Spiritual Disciplines / Warrior #1

Sword Priest.

Some see Jesus as “lamb only”. They do not see him as warrior, because they only look at the visible, not the invisible. They live in the flesh, not the spirit.

As we begin leaving Mulan as a teaching point, I’d like to use her as a springboard into civilian or warrior? What dos it mean to be more than a civilian of heaven and become one of its warriors?

I see so many civilian Christians today, seeking their own little empire and the things of this underworld, while they neglect the Kingdom Above. They are careless in their spiritual ways and leave it to the warriors to protect them. They practice worldly wisdom but neglect spiritual disciplines. They are untrained and are as children before the enemy, unable to make any real difference in the spiritual outcome of this country.

When they look at Jesus they see a simple teacher of God who came as a lamb to be slaughtered and never fought back. Oh how little they see. How little they understand. And how small their own life will be because of it. But eyes can be opened. I pray it be so!

Mulan had talent and great abilities, but as a warrior she was still untrained. Then life faced her with an ultimate challenge that could not be changed. Either she becomes the warrior, or the father she loved would, and he would die. God wishes that his children would see the great need around them and choose to be more than a civilian of heaven, and also become the warrior! He has given us a Sword like none-other! He wishes his children would be moved by such great love, and not have to be forced by unavoidable circumstances.

I do not see Jesus as “lamb only”, but also the great spiritual warrior that not even our sins and death could hold! Not only is he King of kings but also the Lion of all lions! Do you not see what was happening in the invisible with every word he spoke? Do you not see the havoc he was wrecking in Satan’s kingdom with the brightness of his light? Do you not see the power of his anointing? Do we not see his spiritual disciplines and realize the great focus he had? And what was this focus? To please his heavenly Father and destroy the works of the devil! And so he did! With great force he warred against the enemy and broke his back!

So the question becomes…How do we follow in his footsteps? How do we shine great light, rescue the captives, and wreck havoc on what is left of Satan’s broken kingdom? Will we be birds of prey? Or birds in cages? Which will it be? Eagle soaring in the sky, or chicken scratching in the dirt, and going back in the chicken coop every night afraid of what lies out there in the darkness?

In Skykingdom God allows us to choose if we want to be an eagle, but not just with words, it must be deeds also. A chicken can claim to be an eagle all they want, but if they scratch in dirt like a chicken and cluck like a chicken, then a chicken they be and all can see. Vessel of honor or dishonor. Where does spiritual discipline begin? How would you teach it?

I’m just opening the door on this subject here at “Path Without End”. Jesus asked the people in his day, and he is asking us the same, he asked them what they went out into the wilderness to see? >

“What then did you go out to see? A man dressed in soft clothing? Those who wear soft clothing are in kings’ houses.” (Matt. 11:8)

They did not find a man wearing soft clothing in the desert, nor did they find a man living in a kings’ house. And so we begin.

Let us tire of civilian life and become a bird of prey!

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Skykingdom #3 / Supernatural


In the last article when we found ourself using the newest movie of “Mulan” as a teaching point, I had not planned on that, and this morning I found myself having more thoughts on the matter. So since we have entered this territory… why not? I found the movie both a “let down” and a “pleasure” at the same time, depending on my focus.

I thought the trailers made it look like somebody had finally done an excellent and realistic version of Mulan. It was not animated, but would actually seem as real! It was the number one movie I was looking forward to seeing, and just as it was about to come out…COVID!

Bummer. And the wait was on. And we waited…and we waited…until finally… it was about to be released not in the theaters, but TV streaming. Hhmmm. Okay. Just glad to finally see it. Yeah! And my family knew I wanted to see it, but I wasn’t sure about the cost? And then one of my sons rented it for us! Decision was taken out of my hands and I was all set to see the movie with my wife and two of my grandchildren! It don’t get no better!

However, I must admit when the show starts out with Mulan falling off a roof and floating through the air like a helium balloon, I knew this movie was in trouble. Problem was though, I loved the movie’s message! I loved how it led to her having her own sword and another value added to the other side of her sword! Brave, loyal, and true on one side, and then “Devotion to family” on the other!

But now I had a dilemma. How do I fix this strange show in my head in such a way I can make some kind of sense of it? My answer eventually came, and it really is the only option as far as I can see. The way her abilities were displayed could only be understood as “supernatural”. Her gifting was connected to something called the “Chi”, which lies in our spirit, and is of a supernatural quality anyway, as I understand. So when I took the movie into the realm of the supernatural, now I could credit some logic to it. Have you ever tried to make movies of what spiritual warfare may look like if we could actually see the invisible with our eyes? Bear with me for a minute and I think I can explain what I’m trying to say.

At this blog site I write articles about God’s Skykingdom and Skypeople. I write about God ordering our steps and the power to live above it all, seeking that which is above, not of this underworld. Now if I fell off a roof or was in a car crash but came out of it unscratched, what might that look like in the “invisible”? Did earthly eyes sees me hit the ground like a ton of bricks but somehow was not hurt? But did God, and Satan, see me kind of float to the ground as angels carried me? And which would be more real? And if I wanted to show that side of it, well… that’s how my brain works! I sincerely believe if I practice walking with my Lord the way I am supposed to, I enter a supernatural realm in which his hand determines what is allowed in my life. And I call that supernatural!

This is the winged life I speak of. Another example: This COVID thing. I have absolutely no fear of it. I am at complete peace. I have learned Indiana is a hot spot right now, but God either intends to keep me here longer, or he does not! It makes no difference to me! God’s will be done!!! The greatest defeat in my own life would be me not fulfilling God’s will, whether it is to live longer, or die tomorrow. This is part of the surrender, the “letting-go” that so many Christians fail to understand. Complete trust in the Father. Living in our Father’s House even now, on this earth, in the present, as well as future! It’s supernatural.

Various religions and teachings have different ideas of how they express “spirit”, soul, after-life, and etc. Let me be plain, my faith is totally in the Jewish writings of the Bible! I believe God came to Abraham. He birthed a nation and continued working through them to birth one very special child! That child, JESUS, is the key to ETERNITY and all things supernatural. This is what I believe, live, and teach. When we die we find out if we have chosen wisely or not. Call it chi or whatever you want to, I believe in soul/spirit and our ability to be led of God and make Him our habitation, our dwelling place, under the shadow of the Almighty! I believe we can tap into God’s supernatural through Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit, and that is what I have pursued my whole life. And I have seen a few things.

So… Skypeople? A winged life? Yes.

Let me end with this: I prayed for someone in our home this last week, here at what we call “God’s Bird House”, or “Church Everywhere”. This person has been having kidney stones which the pain has then caused colitus attacks and caused him to miss work and put a strain on paying their bills, threatening everything. God had me do an unusual thing in this prayer. I had never done it before, but I think I may be doing it more from here on.

First I told him when I pray for you, God is likely to show you things you need to do. A lot will depend on if you do them, or not. And then… we believe the Bible still says to anoint with oil when you pray for healing, but I had a small can of sword/knife oil setting nearby, the same oil I coat my Samurai sword with the “Eagle Theme”. I found myself grabbing that oil to anoint him! Never done that before! But we did.

But here is the rub…I found out he does not like drinking “water”…also he does not have the best health habits…the doctor told him if he could not drink water, then drink koolaid… now I’m no doctor, but I have heard that when you add anything to water you change its effect. Also losing weight and proper exercise can aid any body’s ability to stay strong and function properly. I’m not saying these things are a cure-all, but water is very important in MANY ways, and if someone would rather suffer days of pain, and colitus to the point of throwing up, and missing work because of sickness and possibly losing everything, would it be so bad to make yourself drink water? Is this person serious about being healed? And what other stubborn points might there be between this person and God that are standing in his way of living as Skypeople? The INVISIBLE things of God are very much affected by the VISIBLE choices we make. As a teacher I can tell you that. SELAH.

God said Israel was a rebellious and stubborn people. We would rather live grounded than have a quality prayer life. We would rather live grounded than walk with God as Enoch walked. We would rather live grounded in this underworld than mount up with the wings of the eagle and know Skykingdom, seeking those things above. No one can make us do what we know we need to do. It’s our choice.

I may not be done with Mulan, but for now, this is enough. Thank you for reading. I hope you spiritually benefited in some way. We look not at that which is visible, but the INVISIBLE. Soar more, and flap less!

Sail a sacred ship. Live by a sacred Sword. God’s Holy Word, a Sword like none-other!

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