“New Wine Skin” #8

We have arrived. It has been a journey. The Apostle John was exiled to the Isle of Patmos for preaching Jesus, but we have arrived at the Isle of Passover! There were many excommunicated from the church because of preaching Passover!

There are those who say, “What can we do about it now? Surely it doesn’t matter anymore.” But is it still in your  New Testament Bible? Yes it is, both Book of Acts and !st Corinthians 11. Did Jesus set it as an example? Yes he did. Did the Apostles teach to continue it? Yes they did. Did the early church fathers do so? Yes they did! But as the church headed down a bad path with Constantine, around 300 AD, it seems Rome had finally won their way! So should we stay on that path? Are we justified in such a course?

If you have sailed this far with me, then you know most of the points I just mentioned, and I have but a little more to give. If you missed all the evidence laid out thus far, simply read backwards all the “New Wine Skin” articles, and you will find that it is true, the Apostles taught to continue a Christian form of Passover, and the early church did for many years, but it came under attack by bishops of Rome, and it was the beginning of the end, and now here we are today.

Many Bible experts think that Jesus did not teach us much about how to actually have “church”. Jesus was birthing the church but did not teach the details of running it, or its exact form, but I say he did! He did it in many ways! He showed us every day! As he walked about, as he ate meals and had fellowship, as he loved people and helped people and taught the Kingdom of God to one and all, as he had church EVERYWHERE as natural as a flowing river. Even as the Book of Acts church immediately had a heavy emphasis on fellowship, meals, Lord’s Supper, home meetings, and the Word. I wonder where they got that from? The evidence is beyond denying.

I strongly believe the Lord’s Supper is also God’s instructions as to what His church is to be, as if a holy template laid down for all to see and practice. The Lord’s Supper is a perfect picture of God’s family and fellowship. And it even included a devil to be exposed! That Supper is rich and overflowing with teachings for having church!

But we have short-formed the template and short circuited what church is meant to be. Is it too late? Or can there yet be a last days revival? And if there is to be, should we not go back to all the original templates our Lord set for us? Not simply the Passover meal/ Lord’s Supper, but all the templates! I think we should give the devil a spiritual heart attack as he sees a remnant, a powerful remnant coming alive in the old ways again! Is God asking too much of us modern Christians? It’s all in our Bibles.

Many Prophets of God have said this last Passover was very significant because the COVID 19 had forced people to stay in their homes as death haunted the streets. There had not been a Passover like it since going all the way back to the original one in Egypt! All the way back to Moses! And now there are Prophets looking at Pentecost. May 31st. If this last Passover was significant, might God also have plans for this Pentecost? Have you made yourself ready? 10 virgins are predicted to awake, but only 5 have the oil that poured out at Pentecost! Could there be a supernatural refreshing?

Over a year ago God showed me we were crossing a spiritual line in June of 2020. I haven’t said a lot about that because it’s hard to explain. I was on a 14 day separation to God in a special place, and I was watching the Orion meteor shower of 2018. How long is an hour with God? I felt God asked me that, that night. If my math is right, it’s roughly 42 years. And though we have been faithful to doing Passover for three years now, I never thought about Pentecost till this year! And the very next day after Pentecost, begins June! We cross the line on Pentecost! Wow. I’m still shocked by it all. Like I said, it’s hard to explain, unless you have ears to hear, and most don’t.

I have been preparing for Pentecost ever since I was made aware of this. I fast and pray each Friday. I will do so again this next Friday as we enter the Pentecost weekend. I love the way Jesus never forced anyone to do anything. He offered them wisdom and truth. Some of them were wise enough to lay hold of God’s many treasures, and many were not. This too, is the simple template of God’s church, and now we have our last piece of evidence to give before this blog site moves on to whatever God is planning next, but we will remain “Soul Sailors”. This has become a permanent theme of this site.

Okay…if you Google > “Christian form of Passover”, you should be able to find Wikipedia —- “Passover (Christian holiday). At that site you will find quotes by both Melito of Sardis, and a man named, Apollinaris who wrote things during those times concerning the practice of Passover, still going on with the church, at that time. But following those quotes is a subtitle of “Excommunication for celebrating passover”. In my mind it’s hard to understand what would be so evil about the Lord’s Supper/ Passover that would be grounds for excommunication. This is more evidence of the bad path we were on! (And maybe still are?)

Anyway… this is the information under that heading: “Christians who kept the biblical Passover were considered Quartodeciman because they kept Passover on the 14th day of Nisan. Polycrates of Ephesus, was a late 2nd century leader who was excommunicated (along with all Quartodecimans) by Pope Saint Victor for observing the Christian Passover on the 14th of Nisan and not switching it to a Sunday resurrection celebration. He, Polycrates, claimed he was simply following the practices according to scripture and the Gospels, as taught by the Apostles John and Philip, as well as by church leaders such as Polycarp and Melito of Sardis.” (Next paragraph.)> “According to Catholic Encyclopedia, neither Jesus Christ nor the early church leaders changed the Passover celebration to Easter. In fact, the Jewish feast was taken over into the Christian Easter celebration.”

And there you have it, folks. One last confirmation that some kind of a Christian form of Passover was continued by the early church for many years. Has God changed his mind? Has the Book of Acts or 1st Corinthians 11 changed? Might he be pleased if some of us got back to the original templates our Lord set?

I have set the sails of our small fellowship according to the old maps of our Bible. I am also remodeling our house to better fit what I believe will be a people waking up and looking for such places of simplicity. We are under no law requiring us to be experts on this Passover meal. God sees our hearts, and we do a simple form of it that we find to be rich and rewarding. Jonathon Cahn helped us understand more this year, and we implemented some of it as best we could. But most important is our hearts towards God and coming back together in that simple blood of Jesus family relationships. Simplicity is one of the templates our Lord gave us. Church Everywhere.

Modern church does not easily fit the old templates of the early church fathers. These things are a problem for them and the large amounts of money they need to keep afloat. They do not want to talk about these things, and all the while they look more and more like the church of Laodicea everyday. But we refuse to change the set of our sails. The sails of many churches today are set for the “great falling away”, but as Israel said when God challenged them to walk in the old ways… “We will not.” (Jer. 6:16)

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This ship may look awesome, but what is it’s destination? Where is the set of those sails headed? Are we too caught up in fancy and powerful looks to be concerned about destination?

“New Wine Skin” #6

si-datu-bua1 The skies are growing dark as we enter these waters, and a volcano smokes in the background threatening to erupt. But we live in the magic! And that is enough.

My personal experience has been that most modern Christians don’t like the evidence I have brought to light. They don’t like what I have found in the “Missing 200 Years”. They don’t want to know and they continue to feed their pet Pastor who shelters them from hard truth. Poor things. Yes indeed, these can be dark waters to sail, but only because we have made them that way.

They only are a threat if you’re afraid to open your mind. Everyone has their own reasons for being closed minded. Maybe they think they already have all the truth, but how can they know if they never study other evidence? Some know they are wrong, but do not want to change and do not want to be reminded of it. Some don’t like it that Jesus taught “Blessed are the poor”, because they love money and spend much time pursuing it.

There are many reasons why people have allowed the “Missing 200 Years” to become the “Missing 200 Years”, and they want to keep it that way, especially “large” and “rich” churches, because what Jesus taught and started does not work as well in large congregations as it does simple home and family settings. I sincerely believe that what has come to be called the “Micro Church Movement” is the fresh Wind from heaven God is anointing to cause huge change! Like he anointed Gideon in the days of old. Hence, a new wine skin. Gideon was found at the wine press, not the grind stone.

So here we go, the sails are set for deeper waters yet. And if you’re still sailing with me, then you’re ready for your next quote.This quote was written by a man named Irenaeus. He was a disciple of Polycarp, and as such, would have had close relationship and knowledge of the man. All these strange names of people back in the day can be “googled” and proven of their existence in history. This is an account of one of the first encounters Polycarp had with a Rome Bishop. This was just the beginning of a matter that would grow much worse!

Our quote comes from: Irenaeus, Fragment 3 (Excerpts) > “And when the blessed Polycarp was sojourning in Rome in the time of Anicetus, although a slight controversy had arisen among them as to certain other points, they were at once well inclined towards each other (with regard to the matter at hand), not willing that any quarrel should arise between them upon this head. For neither could Anicetus persuade Polycarp to forego the observance (Passover) (in his own way), in as much as these things had been always so observed by John the disciple of our Lord, and by other apostles with whom he had been conversant…”

The facts are very plain. Don’t let the old language convince you to ignore these words. We can all understand what is being plainly said here “if we want to”.  No closed mind! A closed mind is a wasted space! Like the Dead Sea!!!

Notice that Polycarp is face to face with Anicetus. Notice the Bishop tries to persuade Polycarp to forego his observance of Passover! But remember that Polycarp was dicipled by the apostle John himself, and it is plainly stated that John and other apostles had been always observing the Passover! And we’re well beyond the Lord’s resurrection at this point! If Passover was to no longer be observed in some form, (and that form is given in 1st Corinthians 11), then it would have ended long ago!

Irenaeus has recorded history on paper, in his own words, an account of what happened at this meeting. Anicetus tries to persuade Polycarp to stop practicing the Passover as he was taught by the Apostle John, and as was confirmed to him by other Apostles he had conversation with. Polycarp refused to disobey the Apostles for the sake of this Rome bishop. These two agreed to disagree in peaceful terms, but this matter will escalate as time goes by. These are also the roots of the Catholic church, and if you think the Catholic church has changed from her roots, then you are easily deceived and unwilling to recognize truth. But on that note >

I’d like to point out I was in that same boat. I’m not trying to throw stones. He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones! I was working hard in deception or lack of knowledge for a long time. I was a faithful worker in the modern Protestant churches. It doesn’t matter the denomination. What matters is what is truth? Jesus said that only the truth sets us free! But now I’m so grateful for the freedom I have found! But with freedom also comes responsibility. I’m not teaching that Christians should leave modern church unless they are responsible enough to find, or start a group that is true blue to what God has actually said. But if you’re not that faithful and responsible, then don’t be surprised if you find you’re part of the five foolish virgins who woke up too late to find the flow of God’s oil, and were left behind. The wise still seek Jesus, no matter what!

So this is our quote for the day, and this is more evidence for you to give due consideration as to what each of us should do. More will come with each article, but each evidence deserves its proper time of consideration before moving to the next. If you have not studied 1st Corinthians 11 concerning what the Apostle Paul instructed as the Lord’s Supper, then you still need to. If the Lord’s Supper is as a template to all things church, then it is of supreme importance! If you have not studied in Revelation where Jesus graded both the church of Smyrna and Laodicea, then you need to. Remember, Polycarp was the Overseer of Smyrna, appointed and discipled by John himself. This man was highly qualified and faithful to his task in his day. Can we say the same of us? It’s not too late to change the set of our sails if we only will.


“New Wine Skin” #4

sailboat-clipart-sunset-161755-38093 “Deeper waters lie ahead.”

Deeper waters lie ahead, and dare we go farther? So Jesus ascended and the Apostles found what was about to become the Church left in their hands. On the Day of Pentecost a mighty Wind blew out of heaven and the Holy Spirit swept in with power! 3000 souls were saved that day, the Church was birthed and the rest is history, right? Yes…there is much history we have not considered. Sail on, Soul Sailors. No man-made motor will get you through this.

I call it the “Missing Two Hundred Years”. Why do we know so little about the ones the Apostles discipled and ordained? The men they handed the torch to. Those discipled by the Disciples and placed as heads of Home Churches, the early Church. Really there would be no need had we stayed exactly with the original template of the Church, but we have not, and so there is a need! But all we hear is silence, and consequently when I left our modern system in search of answers, I found I had at least 200 years of missing knowledge.

At first I was lost in my search, as if lost in a maze. I kept seeing the Church in Acts, and I was aware of the Catholic domination, the Dark Ages, Martin Luther, and the Reformation, but how did we get there?

I soon learned about the Roman Emperor Constantine, and that got me back to around 300 A.D.. The final chapters of our Bible were finished around 100 A.D. As I studied 100 and 300 A.D. I saw a tremendous difference, and I also saw the difference began accelerating into something far different than what Jesus did. Big change had begun during those 200 years I knew little of, and then accelerated even more with the arrival of Constantine!

I can see were not going to get far in this article. There is such a stage to set and so much meat to put on the table. You just can’t swallow meat whole. It’s got to be cut up. I did say deep waters were upon us. Soul Sailors must tred these waters if Soul Sailors they would be! We sail on.

Proof of what I say is the very fact that the 300 A.D. Church was willing to allow a heathen like Constantine to have great sway and influence in the church! Jesus never would have! The Apostles never would have! The early Church Fathers such as Polycarp never would have! But 300 A.D. Church did! So what happened? This 200 year period would seem to hold our answers. Let me establish this evidence this way. I’m afraid I got to give you a long quote but we will end with this quote and continue next time. This quote by E. Stanely Jones really says it all. I can say it no better.

He starts by pointing out how our Lord’s Beatitudes somehow got lost, and things would be so different had they not! E. Stanely Jones, a missionary to India, Quote >(Christ of the Mount, copyright 1931, starting page 12 of Introduction.) >

“India is forcing us to face anew the Sermon on the Mount. She insists that this is Christianity. No matter how much we may point to our creeds she insists on pointing us to the pattern shown her in the mount. The fact is that the Sermon on the Mount is not in our creeds. As the Apostle’s Creed now stands you can accept every word of it and leave the essential self untouched. Suppose we had written it in our creeds and had repeated each time with conviction: ‘I believe in the Sermon on the Mount and its way of life, and I intend, God helping me, to embody it!’ What would have happened? I feel sure that if this had been our main emphasis, the history of Christendom would have been different. With emphasis on doctrines which left unaffected our way of life the Christian Church could accept Constantine as its prize convert. And yet Constantine after his alleged conversion, murdered his conquered colleague and brother-in-law Licinius; sentenced to death his eleven year old nephew, killed his eldest son, Crispus, brought about the death of his second wife; took the nails that were supposed to come from the cross of Christ and used them in his war helmet and another on the bridle of his war horse. yet he was canonized by the Greek Church and his memory celebrated ‘as equal to the apostles.’ He talked and presided at the opening of the Council of Nicaea, which was called to frame a creed, and he was hailed as ‘a bishop of bishops’. Could this have happened if the men who had gathered there had made the Sermon on the Mount an essential part of the Creed? It had no place in it, so Constantine could be at home. What had happened was that the Christian Church had been conquered by a pagan warrior. And the Church allowed itself to be conquered, for this idea of Christ did not have possession of  its soul. For the same reason, a bishop could kick another to death in the cathedral of Constantinople to prove his orthodoxy,…” (We’ll stop here.)

Also, Constantine was never even baptized till he was on his deathbed. Sounds to me he wanted to be a heathen right up to his dying day and then get into heaven at the last second. I wonder if that worked for him? But this Roman Emperor was given great influence in the Church of that time. What had happened to the Church? I rest my case.

The facts we need are out there. The new wine skin demands we know the truth. We must not fail in our endeavor. We sail on. The set of our sails is on those missing 200 years! Light be!

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“New Wine Skin” #2

photo-1555341271-4d07915672b1 If a thousand years is as a day, how long is one hour?

Let’s move to exhibit “B” of presenting the evidence of our case. Episode #1 we spoke of a change the bishop of Rome wanted to implement, but Polycarp and some others stood against this change. Many years later Rome would get its way. As we went down that fork of the road things began to accelerate, as Constantine became the Emperor and gave favor to Christians. Suddenly we were no longer hunted, and we were being “given” large buildings to gather in! What had been a church of home tables and family atmosphere began changing to large cold buildings with stone altars. The Catholic church came into domination and we headed towards the dark ages!

However, the acceleration did not take place until the resistance to that first fork in the road began fading! And what was that fork? It appears the early church Christians were still doing a Christian form of the Passover and the Lord’s Supper, and I’m not talking this short-form thing we do today. Your very own New Testament Bible has it writing! Did you even know that? And this change Rome wanted to make, in effect, went crossways to this Passover and meal the Apostles had continued! They eventually managed to disrupt this sacred meal and we then accelerated towards the dark ages. And when we finally rebelled and came out of that, we never went back to what was before! Not even to this day! And we need to look at this so very closely, because the evidence is so strong!

Acts 2 and starting in verse 42 gives us a detailed description of the church Jesus started. These verses give us a list of what was happening in the early church. We need to take note of how many times certain things are “repeated”, as in “emphasized”. And also the order in which they come, possibly suggesting “priorities”!

First it says all the believers devoted themselves to the “Apostle’s teaching”. This is the first item. So item #1 would include what the Apostle Paul teaches in 1st Corinthians 11 which we will also mention a little later. Be sure to remember item #1 when you read 1st Corinthians 11. Be sure to remember. (Please.)

Now note what items 2,3, and 4 are… “fellowship”, “sharing in meals”, the “Lord’s Supper”! Finally number 5 comes > “prayer”. Now realize that fellowship and meals and the Lord’s Supper are all forms of “FELLOWSHIP”! FAMILY! PERSONAL! INTIMATE! It is fellowship practiced in three ways! Emphasized three times! (And will be emphasized more before this is over.)

#6 > Believers shared all things common. (But were also allowed to maintain ownership if they desired.)

#7 > They worshiped together each day. (Worship is a form of fellowship also, but perhaps a little different.)

NOTE items 8 and 9! More repeat! They met in homes for the Lord’s Supper and shared their meals! FELLOWSHIP and the Lord’s Supper emphasized again! Some form of meals and fellowship is emphasized more than anything else in this list! This was the early church just before being scattered from the Temple in Jerusalem. At which point it all became small groups meeting in homes, discipling, multiplying, spreading, until they turned the world upside down! All this without the help of Constantine!

The early church seems to have realized that fellowship and family atmosphere is meant to be a priority in the House of God! We’re not talking sharing a meal at McDonalds, even though that can be part of it, but we’re talking intimate sharing of our homes and lives as real brothers and sisters! Most Christians today experience “congregation” for church, not close family.

More evidence under exhibit “B” would be the Apostle Paul himself instructing and correcting the Corinthian Church in the proper way of having the Lord’s Supper, and it included a meal! Close study of that meal Paul instructs of, is very revealing! If you consider what he is telling them to do in its fullest meaning! It’s all in 1st Corinthians 11. (starting in verse 20). We do not have to go to other books to find proof of these things. Our Bible still says it! In detail! The Apostles taught it! Item #1! Remember?

The Apostle Paul does not tell them to cease doing it, or that it has ceased, but to do it, and do it in the proper way! The Church is the family of God, but we function as congregations, not family. We have lost that family atmosphere, but we have all kinds of other bells and whistles! We have lots of shish-boom-bah, but can’t even do a proper Easter weekend! Which is actually the Christian New Year! We don’t even start our year right! We celebrate the world’s New Year, but not our own? What have we become? An old and corrupt wine skin ready to burst! But the modern church thinks they have need of nothing. Spirit of Laodicea!

So…these are descriptions of the original Church still recorded in our Bibles, and for how long now have we ignored these things? Going all the way back to Constantine and the Catholic Church? Is God pleased in this? Does the new wine skin continue in this? Or is God bringing us back to what he started! I believe the last hour of the last days will see a return to the radical early church that had true fellowship and turned the world upside down. A last days version of the original wine skin! A Return! (As Jonathon Cahn would say.)

Polycarp fought this battle of the change that crippled a proper Passover meal and was the first step down a different fork of the road. This bishop whose Church got such a high score from the Lord refused to accept the decree coming down from Rome! Over a period of years this battle was fought and many were excommunicated because of it! I suspect this decree was the early form of “Lent”, a man made tradition having to do with Jesus temptation in the wilderness which had nothing to do with his three days in the grave! And yet, giving up meat, and fasting, runs crossways to having a proper Passover meal, which IS a God-made sacred event the Apostles taught to continue!

What modern church today does for the Resurrection weekend, Easter, is so watered down from what the early church fathers and Apostles did, they probably would not even recognize it. I’m not sure God even recognizes it. And will we remain this way? Or has God prepared a new wine skin for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear? Even as we enter the last hour of the last days?

More evidence to come are actual quotes from early church fathers and early church historians who recorded accounts of these events, verifying the veracity of what we have so far presented, but before we present these historical records not in your Bible, our next episode will take a moment to consider how hard it is for people to leave the “groove” of what they already have, to enter a new “groove” that has greater blessing! There is always God’s good, acceptable, and perfect will. And good is always the enemy of the best!

Lester Sumrall once preached that very few people go from blessing to blessing, but most stay in the blessing they already have even when a new move has taken over. I believe the old wine skin has become terribly corrupted. Those still hanging on in it, if they are genuine, they feel the lack of anointing and they thirst for fresh waters but so little can be found. They are suffering needlessly! God’s rain has not run dry! It has simply moved like God’s cloud always does. There is no surprise here. God has not changed! This is how it has always been for those called of God. And it’s time we get back to it!

The ten virgins are waking up! They are trimming their wicks! But some have no oil! They want it the easy way! They want oil from the wise and faithful! But there is a division, like Judah and the ten tribes of Israel separated! The wise say NO! They refuse to share! Which would normally seem contrary to scripture, but not so this time! Go buy your own! Go sell all you have to buy this field with the great treasure! The Bridegroom is coming and time is short! As we enter the last hour! Let all the prodigals hurry back to our Father’s House!

If a day is as a thousand years, how long is an hour?

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“New Wine Skin” #1

images (2) “Sailing such waters as these.”

I enter these waters as a teacher defending my case. You deserve no less. If I cannot show strong evidence of what I claim then I should be completely ignored. Have I done my homework to sail these waters? You will be the judge. Have you done yours? But when God called me out of what has become the status quo of modern church, almost four years ago, I had not yet seen the night warrior in the sky, nor people trapped against wire fences by fierce winds, or a pandemic marking the entering of the last hour. These things would come in October of 2018, and then the pandemic this year.

I have been waiting and watching ever since October of 2018. God showed me gates opening. In October of 2018, I saw gates opening and fierce winds in June of this year. And I believed he was also saying the last hour begins, a period of about 42 years. But Jesus could return anytime all is fulfilled. When will the temple of Jerusalem begin rebuilding?

A lot of Christians don’t believe my warnings concerning the money-hungry modern church, and the preachers who teach such theology. I call it “King Theology”, but Jesus taught a “Servant/Priest Theology”. The kings rob themself of the magic, because kings worry about many things, but the servant is upheld by God in a supernatural faith and peace, and this is truly magical. It is a REST that still somehow produces results. A peace that somehow conquers battlefields. It’s a paradox magical and only possible with God.

But enough of introductions. Besides Jesus preaching a very nonmaterialistic lifestyle, what other evidence do I have? Let’s start with a man named Polycarp, and a Church of Smyrna. I found my answers when I left the modern church and began studying the early Church, as in the Book of Acts Church after persecution sent them outward into the uttermost parts of the earth.

The Great Commission was always God’s plan. The average modern Christian has 200 years of missing Church knowledge, and why is that? You would think that men directly discipled by the men directly discipled by Christ, would be very important knowledge for us. Polycarp was one of those men. He was directly discipled by the Apostle John, and then ordained as the House Pastor/bishop of Smyrna! A house church.

The value of this knowledge is of supreme interest because this Church was given a report card from Jesus in Revelation chapter two, while Polycarp was the bishop! And this church was one of only two that got an excellent score! The words Jesus spoke over this Church are of extreme interest, especially when you compare them to what He spoke concerning Laodicea! When you compare these two churches to the Churches of today, it gets very interesting.

Another point making Polycarp of such incredible interest is he wrote some things, and others also wrote of him. When we study those writings we discover there was a fork in the road taking place concerning the direction of the Church during Polycarp’s lifetime. The Rome bishop, which was beginnings of the Catholic Church, wanted to make a big change and Polycarp stood against it! He fought against this change his whole life! And he lived 80 some years before he was eventually martyred, burned at a stake in Rome by Roman authorities!

Now I know I must be careful not to overwhelm you the reader with too much at one time. So… let me present this easy to prove evidence that can be shown very quickly, and this will be our start. Polycarp was the bishop of Smyrna at the time Jesus judged the 7 Churches. Compare God’s words to Smyrna and Laodicea. Please note the Church of Laodicea had a theology very much like the King Theology we have today in modern Churches. But God’s words to Smyrna were very opposite of most Churches today. Jesus has not changed his message. When Jesus set the sails of His Church, he said you cannot serve God and money! Jesus has not changed, but the set of the sails for many Christians has.

Jesus words to Church of Smyrna: “I know about your suffering and your poverty, but you are rich!” (Jesus specifically mentions their poverty, but declares them rich! He goes on to speak more details concerning the suffering and more suffering to come.) He ends his message to Smyrna by saying: “Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches.” (Rev. 2:11a)

Jesus challenges anyone with ears to hear to listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches! Do we want to be among those who have ears to hear? Then Jesus commands us to “listen” and “understand” what he is saying to these 7 Churches!

Here are his words to Laodicea: “I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish you were one or the other! But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! You say, ‘I am rich. I have everything I want. I don’t need a thing!’ And you don’t realize that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked. So I advise you to buy gold from me, gold that has been purified by fire. Then you will be rich. Also buy white garments from me so you will not be shamed by your nakedness, and ointment for your eyes so you will be able to see. I correct and discipline everyone I love. So be diligent and turn from your indifference.” (Rev. 4: 15-19)

After those words Jesus speaks of knocking at their door and coming in to share a table. We have spoken of how Jesus transformed religion to relationship, and huge temples to simple home tables. But people today are indifferent to my words, it seems. Or are they God’s words? Jesus commanded Laodicea to turn from her indifference! And what of us today? Lukewarm water is a mixture, a water of “compromise”, mixing both the cold and hot to get lukewarm. Mixing the world with the sacred only defiles the sacred.

This first evidence, besides the words, teachings, lifestyle, and Beatitudes of Christ, are but the tip of a very large iceberg of evidence that even ends up shining light on how we ended up in the dark ages! It’s a fascinating study and journey.

The battleships of old were huge Clipper ships with many white sails catching the wind for their power. Polycarp was a battleship of his time, and so were all the Apostles, and Christ himself. Some of the most famous battleships of the Church were powered by the Wind! In fact, they all are.

This has been a good start, but there is much more to come. These cannons have more to say. Let the yachts and cruise ships of today defend themselves if they can. These are serious times. The prodigals must come back to the simplicity of Christ and the Father’s House before it is too late. We can’t live in the weakness of watered down sermons, twisted truths, love of money, and missing knowledge anymore. The kings with no clothes must be revealed. Yes, this is still a Soul Sailor message.



“Soul Sailor” #1

unnamed “Loosed from the moorings that have held life, many are now adrift. They claim to be free. They have thrown overboard the chart, the compass, the steering wheel, and the consciousness of destination. They are free from everything…except the rocks, and the storms, and the insufferable inanity of being tossed from wave to wave of mere meaningless emotion. (A quote from E. Stanely Jones)

I have chosen to sail my ship according to an ancient map known as the Bible. I have thrown my oars overboard, not my map or compass. My compass is set on Kingdom of God, not kingdom of man; and I have learned to navigate by the stars in the night sky because this map I use says dark times are ahead.

Laugh at me if you will, but I am the Captain of this ship and you are the Captain of yours. We are free to choose. We can choose a modern and atheistic map if we so desire. We can choose to sail as a prodigal if we so desire, but the Bible warns that casting off a godly conscience leads to shipwreck of the faith.

“Cling to your faith in Christ, and keep your conscience clear. For some people have deliberately violated their conscience; as a result, their faith has been shipwrecked.” (1st Timothy 1:19 NLT)


In the Bible the stars are symbolic of angels, pastors, evangelist, special messengers. We are entering a time of navigating by stars again. I believe I have found such a star this week, and this star has confirmed I am on course, a course I have been sailing by faith without a whole lot of confirmation for at least three years now. Four years ago I began leaving what I call the modern church to get back to something a whole lot closer to what Jesus actually did.

I admit it has been a challenge. It’s very hard to find people today simply living the Beatitudes and what I call simple church. So many people and churches are distracted with making money and creating their own comfort zone that they fail to relate with me, and vice-versa. I intentionally sail a path of simplicity. Perhaps it’s not for everyone, but a certain star in the sky has shined so bright in recent times that I cannot ignore him. And after just reading his most recent book, I am so glad to see the vision God gave me fits what he is declaring.

Now I’m not saying your vision might not fit too, but mine definitely does and I am rejoicing as one who has been sailing for many moons with no sure signs of his course! Imagine if you were desperate to find land, and you have been sailing for weeks in search of, but no land in sight, and then a bird lands on your mast and you know that bird can only fly so far! Land must be near! What a great feeling that would be, and I feel that way. My soul was telling me true all along, and I’m so glad to have a great sign!

I’m speaking of a man named, Jonathon Cahn, and I was first impressed with him when I read his book, “The Harbinger”. He blew me away with that book and opened my understanding to so many things. Since then I’ve listened to him preach, I’ve read some of his other books, I even had Passover with him this year via TV, and although I have enjoyed all of it very much, nothing has hit that same original chord in my soul that “The Harbinger” struck, until now, his latest book, “The Oracle”.

Now I don’t want to give the whole book away, but it does a pretty convincing job of laying out very strong evidence that we are in a “Return”! A return even to what Jesus did! The woman in stained glass shedding her jewels and riches to return to a spiritual Jerusalem and the wearing of simple clothes. A return to the forefathers of the early church! A return to the simple church Jesus started, and I would say, even a Christian form of the Passover Meal/ the Lord’s Supper, that the early church continued! Not this abbreviated Easter thing with a bunny rabbit we do today. Call me picky if you will, but the Lord’s last supper is no small thing in the eyes of our Father! Let’s get it right, folks!

Now I had no idea what this book, “The Oracle”, was going to say. Would it tell me I’m all wrong? I bought it and began reading in faith, not knowing where it would go. But we have entered a new wine skin, and the modern church is blind to it. They will continue in their way. Some of them will fail and some will thrive in the pride of their worldly success, but many good Christians are lost and confused within them. I was one of them for many years. I couldn’t explain why I was so unhappy and disappointed in every church I went to. Wasn’t I doing the right thing? Wasn’t this what God said to do?

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In the book of Acts, after the church was scattered from Jerusalem, compare that church to what you have today. Are they anything alike? Mostly no. But move forward in time to the days of Constantine, just after 300 AD. and you will see our current church form developing! And it led to the dark ages! And if everything is in a return, then not only is the true church going back to the Apostles, before Constantine, but the world itself is turning back to a form of Roman empire! Which Revelation predicts! An empire that hates Christians and Jews!

I admit this is a lot to think about, and there is still time. This will all take time. We are in the last hour, not the last minute. I highly recommend reading both his books of “The Harbinger” and “The Oracle”. God is pouring out his Spirit afresh in the last days, and that’s why there has to be a new wine skin for the new wine. The Cloud and it’s protecting Shadow has moved, and tent people have moved and are moving with God. His fresh anointing is going forth by special messengers. God always sends forth his evangelist to declare the out pourings of his Spirit. It is always an evangelistic move having great power to witness! But even in all this, people and churches who are the motorboats and rowboats will fail to see, and fail to change, and fail to follow, and will eventually find they have totally failed their people.

Again, the Bible predicts a great falling away before the coming of the antichrist. The stage is being set. Mary and Martha are the perfect picture for what we face today. Even Lot’s wife. Jesus said in the times of the end times, to remember Lot’s wife, who was turned into a pillar of salt, and salt was also used as money in those days. Beware the love of money. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and have no other gods before Him. You CANNOT serve God and money. How much more plain can Jesus say it? If you do this, you will see the “STAR” in the sky like the wise men did, and will sail safely home. God is calling all prodigals back to the Father’s House. We are safe living in the Father’s House. Amen. Waste no time finding your way Home.