Teepee Blip #4

20200612_121219 It’s a grey, very windy, and chilly day today, but as I sat before the fire, the chilly wind striking the back of my neck, I suddenly broke into Praise! I was up and marching around the teepee singing… Rejoice in the Lord always! Again I say REJOICE!!! 

I was reading on a book about prayer when the Spirit of Rejoicing hit me! After it subsided I just had to grab my laptop and put out a “blip”! Too many Christians today no longer know how to fight their battles in Spirit! Some future walls of Jericho that the devil had planned for me, just came down! And no one will ever know! Because we prevented it! God sent warrior angels to pull the carpet out from under Satan’s feet before he got to do his dastardly deed!

The child is required to know these things. The child is required to believe these things. The child is required to live like this. The child is required to be simple enough to throw the oars overboard, drop the man-made motor to the ocean floor, and live by sails alone! The child is required to be in love with the sea, forsaking the land, to be the Soul Sailor he sees…in scripture…in the words of Christ…the child is required! Only the child rejoices in these things! Only the child loves living like this! Only the child sees the wisdom of it!

But the proud refuses to believe such things. They are wise. I am foolish. They are stressed and worried about many things. I am at peace. Outside forces change their inner world, but mine remains undisturbed. Because the child still lives at home in his Father’s House. He rejoices in his dependency upon God, while the proud seeks their independence, only to become a prodigal. Whereas the child is the true warrior, because there is no stronger force than child-like faith!

The fast and seeking of Spirit is going so well. I’m way out at sea now. Who knows what tonight might bring? I highly encourage all “children” of God to spend time with the Father in this way!


Teepee Blip #2

20200612_204505 Shadows are growing long. Soon darkness sets in as the source of light leaves, only to be reflected upon moon and stars, even until there is no moon, and then only the stars…only Orion…warrior in the night sky.

“Behold, I send my messenger before thy face…”

“the voice of one roaring in the wilderness; Prepare ye the way of the Lord; make His paths straight.”

“Then he said unto the multitudes coming out to be baptized by him; O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance…”

“But truly the ax is laid to the root of the trees; therefore every tree not producing good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.”

Who are today’s messengers? As the modern church fails, what becomes our source of light? How can we be guided in the darkness? By the stars. Look to the stars. Look for the messengers.

“And the multitude asked him, saying; What then shall we do? And responding he says to them, Let the one having two coats, give to him having none, and let the one having food do likewise.”

When John was still in his mothers womb, when Mary arrived, he leaped within Elizabeth and she was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to prophecy. Then Mary, the mother of Jesus began speaking and said: “He filled the poor with good things, and sent away the rich empty.” (Luke 1:53)

Jesus said, Blessed are the poor in spirit. 

More Holy Spirit; dynamite! They that hunger and thirst after righteousness, they shall be filled. God is here and he speaks. Is he speaking riddles? Or is the message plain? If my people humble themselves…

Bless the Lord oh my soul, I wait upon you oh Lord.