles, and Christ himself. Some of the most famous battleships of the Church were powered by the Wind! In fact, they all are.

This has been a good start, but there is much more to come. These cannons have more to say. Let the yachts and cruise ships of today defend themselves if they can. These are serious times. The prodigals must come back to the simplicity of Christ and the Father’s House before it is too late. We can’t live in the weakness of watered down sermons, twisted truths, love of money, and missing knowledge anymore. The kings with no clothes must be revealed. Yes, this is still a Soul Sailor message.



“Soul Sailor” #3

images (3) “The Set of the Sails”

The soul of man is empty without the Wind.

If a Soul Sailor you desire to be, then what are the ways of “The Way”?

We should seek mastery in our chosen Way. Why settle in mediocrity? If we love the sea, and if there be passion, then a desire to be all we can be in that Way should be the norm. Whether we desire to Captain a Motorboat, or Rowboat, or Sailboat, we should always be growing and improving in our chosen Way if we believe in it…so someday…we might even teach others.

Have we set our sails for mastery, or mediocrity? The set of the sails. And as this site is dedicated to Soul Sailors, then what should make up the set of our sails? Jesus set the example of the greatest Soul Sailor of all. He showed us the set of the sails. I believe he gave us the proper set in two ways, both in our personal life, and what is meant to be His Church! (But modern Church has changed the set of those sails.)

As I was in prayer this morning, God set my sails to enter the new world, the new wine skin. As the warrior in the night sky, Orion, has led me to do, to navigate by way of stars, and enter this last days move of God. It is not only a new world for mankind, but also a new wine skin for God’s wine, because things change and God moves. Churches who are Motorboats and Rowboats will not hear the Shepherd leading. The Martha’s will not navigate by the warrior in the night sky. They will be found high and dry in the shallows, while Mary sails in the deeps.

This ship now sails to write about those waters so we can present our case of why we believe this way. This series of “Soul Sailor” now sails into a series of the new wine skin, and it has everything to do with the set of our sails! First we must check the set of our “personal” sails. And I must say, it seems the hardest thing for us to do is follow our Lord in his example of prayer. Prayer seems to be the thing Satan fights most in us! Therefore, it must be a very important set. Can any true Soul Sailor afford to neglect this important set? Not if they want the magic!

Perhaps the place to start is to simply pray for God to give us greater desire for those things that should be the ways of our chosen Way. “The Way” is macro. The macro is made up of micro ways. Such as prayer, study of scripture, navigating by God’s map, submission to higher authority, surrender to the Wind, Christian fellowship, practicing all the ways of “The Way” of a Sailboat life, rather than the ways of flesh and carnality.

If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit. If we struggle in these areas, then start praying for a greater Wind to fill your sails! Pray for it! Seek God for the supernatural of his magic! Ask God for a right heart! This is what Soul Sailors do! God is for us, not against! He desires our mastery of Spirit life too! Amen! It is Satan who is against us!

Front view of sailing boat agains the sunlight

“And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things.” (1st Corinthians 9:25a K.J.)

When I think of “temperate” (self-control), I think of temperance and the process a high quality, battlefield worthy sword goes through. Do we want to be a cheap sword from China? Or do we seek mastery in our chosen Way to be powered by the Wind, and that alone. If we seek such a magical life, then it lies in Spirit and soul. There are ways to the Way of Christ. Our “habits” become our “habitat”. If a Sailboat is to be our life at sea, then our habits, what we practice daily, the set of our sails, will determine if that becomes our habitat, OR NOT. Again, this is not rocket science, just plain truth and common sense. It is the way of the Way. We seek the mastery of the oceans God has set before us.

Warriors are trained in temperance. The warrior in the night sky is a sign. A Gideon army will blaze this trail of the new wine skin. Those who are afraid, careless, untrained, will abandon ship to swim back to a cozy and warm beach somewhere. From the comfort zone of that beach they will smell the salt air and wonder what might have been? They will feel the sea breeze on their face and wish things were different, but land-lovers they have become. Their habits have formed their habitat. It is a law that will not be denied. Laws of the land, and laws of the sea. Which will be for me?

When God showed me the warrior in the night sky, he also showed me terribly strong winds and people blown by those winds, trapped against wire fences. I don’t want to end up one of those. There is a hurricane coming, but God lives in the eye, the single eye. Let us be there too.

We now turn the set of our sails to write about a new wine skin given by God for these last days. Those loving their mansions will not be able to move in the Shadow of the Almighty. Only those willing to live in tents, powered by the Wind, will live in the magic of that Shadow, and the shadow of their sails filled with heaven’s breath. We will write more soon. Let us enjoy what God has chosen. Not many mighty has he chosen, but there is a peace, simplicity, joy, and love. Soul Sailors. Amen.


“Soul Sailor” #2


“The magic of another day.”

The magic of another day, the Wind in my sails. I stroll the deck of this vessel and I find peace. If the Wind don’t move then neither do I, but therein lies the magic! Powered by the Wind.

I stroll to the back of the ship where the man-made motor use to be. I decided I didn’t need it anymore. Too noisy. Too arrogant. Too much about me. They thought me crazy when I dropped it to the ocean floor, but I wanted the magic! Is it too much to ask for a life that is magical?

The oars are gone too. I get enough exercise in the cleaning, maintaining, and sailing of this ship. And if I’m not working then I’d rather be fishing anyway. Give me the magic!

The magic of another day walking in Spirit, steps ordered of the Lord, it is well with my soul. I look to the bright white sails billowing overhead and they are full of the magic. Heaven’s breath fills this vessel. The stars will be out soon and I will listen, to hear what they speak. There is a warrior in the night sky known as Orion, with his sword and his bow. His body is the hour glass  flipped over and releasing the grains of the last hour?

I hear God asking, If a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day with Me, then how long is an hour? Have we entered the last hour? Forty four years pass on earth and God says it has been but an hour? Magical!

If I live another hour in God’s time, I’ll be 108 my time? Wow. I don’t remember exactly what an hour with God is, because God did ask me that over a year ago, and then pointed to June of 2020. I’m thinking I figured it to be 42 or 44 years. I don’t remember for sure. Interesting.

And so my ship sails another day powered only by the Wind, as the world begins crawling out of her shell to face her last hour? Will it be magical? I am inspired. How about you? Live in the magic if you will. Drop the motor, burn the oars, set the sails!