“The Hidden Matzah”

20190709_133833 My wife and I participated in Jonathon Cahn’s live Passover last night. It blessed us in many ways! And I learned some really beautiful aspects of the Lord’s Supper I did not know, one of which is the “Hidden Matzah”.

I did not know the Matzah bread was actually “3”, stacked upon each other. So you have 3 Matzah bread in a stack, and at a certain point of the meal, the “middle” Matzah  is pulled out of the stack, this representing our Lord. I’ve always heard the phrase Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus always seems to be the middle of the holy Trinity. This is a very interesting detail, but the analogy continues.

The other two Matzahs are laid aside, but the middle one that has been pulled from the stack is then broken in half, signifying our Lord’s suffering to pay our price of redemption, but the most fascinating detail at this point is that half of the Matzah is then put in a cloth, shroud, and “HIDDEN” away!

Now this was of particular interest to me. At my other site, the Willow Tree, I have done much teaching about living in our Father’s House, and how Jesus IS our Father’s House!

“He that dwelleth in the ‘SECRET’ place of the most High shall abide under the shadow (the cloud) of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my ‘REFUGE’ and my ‘FORTRESS’…” (Psalms 91) and also… “Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my REFUGE, even the most High, thy HABITATION…” (Vrs. 9)

Jesus was always the great mystery hidden, the great secret of the coming salvation. Satan never understood that God was planning to put his children into Christ, like a mighty fortress of salvation, our Father’s House! We are born-again to dwell in Christ! And this house is mobile, like the tents the children of Israel lived in on their way to the Promised Land!

So the beauty of this detail of HIDING half of the middle Matzah, like a SECRET place. Later in the meal the HIDDEN Matzah is to be found! Sometimes they have the children look for it and make real significance of it being HIDDEN! Even today, salvation is a great mystery to many people. Even the nation Israel, as a whole, has not discovered the HIDDEN Matzah yet, as they still do not realize who Jesus is!

People search for fulfillment and salvation in many many ways, yet fail to find the true hidden Matzah. He seems to be hidden to them, like a vale over their eyes, they do not see him. Yet he is there all the time, just waiting for them to believe and unwrap his body from that shroud and enter into eternal resurrection!

Another aspect of this, sad to say, for many Christians, they fail to live a life of dwelling in Christ. The “will of God”, the personal assignment for them is lost, as if hidden, because they fail to dwell under God’s shadow, walking in Spirit! We are called to live as tents! When the cloud moves we move too, staying in the will of God for us! But people grow careless, lazy, distracted, or in a set program, and the cloud moves but they are not paying attention to the cloud! They are not looking up! They don’t pray, they don’t listen, they don’t care! God is a living Being who moves! His Presence moves and they fail to move with Him. Now they are no longer under the shadow and can’t seem to find that SECRET place again, of His strong Presence for them. And yet He is still there.

God’s perfect will for each of us is SECRET to us. We are meant to hear His voice and follow His will that is individual to us. He is a very “personal” God. He is the only one who can have a huge congregation and yet still be intimate with each member! But if we are too preoccupied with other things higher on our priority list, then we lose the shadow, and if we’re not careful, we can actually become the prodigal who has left the Father’s House under less than desirable terms. Beware the pig pen coming!

Our habits become our habitation. I have written much of this at my Willow site, but I am slowly moving it all to this site. Yes, a transition is going on. Please continue visiting our Willow tree here at Path Without End as God is moving mightily in our time and we all need to hear ye Him!

“By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof.” (Psalms 137)

Our habits become our habitation. Do we have Jesus habits? More coming soon!





“Making Passover Bread?”

I’ve never been much of a cook. I mostly just don’t like taking the time for it. Especially when you add “clean-up” in. My specialty has always been breakfast foods. My second specialty is taking cheap can soup and adding celery, mushrooms, onions, cucumber, and rice to make it not so cheap soup. But in this journey of Early Church discovery, I have learned of the “Christian Passover Meal”, also known as the “Welcoming Table”, and my wife and I plan to conduct our first Christian Passover Meal this 30th of March.

None of the Churches I have spent my life going to, holds such a meal. So I guess I got to do it myself. Why our churches are not concerned that Bishop Polycarp, disciple of the Apostle John, defended this practice as a matter of importance, I do not know. Why we are taught so little about the practices of the early church fathers, I do not know and I find it highly suspect! I have learned so much in these studies! Why I am having to do this myself, I do not know.

Therefore, I have chosen to join Bishop Polycarp, and the Church of Smyrna in this practice. Even though I’m sure my knowledge is limited, I believe God is pleased that I’m making such an effort with the knowledge I have been able to glean. And just like God planted the “Tree of Life” and the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” close together in the Garden of Eden; I am doing my best to keep the “Tree of Life” very close too, as I learn this new knowledge.

It turned out to be quite an adventure. Yes, this is a picture of my wife with flour on her nose. I don’t know how she got it there, but it was a good laugh. I thought this was going to be easy to make. It’s basically just flour and water with some olive oil and salt added at the end. But not being much of a cook myself, I did not realize you only have so many minutes to mix and knead the dough, and get it spread out! It ended up being like a race on one of those cooking shows! And I lost! I did not make the time! But I must have been close enough because it still cooked up, thank the Lord!

Part of the Christian Passover Meal is all about family; both personal family, and church. So we decided we would try our first effort at my mom and dad’s, in order to add some variety to their day. They got a kick out my wife and I racing around the kitchen trying to make the time limit, but miserably failing. We had my mom working the timer clock. But all is well that ends well they say, and the Matzah bread came out excellent! Especially the ones we kept the olive oil just a light coating, (like the instructions said). But I like olive oil and tried a heavier coating on a few. The bread lost some of its crispiness and was not as good.

So we continue on our Early Church Journey and with our seven days of unleavened bread we will not starve in the wilderness, although I must admit it’s not real filling. I think my cheap soup will be excellent with it! Yes! Country boy will survive!

However, it still bugs me that I see so little concern from our modern Pastors as to how far we have drifted from the church Jesus started. Have we progressed, found a more excellent way than those directly taught by the Master himself? (I seriously doubt it.) Not when I look around at how much our modern church has in common with the ways of our modern world. I’m not even a Pastor, and it greatly concerns me, so much so I decided to explore on my own if need be. I hope you’re with me on this journey. I hope you’re learning things too. We are ships at sea, powered by the Wind, seeking Treasure Islands, and when we find them, we dig up the treasure and enjoy. May God’s Wind always be in your sails. Amen.

samuel-zeller-34761-unsplash“Fellowship of the White Path” / Grandpa White Feather.