20171117_161644So I get up this morning and I’m trying to fix my black coffee, (I like it black), after bathing my mind in white thoughts during morning prayers. As a Priest of Christ walking the “White Path”, one of my mottoes is “Prayer Before Coffee“.

White thoughts before black coffee”. When we sleep, we are in a state of fasting. The wise Priest will offer his first-fruits to God before breaking that fast. Very powerful. Very good medicine, strong medicine, Path of the White Feather.

So I’m fixing my coffee and I turn on the radio to see what the “kingdom of man” is doing? In no time at all, I learn President Obama made a speech comparing President Trump to Hitler, (without actually using his name). (Would Hitler have supported Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel? Hhmmm.) (Who’s Hitler?) So a past President not respecting a present President is a man worth listening to? That alone should tell us all we need to know, something about honor, but be that as it may, the news of the day went on, as the world turns.

Then I learned Australia legalized gay marriage. Okay, fine and dandy for you, this is the kingdom of man, but they didn’t stop there? They also passed laws forcing all ministers to have to perform the gay wedding ceremonies?! This is like forcing a devout Jew to eat pork! This is the civil war we have spoke of! What churches will bow the knee to the kingdom of man, and what churches will not! Who will have oil in their lamps and who will not! With the biggest baddest guy coming, if we continue our Avenger comparison, with Thanos coming, can anything pull a divided church back together to face the END TIMES? Who will stand against even our own government? Captain America was the ultimate patriot, and yet even he had to rebel! (And become Nomad!) Hhmmm. Selah.

Next came the news of the first casualty of the Jerusalem Battle. A 30 year old Palestinian man was shot dead by live fire in a protest confrontation. First blood had been drawn! And all in the name of religion.

Add to all this, of course, are all the recent sexual assault revelations; a thinly veiled plan to still get Donald Trump. Do they really think we don’t see their true motives? Why can’t they just be honest about “anything”? The Democrats were strangely silent on all these matters, covering up a world of filth, (Bill Clinton?), until it became politically advantages for them. Now all of a sudden they are the white knights in shining armor? I think I need to eat some grass. (Real, in my yard, green grass like you mow with a mower!)

Looking back on it, I now understand why I looked out in and saw my 100 pound black Lab eating grass, just before she began to upchuck something! No kidding! This really all happened while I was fixing my coffee!

Good medicine, bad medicine. Okay, I get it folks, the news is not the best place to go expecting anything “uplifting”. Spend too much time there and you will become a very negative person, but we do need to be aware. We do need to have conversation about these things. We need to draw together and encourage each other. We have brothers and sisters in Australia who are now having their lives turned upside down by new laws suddenly enacted! Who’s next? Where can we go? What are we going to do? Are you really ready for such religious persecution? Will your faith stand up to the threat of jail, or law suits? We have business owners right here in our United States of America who have already had their livelihoods, and lives, turned upside down by this very same stuff! Are any of us really safe in this new world coming? What kind of thoughts are you having? Are we preprayed and prepared? Is there enough oil in our vessel?

Well…I have seen how a teepee that I began building as a way of connecting with my grandchildren, of which I took on the name: Grandpa White Feather, teacher of the White Path in Christ; I have seen how that teepee has become a symbol for this website, a structure of coming together, and a website I did not know I was going to be creating. (This site is relatively new to the blogging community.)

You may not live where my teepee is, but this website is a connecting point. We can lean on each other here, as we enter the Truth Storm of the last days. I have decided I do need to touch on politics at this site, but only in a way for us to lean on each other and be encouraged. This planet is the kingdom of man, and we are the everlasting Kingdom of God. The bad medicine of this world cannot overcome the good medicine flowing in me from the Kingdom of “my” God. “The Lord”… “IS”… “MY”… “Shepherd””!”

Jesus walked the Red Path so I could walk the White. Jesus says, “Walk with me.” The Father says, “Learn my ways.” The Holy Spirit says, “I will teach you.” We are called to be an Enoch people, Godwalkers! We have this Covenant with God through the blood of His Son, and we need to live in the Praise, Prayer, and Promises of that Word. This is good medicine, strong medicine. The world speaks with a forked tongue, snake’s tongue. I will tread upon the lion and adder! There is a Truth Storm, and we are “Called” and “Empowered” to be “Spiritual Storm Troopers”! Our feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace!

Let this place be a place of coming together as we face these very black storms. Let the white thoughts, white prayers, and white ways (spiritually speaking, no reference to skin color), be a light in this world’s darkness. My thoughts are pure in this matter. If it were not for the darkness of this world, I would not have even needed to make a clarification on what I meant by “white ways”. Everyone would have assumed the best, instead of the worst, unless otherwise “proven”. But it is no longer so in the kingdom of man. This is the world we now have, as the world turns.