Finding your “Why”? #1 /God

936f717ef2b27bbf975776c3907e40e3--good-morning-coffee-morning-bed Imagine you’ve set yourself aside from the world and isolated yourself on a sailboat with all the coffee you could need and a good book. The sound of the water against the hull and the wind in the sails are your only distractions. You are surrounded by beauty and nature. You find your favorite reading spot, got your coffee in hand and now for the book! A real mind-twister! A murder mystery! A real “Who-Done-It”?

He was a rich man, found dead. In a high-rise building. Security cameras. No one had a clue, but there he was dead, shot through the head. His body lay on the floor along with the pool of his blood. The police were baffled and Detectives were called in; even an FBI Agent showed up.

No fingerprints. Somehow the cameras had been evaded. No clues had been found to follow. So what are they left with? There is one thing none of us can escape. One thing of utmost importance in every crime… “MOTIVE”! What could be the motive behind the act? The motivation driving the action?

It is human nature. It is how we function. We live and breathe by what motivates us, or a lack of motivation. Who might have a reason to murder this man? Our true MOTIVES can be hard to hide, but some do it well. We are especially good at hiding the truth from ourself, but not God. WHY might we want to hide our true MOTIVES even from ourself? Even from God if we could? And especially if we’ve murdered someone and don’t want to end up in jail! The “WHY’s” of our life can be very revealing, but also very helpful if we are wise enough to heed them.

As the investigation progresses, more than a few are found to have potential “MOTIVE” for the murder. Like I said, he was a rich man. A lot can happen climbing that ladder of success. So how to narrow down the suspects? Who has strong alibis and who do not? But still…no proof has been found and the police are baffled.

A few days later another man is shot dead in the same manner, and he worked in the same company as the first victim. He was even a suspect! The waters become murkier as the plot thickens, but there is one potential new clue. Both murder victims were shot dead at the exact same time! 10:44 p.m.! A coincidence? 

You lift your eyes from the pages of the book. Staring out at the horizon sparkling before you, you ponder the clues. Taking a slow sip of your coffee, you think, “Surely this 10:44 p.m. execution time is more than a coincidence, it is a clue to the motivation of the killer!” Congratulations, Sherlock! You’re on your way to solving the mystery! But what could it be? What is the evidence revealing about the MOTIVE of this executioner? What is the “WHY” in the mind of the killer?

Every good Detective, and every student of human nature always looks for a person’s MOTIVE. It is a basic element to understanding everything we do. What are the “WHY’s” in your own mind? A study of “WHY’s” is always very revealing, and can be very rewarding.

“The Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” (1st Samuel 16: 7b)

If the previous story sounds familiar, yes, it is some movie I saw some where, but it is proven fact we are driven by our motives. Our “WHY” factor. But do we take time to examine our “WHY” in any given target of our own personal living? The Lord does not see as mortals see! And WHY should we? Do we not have an immortal soul? WHY live in flesh rather than spirit?

As a person fascinated by human nature, the question of how we got here, and where we go after this, the subject of a “Creator”, and a supernatural spiritual world is big with me. And this brings me to the real MOTIVES behind this web of thought I have woven thus far >>>>>>>

“What is the real MOTIVE, or ‘WHY’ behind your Christianity?”

If you have read this far and now know the real subject of this series, will you honestly face the question, or run from it? And if you short-cut this question and give it a quick shallow answer simply to make your escape, then WHY? What is causing you to do that? What is the reason behind your action? What was the “reason” someone was murdering certain people at 10:44 p.m.! (There were more yet to die.)

We will examine some of the different MOTIVES that are being pushed from the pulpits these days, as to “WHY” someone should be motivated to follow Christ. That is basic Christianity in its purest form, Jesus speaking to us, “Follow Me.”

There is a new wine flowing that has challenged me to be more missionary in my Christianity, in my following of Jesus, because that is what Jesus did and taught. I now have a team of 3 people in this vision to use rescued dogs to rescue people who may have “issues” they need help with. If we succeed, this will be my missionary path into the lives of special people God will lead us to.

These dogs have been abandoned. We have too many abandoned dogs! If they find no home, they are “put down”. I believe the Spirit of God led me to a special lady who has been saving dogs and finding them homes out of the pure “LOVE” of her heart. MOTIVATION! We visited this “4 Legged Ranch” and met a few dogs they currently have. We would be a volunteer foster home and trainers for the dogs. Once the dog has healed of their issues, they are ready for a good home. This Dog Ranch never puts a dog down.

I went to meet this lady and check her MOTIVES, her “WHY” for doing what she does. The evidence I saw showed no sign of a “love for money” connected in any way, not even her helpers. This is a lot of work, sacrifice, and if anything a loss of money.

After enjoying the place for a spell, and getting to know her more, I said, “This is a ‘calling’ for you, isn’t it.” She smiled. “You’re certainly not doing it for the money,” I said, and both her and her helper broke into laughter.

So…this is the beginning of another series. In October you will likely be seeing dog pictures popping up here. These dogs will all have a story, and a future! We will work with them. Eventually we hope to use these dogs to help people who will also have a story and a future. But what is “our” story? What is the “WHY” of why we personally follow Christ? Is it because we want to be a “King’s Kid”? Or a Servant of Love? Hhmmm. Good question. Now we have the mystery of our own heart to solve. Should we get to know our own self?

Our Creator knows the answer in our heart. And if we have chosen Christ so we can “have our best life now”, well…it all depends on what you mean by that? Who are these prosperity churches when Jesus taught minimalism? He chose a donkey over a fancy stallion. I must admit, I really don’t understand you, or your churches.

I’m just beginning to search this mystery of spiritual motives. What was the “WHY” when you got baptized? Has your “WHY” changed over the years? “WHY” are you following Jesus? What is your “WHY”? And as His disciple, His follower, what do you see your holy task from Him to be? And “WHY” do you go to whatever type of Church you go to? Are they really challenging you to be all you can be for Christ? Or to have your own best life now? Is it all about YOU? Exactly what do those words mean?

“We need to know our “WHY’s” in life. This is a very good skill to develop in all we do, the asking of the question of what is my true “WHY” here? If I give that 10%, why am I giving it, really? Is it because I think I have to, like a law? Is it because I want more back than I am giving? Is it like a spiritual stock market? I’m giving more so I can have more? What are our true motives?

What is God’s “WHY” when it comes to His relationship with man and all He has instructed us to do? The Bible very plainly states it. God is very “upfront” about His “WHY’s”. He knows them well.

There is much we need to consider when it comes to “human nature”, “how we got here”, and “where are we going”? Let’s look deeper into the “WHY’s” of the mysteries of this life, together. May our compass read true.



A Final Word on Mike Adams?

BLOG-16-05-2017-2 So this is it. Murdered by harassment. Wow. He was under such pressure and hate that he was murdered by suicide. This is the hate of the Left, but no one will cry out for fear they end up like Mike Adams. The haters really do have the power, and it has always been so on planet earth when the church fails to hold the standard. When the salt fails, you get more and more decay, hate, violence, and death. The New World cometh.

So a man like Mike Adams had no security cameras at his home? Hard to believe. Maybe he wasn’t as smart as I would have thought. And these cameras show nothing? Are they blank? They did not show his suicide? Strange behavior? Nothing? No hint of anything? No close friends doubting this conclusion? He spoke of no plans with the money he was about to get? And his family has no remarks? No questions? Wow. The silence is deafening.

So if he murdered himself due to the pressures of hate and harassment, then those Haters are guilty of murder just as much as a cyberbully would be. Right? I mean, not guilty by law, perhaps, but by Spirit. However, before you Haters celebrate too much, karma’s gonna get you for that. You would say bad karma got Mike, but his hate does not justify your hate either. Tell yourself your hands are clean as much as you want, but karma is a tough dude to fool. Your karma comes. Good luck with that.

Based on the little information we’ve been given, compared to the ample motivations of people hating him, I am surprised this would not be deemed highly suspect? In my own mind, the death of Mike Adams is being swept under the carpet as quickly as possible, while I am sure there are many who are actually celebrating. What might they call such a party? A Hate Party? A celebration of death party? Hhmmm. How many might there be? Your hate, my hate; it’s a wonderful life. But again, karma cometh.

Well, if no one sees a problem here, if no one decides to pull the carpet back and give that very large and obvious lump a second look, then I guess it’s over. Another win for the Left. Good shot, Somebody. A 3 pointer? Is anyone keeping score? Who’s ahead? I’d call this a win for the Left. Move on folks, there’s nothing to see here.

Personally, I don’t have a horse in this race. Us Haters crucified my Horse many years ago, but he didn’t stay dead. Now I run a different race. But it will be interesting to watch if Mike stays dead, or someone resurrects him and his words. You can’t kill him twice. Dead is dead. I know I downloaded one of his books. It’s been very interesting.

I only ventured into this event because Mike Adams was so hated due to his words and beliefs, that as a follower of Christ, I felt a kindred spirit, and also Bernell Trammell we continue hearing nothing about. I have written much in previous articles about the rise of Eve. Her day is coming! But I would like to make one personal clarification.

My concern is “the Church”. That’s my Horse. The world is gonna do what the world is gonna do. I’m sure we’ll even have a womxn President someday. And when that happens I hope she does an excellent job. But the church itself is to run by a different standard than the world, and when the world finally gets around to coming down full-fire on her beliefs, like someone did on Bernell Trammell, that’s the day I likely die and get swept under the carpet. I can live with that. And I will live, and I’ll be back, just like Jesus and Bernell. Just say’n.



Wake up people, this wave is rolling, and it plans to roll over anyone in her way!

“Vision Update” #2

20171202_173614 As our story left off last episode, I arrived at the farm where my teepee sits and find my 87 year old dad, out in a 50 mph wind, trying to tie and blockade our old fence together! Rather than simply open it up and let the fierce winds blow through, he’s in a life and death battle, like Don Quixote fighting windmills!

So I sent him inside and I decided to open the gates and let the flood of corn shucks and wind flow in. The wind was fierce! I can’t remember the last time we had winds like that at the farm. Had the corn field not been harvested, everything would have been different, but it had been, and now we had this corn shuck storm pounding the farm, filling the gate and fences, which are held up by very old posts, and it was simply a wicked situation. It was incredible to look upon, but nothing you wanted to be in for very long. I don’t know what the wind chill factor was, but it was an all round nasty day for me to be arriving at teepee and starting my first “Godseek” in this special place I had built with my own two hands.

So I climbed back in my old truck with the double Shofar’s on the hood and drove back to the private area, under a big tree, in which the teepee sits. I grabbed some things out of the truck and headed to the teepee with a big night ahead of me. As I came under the tree I entered a stillness that was almost eerie! I looked around and saw everything still blowing like a hurricane only mere inches away from me! But where I stood, next to the teepee, WAS NO WIND! It was completely protected! You ask how can that be?

Okay, there is a logical reason. It was not some supernatural force, but… God had arranged things in such a way that the wind was straight out of the west and the teepee sits immediately behind a huge barn that was completely blocking the fierce winds! A picture is worth a thousand words they say.

20181007_191325 It was as if the teepee was in a protected space! I stood there with my mouth hanging open, in complete peace, while I looked upon total chaos going on all around me! I made note of all this in my mind and then entered the teepee to begin my separated time.

Now another thing I did not know and did not plan was the Orion meteor shower. My wife chose the dates all this took place. I didn’t know about any meteor shower until I heard it on a radio program when I was getting ready that morning! So this became another element of what I felt God was showing me. I was beginning to realize there was more going on here than simple coincidences. It was like a living vision being played out. God was giving me pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, but what would it all mean?

That night the winds died down and I went out into the cold and stared up at that huge dark sky. It was full of stars! There was also a moon. There were no city lights making it difficult to see. The farm was dark, no outside lights on. I’ve never been much of an astronomer or very good at seeing constellations. But that night I sware I saw the constellation of Orion clearly! I had been studying it on the Internet hoping to be able to pick it out. I knew what I was looking for, but I had always been so bad at it! Not that night! I saw his belt, his bow, his sword, the hour-glass shape of his body! I saw it all clearly! But I saw no meteors.

Now I was like a Batman trying to solve a mystery. I was in prayer and research. I discovered there was a “window of time” which was best to see a meteor! The reason was…the moon would set at a certain time and the sun did not rise till a certain time, leaving the sky its darkest! This made it the easiest for a meteor to show up! And before the weekend was over, I did see one! (Just one, and it was quick.)

But the hair on my neck stood up when I realized the time my watch stopped at was in that window! As best I remember, the window was approximately 3 hours. The moon would be gone and no other light in the sky except for stars until the sunrise. My watch had stopped one hour, and like 3 minutes before the sunrise! In other words, things would go extra dark as the moon sat, but my watch stopped at a time with just over an hour left of that darkness before the sun rising! My watch stopping had become a part of this mystery and another clue!

This set me to trying to calculate how long an hour is with God? My reasoning was, if a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day, then how long is an hour? Because my watch stopped showing roughly an hour and three minutes before the sunrise, in that window of time in which the moon, (which is a symbol of the church), was set and greater darkness invaded, but also stars or meteors become brighter!

My calculations, if I’m right, came out to be 41.66666 years! But now I had to also calculate those 3 minutes and so many seconds. (yes there was some seconds. I’ll try to have the exact time for you in next episode. I got to dig out my journal.) Anyway, eventually… other clues slowly came narrowing down the date…but I eventually decided God was very plainly showing me June of 2020!

At that time I had just started having our first Passover meals with our Fellowship, but I had never given much thought to Pentecost, which comes 50 days after the Lord’s resurrection. But this year, when COVID had us all locked in our homes at Passover, just like the original Passover, and we realized something special might be happening, then I became aware of Pentecost! And it happened to be the day before crossing into June! At midnight of Pentecost day we would cross into June! Crossing the line God had showed me! So I began making spiritual preparations to receive from God anything he might want to pour out on me that day! (There was fasting, prayer, and study involved for a period of 3 weeks.)

And so…I have been watching these things for like one year and seven months. When COVID broke out, it was not yet June. I told my wife this may be leading to what God showed me, but we’re not there yet. As bad as COVID is, what might June be bringing? And then our phones went off that night before midnight. I think like 7 or 8. And there were the messages of an enforced 8 pm. curfew in Indianapolis! We actually had no idea things had gotten so bad, just ten minutes from us! We actually live inside the 465 ring. It had never been like this in our city before! And a few hours later, we crossed midnight and entered June, and the journey continues, even as we see sweeping changes “of all sorts” coming our way.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few details that will be added as we go, but even back in October of 2018 I knew this vision was connected to what would be the 2020 elections. I don’t consider myself a prophet. I’ve missed things before. I feel God shows me things because I love seeking his mysteries, but then I try to read the tea leaves. I love trying to solve the puzzle. I invite you to also ponder what all this means, but in recent time I have a stronger opinion about what I think I see. Let me explain the “gates” for a moment, and then we will stop for now.

I wish I had a picture, I’ll take one next time I’m out there, but the gate is actually two parts. They are like cow gates you would find on a farm. Each half is rather long, one end attached to what “use to be” very strong 4×4 posts. These post are rotting at the base and my dad has propped them every way possible. One gate is much worse than the other. These two connect in the middle, across the driveway entering the farm. They have to be opened by hand. The teepee sits in the back of property, a secluded area behind the barn. Now I have come to believe these two old gates represent the connection between our traditional church system and Donald Trump! (Oh boy.)

As you pull into our drive, the gate on the right is the weakest one with the most rotten 4×4 base. I have come to believe that gate represents Trump, and the other the traditional church. Both gates are old and in bad shape. If you know this site you know I left traditional church to join the Simple Micro Church movement. I climbed out of my Shofar truck and told my dad (representing the traditional church) to leave, I’m opening the gates! Wow. A lot to think about.

I believe God has shown me some things about all of this just since Pentecost. I didn’t “feel” a thing as Pentecost passed, but first I felt an urge to spend another three days at the teepee this June 12,13, and 14. That’s my plan. And then I also began seeing a lot more in the events currently happening, and the events I experienced in that strange 24 hour day I had in October 2018. And oh, by the way, that watch started working again a couple days later, and ran for a few months before giving it up. The watch was defective. It should have lasted much longer. But all very weird.

To be continued.

 The mystery continues.

“New Wine Skin” #2

photo-1555341271-4d07915672b1 If a thousand years is as a day, how long is one hour?

Let’s move to exhibit “B” of presenting the evidence of our case. Episode #1 we spoke of a change the bishop of Rome wanted to implement, but Polycarp and some others stood against this change. Many years later Rome would get its way. As we went down that fork of the road things began to accelerate, as Constantine became the Emperor and gave favor to Christians. Suddenly we were no longer hunted, and we were being “given” large buildings to gather in! What had been a church of home tables and family atmosphere began changing to large cold buildings with stone altars. The Catholic church came into domination and we headed towards the dark ages!

However, the acceleration did not take place until the resistance to that first fork in the road began fading! And what was that fork? It appears the early church Christians were still doing a Christian form of the Passover and the Lord’s Supper, and I’m not talking this short-form thing we do today. Your very own New Testament Bible has it writing! Did you even know that? And this change Rome wanted to make, in effect, went crossways to this Passover and meal the Apostles had continued! They eventually managed to disrupt this sacred meal and we then accelerated towards the dark ages. And when we finally rebelled and came out of that, we never went back to what was before! Not even to this day! And we need to look at this so very closely, because the evidence is so strong!

Acts 2 and starting in verse 42 gives us a detailed description of the church Jesus started. These verses give us a list of what was happening in the early church. We need to take note of how many times certain things are “repeated”, as in “emphasized”. And also the order in which they come, possibly suggesting “priorities”!

First it says all the believers devoted themselves to the “Apostle’s teaching”. This is the first item. So item #1 would include what the Apostle Paul teaches in 1st Corinthians 11 which we will also mention a little later. Be sure to remember item #1 when you read 1st Corinthians 11. Be sure to remember. (Please.)

Now note what items 2,3, and 4 are… “fellowship”, “sharing in meals”, the “Lord’s Supper”! Finally number 5 comes > “prayer”. Now realize that fellowship and meals and the Lord’s Supper are all forms of “FELLOWSHIP”! FAMILY! PERSONAL! INTIMATE! It is fellowship practiced in three ways! Emphasized three times! (And will be emphasized more before this is over.)

#6 > Believers shared all things common. (But were also allowed to maintain ownership if they desired.)

#7 > They worshiped together each day. (Worship is a form of fellowship also, but perhaps a little different.)

NOTE items 8 and 9! More repeat! They met in homes for the Lord’s Supper and shared their meals! FELLOWSHIP and the Lord’s Supper emphasized again! Some form of meals and fellowship is emphasized more than anything else in this list! This was the early church just before being scattered from the Temple in Jerusalem. At which point it all became small groups meeting in homes, discipling, multiplying, spreading, until they turned the world upside down! All this without the help of Constantine!

The early church seems to have realized that fellowship and family atmosphere is meant to be a priority in the House of God! We’re not talking sharing a meal at McDonalds, even though that can be part of it, but we’re talking intimate sharing of our homes and lives as real brothers and sisters! Most Christians today experience “congregation” for church, not close family.

More evidence under exhibit “B” would be the Apostle Paul himself instructing and correcting the Corinthian Church in the proper way of having the Lord’s Supper, and it included a meal! Close study of that meal Paul instructs of, is very revealing! If you consider what he is telling them to do in its fullest meaning! It’s all in 1st Corinthians 11. (starting in verse 20). We do not have to go to other books to find proof of these things. Our Bible still says it! In detail! The Apostles taught it! Item #1! Remember?

The Apostle Paul does not tell them to cease doing it, or that it has ceased, but to do it, and do it in the proper way! The Church is the family of God, but we function as congregations, not family. We have lost that family atmosphere, but we have all kinds of other bells and whistles! We have lots of shish-boom-bah, but can’t even do a proper Easter weekend! Which is actually the Christian New Year! We don’t even start our year right! We celebrate the world’s New Year, but not our own? What have we become? An old and corrupt wine skin ready to burst! But the modern church thinks they have need of nothing. Spirit of Laodicea!

So…these are descriptions of the original Church still recorded in our Bibles, and for how long now have we ignored these things? Going all the way back to Constantine and the Catholic Church? Is God pleased in this? Does the new wine skin continue in this? Or is God bringing us back to what he started! I believe the last hour of the last days will see a return to the radical early church that had true fellowship and turned the world upside down. A last days version of the original wine skin! A Return! (As Jonathon Cahn would say.)

Polycarp fought this battle of the change that crippled a proper Passover meal and was the first step down a different fork of the road. This bishop whose Church got such a high score from the Lord refused to accept the decree coming down from Rome! Over a period of years this battle was fought and many were excommunicated because of it! I suspect this decree was the early form of “Lent”, a man made tradition having to do with Jesus temptation in the wilderness which had nothing to do with his three days in the grave! And yet, giving up meat, and fasting, runs crossways to having a proper Passover meal, which IS a God-made sacred event the Apostles taught to continue!

What modern church today does for the Resurrection weekend, Easter, is so watered down from what the early church fathers and Apostles did, they probably would not even recognize it. I’m not sure God even recognizes it. And will we remain this way? Or has God prepared a new wine skin for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear? Even as we enter the last hour of the last days?

More evidence to come are actual quotes from early church fathers and early church historians who recorded accounts of these events, verifying the veracity of what we have so far presented, but before we present these historical records not in your Bible, our next episode will take a moment to consider how hard it is for people to leave the “groove” of what they already have, to enter a new “groove” that has greater blessing! There is always God’s good, acceptable, and perfect will. And good is always the enemy of the best!

Lester Sumrall once preached that very few people go from blessing to blessing, but most stay in the blessing they already have even when a new move has taken over. I believe the old wine skin has become terribly corrupted. Those still hanging on in it, if they are genuine, they feel the lack of anointing and they thirst for fresh waters but so little can be found. They are suffering needlessly! God’s rain has not run dry! It has simply moved like God’s cloud always does. There is no surprise here. God has not changed! This is how it has always been for those called of God. And it’s time we get back to it!

The ten virgins are waking up! They are trimming their wicks! But some have no oil! They want it the easy way! They want oil from the wise and faithful! But there is a division, like Judah and the ten tribes of Israel separated! The wise say NO! They refuse to share! Which would normally seem contrary to scripture, but not so this time! Go buy your own! Go sell all you have to buy this field with the great treasure! The Bridegroom is coming and time is short! As we enter the last hour! Let all the prodigals hurry back to our Father’s House!

If a day is as a thousand years, how long is an hour?

images (2)

Church History & The MAZE IV

20171202_173614 I’ve decided before giving you more quotes from experts and also early church fathers, that perhaps the best way for us to get a real feel about the importance of this, is to simply attempt writing what an early day Christian would have experienced in their Passover/Easter meal, and hopefully, how it might have affected them. An effect, I might add, we’re not getting today. So…here we go!


“A Lord’s Supper Story”

As Eli walked home from his carpenter’s job, he couldn’t help but be a little excited. This was a special day, the beginning of Passover! This was the first year he and his little family would be celebrating it in the Christian way! He had even left work a little early, on this Friday, so he could get ready. The service would start promptly at sundown, and once inside the door of their House Church, no one was to leave until midnight! Because according to the teachings of Moses, they were to always remember this night, and when their children would ask questions about what they were doing, they were to explain everything to them, about the slavery of Egypt, and the night the Death Angel flew over!

This was the 13th day of Nisan, and a Jewish day always started at sundown, not midnight, or sunrise. For with God, as revealed in the creation story of Genesis, God’s days always go from the time of least light to greater and greater growing light. The path of the just shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect day, Eli quoted to himself as he walked.

So at sundown today it would become the 14th day of Nisan, and Nisan being the first month of the Jewish calendar, because God established it so in that time with Moses. God had actually made the month of Nisan their first month of the year, evidently to impress how important all this was.

Eli began running through his mind what had been happening with his forefathers in the days proceeding the 14th. He did not know exactly how many days the battle with Pharaoh and all the ten plagues had taken, but surely at least those first fourteen days had been filled with curse upon curse, and challenges of magicians, some curses even affecting the Jewish camps, before God began to show a difference. With this in mind, he understood that every new year, for the Jew, was a reminder of God’s battle with Pharaoh, and the great deliverance from slavery. This was how each new year started for them.

What must that have been like? All you have known is slavery to Egypt your whole life, and now this Moses shows up and begins a fight with Pharaoh. He says it is God. Yes, it would be nice to be free, but what if we all just end up dead? And so far, things have only gotten worse for us! “Hhmmm,” Eli ponders, “what must they have been feeling?” But finally Moses seems to think an end is drawing near, and everyone is to sacrifice a lamb for their family, put the blood on their doorpost, and seal themselves in the house, even while they are dressed and ready to leave on a moments notice! “Wow,” he thinks again, “What must that have been like?”

Eli knows when he gets home his wife will already have their food mostly ready to go. Their House Church did the Lord’s Supper on a regular basis, and it was known as the “Welcoming Table”. But this particular Welcoming Table only came once a year, the actual day of Passover, and the House Bishop, Daniel, would be sure to make it extra special. Tonight, they would not be leaving church until midnight. And then would begin the seven days of unleavened bread.

As Daniel entered the door of his small home, his two children ran to his arms all excited. “Daddy daddy! Mommy says we have church tonight? Will we get to see Bishop Daniel?” his daughter of ten asked. He had two children, one daughter, Emily, ten years old; and a son, Mark, eight years old.

“Yes children, we will all get to see Bishop Daniel tonight, and your other friends will be there too. This is a very special night. You will hear a great and exciting story! But run along and play now, because daddy needs to get ready.

“Okay, daddy!” and away they went. Mommy stepped closer and they shared a hug. “Everything is almost done. We have enough to share with a few. I’m especially thinking about the Abbot family. Lets be sure to check on them first, okay?”

“Sounds good. I should be ready in just a few.”

Daniel was true to his words and before they knew it they were approaching the door of the House Church, and much to their surprise, someone had painted red on the doorposts! “Daddy look at that!” Emily shouted and pointed. She was always the first to react, while Mark was more contemplative before reacting. “What is that? It’s just smeared on there, daddy! It don’t even look right. Did someone hurt Bishop Daniel’s house?”

Eli and his wife, Sarah, paused at the door and gave each other a look. “You want to answer this one, dear?” Sarah said.

Eli handed the basket of food to his wife, then knelt down on one knee and gathered his children close. “This is part of the story you are going to hear tonight,” he began explaining. “So make sure you pay very close attention, okay? And after Bishop Daniel tells the story, we will talk more of this.”

The children became even more excited once they knew this was part of “The Story” they would hear tonight.

“Why don’t you and the kids head on in,” Eli suggested, “I want to take a moment to breathe the air. Its been a busy day.”

Sarah understood, gathered the children and headed in as Eli opened the door, but then closing it behind them, he stepped back out into what was left of the sunlight. The sun was just beginning to set. It was likely that other families were still trying to get here before the sun went down. He looked back at the red on the door, representing the blood of the lamb that had been slain, because Moses had said…that God said…when I see the blood, I will Passover you.

It was hard to take his eyes off that blood. I bet if any Egyptians saw the Jewish homes with blood smeared on the doors, they probably thought what in the world? Such a gross people! What kind of gods do they serve? Although some had begun to respect this God of Moses, because of the curses. Eli knew that many Romans did not understand their God today, any more than the Egyptians did then. God’s people have always been misunderstood by the world. Even to the point of being persecuted, and those doing the persecuting believing they were doing the work of God!

He was still outside the door. If he stayed out there his family would not have been safe that night, nor any of his livestock. His first born son, and also of livestock, would die as the Death Angel passed over. He needed to walk through that door if he and his family would be saved. And it had to be one of these doors. A door with the blood on it. The Egyptians who did not believe, would have doors with no blood, and their house would be no safer than if they were outside in the elements. But because this door was marked with the blood of a spotless lamb, as long as they were in this house, and did not come out until summoned, they would be safe.

Eli turned and looked at the sinking sun again. Darkness was on the way. The Death Angel waiting his appointed time. There would be great wailing of the lost tonight. His children would learn this story and what it all means, but first there would be intimate fellowship, around a meal, just like the Lord had with his family that night. And those who had more would share with those who had less. And by the food they bring, it would be known who had more, and who had need. A special offering would be taken at end of service, and those having plenty would have a chance to give; and to be given to those with less.

Eli saw two families on there way to the door. With a big smile he greeted them, and as they entered, so did he. Once entering this door, he was not to come back out until the summoning.

Bishop Daniel was carefully greeting everyone, and also explaining that Elder Joe was stationed at a window watching the sun, and as soon as it dropped, the official service would begin, which meant the Lord’s Supper begins!

The food was not placed on one big table, like a pitch in, but each family kept their own, and it was up to them to share. The children especially loved taking things around and sharing with others. It was not merely to those who lacked, but it was also a sharing of special things. If someone had a special recipe, or an excellent wine, the family could share with whomever they desired. This also meant a family could be selfish, but with as much teaching as Bishop Daniel did concerning the “love of God”, and the Lord’s cross, this was rarely an issue. God’s people loved the chance to share, even if they ended up a little shorted compared to someone else. But the Fellowship worked hard at making sure everyone had plenty.

“It’s getting close!” Elder Joe shouted from the window. “Is everyone here?”

“I believe so!” Shepherd Daniel shouted back. “Everyone is in the safety of God’s House!”

“Darkness is coming!” Elder Joe shouted.

“Let it come!” Bishop Daniel answered back. “We are the people of God. We are the people of His light! We are safe in his family, in his light, and in his blood! And everyone says?”

“Amen!” People shouted. And children looked to their parents with questions on their little faces.

Little Mark tugged at his daddy’s sleeve and asked, “Are we to be afraid of the dark, daddy?”

“No my son. Jesus has saved us from the monsters of the darkness. See how we are safe in this House? And because of ‘The Story’ you will hear tonight, you will never need to be afraid of the darkness, no matter where you go, if you have Jesus in your heart.”

Little Mark thought for a moment, and then said, “I like that, daddy. I will keep Jesus very close in my heart, so I never need to be afraid of monsters.”

“Amen, my son. Amen!” And with that, Eli scooped up both his children and gave them a hug.

“Lock the door!” Elder Joe shouted. “No one else can come in! The sun has set, and the darkness is upon us!”

“To be continued.”


Church History & The MAZE II

20171117_161702 Solving the MAZE.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, I think it’s best to give you an over view of where we’re going. Let me give you some of the BIG PICTURE. So to the best of “my” understanding and research, here we go. Please correct me if you find any serious mistakes.

For the first 10-20 years Christians continued worshipping in Jewish synagogues as they could, and in private homes. Eventually they were no longer allowed in the synagogues and the private homes became their churches. It will remain basically this way until the Roman Emperor Constantine rises, (who had a Christian mother), and he passes a law of religious tolerance, and begins giving great favor to the Christian church, even though he himself lived as a pagan until close to death, whereupon he (hopefully) got saved. He did get baptized.

So the “Home Setting” was very much the “norm” for the first almost 300 years of the church. It was very personable, AND… so was the Lord’s Table. The celebration of the Lord’s Table was very connected to the Jewish Passover. After all, the Jewish Passover is a vivid symbolic picture of everything Christ was going to do, in paying the price for our sins, and setting the slaves to sin, free! (Pictured by the Children of Israel being set free from slavery to Egypt after the death angel took out the first born son of the unbelieving families.) Blood on the doorposts. When the death angel sees the blood, he will PASSOVER you.

Jesus was celebrating the Passover with his disciples in that upper room. He was and is the Passover! He is the fulfillment of that very promise and prophecy. The Passover is the Easter story! The two are completely connected. The early church fathers knew this and evidently the Apostle John instructed his student, Polycarp, who becomes Bishop of House Church Smyrna, to continue in the way the Jews celebrate Passover, as far as when you end the fast, and how you have the meal. (These are very important details that will be shared later.)

Now we have to ask ourself why that would be? I can actually understand why the Bishops of Rome started thinking some changes had to be made. After all, for the Christian, the story of Passover no longer ended with a death angel and a hurried escape from slavery out of Egypt! But now… three days later there is a Resurrection! Seems logical to me.

However, knowing there would have to be a very good reason for Polycarp to risk causing “division” over a matter, that set me to a deep study. And much to my surprise, I found some very rich answers! But first…our OVERVIEW is not finished.

I may need more than 1000 words today. So the word “Church” actually means someone’s “Home” for the first almost 300 years. AND…by the very fact that Polycarp and the Asia Minor House Churches refuse to agree with Rome concerning the Passover, is proof positive there was not a monarchial system established “yet”. This big Easter controversy begins around 140 A.D., towards end of Polycarp’s long life. He lives like 85 or so before martyred.

The House Church in Rome held a position of honor because of recognition and RESPECT of people like Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul, who were both martyred in Rome. A lot of people were taken to Rome to be martyred, including Polycarp. They took this poor eighty-something year old guy on a long trip, (like Paul), just so he could be burned at the stake in Rome. He died bravely, not defending himself, but just like Christ, a lamb to the slaughter. And this is how many died. Bravely declaring their faith in Christ. Knowing that meant certain death. Again, a picture of THE CROSS! (Whether a burning stake, hungry lions, or crucifixion.)

This is why the Bishop of Rome held a certain position of RESPECT, not that they had any actual authority over any of the other House Churches. Each House Church had their own Bishop, whom they probably chose themselves, because they knew the character of the person before they ever elected them. And once that person was elected to that position, then submission to the authority was expected, in order to maintain order, and PEACE, in the House representing the Prince of Peace.

But we will see as Bishops come and go, some Bishops of Rome begin to try using their “advantage” to exercise more power. And the first real indication of this I found with the 6th Bishop from Peter. Again I point out, very odd to see this begin to rear its ugly head with the number 6! This Bishop, (still not Pope!), but this Bishop announces 3 new rules. I’ll give you the one most obvious of what I’m saying. This is Bishop Sixtus of Rome. He was Bishop of House Church Rome from 115 – 125 A.D.. He decreed this>

“Bishops who have been summoned to the Holy See shall, upon their return, not be received by their diocese except on presenting Apostolic letters.”

So this came somewhere in 115 – 125 A.D.. And as far as I can tell, it was honored, BUT…when the Easter controversy begins arising around 140 A.D., Polycarp, possibly the only Bishop left at that time who could still claim direct training from the Apostles, declares he does not agree and will not change! He declares the Apostles specifically taught him to do it this way. WOW!

So… at that time…Rome and the Asia Minor House Churches agree to disagree and basically do it the way they each want. However, this controversy continues to boil, and the waters will grow hotter and hotter. It is interesting to me, that it is the Lord’s Supper, of all things, that becomes the most vivid “KEY” and answer to all this.

Now leaving our Rome Bishop for a moment; for some reason, which I have yet to find explanation for, but very early 3rd century (205 AD?), letters floating around and terminology being used begins to call any church Bishop a Pope! This title which by the end of the century somehow becomes the title of just the Bishop of Rome, first comes onto the scene in early 3rd century as applicable to ALL the Bishops! Now this really disturbs me, because simple minded as I am, I have read explanations that just because Jesus very specifically said to call no man father, but your heavenly Father, certain experts say that doesn’t necessarily mean he was forbidding the use of the word “Father” as a title in the Church. He was merely coming against pride and self-exaltation.

Well…as I said…I’m pretty simple minded…and as a simple minded person…maybe I can’t see so deep…but when Jesus said something so plainly…it worries me to in any way seem to go against that…even to take a chance of such a thing…but already we begin to see as early as aprox. 205 A.D….at least some Churches are daring to do such things. You can decide for yourself if you think the use of the term “Father” is an issue or not. And they do spell it with a capitol “F”! (Hhmmm.) Maybe I’ve said enough on this. May the Holy Spirit guide you on what you think pertaining to this, but I know what I’m thinking.

Next BIG PICTURE item, Bishops of Rome continue reaching for more power and by end of 3rd century, somehow they are the only one with the title Pope, (pope is a Greek word meaning “Papa”, if I remember that right. Again, calling a man, Father), and now the Roman Emperor Constantine is coming on the scene, and because he gives such favor and benefits to Christians, everyone starts wanting to be a Christian, (at least on paper), so they can get the benefits! Congregations are growing like crazy. Constantine begins giving the Home Churches very nice buildings to move into. The Lord’s Table changes from a very plain wood table in a home, to a cold stone altar in a very large cold stone building! And as far as I can see, church was never the same again!

The Bishop of Rome continues pressing his power to change Easter, and eventually forces his way. One of the worse points happened with Bishop Victor I. There had been other debates with other Bishops of Rome, but until Victor I, they always ended in compromise in favor of UNITY. But during 189-199 A.D., the reign of this Bishop, and with church still in Homes, this Bishop tried to really put his foot down! And when the Asia Minor churches still refused, (Polycarp long gone), Victor I actually cut off communications with them!

Fortunately, a man by name of Polycrates of Ephesus manages to write a letter bringing some grace back to things, and some unity is restored. But Rome will continue pushing this until they get their way, never mind that the Apostles themselves, had said OTHERWISE!

My conclusion has been that the Church managed to hold onto a pretty pure form, at least some of them, like Asia Minor, until around 250 A.D., but when the pagan Emperor Constantine begins to be allowed to have great influence in the church, this pagan influence seals the deal. We’ve never been the same since. We have very well-meaning and sincere Pastors doing the best they can with what we know. We also have Pastors who are no better than the ones who linked arms with a pagan emperor and allowed a pagan to influence the House of God!

Now…the impact on the changes made to the Lord’s Supper and Easter, are much deeper than simply when the fast should end. As a sincere Christian, you are being hurt by this change without even knowing it. The whole Church has been. The Apostle John and Polycarp and others back then, knew this. It will take a whole article in itself to reveal how insidious this move actually was, and is! This has been an overview, and next article we work on the nitty-gritty. I hope this has given you enough to think about for now.