“Vision Update” #1

I did not expect to be writing this today, but I simply must. Faithful readers of this site know I speak of a vision (of sorts) I had back in October 2018. It happened at the teepee you see above. I built it as a spiritual retreat, and I had just gone to it to do that very thing for the first time, when all this happened. I’ve logged all of it in my journals, but I have not wrote many details of it because in some ways it’s not very detailed. The meaning of it all. However, in recent days it has been further developing like a photo in a dark room!

So… the Super Powers series will continue, and now we also start this Vision Update. This true story goes like this: > My wife was going to be away visiting her dad in Florida for a couple months. This was something she had never done before, but since she was going to be gone, I saw it as a good opportunity to go on a spiritual retreat at my teepee which was just “barely” ready for such a thing.

The timing of her trip hit in the last week of October and winter cold was already rushing in, but I enthusiastically went anyway. I did not choose this time. My wife did. But as I entered the first day, and the first weekend of my retreat, I was about to experience several things. Believe it or not, when I got up that morning, still at home, my watch had stopped! Okay…that happens, right? But this watch wasn’t even 2 months old yet! My Spidey senses began tingling! What’s going on here? Oh well. Must be a cheap watch, but it wasn’t “that” cheap. Hhmmm. I made note of the time it stopped at. I believe it was 6:57 a.m.. (As best I remember. It is in my journal.)

Anyway, my day went on. It took half my day to get ready. The teepee is built on my mom and dad’s small farm of 35 acres. They have a fence that runs around the house and barn property, and a farm type gate closing off the entry drive into property. They always keep it closed. So when you arrive, you have to stop, climb out of vehicle, open the two halves of the gate, climb back in vehicle, put it back in drive, pull in, stop again, climb out again, shut the gate… sheesh! You get the picture. But this day...

We had 50 mph winds blowing straight against those gates! I arrived to find my 87 year old dad at the gates trying to tie them shut! The wind kept blowing them open and threatening to destroy them! Not only was he tying them, but he had cement blocks at the bottom trying to hold them! And he was barely hanging on himself! At 87, a good wind can just about take him away!

Yes…these were highly unusual conditions and right at the time of me starting this spiritual quest? Hhmmm. I climbed out of my 1990 black, Dodge Ram, short bed truck, (just thought you might like to know. The small Ram head with curling horns on the hood, you know, the Shofar?) Well anyway, making matters worse, the wind was coming straight out of the west across an open corn field that had just been harvested. Dry, empty, corn shucks were flying everywhere!!! Including straight into the fence and gate making it almost solid! Corn husks were pinned to the fence and gates! This was part of the reason the wind was hitting the gates with such force instead of simply passing through!

So I climb out of the truck to rescue my dad. “What are you doing?” I yelled over the roar. “I’m trying to save our gate!” he yelled back. “Get back in the house!” I yelled to him. “We need to open these gates before they burst! Lets just leave them open! I’ll get it!” “Okay!” he yelled back, and slowly turned to be blown towards the house and fight his way in, while I fought to untie and unblock the gates! I finally got in and blocked the gates open.

Okay… we’ll start here next episode…but as a peek at the future…at the teepee that night in October of 2018, God warned me we would be crossing a line in June of 2020! The wind, corn shucks, and storm was to be a picture of it all, but He did not explain much. Also, Orion’s Meteor shower was taking place that weekend! I’ve been waiting for over a year to see what would be happening in June of 2020! I will explain more next episode, but as my wife and I sat in our living room on May 31st, just having celebrated Pentecost, our phones lit up with an official alert that Marion county (Indianapolis), was on a forced 8:00 pm curfew! Due to riots! Ten minutes from us downtown! This had never happened before! Not in my 30 years of living here! And we’re still dealing with COVID 19! These were the circumstances as we crossed the line into June 2020 at midnight that night!

It all has meaning. The warrior in the night sky, Orion. The watch stopping at 6:57. The corn husks, the wind storm, the gates and much more! This is my first time trying to give all the details of this event, hopefully in a way that will make sense when I’m done.

Story continued soon!