A False Matrix


Yes…a Truth Storm. But how would we know if we have been innocently deceived into a lie?

We all have some flaws in our brain frame, after all, none are perfect…yet. But what if we had some major deceptions? I mean, like some MAKE GOD “VERY” ANGRY DECEPTIONS. And I’m talking about the “saved”, not just the lost. I’m talking about what we call Church and a Chapter 8 of Ezekiel. Would you want to know? Or remain in your false reality?

How would you feel about those who sold you such a lie? They lied to you and you even paid them hard earned money for the lie, for their unexpert advice, mentoring, guidance. How do you feel about buying a lie from those claiming truth? Does that seem just? Can you get your money back? Not likely.

I discovered a TV series called “Shield”. It’s more of that Marvel super hero stuff I happen to enjoy, but in Season 4, some of them are taken into a Virtual Reality and they do not know it. The False Reality is very real in every way! Some of their team goes into the Matrix to rescue, but the hardest thing is convincing them of the unreality of what they see as real! In their minds it is much more likely the person trying to warn them is crazy! Have we been duped into such a Matrix? Why do our Churches not teach us more concerning the early Church fathers, like Polycarp? (And others.) What are they afraid of? What are they hiding?

It was the same in the movie “Matrix”. Neo did not know that in reality, his body was in a tube with all kinds of tubes hooked up to it, and he was being used as a human battery to power an alien world! If some small inner voice had not convinced him to take a chance, he never would have known, and he would have died happy in that tube! However… if the truth would have been revealed to him after his death…and it was revealed how his life had been used and wasted…then a pain that could not be corrected would have fallen upon him. A pain made even worse, because now nothing could be done about it.

This Helmet of our spiritual Armor is called the “Helmet of Salvation”. It is a brain frame given by God about the truth of salvation. How it works and everything about it. But if your brain frame does not line up with the “Lord’s Supper”, the “Passover Meal” he had that last night with his Disciples, then something is false! There are clues all around you, but do you see them? Do you have the knowledge to understand? Or has that been kept from you?

There is a tangled web of deceit involved that has so side tracked the Church that we are actually in violation of Ezekiel Chapter 8 in major ways! The Church is repeating Jewish history! And even as God was with the “exiles”, and against “Jerusalem” in those days, it’s going to happen again! Even as prophesied in Revelation when Satan is given power over the Church for 3 and a half years! But God was with the exiles!

History repeating. That’s the theory I’m offering, but can I prove it? Can I prove it enough for you to see it too? For your mind to be opened? And is there something God would have us to do about it even if we do see it? Is there anything that can be done? Well… as crazy as this sounds…you can choose to be one of the “exiles” instead of those still residing in Jerusalem. Who would have thought God would allow such a thing? And yet that is exactly what was happening in the day of Ezekiel, and is very likely repeating in the Church today.

If we had leaders who taught us more about what happened in the early Church, the battle that was fought and lost as the Church began going down the Catholic fork in the road, then we would know what’s happening. But our poor leaders “have not”, and so we “do not” know.

When the Protestants rebelled against the “Roman” Catholic Church, did we go back to that fork in the road and make it right? NO, we did not. And that omission is now catching up with us. Admittedly, the wheels of God’s judgement turns very slow, because he is so full of love and grace, but judgement does finally begin to spill over from a very full cup of sin!

The Lord’s Table, his Last Supper, is meant to be a “key”, a “template”, a “master code breaker” to everything “Salvation” really is! That Last Supper is the Passover Meal, therefore it is a master key also! This is why Polycarp, disciple of John, fought so hard to prevent the changes Rome was trying to make! It changed more than just a “technicality”! It has changed the whole picture of Salvation! That Helmet on our head is flawed! It’s a damaged brain frame! And it needs to be redeemed/corrected before the Bridegroom comes and half the virgins are left!

Five of the ten virgins are left behind. Nothing is going to change that. But do you want to be part of those five? That is what we are talking about here, which group we end up in.

From personal experience I know what it is like to come out of the Modern American Church (MAC), and become the “Exiled”. That is exactly what it feels like and how they look at you. But there is even more! In our self-centered, self-serving, ego driven, King Theology system, those still in Jerusalem do not truly mourn your absence, (maybe a few do, but most), have their eyes on the inheritance they believe you left behind! This prosperity driven christian cannot help themself! The brain frame they have is all about being the head and not the tail, the king and not the servant! This is the Matrix they live in! They do not see the error in their reality and do not even realize the actuality of their thought processes!

EZEKIEL 11: starting verse 2, highlights only.>  “The Spirit said to me, “Son of man, these are the men who are planning evil and giving wicked counsel in this city. They say to the people, ‘Is it not a good time to build houses? This city is like an iron pot. We are safe inside of it like meat in a pot.’ Therefore, son of man, prophecy against them loudly and clearly.”

(Verses 14, 15, &16a) > “Then this message came to me from the Lord: ‘Son of man, the people still left in Jerusalem are talking about you and your relatives and all the people of Israel who are in exile. They are saying, ‘Those people are far away from the Lord, so now he has given their land to us!’ Therefore, tell the exiles…”

And what did God say to the exiles? Hhmmm.

I believe very strongly in the word of this message! If you do too, then please tell your friends, notify your blogging people, I have only begun to scratch the surface of what is here. If you believe this to be a true word of our day, motivate others to read too. I suppose only a few out of the many will have eyes to see, but you never know who are the ones, and who are not. We do not judge. We scatter the seed in every direction, and some of it lands on good ground!

This message will continue Sunday. The questions must be answered. How are we in violation of the two most detestable things God lists in Ezekiel 8? And is it just a matter of a couple holidays, or has it affected the way we “Do Church” all year long? Is the way we’re “doing Church” making God angry and we do not even know? We are like the people in Jerusalem, hearing false prophets, thinking we are safe, thinking we are doing right and about to prosper even more, when in “REALITY”, God was very angry with them, God was leaving Jerusalem, he was about to bring tremendous judgement, a refining fire on them, and he was WITH the Exiles! This was the truth! This was the reality of the situation, and all those in the false Matrix of their minds could not see! How can we think we’re so close to God and actually be on the verge of his judgement? But we do.

In Jesus day, it was the “closed minded” who failed to see. Why would we close our mind to greater light? And if we already have the greater light, then what does greater light have to fear from lesser light? The true answer should be: NOTHING. 

If you believe this might be a true word from God, then please warn all those you can of what is coming. I do not know how much more plain I can be with this request. How much time we have I cannot say. (God is so merciful.) I’ve done a lot of hard work to make this site a place “easy” to consider if we might be reliving Ezekiel 8, and there is much more to come. Much more details and early Church history. This site might be your quickest and easiest way to offer warning and help to others. As I said, much more explanation is coming, and there is much in past articles also, for those who enjoy digging.

If you desire to search these things out on your own, much work will be required, and this site can help you do it. May God bless every effort you make to know the truth in our modern day. Living an ancient way in the modern day. So says Grandpa White Feather, and “Fellowship of the White Path”. (And am I Indian? No. As far as I know, I don’t have a drop of Indian blood in me. It only sounds that way. Just thought some of you might be wondering.)



Fellowship of the White Path 7/8/18

bible-sword-of-the-spirit “…that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, ‘TO STAND’. Stand therefore,…” (Eph. 6: 13b-14a) (My emphasis added.)

“Therefore the ungodly ‘shall not stand’ in the day of judgement,…” (Psalms 1:5a) (My emphasis added.)

Your spiritual armor has everything to do with your ability to survive the great spiritual storm and be found still STANDING. Your Bible very specifically identifies an evil day in which there will be a great falling away before the antichrist is revealed. (2nd Thess. 2:3)

Your Bible declares as fact, not just God’s “opinion”, the ungodly, (the spiritually naked), shall not stand on judgement day. They are the “fallen”. The righteous in Christ, in his armor, may fall many times, but always gets back up and is found STANDING! You don’t want to be the “fallen” on judgement day. You want to be the “Gap Standers” as revealed in Ezekiel. (Last Sunday’s article.)

Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with mockers. But they delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night.” (Psalms 1:1-2)

It’s hard to pick a “most important piece” of the armor. THEY ARE ALL MOST IMPORTANT! But the other day I was surprised by something that occurred to me. The item I pictured as the least impressive, (the belt?), may be the most important! I mean, how can you compare a belt to a shield? Or sword? Or tough boots? A fancy breastplate, or helmet? In my mind, the visual picture of a “belt”, although still very important, but definitely not the first thing I picture when thinking about being “impressed”!

AND YET…I was struck by the question…what is my deadly enemy’s strongest weapon? Without it, he becomes irrelevant! But with it, we have watched everything from the fall of Adam and Eve, to the crucifixion of Christ! God himself nailed to a cross by man!

Satan is the master Deceiver.

All of a sudden I had to take a stronger look at “The Belt of Truth”, also the first item listed in the scriptures! When Jesus said, “The truth will set you free,” he was speaking of that Belt! Anything less than the truth is the beginning of our fall!

Just think about it for a moment. False information leads us to make our decisions based on assumptions that will not STAND! Have you ever made an investment based on the advice of someone, or some information, convincing you this is a great investment, only to lose your shirt? Have you ever done anything you later regretted because something, or someone, convinced you at the time, it was a smart thing to do? Most of the time we choose our forks in the road based on what we believe to be TRUE! So what happens when we discover “our truth” was really a false reality, a lie?

We usually suffer loss. The trap has sprung and we are in it! We experience defeat, pain, sorrow, consequences, REALITY, depression, poverty, and TRUTH! But now it is too late. The damage is already done. The truth could have spared us all the pain and loss. Maybe if we had known the truth, maybe we would have chosen the other fork in the road? At least we could have made a decision fully knowing the risk we were taking.

Sometimes we make choices based on a love for money, lust, pride, the “7 Deadly Sins”, even though we know the truth. We know we will suffer for the decision later. That’s another kind of stupidity not really the focus of this lesson. When we’re in our right mind and using wisdom, we try to make good decisions based on what we believe to be true.

When it comes to our spiritual armor, and our enemy’s strongest tactics, the truth is everything! If you don’t fully know what those “Boots of the Gospel of Peace” do for you, the fact you now have “Peace with God”, then the devil can come along and begin his lies! Such as, “Boy you really blew it this time! You’ve sinned one too many times, buddy! God is now your enemy!”

If you can be convinced you no longer have a “Peace Treaty” with God through the blood of Christ, then you will be too broken to repent again, ask for forgiveness again, fight the enemy again, rise to your feet again, and you will begin to just give up, embrace the sin, and the enemy now has you in his territory, the land in which he is strong, the land of his lies!

Anything less than the truth is the beginning of our fall! (Such as “What would Jesus do? And what did Jesus do? Why the disconnect? Last article.)

He has managed to move us away from “what is true”. And now all the rest of the armor begins falling apart. Your shield of faith is wilting, you won’t even pick up your sword because you’re lost in guilt, your brain is doubting salvation, your heart is falling into darkness, every piece of that armor is crumbling because of the lies of the enemy! The whole time your armor is shouting to you the truth! But you’re no longer even bothering to charge your armor. Your light’s going out!

How precious is the truth in a world of lies? What dollar value could be put to it? And you; us? We are called to be God’s Warriors of Truth! What a worthy battle to fight! What an honor!

When I was driving back from the Black Hills of South Dakota, with a phrase echoing in my mind, “Path of the White Feather”, at that time I had no idea what it all meant. Since coming back, that phrase has led to this blog site and “Fellowship of the White Path”. The White Path is all about knowing as much TRUTH as possible. What does greater light have to fear from lesser light? Not a thing. We keep an open mind and consider all things.

Jesus walked the Red Path of his blood, so we could walk the White Path of his TRUTH. The truth is, our current spiritual job assignment is to be a Kingdom of Priest to this lost world. I hope that doesn’t get in the way of your false reality of living like a king right now. That “lesser light” will cost you big in the long run. The day will come when you regret living as a king, rather than God’s servant. Beware of the forked tongue. Please check everything Grandpa White Feather teaches against God’s holy Word of truth, our Sword of the Spirit!

In those days, that Belt was also used to “gird up” the long robe so it did not still hang around their ankles. That Belt was a sign of coming “challenge”, and you being ready to fight! To gird up your loins was something they tried to do before the enemy actually attacked. We would be wise to do the same!

Wearing the Belt of Truth, do not be afraid to pick up that sacred Sword, and expose Satan in the light of your Armor! Praise God forever! Stay charged, people of God! Godwalkers every one! An Enoch people walking with their Lord in white! Ready to be suddenly taken by God!