“Micro/Macro”- Prophetic Poetry


It was a prank. Right?

Someone loosened the cap? You gave it a shake?

The salt poured out all in one place?

Ruined your meal!

Like a rocket from a lifting pad, so the church began…Jerusalem!

But free of gravity…orbit achieved…space… “Go forth!”

Did they not understand God’s true plan?

Salt in a lump heals no land!

But salt in a shaker?

Is it time again?

To be tossed about spending ourself; sharing our money, houses, and homes?

The pursuit of wealth, possessions, and fame! What have we gained?

Loose the gravity! Be free in Christ! And change the world!

Macro salt is a Dead Sea, a Lot’s wife, a church spewed out,

a body left behind.

Micro salt sprinkled about, a land seasoned, well…

that’s just plain good!

Has it not always been so?



“Trump is not Jesus!”

5883 Left Wing Media? LOL! I hate politics. I see it as a necessary evil. There is no perfect system, and for some reason… the chance for power…money… fame… bling… whatever; modern politics attracts a lot of undesirable behavior from people. Makes them act like little spoiled children.

Yesterday is an incredible case in point, when President Trump took the media to school and became their teacher with the facts in hand. What did the left wing media do with it? Did they learn anything? Did they thank him for presenting no-fake facts? Did they walk out of there smarter? No… they walked out filled with even more hate, and to all of us watching it is so obvious that it leaves us sick of our stomach and shaking our heads! I almost puked as I checked CNN last night to get their take on it all. I do like hearing both sides.

What did they do with their day in class? Instead of learning a single thing, they cried that the teacher was a bully! How dare he use the truth against us? (Aren’t real journalist supposed to desire truth? If they’re not journalist, what are they? Why are they even there?) How dare he stand up to our attacks! He’s nothing but a big bully! (I am so sick of my stomach after almost four years of these losers crying.)

Do they think President Trump is Jesus? He’s supposed to stay silent like a lamb while they constantly seek to find fault and twist every word he says? They expect a man to be perfect?

So the analogy here is a school room of higher education. The media did not know they were going to be taken to school, or they would not have showed up. They want a one-sided show. What if the media represent real students in a real school? What kind of students are they? When presented with facts concerning their own bad behavior, they cry bully! The teacher presented the facts, provable by their own words written or spoken and recorded, and somehow they sat in class and totally misinterpret and twist the lesson? In other words, these are the kind of students who could never learn anything, or ever pass a class! You can’t teach someone like that! And these are the students we listen to??? The pen is deadlier than a gun. America protects their speech, but these people are dangerous! Don’t kid yourself into thinking they are not. The gun is loaded!

How has politics come to this? How has media come to this? Was it this way in the days of our forefathers? Or have we become some kind of spoiled brats they would have taken not to a class room, but a wood shed! (Oh oh… that’s probably not good political correctness. I hate politics., but it’s the best system we got.)

Somehow…in spite of ourself…America is still a great place to live. However, if the church don’t get back to the Christian roots of what she is called to be, the tides of evil are rising! Truth is falling in the streets! The President can do as good a job as anyone could ever reasonably expect in very uncertain and unknown times, and yet he will be attacked every time he tries to tell us what’s happening.

Frankly, even if I thought Trump was a horrible president, (which I don’t), but if I did, I would still have to give the man great credit for being willing to walk onto that platform day after day, knowing he was about to be attacked in every crafty word of question or remark that could possibly be devised. Jesus had the “VERY SAME” problem with the Pharisees! And even Jesus called them vipers and snakes! Even Jesus did! And Trump is not Jesus! I think he’s shown tremendous restraint! LOL. If you can use those words with Donald Trump. (I can’t believe I’m even saying this. Wow.)

But compared to the left wing media, they make President Trump look good! That’s a truth hard to believe possible, but they do! And I hate politics! But as an honest person, I still have to admit this system has given me a good life. I thank God for America and this system that has somehow managed to work in spite of all the corruption that has attacked it. But how much longer will it be so? Especially as we become more and more a post-Christian nation? (No fake news here, just facts.) What about it, church?

I actually heard a Christian the other day recommending the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”! What kind of Christian is that? This is our own facts being thrown back in the face of what the church has become! What are we doing about it? Are we going back to our spiritual roots! NO! We just keep pressing blindly ahead! Don’t bother me with the facts, I’ve got my best life to live! I don’t have time for truth! What does the Bible REALLY say? What did Jesus REALLY do? I’m not interested! I love the Beatitudes, just don’t expect me to live them! What kind of love is that?

Can any system or person or country withstand continual attack from people so set on an agenda based on lies? A people so in love with power, pleasure, money, and self promotion that no one truly seeks the good of their country anymore? Could that day come when there is no longer anyone fighting for what is right in Washington DC? When there is no longer push back against the lies? No longer exposure of the lies? Because if they do, they come under such attack the average person could never survive? Even their family is persecuted!

To tell you the truth, one of the main reasons I finally decided to vote for our current President, was the fact he fought against the lies no matter what people thought or said. True…it wasn’t always pretty, but at least he fought! I’ve been so sick of wishy washy politicians who let media walk on them, that when I saw a man who would at least stand, whatever other faults he may have, I voted for him! And plan to do so again because the truth is, the side on the left is still just as messed up as they were! Maybe worse! They haven’t learned a thing! They ate their school books or cooked them, or both!

If the President says something is white, they say it’s black! If he decides to change to black, then they say it’s white! And was always white! Even if we did say it was black before! Don’t face us with such facts as our own words and actions! You’re just a big bully! (Wow…that’s really sad.) Do they really think we don’t see this? We would have to be blind.

It’s amazing to me that those of the left, if they were to read this article, they would totally deny their own words and actions as if none of it matters at all, and they would simply try to shout me down with hate and name-calling, just like the behavior of little kids I remember in grade school. They would never let me forget my words, even things they might twist my words into, but they can say and do whatever they want, be wrong a million times, but they get a complete pass in their own minds.

But as proven by all this, these people must not be the brightest bulbs in the room because they don’t seem to realize how obvious this all is to the rest of us. They really think they are fooling us? Oh my. They think we don’t see they have no clothes? Oh my. They really think they’re that good? Oh my. Well… there you go, I guess we see the problem, huh. Thy’re not good journalist at all. They are traitors to true journalism. A plain old dictionary can teach you that much. Where do they get their facts from? Their own minds. I guess they also have a fake dictionary, too. (I’ve got to stop because this just keeps getting worse the farther I go, and I don’t want to go there. It’s a snake pit.)

Like I said, I hate politics, but I am fascinated by human behavior. One reason the Bible will always be relevant is because human behavior never changes without the help of God. The Bible will always be relevant and some people will always want to burn it into nonexistence if they could. They have tried before. These people claim to be Christians while promoting the death of babies in the sacred womb. How much darker can it get? This is the kind of darkness the Bible warns us about. This is the kind of truth that is falling in the streets. And I have written these words while I still can.

“…….. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matt. 6:23b)

Truth is simple. Lies are complicated. Let us seek the simplicity of truth.

Church History / Maze Runner!

20171117_161659 I’ve been away for a few days, lost in running a maze. Hence, new title. And a very meaningful one. We are still in pursuit of unraveling the mystery of our early church fathers compared to our modern American church, because frankly folks, something is rotten in Denmark. And after several intense days in the maze, I’m beginning to have proof.

What has taken me many hours/days/weeks of research, and many many pages of reading, I will hopefully be able to condense for you in the articles to follow. My search is finally starting to pay off. I thought I was going crazy at one point. My mind was literally in a swirl. I wake up every morning with God speaking, helping me finally organize what I learned the day before, giving me some sanity before I come out from under those covers. So before we get into too much, I want to talk about this MAZE.

The devil has done a good job of trying to hide his tracks, but not good enough! The diligent can still find a true path. The discerning can still see Satan’s footprints where he has trod, and beware. But it’s not easy. This maze will eat you alive if it gets the chance! It will crush you in its walls! You may think I’m being too dramatic, exaggerating, but I’ve spent days there trying to survive and find my way. I now have a marked path you can take advantage of and research for yourself. It will unfold here slowly, but it can greatly speed your own research if you so desire.

God has also timed all this perfectly. You are not going to believe what I have found concerning Easter, and a big confrontation in the early churches concerning this! And I’m talking church fathers who sat under the Apostle John! And other Apostles. This has become one of my greatest finds, so far, and is a strong piece of evidence in this church court and trial we have begun to set up! And wouldn’t you know it, here we are in the time of Lent, well on our way to Easter! You would think I set this up, but not I! Grandpa White Feather is not that powerful. Believe me. I can’t even do a rain dance! (LOL).

There is a table I must set in order to properly present the spiritual food I have found. For as you know, this blog site is all about the “Table”, more than the “Temple”. (Please read earlier blogs to understand.) For the appetizer, I need to talk about this MAZE. First of all, I’d like to say it is EVIL! I’m not exaggerating when I say people have tried to use it to confuse the honest seeker, and lead them on paths that are dead ends! The end result being they never find their way out! They finally become so exhausted, they give up and simply yield to whatever strongest stream seems to be pulling them.

I am also amazed that I gave this site the name: “Path Without End”. The one path you are trying to find in a maze is the one without end! All the others dead end! The only path leading out of the prison of the maze is the path that does not end! I remember when I felt God gave me that title for the blog. I now shake my head in wonder.

So… if you have not already been thinking it, yes…this mission I have been on reminded me of the movie: “The Maze Runner”, which I saw a couple years ago, and the final episode of the trilogy is playing at theaters right now. Subtitle to final episode just happens to be: “The Death Cure”. (Wow.) (This is almost too much.)

So I stuck the first movie in my player and rewatched it, to refresh my mind on the details. (I wasn’t too big on episode 2, but looking very forward to #3, and will likely see tomorrow.) As I read the backside of the DVD, consider the plot description it gave >

Thomas wakes up trapped in a massive, ever-changing maze with a group of boys who have no memory of the outside world. Facing dangerous obstacles at every turn, especially the deadly Grievers that roam the concrete corridors at night, Thomas and the others must race to piece together clues in order to discover their true purpose, and find a way out before it’s too late!

I feel like in a spiritual way I have been living that movie! Notice a few coincidental details. His name is “Thomas”, doubting Thomas? – This maze is full of false paths and much opportunity for doubting. 2nd: “Wakes up?” God is calling his people to wake up! And when we do, we discover we are #3> “Trapped”… in a “Box”! And if we try to find our way out > #4 It is a “deadly maze” with changing walls and creatures that want to kill you! #5 And they have no “memory of their past”! (Early church fathers?) Or the world outside their four walls. They can barely remember their name! The deadly maze is between them and the vital answers they need! #6 A message is sent saying their will be no more food or supplies sent to this box, signaling “time is running out”! (Billy Graham passes and if you have not read the previous article “Billy Graham/ Methuselah”, I highly recommend you do!) #7 So they must piece together “clues”! #8 In order to discover their “true purpose”! #9 And find their way out before it is “too late”!

Wow…that even amazes me as I look at it, and I already knew of this comparison.

I try to keep my articles to approximately 1000 words. My recent days in the cave have been very rewarding and I have much to share, but do not want to choke you. Also, a peaceful meal is always best. He is the Prince of Peace. So my plan over the next few days is to keep it short, but write often and soon. So realize this is a very real and deadly maze. I invite you to explore it with me, there is much more to come, but I would like to end with a final note on Billy Graham.

Reverend Graham is being buried today, as a matter of fact, as I write these words, his services just started 10 minutes ago. It causes me to pause to consider that, but I want to point out his services are being held in a large tent, at the foot of a 40 foot glass cross in the side of what looks like a remodeled barn. The photo I saw even showed other farm buildings around. Reminds me of where my Teepee is, and the barn I worked on there just this week. The Internet said this barn is the “Billy Graham Library”. The part I especially want to point out is the CROSS. And here is the reason why>

Reading the early church fathers has greatly affected me. We have our popular modern day writers, and some of them excite us to the point of recommending to others. But because they are not canon scripture, Pastors do not generally preach from them in church. However, when it comes to someone who actually sat under the teachings of the Apostles, and were appointed church bishops by the Apostles, and proved themselves faithfully even unto death, just like the Apostles; I think I would like to know more of things they wrote and taught. I don’t know why our churches have not taught us more of these things? I think they are intentionally hiding certain things. And so far, what I have found, lends to confirming such an accusation. And our Lord’s CROSS has a big part in what I’m finding, even as Reverend Graham is reminding everyone of, this very day, probably this very moment. (Please read the below article, if you want to know more of Billy Graham and Methuselah). When we return we will begin revealing why I’m pointing out, once again, that CROSS. And so it seems is Billy Graham. More coming very soon.


“Is God the Monster?” Part III

20171021_175606 I prefer seeing Jesus as our “Champion” upon that cross. Christus Victor. Granted, the path to our salvation was a horrible thing to endure, and look upon. But Jesus took on that monster, the dragon, and entered the monster’s realm to save us from the “monster we have become”.

Think about it, our own Creator shows up on earth and we murder him. And we do it slowly, with torture! He goes about healing the sick, forgiving sins, loving on people, giving money to the poor, preaching good news from heaven, and we premeditated murder him! Who’s the monster? We murder the very one who gave us life, and has come to show us a better way? What is this self-destructive nature? Why do we embrace our destroyer and reject our Creator? Jesus told his disciples I send you out as sheep amongst wolves!

Is this why we hesitate to fully follow Christ? Who wants to be a sheep among wolves? It doesn’t take a genius to know what life for such a sheep is going to be! However, I intend to write of this soon, if we are willing to be the sheep, we never become the wolves, but we can become eagles! (This will be good stuff!)

Those who believe God is a monster because he was the one demanding such treatment of his Son for our sake, have it all wrong. Peter made it plain in several places, that it was us murdering Jesus. Acts 3:15 > “You killed the author of life, but God raised him from the dead. And we are witnesses of this fact!” (See also Acts 2:36, 5:30, 7:52).

So who did the murdering? And what was the actions of the one being literally slaughtered? “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34) And who did the raising from the dead, of this innocent lamb? God the Father, whom we claim to be the monster.

There is so much more to say here, but I promised to get into the last couple of chapters of Revelation, and I have been so looking forward to this! Let me use this as a springboard into my next point: “Father forgive them, > for they know not what they do? <” 

Let me ask this, what if they had known what they were doing???

Wow. Hhmmm. Would that have changed anything? We have spoken of the difference between Adam and Eve, and their son, Cain, who even after getting caught in premeditated murder, still persisted in his own self centered egotistical ways. What is this wickedness, this monster?

We briefly mentioned the days of Noah and how their every thought had become continually wicked. There are even the mention of sons of God mating with the daughters of man of which the offspring was something “perverted”? I’m not claiming to understand the whole nephilim thing, but you get the point.

We spoke of the older brother of the prodigal son parable, and how the father begged him to come into the party, but he would not, thus giving many indications of the same spirit that filled Cain! Did he hate his father? Did he want to murder his brother?

We spoke of Judas, who sat at the Lord’s table, asking: Is it I, Lord? Knowing full well he was the one! The innocent disciples, those planning no such thing, they still had the heart to ask if it were they; but this monster, knowing full well he was the one, continued his monstrous scheme! And Jesus did not say, forgive him, for he knows not what he does. He said it would have been better for him to have never been born! Yikes!!!

So the question continues to be asked, Who is the monster? Is it I, Lord? But if God is not the monster, then there is a question I have pondered long and hard for many years. Is it justice for a person who has never had a proper chance to know the Lord, to be sent to hell in eternal judgement? For example, a Muslim girl who all her life was taught the Koran, and was never properly introduced to Jesus? Or would Jesus pray, forgive them Father, for they know not what they do, and would God have a different plan for such a one?

One last scripture before Revelation: Romans 2:26 > “And if the Gentiles obey God’s law, won’t God declare them to be his own people?” (Much of Romans chapter 2 seems to indicate God recognizes those who have not had the law, as the Jews did, and yet somehow, by way of their conscious, lived an unselfish life seeking God. Such as Cornelius before he had God’s word. He was not a Jew, or saved, and yet his prayers and alms came up before God! There are a few other scriptures that seem to open up this same possibility, but to all this we are now ready to consider a couple of things revealed in our coming future! Revelation from the Revelation! Revealed at the very end! These events are still at least 1000 years away, but God has chosen to reveal!

I hope you have some knowledge of the book of Revelation, for we certainly cannot write of the whole book in this article, but we are jumping to chapter 20, where the 1000 year reign of Christ is about to begin. Evidently, leading up to this, there has been 7 years of the antichrist. There has been much tribulation and judgement upon the earth. There has also been the Mark of the Beast. (666). During this time, whether pre, or mid, or whatever, there has also been the “Rapture”, but as we know, the five foolish virgins miss the rapture and go into the Great Tribulation. There are many who will refuse the 666 and be martyred for faith in Christ! All of this has happened, we are about to enter the 1000 years of Christ reigning on the earth, and we are given some very interesting information.

First odd thing, the Beast and the False Prophet are thrown into the Lake of Fire, but Satan himself is locked away for a thousand years, in the Bottomless Pit, to be released one more time later? Whaaat? Rev. 20: 3 >

“The angel threw him into the bottomless pit, which he then shut and locked so Satan could not deceive the nations anymore until the thousand years were finished. Afterwards he must be released for a little while.”

Obviously, the people who multiply upon this earth during those 1000 years are going to be tested one more time. Again, Satan will be the monster turned loose, but who would follow such a monster after experiencing a 1000 years of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ? Evidently we would.

Verse 7-8 > “When the thousand years come to an end, Satan will be let out of his prison. He will go out to deceive the nations — called Gog and Magog — in every corner of the earth. He will gather them together for battle — a mighty army, as numberless as sand along the seashore.”

Wow…how sad is this? This is the monster. The sin nature is still alive and well in mankind even after a 1000 years of Jesus. It says they will surround God’s people, and the holy city, with the intent to do monstrous things. But God sends down fire from heaven to consume them, and Satan is finally done away with, cast into the Lake of Fire with the False Prophet and the Beast.

This is our first point and I must end it here lest I weary thee. But this is the monster in us. After a 1000 years of the lion laying down with the lamb, and the earth becoming like a garden again, there will still be those who love the “destroyer”, as numberless as the sand along the seas. This so saddens my heart that we live in such a world of real monsters, while we try to put the blame on God. This is monstrous! This is abomination!

Okay, the table is set to reveal one last thing from these two chapters. These chapters speak of two resurrections. And there is something very special about both of these. Some very important details are given, even as to “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

It will require another 1000 words to go into this. So maybe later tonight, or tomorrow, but there must be a Part IV. Sorry.


“Will Luke Teach One More?”

That is the question, and you will have to see the movie to find out, but we have a Teacher, Luke Skywalker; we have a powerful subject to learn, the way of the force; and we have a hungry student, Rey; but will the Teacher teach one more? It only takes one, you know.

In our last article we talked about Luke secluded on the island and compared it to Elijah and his cave. In some ways, the comparison still seems to fit. God asked Elijah, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” Rey seems to be asking the same question of Luke.

After Elijah gave his little prepared speech, which he actually gave twice, after God asked him the same question twice, then God ordered him out of the cave and sent him on another mission, which also included finding his replacement. God even told him the name of the person to find.

But we note Elijah was not given a quick ticket out. That chariot did not show up for a while. So what was going on during that time period? Did his replacement need training? Was this depressed man hiding in a cave going to be able to rise to the need of a student?

We find Elijah locating his replacement, Elisha, in I Kings 19:19. He found Elisha plowing a field with a team of oxen. He happened to be the twelfth team of twelve in the field. So this is his student? This is the life he is use to, a farmer, and hard physical labor?

Verse 19 says Elijah walked over, threw his cloak across Elisha’s shoulders, and then simply walked away! Oh my. Elisha had to know whose mantle was now resting upon his shoulders. And there he goes, walking away! You better think fast, Elisha. Are you ready for such a mantle as this? Can you afford to let the Teacher walk away? Or do you need him?

It says Elisha left the oxen and ran after the Prophet/ Teacher. He asked the Prophet for time to say goodbye to his family. And the Prophet said, “Go on back, but think about what I have done to you.”

What I have done to you…

Think about what I have done to you.

Elisha immediately returned to his oxen, his livlihood, slaughtered them, and used the plow for wood to build a fire and sacrifice the oxen. Something in Elisha was ready for what the Teacher would do to him. In our movie, has Skywalker decided he will never do to another, what he tried in the past, to be the teacher?

It’s a powerful thing to be a teacher, and a great honor to serve in such a way. Depending on the subject, there may be many teachers, or only a few. There may be great teachers, and not so great. But the hungry student needs training for that which he desires to pursue, and the greater the desire, the more the student realizes the value and need of the teacher.

We invite the teacher to do something to us. Turn us into more than we are now, and this is the mastery of which I seek! How bad do you want it? How high do you consider the value of what this teacher teaches? His subject may not offer much in worldly gain, or an easy path, but it still has value? What is the value of what you seek? You must be convinced of its value for yourself. What are you judging the value based upon? Double check your motives, and choose wisely.

Bruce Lee loved being a teacher, and he was highly sought after. He broke down barriers in his quest to teach. He fought many battles, inspired many people, and even caused a movement. The power of a powerful teacher. Bruce taught a certain kind of fighting style, even the way of having no way. Jesus teaches a fighting style too.

For those of us desiring mastery in our Lord’s way, we have God’s Word, the Holy Spirit in us, and also many people God has called and gifted down through the ages to be teachers, mentors, and pastors of God’s Way. I think I need a second article on this, but in the meantime, choose your teachers well, and consider what they will do to you.

Rey knows she needs a teacher, but this one she has found may be badly damaged. Still, no one else knows what he knows. Who else can she go to? The dark side? Will he rise to teach one more?

How about you? Are you a teacher? Does your subject have true value? Will you rise to teach one more? Do you know what your subject will do to a person? Will it change their life in a powerful and worthwhile way? Us teachers will answer for what we do to our students. Let us teach well. Let us teach that which has true value, and let us pursue excellence!

Merry Christmas to one and all.