What is the White Path?


What is the White Path and how is Nomad a “type” of it? You see, the problem with Steve Rogers the fictional character is he is just too honest, honorable, pure of heart, and moral. His way of choosing his path is always based on integrity and justice. He’s always asking himself what is the right thing to do? That can get you in a lot of trouble in today’s world and put you on a hero’s path. (Not an easy mountain to climb.)

Maybe that worked in his previous life, but it didn’t take long for the new Steve Rogers to realize the world had changed while he was asleep. (The 10 Virgins?) Anyone who knew Steve could have predicted a huge fork in the road would quickly arise. Not only that, but they should have been able to see which path he would take. How about you? How about us? How have we done in facing our current culture in complete integrity? And which of the Seven Deadly Sins have been our greatest foes? For this culture constantly attacks the White Path and all those who desire to walk upon it with our Lord. What demons do you fight in the dark of the night? If you’ve had no battles, you better check your salvation.

What is this path Christ calls us to? Granted, it is not the same as our Marvel heroes have faced, but in some ways it is the same, and calls for a hero’s heart to walk upon it. I grew up loving comic books and so I just can’t help relating. Thor has always “sort of” been a picture of a spiritual warrior to me, because of his “Hammer”. God’s Word says, “Is not my Word like a hammer?” (Jer. 23:29) When Thor threw that hammer, I saw a spiritual warrior speaking the Word of God. I saw God’s Word going forth in battle! And now his hammer has gone through an evolution. It has become a hammer and axe! Need I remind what scriptures speak of in the axe? A word to the wise, and at such a time?

In Jeremiah 51:20 God speaks of a “Battleaxe” to be brought against Babylon. Do not take this lightly. Do not assume our modern church has not been caught up in the spirit of Babylon! And in Luke 3:9, John the Baptist preached: “And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees; every tree therefore which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.”

Very strong words concerning God’s axe. Will the original vine be grafted back in? The spirit of Babylon is creeping into our “system” like an evil Loki completely devoid of any heart or conscience. Only the White Path offers safety from his deceptive ways and the Seven Deadly Sins.


In getting back to the subject of the White Path…

Jesus said, “Yet there are some in the church in Sardis who have not soiled their clothes with evil. They will walk with me in white, for they are worthy. All who are victorious will be clothed in white. I will never erase their names from the Book of Life, but I will announce before my Father and his angels that they are mine.” (WOW.) Rev. 3: 4-5.

Are we guilty of taking the easy way? Would we have joined Nomad? As written in the last article, to be an outcast? A criminal hunted, even as David found himself hunted by the king. Have we chosen to be one of David’s mighty men? Or stayed with the easy path of the king with no clothes? Spiritual warfare is all about us, and it starts with integrity, honor, and a pure heart. Those who cling to a comfort zone simply because they lack integrity and honor will find themselves swirling in a world of the deadly sins. I’d rather be hunted by King Saul!

I take no joy that our modern church has become so much like King Saul. And like David, I have no desire to hurt the Church. God will judge each church. Other forces will take down all those not solid upon the Rock of Jesus, who showed us the servant’s path of self-sacrifice and LOVE. I speak of these things hoping the Church will wake-up, not fall like a King Saul.

Romans 13:8-14 speaks of this LOVE debt we have entered through Christ, but it also speaks of other very important things. It speaks of the Armor of Light, the shedding of our old sinful nature like taking off old clothes, and living a life in the Light for all to see! This set of scriptures is where I have decided to camp for a while. Grandpa White Feather has set his tipi right here in this weird place of using Infinity War/ Eternity War as an analogy of choosing the White Path and the spiritual warfare of the Seven Deadly Sins. Six living scriptures to fight those spiritually cancerous lifestyles.

And what of White Wolf? Nomad saved his friend. Somehow, he took him to a special place, Wakanda, where he hoped they would be able to help him, this place separated from the world, now trying to offer light to the world. In this place Winter Soldier, whose mind had been so brain-washed that he no longer even knew who he was, or who his special friend was, has now found healing and peace. Granted, it is but a “picture”, a carnal parallel to a spiritual truth, but how true and beautiful it is. Bucky has his sanity back. His brain is not full of evil, but he walks a white path with Nomad.

Jesus said if his people did not worship God and sing his praises, then the very rocks of the earth would offer worship to God. Is God using Hollywood in these movies, like the rocks, without them even knowing? All I know is that these movies of super heroes (supernatural?) have spoken to me for years. They have been a source of inspiration, because I have not found an easy path, I have found a path full of honor and passion. The LOVE debt we have entered IS a spiritual WAR. There is more involved than simply LOVING. There is everything that LOVING and God’s WISDOM leads us to. Romans 13:8-14 speaks of all this, and we shall speak more too…soon. In the meantime, Team Nomad or Team Ironman? Which are you? Nomad returned to simplicity and nature. Ironman clings to technology. Nothing is evil in itself, but what we choose to do with it. Do we know the proper balance? Will the common threat force these two heroes to find that balance? This is the White Path.


Captain America or Nomad?

hqdefault (5) Is Marvel Cinema accidentally painting a picture of the Church? Beware, this is a trip down the spiritual rabbit hole. I have for a long long time said the Marvel Hero movies are a good modern day parable of the Church. Over the years I have been amazed at the parallels. This rabbit hole actually started when I wrote the previous article last Sunday, and I said: “Infinity War has begun!” Infinity is another word for “eternity”. So… Eternity War has begun! (there may be a few “small” spoilers in here. A big one at the end, but there is a warning preceding it.)

For the next how many articles we devote to this rabbit hole, we will not be leaving our subject matter of “The Seven Deadly Sins”, or our scripture verses of “Romans 13: 8-14”, which we began to open last article. “Six Living Verses” to fight the “Seven Deadly Sins”. Check them out. This will all relate as the articles build.

But there is much to unravel to understand the insane world down this huge and dark hole, of which most of us have become accustomed to like a frog in boiling water. We have not identified the change that has occurred, like Captain America was slow to see and accept, but once he did, he made some serious change! The man who had devoted his life as a symbol of loyalty to an American “system”, finally realized something had gone wrong with the “system”, and found himself facing a fork in the road. The critical choice of whether to turn a blind-eye and stay in his comfort zone, or continue to be a man of “honor”, and take the high road, the hard path, and everything that would go with it, no matter what others would say or think.

What choice did a man like Steve Rogers have really? But I find many in the Church today who do not realize the system has changed, or…they simply are not willing to leave the comfort zone. Are you aware there has been a change? Do you realize Captain America has gone the route of Nomad? He who was so faithful, having to turn his back on the system he defended with his life. And what does that mean? Do you see how similar Cap’s choice is to anyone who leaves the Church system to be the Nomad?


You see, I feel like I’ve faced this same fork in the road, and perhaps that is why it is so obvious to me. I had a life long friend in the Church I left. Things have not been the same between us since. He just doesn’t see it. Or at least he says he doesn’t, but it is so easy to turn a blind eye when you don’t “want” to see something. And when you don’t want to face hard changes. He won’t even read this blog site, not one article, and we’re talking best friend.


Something has changed in our Government pleasing Church. I went all the way back to our early Church fathers to find the answers, but it’s amazing how few of my friends are interested in what I found. I tell them what I have researched but they ask no questions. They are not the least bit interested. Not willing to make the slightest effort. Wow, how disappointing.

As technology continues to enrapture a fresh generation, most of the Church seem to be more interested in Ironman’s path, that of an Armor Bearer, (an amazing coincidence), than the one of NOMAD, for it is a nomad’s path indeed. You become the outcast, the spiritual rebel, the one refusing the cookie-cutter system Church has become. Wow…did I say that? And so a divide, a spiritual civil war is underway. Captain America actually fighting Ironman? And yet we are family.

captain-america-desktop-wallpaper-iron-man-and-civil-war-movie-computer There is a split taking place. A sort of Church civil war. It has been slowly growing for many years now. I see the Church being attacked on two fronts, but the second attack has not yet started. The first front is a popularity with our government, much like in the days of Roman Emperor Constantine. Previous Emperors had attacked the Church blatantly. An in your face attack, no bones about it. Easy to see. But the Church actually excelled in those times. Thanos is an in your face attack, like the Antichrist would be.

However, when Constantine came along, and he and the Church were all buddy buddies. He did untold damage that has lasted centuries, as he was working from the inside. His was not a blatant attack. He probably even thought he was doing good, but he did not understand spiritual things, and he did more damage to the Church than can ever be estimated. Are we not back in bed with our government, as we hang on to our precious tax exemptions? We even have a President now who is considered a friend to the Church. Will Trump prove to be a Constantine?

So we see a Church Civil War of sorts, as the Government pleasing Churches divide from the God pleasing Churches, (GPC verses GPC), (Avengers versing Avengers), and as a result house Churches are springing up left and right. In the movie, I could not believe the parallel of stupidity! When Nomad shows up with help to fight the biggest baddest dude yet, all the government could think of was arrest them! I loved Nomad’s answer, “I’m way past asking permission.” (those days are over.) This is the stupidity of following man-made ways. Nomad realizes the king has no clothes. 

So which camp do we fit into? Are we with Ironman where the old Captain America fit into, or have we become the Nomad? I’ve lost friends over this fork in the road, and also picked up some new ones who see the change that has occurred.

There was a very strong teaching that went through the Church at one time, and even now would be considered a sacred cow. I mentioned it earlier. Dare I touch another sacred cow? Thanos told Thor, who came within inches of defeating him, that he should have gone for the head. Jesus crushed the “head” of the devil. I’m learning we can’t be afraid to crush heads in this war.

The teaching of the “Armor Bearer”. I’ll only say a few things. First of all, once again it is an Old Testament teaching. Which puts it in a time in which the average person did not have a personal leading of the Holy Spirit. Once again, the modern Church teaching O.T. stuff? Jesus offers us a higher level. Why live in the lower steps of where the O.T. was taking us?

Secondly, it puts the poor Armor Bearer following a “man”, not the Holy Spirit! Pastors are failing every day in our current spiritual climate! Men make mistakes, and lots of them. Why didn’t Jonathon follow David! He had even told David he was to be the next to sit on the throne of Israel! Jonathon understood all this! And yet chose to follow his prideful, power hungry, greedy, and people-fearing, people-favoring father! (Sounds like the Church today?) And so there goes the poor Armor Bearer to give his life for King Saul instead of King David! What a shame! But that was O.T. times.

Okay, I probably said too much, and probably should have been more nice about it, but Nomad is way past asking permission anymore. The king has no clothes and people are starting to wake up to that. We’ve been sold a “king theology” in the name of the One who lived his life as a servant to all. That boat just don’t float.

Big spoiler warning here. Do not read if you care. But by the end of the movie we are back to the original 6 Avengers. The others who fought in this particular battle have been neutralized, so to speak. But of those 6, only Ironman has chosen the path of loyalty to the system. (I think I’m right on that. Check for yourself.) The remaining 5 would all be with Nomad.

So this article has been a story of choosing the high road no matter what the cost, or the hardships it may bring. In the movie this has especially played out between Ironman, Captain America, and Winter Soldier, who appears to have a new name of “White Wolf”. Healing has come to the Winter Soldier, and so…a new name. It’s a good thing Captain America chose his friend over the system. Cap/Nomad is just that kind of guy.


Stay tuned. Much more to come.

Signed: Grandpa White Feather.