Fellowship of the White Path 7/22/18

images (18) “The Ezekiel 8 Matrix” 

The very powerful and fearful book of Revelation foretells a time in which a form of Babylon and Rome will be alive and well on planet earth again. Both Babylon and Rome are symbols of darkness in the earth, even gross darkness. Second Thessalonians 2 predicts a great “falling away”, an apostasy in the Church “before” the revealing of the antichrist. The seeds of these things are still in the earth. The seeds of Babylon and Rome have slowly grown…and it would seem…the Church is blind to its own guilt in the preserving of these Satanic forces. These seeds within the practices of our own Churches will be the downfall of many, and a great shame for many shepherds. Their sheep will be led to slaughter. Even spiritual slaughters of every kind.

We do not see because of the Matrix we have been seduced into. Indeed, how can we see? Our “leaders” have led us here. Our “experts” have set their approval on it. The past and what Jesus “did” has been hidden from us by the very ones we pay to “teach us”, “reveal to us truth”! Lead us into all Light! Light be?

Revelation reveals a “harlot” riding the back of the beast. And that beast will eventually turn and rend her to pieces! The word “harlot” is a word God uses when his own people are unfaithful. Not a pretty picture, but “is” that which is to come. Are you ready? Do you have an Ezekiel 8 Matrix?

So what “DID” Jesus do? You think you know? What did Jesus deem to be so important that it was among the things he personally taught the Apostle Paul? Which as you know, Jesus had already left the earth at that time and had to make personal appearances to Paul. This Apostle must have been pretty important. And the items Jesus would choose to teach him must have been just the most important points. Why waste time on things he can just as easily learn from Peter, John, or any other Apostle? But no…Paul said Jesus showed him. But it didn’t take long for the Rome Church to begin targeting the very heart of the True Gospel Way, The Lord’s Table!

Now you won’t find “The Lord’s Table” mentioned in Ezekiel 8, but believe me, it’s there, and I intend to show you, if you have a heart to know truth. But I warn you, it may upset your current virtual reality. It did mine, and I’ve been walking a different road ever since.

You have to know something is not right when the Church constantly imitates the world instead of Christ. A complex system instead of simplicity, stage lights, massive debt, an emphasis on money, super talent more than super anointing, promoting of “Temple Building” more than “Table Ministry” (which is what Jesus did), King Theology instead of servant and priest, rampant divorce, pornography, and worldliness in the people, pastors falling every day to various temptations kept hidden until they are caught, this list of imitating the world could go on and on.

The Church runs about a decade or so behind the world, but following slowly like a good servant should. Let the “Mark of the Beast” come. We will scream and throw a fit at first, like a politician does, (for that is what we have become), and then say okay, I love progress! (Not to mention a treasure of pleasures!) All hidden behind closed doors, in secret rooms, just like God showed Ezekiel.

How do we get back to what Jesus did? How do we get back to a true Lord’s Table? How long was the table set for Satan to show up in the Garden of Eden, before he finally did? How long, Adam? Mr. Pastor? Do you love Eve more than God? Are you listening to God, or Eve? Are you maintaining God’s garden?

Furthermore, even if the modern church is guilty of the two most detestable things that God reveals to Ezekiel and puts at the top of his list for judgement, is it not purely a “technical” error? Is it not such a small and innocent compromise as to not be worthy of upsetting the greater good? I say again, if only it were that small. If only it were that innocent! But this “technicality” has permeated, influenced, and pretty much defiled almost everything we do! We’re off-track and on way to major judgement, but we do not even see! We have a King Matrix in our head! We’re doing fine! We’re rich and have need of nothing! But the king is actually naked, and has no clothes! The Spirit of God is calling him out for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear! Laodicea!

“Then the Lord added, “Come, and I will show you even more detestable sins than these! He brought me to the north gate of the Lord’s Temple, and some women were sitting there, weeping for the god Tammuz. Have you seen this?” he asked. “But I will show you even more detestable sins than these!”

“Then he brought me into the inner courtyard of the Lord’s Temple. At the entrance to the sanctuary, between the entry room and the bronze altar, there were about twenty-five men with their backs to the sanctuary of the Lord. They were facing east, bowing low to the ground, worshiping the sun!” (Ezek. 8:13-16)

These verses describe the top two offenses God was about to leave “Jerusalem” over and bring a refining fire of judgement. Most of you are probably asking who in the world is Tammuz? What does that have to do with me? And we are certainly not worshiping the sun! And in your Matrix that would seem to be true, but it is so easy to reveal a naked king. Prepare yourself to be shocked! Because if we are practicing in the average Church today, we are very guilty of both these things, whether you be Catholic or Protestant!

How is it we ignored the words of the Apostles, and those who sat under the Apostles, such a Polycarp, and decided that which Jesus went to so much trouble to instruct the Apostle Paul, was not important, and we could change? Create a short-form Lord’s Supper? How do we go directly against what is spoken by the Apostles, and is written in our own Bibles, and think we are pleasing God?

How is it the only two holidays the Church celebrates that are directly connected to Christ, that being Easter and Christmas, the two holidays that some people only go to Church on those two days, are directly connected to Rome and the worship of the Sun god?

How is it these things have caused us to totally change the Lord’s Table, and cease having a Passover Meal which not only God instructed the Jews to do forever, but through the Apostles instructed us to do also!

How is it that a holy supper meant to “show the Lord’s death“, his cross, has shifted ever so slightly to emphasize his resurrection, (Tammuz), when the emphasis is supposed to be on his death, and this mindset matrix affects everything we do in our view of being a Christian! Now we celebrate a resurrection and the Easter bunny shows up, even as women wept for Tammuz because of her love for spring, the unconquerable SUN!

How is it we have very little true Table Ministry, including an accurate Lord’s Supper, but we have slid back into a complicated, techno gadget, Temple Ministry in which people are not family, not discipled, not changed, but still live with their eyes on the kingdom of man, and seek to be kings, not priest? This is what Jesus did? This is what the Apostles did? This is what the early Church was? No! I hate to burst your matrix, but this is what Church became after we took the Constantine fork in the road!

If only we did not let it affect so much of how we live, what we do, and how we think. The mind of Christ? If only the Church was not imitating the world and full of sin. If only, if only, if only,…then Church would still be more like it was then. But what we have today is something else…something different. We have “something” alright, and like I’ve said before, something is better than nothing. I do believe that in spite of everything, people get saved there, but can we do better? Is God going to force us to do better, by sending a refining fire to burn up all the dross, which unfortunately will also be a certain percentage of people, who may think they are saved, but actually are simply lost in the modern Church maze of smoke and mirrors?

A great falling away. I do not advise a plan of simply waiting for the refining fire to come. You need to build your ark now. It will be too late if you wait. The Helmet of Salvation lives in a matrix of truth, preparing the individual in every way. You can do it. God is calling us. We must do it! With God’s direction and help, you can build an ark in our day, just like Noah did in his.

Jesus himself said the last days would be as in the days of Noah. Our expert leaders today will expertly teach Jesus was only referring to life going on as normal, with marriage, business, family, and so forth. But why think so small? This is part of the problem with the matrix of our current Church. WE FAIL TO SEE THE BIG PICTURE!

Do you really think that’s all Jesus meant? You know, Revelation speaks of those fallen angels who are locked away in a pit, being released! Those same angels that were involved in Noah’s days! But did Jesus specifically mention that in his words of revelation that day? No.

There is a big picture to be seen. I want to give you the details about Tammuz, the Lord’s Supper, Rome, Babylon, Jerusalem, the Exiles, Ezekiel, Christmas, Winter Solstice, witchcraft, all of it! It’s more than just two days a year, it has affected everything! WE ARE GUILTY!

Perhaps you don’t want to know. Perhaps you’re not willing to change things. And when the 666 comes, perhaps you won’t see that either, and there is no ark to carry you and your family to safety. If you have read these words and choose to ignore, be aware, there may be blood on your hands. Please warn people. Please give others a chance to judge the words of this message.

One of my last days at my previous Church was what was called an “outreach” to the neighborhood. It took place in the large paved parking lot. All kinds of “fun things” were set up to attract children. It was also fall. Halloween was drawing close, but I don’t remember this as an actual Halloween thing. I can’t remember for sure. But what I do remember as I was pulling my vehicle into the Church property, was speakers blasting Micheal Jackson’s song, “Thriller”, so loud you could not even speak to people. You had to scream to be heard.

This out reach was so worldly in its ways that I did not stay long. I didn’t like screaming, or the method of outreach. I did not fit. So I screamed at a few people. Even a few screams to the Pastor. I’m not sure he even heard me. And then I quietly left. Pretty much unnoticed. This is just one of many tales that could be shared of our modern church. Did people come? Yes. Did some get saved? I hope so. Did they learn what it means to truly follow Jesus? I doubt it. Jesus was about a different way.  He did not imitate the world, or the Church system at that time. This is what we know about what Jesus DID.

402894471-free-wind-wallpapers May the Wind carry dying seeds to bring forth much fruit in these last days.

Flap less, and soar more.

So says, Grandpa White Feather.