The New Moon Cometh!

The new moon cometh and what shall we see in its light?

As I continue watching events unfold. As I continue praying and listening to things in the Spirit. I take note that a new moon begins on December 14th. Is that not the very day our electors are supposed to make the choice and seal the deal as to which fork of the river we will be pulled down? A very interesting coincidence.

A new moon is the first night of increasing light. The sky will be dark, no moon seen, but it begins growing. From that night forward light grows, and we enter a time of increasing light. Things will be exposed in the night! It grows to the fullness of the light of the full moon on December 29! Interesting. A time of increasing light just ahead, only six days away.

If all the allegations and signed affidavits are ignored and not intensely investigated, then what does that mean? Does it mean the high places of our country have been taken over with darkness so great that all light is smothered out? Surely it means an evil beyond description has captured the high places of our land, and then…?

And then it will dawn on each of us just what spiritual danger of soul we are all in!

If we are of the Light, keep praying! A new moon cometh! A full moon cometh! All we ask is for the light! It’s not about political parties! It’s about that which is true, right, and honorable! If we become a country taken over by darkness, if our light is revealed to actually be darkness, then each person of true wisdom will surely know the hour in which we live. All will be revealed.

But nothing changes for the child of God. We are about light. We live in light. The fake will fall away, and the real will be seen, like shining cities set upon many hills. Beware, for they will attack those hills. But these are high places they cannot have, for they are God places, and no darkness can stand there. Amen.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear…

A Prayer – “Light be!”

Father… as our election draws closer every day we need TRUTH. So many lies flying around. I pray that those with lying tongues be exposed! Let there be light! I pray America RETURN to her godly roots and her biblical foundations and embrace them again, for they are the favor of God! I pray the wickedness of Hollywood and other platforms who daily attack your Word and your Presence, I pray they fall in their own pits! The snares they set for others would become the very snares they are trapped in! Let them fall in and be exposed! Light be! Let America seek Jesus again. Let the liars be cursed in their ways. Let their own words and evil prayers come back upon them!

I pray that your Church, Lord; your body in this country become prayer warriors again, casting off the cares of this life and walking in the Priesthood you have ordained. I pray the Church stop selling her birthright for beans! I pray her eyes would see INFINITY more than finite! I pray her mind be renewed by the INFINITE, casting away her pots of beans! Perhaps this time the ship can be lightened, the pots of beans thrown overboard into the raging sea, and Jonah be saved! But if not, if this great ship cannot be turned from Tarshish, then throw us into the sea, Lord. It is what we need.

I’m asking a lot, Lord. Your Church has so corrupted herself in worldliness. Can anything besides the belly of a whale redirect her? I do not know, Lord. But this is my prayer. I ask all these things in your name, Lord. I ask our Father, in the name of Jesus, LIGHT BE! Let TRUTH come forth with such weight and heaviness, that it sets upon the lies, and when TRUTH sets herself upon those lies, they cannot bear the weight of it, and they are crushed! I pray people be set free again in the liberty of truth, for surely right now, we are not. In Jesus name, Amen.

(If this prayer echoes in your own heart and soul, please join me in praying this as much as possible between now and the election, and even after if need be. We are at such a critical fork in the road in this country. The path we take will be our future, whatever that path holds, whether good or bad. Anyone claiming the name of Christ today, who is not aware of this ultimate fork in the road, surely must be sound asleep. We need to wake each other up and get back to being the Priest God has called us to be. There is a huge gap we are meant to be standing in, but are we? Are we functioning as Priest, or Gentiles? I truly believe this perfect storm we are in is more about God’s Church in America, than America itself. Just as it was with Jonah in that day. The Church is called to be the “Champions of TRUTH”, but where are the champions of our day? Let them rise up! Then perhaps this storm can pass away.)

Pure Wisdom.

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“Hate Justified”/ Prophetic Poetry

7326378758_6998e8784a_b “HATE JUSTIFIED”

Why is your HATE justified, but not mine?

Why is your crime righteous, but not mine?

You’re not perfect and neither am I,

But He was!

So they stirred up HATE!

“They HATE me without a cause,” He still says!

Is it true?

With enough HATE I will even crucify “perfection”!


“I” will justify anything if “I” get what “I” WANT.

My group, your group. My tribe, your tribe. My right, your right.

First divide… Then HATE… Then chaos… 

Watch “us” burn and fall! But who’s behind it all?

Certainly not “us”!

We are the manipulated! The unthinking herd they say we are.

We prove them right!


HATE takes.

It does not think!

HATE takes by lies…HATE takes by force…HATE does not care.

There is no truth, logic, or reasoning…HATE takes!

It’s a fire! It’s a heat! It does not think! It does not hear!

So what chance have we? Flawed as we are!

There is none good! None but One!

And we HATED Him!

We the herd, manipulated again!

Aha! Aha! My eyes have seen it! We said we said!

Yes… so we said the day we crucified even, the Perfect One.

So what chance have “I”, in your “I”s?


We cannot touch “Him” now.

But we have His children, and His Words!

Aha! Aha! My eyes have seen it! We say! We say!

 But you lie…you lie.


You’re the HATER, and how do you stand it?

Shed your skin again?

You’re a walking skeleton, a whited sepulcher!


 I have peace. Peace enough to share, if only…

I have a garden, with fruit enough to share…if only…

I am not the misled throngs,

I traded my HATE for the Song of Songs!


But they only love “THEIR OWN”.

Your group, my group. Your tribe, my tribe. Let us divide.

Such violence spilling over, kills its own kind!

Join us and we will HATE the others! We destroy OURSELVES together!

But in the end, the real enemy steps forth claiming all we lost.

The Garden lost again.

He smiles in delight…feeling so wise.

“How simple it was, really,” he says. “Like animals in a jungle.”

Is he from China? One can’t help but wonder. But actually, he’s from way under.

From the bowels of deep darkness below, this way of HATE he surely knows.

And the rhyme starts over…the circle spins…repeat, repeat, until the end.

And then? All the HATE will be judged by “THE ONE”.

The One who is HATED without a cause.

Yes…I am guilty of HATE speech, way back then, and so are we all!

“Crucify Him!” we said.

Can we forgive, to be forgiven?

But then, that requires “reasoning together”.

HATE is too hot for reasoning. That’s why it works!

And they know it, but do not care, and do not believe the Perfect One.

God’s Holy Word.

Lovers of darkness, more than light. Lovers of jungle, more than garden. Lovers of chaos and HATE, more than peace. Lovers of snakes, more than a bird of song.

Choose you this day, which are you? 

The Garden? Or the jungle? A gardener, or destroyer?

Gardeners bring forth life. We sing the Garden Song. 

The Song of all Songs!

Salvation If this looks like defeat to you, you will never know the Garden Song.

And you will never know why Satan has already lost.

The true Garden has been restored, never to be lost again!

Many many song birds sing in God’s Garden.

It’s a beautiful thing.

“Simply Jesus”/ Prophetic Poetry

20190824_141511 “Simply Jesus”

His words were simple: “Follow Me.”

A love for simplicity.

Trappings, trappings all around! Fig leaves, fig leaves on the ground!

Trapped in the trappings of our modern ways!

Complexity of Christianity!

What happened to His simple words?

Shed the fig leaves to the ground!

Scatter the money all around!

Throw the programs to the wind!

Make things simple once again!

Come Holy Spirit, fix my heart.

Where is the simplicity? For this certainly is not.

Trappings of complexity. Trappings of Christianity.

Come out my people.

Come to the still waters, my green pastures, my paths of righteousness.

My simple ways.

“Follow Me.”

My peace.



“Is this a Stupid Question?”

cart-before-the-horse This last weekend in Indianapolis, 7 people were shot, and 2 died. No police were involved in these events taking place in minority areas of our city. Our poorer areas of the city are slowly evolving into war zones and have been for some time. My question is…

How motivated are the police going to be to go into these places where they are so hated, and if they do anything wrong in these high pressure, split second, life threatening events, they will be crucified? I’m not talking about what we saw with the police in Minneapolis, but the real stuff that happens every day! Guns and violence erupting in a split second! How much would you be willing to risk your life and career under these current circumstances? The people who seem to need the police the most, (and we all need them), but are they not cutting their own lifeline? Or am I just stupid?

I still believe it is a matter of faith and heart. There is a Reverend Charles Harrison and the Ten Point Coalition working desperately to bring a peaceful spirit to these communities. There is evidence suggesting they have made a real difference in some areas, but where are all the good church people in those communities that could join that effort?

There is no light except the light of Christ. If minds and hearts are full of darkness, then so will be the neighborhood, even on a sunny day. Can law enforcement or counselors change that? Unless they have real light to offer, I think not. We need a massive heart transplant, and not the kind that any medical doctor can do. I think Reverend Dr. Charles Harrison has the right idea if it leads to truly changed hearts.

So… will we see higher and higher death rates, crime rates, criminal activity and family disputes in minority areas until our new answers have a chance to work? Will these people suffer even more? And what are those new answers? Street counselors armed with psycho babble and no police backup, in the streets stopping gun toting thugs and gangs? Have we identified the real problem, or simply “avoided” the real issue again? Is this a real answer? Do we reap what we sow?

The tragedy is, and I mean real tragedy, as in TRAGIC! 7 more people were shot over the weekend because of violence filling the streets, and no one can speak of the real reasons, unless those of their own neighborhoods do. It does no good for anyone else to say anything. Past efforts have proven that. We might as well stay silent, because unless we’re one of them, and I am not, evidently, we should not speak, because we know nothing.

The Awakening.


Passover’s not important anymore, we have Easter and Lent.

But some say COVID 19 was a messenger sent!

And those who missed Passover will miss Pentecost too!

What say you?

Do you know of these things, or just casting in the dark?

There is mystery with God as he stirs the pot.

The waters are troubled, an angel touches down, but what know ye of these things?

I hope, a lot!

There is an awakening.

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Journey to Micro Church – #5

Black_elkHoF Black Elk Speaks > Chapter 10 > “Walking the Black Road” >

“Wherever we went, the soldiers came to kill us, and it was all our own country. It was ours already when the Wasichus (white man) made the treaty with Red Cloud, that said it would be ours as long as the grass should grow and water flow. That was only eight winters before, and they were chasing us now because we remembered and they forgot.”

Do we think we’re different now? White man found yellow metal in those hills, and nothing, not their word, not laws or right or wrong would stop them. Are we saved today by the teachings of Jesus? Then why do I see the same in the Church!? Have we forgot? Have we forgot what Jesus said and did? Hey Preacher living in your wealth! Have you forgot? Have you distorted what Jesus said and did? Have you distorted his Word? Have you twisted the truth until it is true no more?

These are but a few of the things that drove me out of of our modern Churches to begin a simple path in which two joined me. One had been a devout Catholic all his life, and never baptized in the way the Bible actually says. He asked me to baptize him, and we did. It was simple, meaningful, and my great honor to do so.

So we started a small group of three, called it a “Fellowship”, and named it “Fellowship of the White Path”, because Jesus walked the red path of his own blood, so that we might walk the white path of his own righteousness.

We also began having a proper Passover every year, according to what your Bible still says, and I believe God is very pleased in our effort to do the best we can with what we have learned as we study early Church, those first 300 years, of which man seems to have tried to muddy the waters of history, so it can be difficult to see. But once the maze begins to open up, a lot of light begins shining in very rapidly, even as a flood!

How much of what we did to the native American Indian is still in us? We try to deny it, but what do our actions so plainly reveal? Our actions betray us! They betray our words to be nothing but lies! When will our hands be clean? Not till we actually live what we profess, and flee those leaders who do not!

I see so much greed in the Church where it should never be! But it is. Where are the Pastors living on faith and love offerings today? Where are the Pastors developing disciples ready to split a group and multiply, for the sake of keeping it as family, and the sake of Gospel Propagation as the early Church did? No group should be bigger than what a Pastor can properly pray for, and a family atmosphere can maintain. We are the family of God, not a copy of worldly ways who love money, numbers, and an image of success.

As mentioned before, I am working towards starting a Podcast on this subject, as someone suggested I should do. We have our equipment now. We have downloaded “Audacity” and hooked up to it. We slowly progress, but I still have things to learn before we achieve this goal, and these technologies do not come easy for me, but if God’s will is in it, it shall be done.

I think it’s pretty obvious now how my trip to the Black Hills seeking God, and God leading me to a book by a very wise man named Black Elk, has helped confirm many things to me about a path I was already seeking, and had begun, without even knowing, and how I eventually discover we are very similar to what is now being called Micro Church. I need not write more on this at this time. It was a strange path perhaps, by what would be modern standards, but it has led here, nonetheless. It amazes me.

I have it in me to begin a series called, “The Covenant of Darkness”. It’s about the Old Testament and how from the beginning it was designed for man to fail, and God to fulfill, so that we might have a covenant actually bringing salvation. Jesus not only saves us from our sin, but also the judgement of the Old Covenant, an eye for an eye. For us to drag anything of law from that covenant is as a slap in the face of Christ, and what he died for, to bring us the New. It is as if we practice Judaism, rather than Christianity, and this includes the teaching of tithing. Drug from the Old, it can not be supported from the New, unless you are a Pharisee.

We live in a day when the love of money has twisted much. More Churches are like Laodicea than Smyrna. And Smyrna holds a great key to unlocking the man-made-Maze! We need to get back to our early Church fathers. We need to get back to the disciples of the disciples. We need to get back to the Apostles and what our Bible actually says. We need to get back to Jesus!

“Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.” (Jeremiah 6:16)


20181001_145252 It is the night of the Passover. Jesus came on a mission to teach, sow seed, die, and bring the Kingdom of God to the earth. There is no birthing of the Kingdom of God without some death to the flesh. Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone, unfruitful, no harvest!

What does the people of God’s Kingdom in earth look like? Study the Beatitudes. Study and understand, take to heart the Sermon on the Mount, and you will know.

Tonight there will be red on the door post of my home as our small Fellowship comes together for a special Lord’s Supper. I hope you have plans to thank the Lord in a special way for his great sacrifice of love.

Jesus walked the red path of his own blood, so we could walk the white path of his own righteousness… and be the people of God, the Kingdom of God in the earth.

Salt & Light.

The Great Disconnect

20171202_173614 Hi! Grandpa White Feather here with our midweek spiritual food for thought. There use to be a very popular question asked in which when you asked it, the question seemed to magically produce the answer! It really is quite uncanny the way this question really does produce (in most cases) an almost instantaneous answer.

Also, if the person asking the question is thinking correctly, it produces a CORRECT answer! Isn’t that a wonderful thing! But I am troubled by something, because even though the question is very powerful to produce correct answers…there is another question which should be just as powerful and produce the SAME answers…and yet it does not appear to have worked out that way. This is very weird and is cause for serious scrutiny, because herein lies a great mystery we would do well to solve!

The “Popular Question”; the one that became so well known and such a fad that people wore bracelets of “WWJD”, is “What would Jesus do?” If the mind of the person asking the question is of a proper intelligence and Biblical knowledge, this very simple question should produce a very correct answer. And it should be the SAME as the answer produced by my second question! But for some reason these two appear to have produced two very different answers. Hhhhhmmmm. What does this mean?

The second question is almost the same as the first, with only one word changed. For some reason it never became the “popular” question, except with me. When one looks at the two, you would expect them to produce the same answers, but they have not! What is this great mystery, this great disconnect?

The second question is this: “What DID Jesus do?” 

I’ve always considered my mind to work in pretty logical ways. Basically, when I think something through, 2+2 should equal 4. So…………..when I ask these two questions, my logical mind assumes that what Jesus “DID” do should be in harmony with what Jesus “WOULD” do! Make sense? (Does to me.)

I never worried about the two ways it could be asked because I ASSUMED the word “WOULD”, projecting forward, would simply agree with and line up with “DID”, looking backward! But much to my surprise, when I look at today’s church, what Jesus WOULD do does not seem to line up with what Jesus DID do! Huh? So is there something wrong with the questions, or the people answering the questions? Here is an example of what I mean.

Jesus came at a time in which the Children of God had slid into a very complicated and demanding religious system in which stone temples were focal points of. But what DID Jesus do? He condemned that system on every level! And he simplified it at every turn! He got in trouble every time he spoke in one of those stone temples! He took their multitude of laws and reduced them down to “TWO”!!! Wow! He said MY yoke is easy and MY burden light. He shifted everything away from “expensive stone temples” to “simple home tables”! And yet today, when asking what WOULD Jesus do, it seems to have produced the very thing he DID NOT DO! We don’t have family, we have a system!

Why would Jesus reproduce the very kind of thing he fought against when setting his living example for us? Why would he reproduce today what he was tearing down yesterday? Why would he change his mind and produce a system that DID not recognize God was doing a new thing, and even went on to crucify him? They did not even recognize God when he showed up! Does this seem logical by any stretch of the imagination? Is this what Jesus WOULD do? To contradict what he DID do? And undo what he did do? What WOULD Jesus do, and what DID Jesus do? Should these two question not produce the same answers? For the One in which there is no shadow of turning? The same yesterday, today, and forever?

Even today I see the church taking the same fork in the road that produced the Catholic church system in which the Protestants rebelled against! But now we do the same? We DO what we UNDID? We’ve hooked up with a Constantine and we’re trying to use political power to force the will of God on heathens? Politics do not change hearts! The work of the church is to change hearts! The swamp will not be drained! Babylon is already rooted in and will come back with a vengeance! Politics is not the answer for the church! Render unto Ceaser what is Ceaser’s and unto God what is God’s! We will not change a single heart through politics, but we do cause the heathens to blaspheme the name of God! Jesus never sought political power! He said his kingdom was not of this kingdom! It drove the apprentice apostles crazy!

It is our duty to vote, and vote in a godly way, to have some idea of what is going on, and I’m sure God calls some of his children to pursue government positions, but God’s kingdom advances by changing hearts, not seeking to force his will upon an unbelieving people! So cast your vote faithfully, but preach Jesus! Not a political party or president! Do not let him influence the voice and will of God for the church, like what happened when we left what our early church fathers established! (But we’re already doing it.)

I hear the Spirit of God saying, Slow down, and hear God. Simplify! My yoke is easy. My burden is light. Come to my TABLE and sup with me. Be more conscious of the Temple I raised in three days, not a stone temple like in Jerusalem! I have not changed! What I DID do is what I STILL do! Do not repeat the history you once condemned! Come out from among them and be separate! Live different! Know my ways of peace, freedom, and Spirit!

No wonder the church of Laodicea made Jesus so sick of his stomach, he threatened to spue them out of his mouth! But he also offered to them:

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” (Rev. 3:20)

God’s Kingdom is about the Lord’s Table. It’s about a family coming together at a Table and showing the world the LOVE we enjoy in God’s Kingdom. Will Jesus find true faith when he returns? After the Holy Spirit filled the Apostles, they finally understood the difference between an earthly temple, and God’s heavenly Table. The Book of Revelation ends with declaring there will be NO Temple in the new heaven! (Rev. 21:22) But there is a feast of the Bride, and the Presence of God! (It’s just that simple?)


Fellowship of the White Path – 6/24/18

20180610_125140 The door on Noah’s Ark did not close until after man closed his mind!

As explained in previous article, we’re now sharing the weekly lessons of “Fellowship of the White Path” on this site. We welcome one and all. Welcome to something different. Please leave a comment if this site is of value to you.

After I left what I call the “modern American church system”, I entered a spiritual twilight zone in which most of my former Christian brothers and sisters think I have gone off the deep end, and probably in sin. But have any of them read the material of this site, in which the details of this journey are given? “NO.” It’s as if they are afraid to.

I have mentioned to them about discovering important information in early church history and church fathers. (A subject I would think of great interest.) Have they asked me to share what I found with them? “NO.” They seem to have no interest, curiosity, or concern. They seem to be confident in what their own church has taught them, and do not consider this modern materialistic church might be misleading them in any major way. In other words, (for whatever reason), they have closed their minds to other possibilities, and believe having an “open mind” is a spiritual danger. They believe it is a fool’s path putting at risk your very soul to be open minded. To this I have a couple of  very simplistic and logical questions.

Since when does “greater light” have anything to fear from “lesser light”? Also… who were the Jews who failed to recognize God in Christ, and who were the ones who succeeded in recognizing God was with them, the day of their visitation? Was it not the “close-minded” who failed to see Him? Was it not the “open-minded” who succeeded in hearing Him? If so, how can being open minded be a sin? And how can being closed minded be wisdom?

Was not Saul closed minded until Jesus knocked him from his prideful horse of being right, and opened his mind? At which time God then changed his name to Paul. The closed minded Saul now gone, God gave us the “Apostle” Paul. True churches needed to be birthed.

In the days of Noah, he preached to those people something like 120 years! And other than his immediate family, not one convert! They were closed minded to any threat of something called a flood, and  a God ready to judge! They had closed the door of their mind long before God ever closed the door of the Ark, and yet when the flood waters finally came, they screamed and scratched at that door, wanting in, as if God should open it? Jesus compared the last days to the days of Noah, and sometimes I think I know how Noah felt.

This teacher is warning you concerning the “CHARGE/ANOINTING” on your ARMOR of LIGHT. Is anyone hearing me? Or are the mental doors all closed? Are we STRONG in the Lord? If your armor is weak, then you’re not strong. And if your neglecting your Priesthood in Christ, the things of your Priesthood, then your armor is not getting CHARGED. And if your armor is weak, SO ARE YOU. I bet you know the charge on your cell phone. I bet you charge it every night and check it all day long, but how well do you know the CHARGE on your Armor of Light? Does God just keep it full power, no matter how much we neglect it? The devil would dearly love for you to be foolish enough to believe and live that way. (And many do!)

If you like the Marvel movies of Ironman, you know he escaped terrorist captivity when he barely managed to construct a primitive iron suit with enough juice to last 15 minutes. That’s all he had. If he had not overcome the enemy and escaped within 15 minutes, he would have died at the enemy’s hand, or continued captivity. I’m sure he wished he had more charge! A man died giving him this one chance. Tony did not waste this man’s sacrifice, but he changed. He repented of who he had been and truly changed. His world had been rocked. A reality check demanding a change. That’s what we’re afraid of, that we might be forced to look at our need of change, and we do not want to change and be like Christ, to live as a Priest!


Later in the movie, he has his new and much improved suit of armor, but a bad guy managed to steal the powerhouse unit for the suit, and he had to go back to a previous power unit of lesser power and not fully charged. As this warrior heads out to do battle, one of the first things he checks is the “charge level” on this power unit, and finds it to be at 48%. Notice how important knowing the charge level is. Don’t you know Tony is wishing it were at 100%? Don’t you know he wishes he was still the one being powered by the more advanced unit? Is it any different with us? But do we live our life faithful to such spiritual understanding as God’s Word has revealed? We need to understand our level of CHARGE is connected to the practice of our PRIESTHOOD! Are we the spiritual warrior in Christ?

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“And you have caused them to become a Kingdom of priest for our God. And they will reign on the earth.” Revelation 5:10

Who has caused them to become a Kingdom of priest? Jesus. Certainly not me. I’m just the messenger, a Noah, pointing this out. I’m a crazy man building a big boat in the desert. A huge boat for so few people? What a waste.) Who are the ones who have become these priest? All born-again in Christ, the children of God. Do you believe yourself such? Are you living it? What kind of boat are you building?

Do you regret making the choice to be a child of God? Do you understand the value of priesthood in Christ? Would we neglect such a thing? I know…hard things for us to think about when we’re use to someone tickling our ears with happy-thoughts. But what is going to shake you out of your spiritual neglect and apathy? Happy thoughts? Or God’s simple truth?

I’m a man accused of being spiritually off-track, but when you sit in your church building and the preacher is preaching, is he growing you in the powers of your priesthood, or teaching you to reign? Where is the emphasis? The Apostle Paul accused one church of reigning without him. He scolded them for their foolish thinking. The one I follow said he who is servant of all, is greatest. The seed that falls to the ground and dies, bears much fruit. Sacrifice is all about priesthood, but we would live as kings? Noah preached faithfully out of a heart of love and concern to “closed minds” who never entered in.

So what are we willing to do about it? Will we begin to take up our cross, our priesthood, put a priority on the Kingdom of God, and come before the Holy of Holies faithfully? Will we watch and pray, or rush out naked into another day? A teacher can only teach. He cannot change a person. Only you can change. Noah could only preach and build the boat, he was not to force anyone in.

Is Fellowship of the White Path one of God’s arks in this day? I think we can only be judged by what we teach, and our actions. Are our words true? Are you concerned enough to thoroughly study our words against your Bible before deciding? I absolutely love for people to check the words of this teaching, but I suspect they know the words are true without even doing so. That’s alright too, as long as we take it to heart.

We have such opportunity in this day to make a difference, but only if God empowers. Jason took our Fellowship to a Garden Center and Flower shop 2 hour drive away yesterday. He is related to the owners of the business. We had a good time. We ate out on the way and shared that table. But something we did not expect happened at the Flower shop while we were there. One of the employees has a 91 year old dad in the hospital passing away at this very time. We ended up in in a circle prayer of 4, holding hands, and I was asked to pray for this one crossing over. What an honor. And it happened in this place, among other doors that also began to open as we shared.

I am amazed how much God has our Fellowship “go out” to others at their tables, not ours. He seems more concerned about we who claim to be followers of Christ going out, than others coming in. I get strange looks when I tell people how our Fellowship works, and yet God keeps sending us places, and a School in the Wilderness is still being slowly developed. So it’s not about numbers, it’s about discipleship. The Teepee may never see any real numbers, but in many ways, including this blog site, God is getting His true message out there. It’s about Priesthood, not Kingship. Are you charged? I bet your cell phone is.

It’s not about “going to church”. It’s about “being the church”. Which are you? Do you “go to church”, or “do you live church”? Those who live church walk around in a bright Armor of Light easily seen by one and all. So says Grandpa White Feather. Check if my words be true. Wolves speak with forked tongue.