Heart and Soul of Nation.

75364021-1200px I keep hearing Politicians talking about this election is for nothing less than the “heart and soul” of this nation. To that I ask what do Politicians know about the “soul”? This only confirms to me what we have said, the church has lost her way, and now the soul is in the hands of politics? The Ark has been captured. Eli and his wicked sons have cost us dearly. The Philistines have ransacked us! That which is the church’s territory is in the hands of the heathens! It reminds me of Constantine influencing the church of 300 A.D. Will we down the road, see the dark place that road led before?

Most Politicians I’ve seen over the years will speak any lie you want to hear if it gets them elected. They flip flop. The very person they were exposing as so vile a few days ago, will suddenly become best friends and endorsing them. Where is honor, integrity, and truth? They show little knowledge of true morality. They endorse the murder of pre-born babies. They live in wealth and luxury. They love money and power. They might be denied communion by their Priest. They will use whatever is available to sabotage a nation’s well-being for their own agenda. They hurt the very people they claim to defend. They allow lawlessness if it promotes their agenda, and again, many innocent people are hurt, including the businesses of hard working people. How long should I make this list? These are the people fighting for our soul? And the church? They seem to have embraced politics as the answer. Have they embraced Constantine? And do we have a choice at this point? Maybe not. Just like Jonah, he really had very little choice in the storm.

Here’s a wake-up call, people. Here’s a news flash! Politics don’t save a soul! We are well into uncharted waters that will surely create a huge hurricane storm of Jonah proportions before this is over. And then, perhaps a Jonah will rise out of the belly of the whale who preaches a true message, as he is forced to sit in the hot sun, miserable. Not a pretty picture.

Now we have a scandal with Jerry Falwell Jr.. What has happened to Christianity in America? Jesus said if we truly followed him, we would be hated and persecuted. However, was that hate supposed to be derived from politics, because the church became a political entity? Or was it other things, like saving souls and being anti-worldly, anti-materialistc, and pro- God? Pro- Word of God? We have succeeded in being hated, but I don’t think it is for the same reasons Jesus was.

I believe in the flux of all this change is the chance to make a different choice than Jonah made. Those who truly hear the voice of God see opportunity. The fields are white unto harvest! However, King Saul must be recognized as a king having no clothes. The Anointing has left him and he is tormented of demons. God is in the caves with David. God is alive and well, and so is the new wine rising for such a time as is coming. We will know more after we see what happens in this election, sad to say. We have allowed everything to become about this election. And when it happens I believe we will see great chaos like we’ve never seen before. And in such times as these a new wine should flow, but are we such a wine skin?

Now is the time to hear God and catch the wave. Trump moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem. He took the stand every President before him coward away from. Now we see more movement towards peace in that area. Trump is involved, “The Art of the Deal”. That is one of his claims to fame. And what does it all mean? New times are coming! End Times are coming! But that 7 year period could still be many years away. Much could still happen if David succeeds in bringing the Ark back into Jerusalem, even as Trump moved an embassy! But that’s church territory! Not politicians!

Now is not the time to be more worldly, more materialistic. Now is the time to live in the high places of God’s Spirit. Be the Skypeople we claim to be. Learn what it means to live by our wings, our spirit man, rather than the dirt of our flesh. Again, Jesus said we would be hated, but for what reasons? Check the Beatitudes. Does God expect us to vote as godly as possible? Surely he does. But can’t we do that without becoming a political platform?

Many times what looks good at the time also conflicts with what Jesus actually said and did. In those times true wisdom stays in faith in Jesus. We follow him. We mount up with the wings of the eagle. We do what Jesus did even in spite of how it may look to our human reasoning. And when we don’t… that 20/20 hindsight eventually confirms the error of our way. As for me and my house, we will follow the Lord and the example he set for us. Constantine led to a dark place before, and will do so again. Jesus is always the true light!

Sail on, brothers and sisters. Sail a sacred ship.


In these chaotic times, with a hurricane rising in the future, where lies true north? Your soul knows. Your soul will find the way, if you pray and obey. The set of our wings!

“Does God have a friend in Israel?”

“But as for you, Israel my servant, Jacob my chosen one, descended from Abraham my friend,” (Isaiah 41:8)

“He (Abraham) was even called the friend of God.” (James 2:23b)

For he (Abraham) looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.” (Hebrews 11:10)

Here’s a simple question. Who is acting more like their father? The Jews who are still determined to rebuild their earthly temple made of stones and brick? The Muslims praying in their Dome of the Rock? Or the Christians who recognize there has been a major change of High Priest, a major change of Covenant, and are no longer looking for a physical earthly building or kingdom?

>Who is the friend of God, in Jerusalem?<

(John 15:15) “I (Jesus) no longer call you (the disciples) slaves, because a master does not confide in his slaves. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me.”

“Revelation” is a key sign of being a friend of God!

I repeat, REVELATION (UNDERSTANDING) is a key sign of being a friend of God!

Is there an “awakening” in the House of God? Are the Ten Virgins waking up? Who will be taken, and who will be left behind to face all the horrible trials of tribulation? Who will miss the wedding feast, miss out on being part of the Bride, and miss being a part of New City Jerusalem? My eyes are not on the old temple, (or old Covenant!), but on the New City Jerusalem, a heavenly temple, a heavenly Bride, and the new earth God has promised! That’s where Abraham’s eyes would be, and one might even say already were, and he was the friend of God! But a Jew by physical birth only, is still looking for an earthly kingdom! And this is not God’s friend. At best, still a servant, having no true revelation of what his master is doing.

Jesus hung outside the gates of their city, paying the price for our sins, and they did not see. But some did see. Maybe not till the Day of Pentecost, but sight would come! And now, we who are God’s friends, spiritual descendants of Abraham, we know the future, for God has revealed it to us! And we watch with great groanings, desiring that our mortality be swallowed up by immortality, knowing what great promises all these things are working toward. Also knowing what great pain and suffering must be endured first, before Christ Himself sets upon a Jerusalem throne, reigning in love and peace for 1000 years.

Be of God cheer, brothers and sisters, we have a friend in God, and he has revealed to us how the story ends, and God says, “It is good.” Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


(Romans 4:11b -12) “… So Abraham is the spiritual father of those who have faith but have not been circumcised. They are counted as righteous because of their faith. And Abraham is also the spiritual father of those who have been circumcised, but only if they have the same kind of faith Abraham had ‘before’ he was circumcised.” (Certain notations added by me for emphasis.)

Brothers and sisters, it is so important we fully embrace the New Covenant of our High Priest, Jesus; and leave behind the lesser promises of “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”. God has called us his friends if we “know Him”. Jesus told some he did not “know them”, depart from me.

My heart is for this blog site, and my teepee, to be a place where we constantly desire to know Him more. To seek better understanding, and always be spiritually growing. We are seeking an awakening. Not only seeking it, but insisting on it, if we are to be ready when the call for the Bride comes. Scripture plainly shows there will be an awakening, and a dividing, and a leaving behind. For some, this awakening will lead to a sad revelation of “too little, too late”.

I would like to leave you with a final thought. We see there are “2” Covenants. One is called “the old”, and is supposed to be replaced by the success of our Lord’s mission here in earth. The other is called “the new”, and we should not mix the old with the new! Causing rupturing wineskins. And we see “2” judgement thrones. The judgement seat of Christ, and the Great White Throne judgement seat of God. And we see Ten Virgins, divided into “2” groups, on that day. We even see “2” temples, an earthly one in Jerusalem, and a spiritual one waiting to come down out of heaven. There are also “2” resurrections.

“2” Covenants…”2″ judgements…”2″ sets of virgins…”2″ temples….”2″ resurrections. We should see that both Covenants are still in effect depending on what we have personally decided about Christ, our personal relationship to Him.

Now we see “2” people, Mary and Martha, and the words Jesus spoke to each. Could Mary and Martha be a picture of those Ten Virgins? Has half the modern church become Martha? Have we inverted the order of the “2” greatest commandments as given by Christ? Have we become more concerned with serving man, than seeking the strong Presence of God? I leave you with these thoughts.




“Trump and the Temple”


My my, things are getting interesting now. Everyone hates the guy finally making a meaningful move. There are none so blind as the willingly blind who refuse to see any truth contradictory to their personal uneducated agenda. These people see evil as good, and good as evil. They see the man who’s finally ready to get his hands dirty as the problem, and all those who were too cowardly, or stupid, or lazy to do anything, as the good. They live in a false reality as evil as Neo before Morpheus. My God, what is wrong with these people?

Many statistics show the more educated someone is, the less likely they are to accept the Bible as the true Word of God. Neo was a pretty smart guy as he lived in his world of computer hacking, but he did not know the illusion he was living in, and he had a real hard time accepting reality after he chose that red pill! I wish I had a red pill for them. If only it were that simple. (Sigh.)

Lets consider a few things here, just off the top of my head. 1). Now President Trump “is” a highly educated man, even though people don’t like to admit it. Just ask the President. He’ll tell you how smart he is, and he has credentials to prove it. Not the kind of credentials I’m necessarily impressed with, but as the world goes, they should greatly respect him.

2.) For decades now, every President has tried to stay neutral, regarding Jerusalem, believing it was the best path to peace. How long do you keep doing the same thing expecting different results? My education only goes to 12th grade, and I know that one! These people think Trump has ruined the progress made towards peace? What progress! There has been no real progress! Anyone with any true knowledge of Israel knows they will never accept a peace treaty without Jerusalem as their capitol! President Trump is taking one large step “towards” peace, not away from it! These are hard things that have to be dealt with before there can be any treaty!

3.) I told some good friends when Trump got elected, look out middle east! This is the man who wrote the book on: “The Art of the Deal”! Do any of us think he can resist trying to be the one who finally helps negotiate peace in the middle east? What proof that would be of his skills! What a trophy that would be on his shelf! This is a treasure he cannot resist! But our moronic media, and Hollywood riff-raff, living lives of pleasure, sin, and excess, think they know better. People who make a living being other people. It makes me want to laugh-out-loud.

4.) Israel has claimed Jerusalem as their capitol for 3,000 years! They don’t care what anyone else says or thinks. It is their most holy city, the City of David! Who doesn’t love David? History proves their claim to Jerusalem. A truly wise man knows he who blesses Israel will be blessed in return, but that comes from a book our “stars” no longer study or recognize. Oh yes, they are all very “spiritual”, but there sure is a lot of filth in Hollywood for such “spiritual” people. Show me your faith without works, and I will show you my faith by my works! We see your works, Hollywood. We see how spiritual you really are living in your mansions of fame and wealth, while you worry so much about the poor people.

5.) This deserves being reemphasized: There will be “never” be a peace treaty without Jerusalem being the capitol of Israel! Our President Trump just had the backbone and courage to move the ball towards a touchdown. All these other wannabees have just been revealed as kings having no clothes. If they truly did not even understand this much, then no wonder we have failed to accomplish peace in Israel.

6.) I read where our allies are not standing with us on this one. Finally, America is leading again. Whether doing the right thing brings pain or gain, America has just begun blazing a trail others need to recognize and follow. Thank you President Donald Trump!

Now what does this mean if President Trump eventually succeeds in being the one in the president’s seat when peace is finally achieved? Is he the Antichrist? Hhmmm. Wow. I don’t think we can jump to such a conclusion. The Holy Temple must be rebuilt. I will be more on guard when I see that happening. They say it could be done very quickly, once they decide to begin.

What a day we are living in. I don’t normally like to get into politics much, but this was more than I could resist. Anything having to do with the peace of Israel should be on the radar of any serious child of God. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” (Psalms 122:6)