“Night Watcher” #2 / Politics

75364021-1200px Another piece moves on the political chessboard. Kamala Harris for Biden V.P.! The mystery of who the Democrat Queen would be, revealed! The Queen is now in play.

As a “watcher” concerned about one main thing, the Kingdom of God in the earth, what might this move mean? My first thought is Biden chose well, or more likely, someone chose very well for him, because Biden is nothing but a Trojan Horse and Kamala is the real candidate.

Kamala appears to be a true “little guy” defender. Her story reads that way, and although she says outlandish things at times, such as “Trump is a criminal in the White House”, she is smart. And she has proven her ability to draw a line in the sand and recognize some kind of “balance” and “limits” as to how far we go with a thing. People do respect those who have the backbone to say I’m not buying everything you’re selling. This is acceptable, and this is not! So she shows an ability to reason with logic to a point, and many will be attracted to that. Her strength, logic, ability to communicate her points, and her personal story. But then there is also the Democrat platform itself.

All this combined with the platform of helping the “little guy” does appeal to a great number of people. Now here’s my point, church… all this greed and prosperity we’ve been preaching while ignoring serving our fellow man in need has created a pretty large “wealth gap”. And people are very tired of it. They might even be tired of it enough to take a chance that the Bernie Sanders Democrats might deliver on their promises. The rich are getting richer, and the gap bigger. This has always been a formula for uprisings and chaos. As our middle class shrinks, anger grows.

“The little people”, as we are called, are those of us who live very close to the poverty line, or barely maintaining a good lifestyle by way of credit cards. It’s a life of stress, desire, and struggle. A growing anger is building.  Why does everything cost so much? The Universities. Do you realize how many people there are who are buried under school loans? They see no way out! They are sick and tired of the struggle! Parents feel guilty! They are ready to overthrow a system that creates financial bondage!

The struggle for health insurance. The little guy strains his wallet every month trying to maintain some kind of health insurance, and then when they need it they still end up way in debt! Buried in medical bills! And it continues to be a problem even in retirement! Do we take care of our elderly? My dad retired with a nice package from Chrysler, but that package today has been downgraded, and only so many can find those jobs. My wife and I have no such package, and we are many.

At the age of 65, I had to roof my own house because it can’t be done for less than $7,000 if I hire professionals! And I have a small house! (1300 sq. ft.) But a professional “anything”, whether doctor, veterinary, mechanic, plumber, lawyer, carpenter, electrician, teacher, they all need to make big bucks to maintain their desired life style, and pay for their building and tools. (School loans). (Etc.) Therefore, all those who do not have such a life style can’t afford them! And this “money” frustration is obviously growing.  This money desire is a fire ready to burn this Capitalist system to the ground, whether the frustration is justified or not.

Personally…God has always taken care of my wife and I. I spent my life seeking an education in the University of God. I function a different way. Like Paul, I am very content whether I have little, or a little more. I don’t believe in excess. Let your moderation be known in all things. But most non-Christians have a materialistic hunger that must be fed! And today, most Christians seem to have that same hunger! There is nothing to bring a spiritual balance to the earth and curb the hunger, except maybe New Age religion, and people are flocking to it!

So…welcome to America in 2020 and a perfect storm. This is how I see it anyway. These are critical times. If the church continues denying the true power of God, then voting is our only hope of maintaining some kind of balance to our future. But if the Progressives win, lookout! Major change is on the way! Hate speech will sound from every corner! Revenge is a plate best served cold! Ice cold hearts will prevail! And if God keeps me here, I intend to still be watching and writing as I see it, but my target is the church more than the kingdom of man. My way of “fixing things” is by way of salt seasoning the whole, and changing things by way of “heart”, not laws.

The Queen is in play.

snowy owl in Colorado
“The night watchmen found me as they made their rounds. They beat and bruised me and stripped off my veil, those watchmen on the walls.” (S. of S. 5:7)

“A Small Footprint” #1 / Microchurch

portland-protests-2 “Burning Ancient Foundations”

Is there still an American dream? How have we gotten to such a place, that a significant number of our people no longer see America as the Land of Opportunity? They burn our Flag and Bibles. They add a pig to the mix to show their disgust. They set fire to our ancient foundations, those that have been proven by time, history, facts, stats, and God’s Word…but let it burn! Who are these people? Is this the definition of a Progressive?

I must admit, a lot of greedy and materialistic people live in America. For those who love money, the Capitalistic system is ideal. This new generation loves nature, and wants to leave a “small footprint” as they say. In this I agree with them. I am very much of this same nature. Jesus lived a life of the small footprint. I follow Christ, but the modern church seems to be lovers of material and money just like the world, and so…this new generation has no respect for them. Can you blame them?

I see it now. This hate and disgust is rooted in a righteous cause. If the church has become like the world, if there is no bright city upon a hill to inspire a righteous standard, then violence grows in many forms. Disgust grows in many forms.

Jesus warned against materialism and called us to be servants, but we would be kings. Kings do not desire a small footprint. Some of these preachers even have personal jets and live in mansions. Wow…Jesus rode a donkey. How is it a large portion of the American church fails to understand this? They cling to the Old Testament and reject the New. They desire New Testament grace, but refuse taking up their own cross!

Once upon a time, the American dream was mainly about Freedom, but as the church became more worldly, so has the world. Sounds odd, does it not? More and more the American dream became about money, and the Capitalistic system became the perfect vehicle for power and greed. It’s hard to reason with people who feel they have a righteous cause, even though they be not righteous themselves, nor in their methods.

Jesus warned us about greed and the love of money. He gave us an example of keeping things simple. I’m not a Progressive, but I left the modern church system for many of the same reasons Progressives now burn the American Flag and Bibles. I see no hope for America, unless the church gets back to what Jesus actually did and taught.

More greed and love of money will fill this land, and it makes some of us sick to our stomach to the point of disgust! God’s Word says a form of Elijah would return in the last days. Elijah had no interest in material things. He left a very small footprint. The Old Testament closed with this promise of a return of Elijah, and then came many years of silence… until John the Baptist…of the spirit of Elijah…living in the desert and leaving a small footprint…but also challenging the religious leaders and government of his time!

“Look, I am sending you the prophet Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord arrives. His preaching will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers. Otherwise I will come and strike the land with a curse.” (Malachi 4: 5-6)

Is that a threat? Is God threatening us? Was it not Elijah who prayed for a curse upon the land in his time, and God granted it? Did not Elijah pray for no rain? Did he not pray for drought, leading to famine, no prosperity, and a curse? What would prosperity preachers say of this? Is not Elijah speaking to us again?

I think Micro church is also a form of getting back to the “small footprint” our Lord exemplified himself. I believe God’s Anointing is upon this new wine of simple ways. And if the church fails to wake up and listen to the message of Elijah and John the Baptist, then the curse continues, and it grows, until the church finally humbles itself once again, seeks God’s face, repents of her sin, and prays, like Jonah finally prayed.

Jonah was the source of the storm. These pagan sailors did not want to throw him overboard. They fought hard to save him. But the storm continued growing until they had no other choice but throw the prophet, the man of God, overboard, into the raging sea.

It is my hope and prayer that the new wine, missional movement, Micro church, is a return of a form of Elijah, and the Anointing that was upon him, and even the greater Anointing of our Lord. I hope we take this message to heart.



Changing the System / Hebrews 7

“And if the priesthood is changed, the law must also be changed to permit it.” (Hebrews 7:12)

We need an awakening. Things have changed and we don’t even realize the extent of that change. And yet we have also made changes God has not made! There has been a change of priesthood. Jesus was not even of the tribe of Levi. He was of the tribe of Judah. By Jewish law he could not even become our high priest unless God was changing some things. God said he was, and that had been his plan all along.

Hebrews 7 makes a big issue of a mysterious person who shows up only once in the Old Testament, and yet the Apostle Paul, (Or whoever wrote Hebrews), makes a huge issue out of this person.

Hebrews even goes as far as to say Christ was not after the order of the Levi priesthood and the Old Covenant laws, but was of a completely different system! Completely separate from Aaron and Levi! A New Covenant based on much better promises and somehow connected to this mysterious priest known as, Melchizedek!

So…if God is changing the priesthood system, then what is he changing it to? The most simple answer to that is: What ever is written and explained in the New Testament, our New Covenant with God through His Son, Jesus. Nothing more, and nothing less.

So…if you cannot find the New Covenant stating you are still under a law, such as tithing, then you are not still under that law! You have been set free and lifted to something better! And if we choose tithing to be the sacred cow we make an example of, be careful not to try and stand on any scriptures where Christ is having an encounter with someone “still under the law”, because as far as what I have been able to find, that is the only time Jesus ever referred to tithing, when he was in a debate with a Pharisee still under the law.

We are going to get very deep into Hebrews 7 and Melchizedek, because that is the awakening, that is the king having no clothes, that is Black Belt Christianity if you want to think in terms of such an analogy.

In Christ Jesus, God took us from a “set of laws”, and a condition where man covered his head to pray to God, and he took us to this!

“I will put my laws in their minds, and I will write them on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people.” (Hebrews 8:10b)

The Holy Spirit, the very Presence of God did not live in the Old Testament Jew as we have the Holy Spirit living in us today. We have become temples of God! They needed laws to keep them on track, but they even messed that up, by adding things and setting boundaries God never said! Like Adam telling Eve she could not even touch the tree! The Levite told their farmers if the cow fell in a ditch on the Sabbath, then the cow had to die! You do no work on the Sabbath! Jesus said that was not what God hath said!

Okay, I’ll calm down now. It’s just that I’ve spent so many years of my life trying to fit the modern church and thinking there was something wrong with me, that now I’m very passionate about the freedom God is showing me, a life of “walking in the Spirit, led of God, led of what God has actually said, nothing more and nothing less.

I was even lied to about Christmas! Can you believe it? No! I’m not talking about Santa Clause. I expect to be lied to by the world. I expect all kinds of fantasy, gimmicks if it makes money or allows their pet sin. But lied to by my church? Why was I not told the truth about Christmas? Why are our religious, college trained experts, silent on these issues? Why do they pet them and keep them? Why are they afraid of the truth setting people free?

Well, that’s another article later, but for now, just know we need to understand the change God made in the “system” through His Son. And we need to be sure of what the New Covenant says, and what it does not. Did tithing precede the law? Yes it did, through Abraham. Does this mean it is still in effect because it preceded the law? No, it doesn’t. Because circumcision also preceded the law through Abraham, and the Apostles had a big meeting over that and said it was no longer in effect. Done! Period! It was now a thing of the heart, just like Hebrews 8 describes to us, a circumcision of the heart!

So yes, we are going to consider this mysterious person, Melchizedek, and much of the book of Hebrews, even a special REST God says is reserved for his special people, and much more. It’s time we awaken, and be about our Father’s true business.