“Yinney” – Chapter 10

sloth_blog Yinney was happy. He had his 7th Day Tree. He had the lagoon to swim in. He had the Presence of God, and now he also had a vision. His life had purpose, meaning, and passion, and yet he had very little in the way of material things. His was a way of simplicity. One of Yinney’s teachings began with a question, “What is the ‘least’ stuff that makes you the ‘most’ happy?”

The question was deeper than most realized, or took the time to realize. Creatures of simplicity are aware of the law of diminishing return. It’s not more and more that makes us more happy. The focusing of a life upon their own special purpose is the happiness we seek. Therefore, we need our basic comforts met, and we need meaningful ‘fellowship’, but beyond that we mostly need to find our ourself, and who we were designed by God to be.

Yinney knew his gifting and found peace in that. He was a teacher of spiritual truths. He loved reading the ancient writings, especially of the Hebrews. His specialty was the understanding of both the old and new covenant, and why God’s relationship with man had to come by such an odd way. He knew many mysteries of the universe, but still had many more to search, and he loved it. Peace he had, and peace he taught.

Most people are living a fictional character the world has slowly shaped them into, but they have not found themself. Happiness continually eludes them and they do not know why. They have become a predator chasing more and more stuff, always hungry, always on the hunt for that next thing. They do not realize they are living as a character playing a part on a stage, but not the true self, in essence, they are fiction.

Yinney had his tree; this was his simple home. The tree provided food, shelter, and a certain amount of comfort. He was content in this simplicity. He also had a very rich inner world, because in his wisdom he focused more on soul than flesh. He loved his Creator, which brought relationship and fellowship. This had recently surprised him with a great vision while he was meditating at the bottom of the lagoon. The vision consisted of creating a place of communion, teaching, refuge, and there would be a man.

What was the message this man would carry back to his own land? And who was the man? How would he end up deep in the Amazon? How does he find his way to Yinney’s tree? Is he a traveler that simply gets lost? Surely there is more to it than that. And the vision said he had three years to prepare. But prepare what? A special place for the man to see? A particular teaching the man will need? Perhaps both? He did not know. He would follow his heart. He would follow the beauty of slow and it would unfold slowly, like a blossoming flower day by day.

People do not intend to become a fictional character. It happens very innocently. They have become fiction. They are not real. They may play the part well, but they do not know themself. God does not know them either, for they are far from his design in them, and so they do not know themself, they are but an actor playing a part on a stage, but who are they?

From the time of a child we have teachers. How else can we learn? And we love and admire many of our teachers, such as our parents, and we have a desire to please those ones we love. We desire the approval of those we respect. However, in our desire to please them, we may forget to ask, “Who has God designed me to be? What is my own spiritual DNA, for we are all a unique individual upon this earth.”

So before we are old enough to understand, we have slowly evolved into a character who pleases those we are influenced by, and this includes all the pressures of this world, which come at us from every direction. And in all this we forget to seek the one who absolutely knows us best…GOD.

Yinney was a sloth, and he knew it. He had no desire to be anything other than what God had gifted him to be. He lived in his personal design from God. As he pondered all these things, guess who flew in? “Lu-Lu!” he shouted. “I found my sacred tree! Welcome to my home!” And then, in a much more serious tone he added, “Boy do I have some things to tell you.”


Dark Night of the Soul / Star Wars


Obviously I can’t say much without causing spoilers, and I really hope not to do that yet. At least for a week. So… I don’t think I’m spoiling anything if we touch on Luke being on the island. It should be common knowledge, based on previous movie, and trailers of this movie, Luke has fallen into a “Dark Night of the Soul”. Ever been there?

But first… Did I enjoy the movie? “YES.” It does have some slow spots, but in the over all IT DOES DELIVER. And it sticks in your mind. I found it easy to conversate with my wife afterwards. Different thoughts kept coming. The show still rolls through my soul as I sit here pondering what I can share?

I have mentioned reading Brian Zahnd, someone new to me, and his point about Revelation being a book about living in a “super power nation”, contending with the worldly forces of “Empire”. Star Wars has always been about the downtrodden fighting overwhelming odds against a mighty Empire. The Bible has a lot of that. As a Christian I readily identify with the struggle these rebel forces must endure. But most of us here in America have not had to contend unto blood for Christ, not yet, but a few have. Ours is more a slow seduction, a poisoning of our soul, if were not wary.

It’s so easy to be swept away by Empire. If we have been raised in the Empire culture, we may not even recognize how many ways we have conformed to the pressures around us, shaping us, unless we take a good honest look at ourself in the mirror of God’s Word. And if we begin to live different than our culture around us, if we resist the pressures and fight back, forces will surely come to put us in our place, or render us silent.

In Revelation, those who follow the Lamb of God end up in New City Jerusalem. Those who follow the Empire, the Beast, end up in the Lake of fire. Are we a resistance to the Empire? Here in America, with so much emphasis on money and success, have we found that proper balance God will approve of, or have we raised a white flag, go along to get along, let the good times roll? Tough questions to answer, I know.

Luke was not one of those to be swept along by the Empire Peer Pressure. Not only had he been resistant, he had gone on to start a school, raising up others who had it in them to become a Jedi Knight, until something went horribly wrong, and he blamed himself. One too many horrible things happened, he plunged into dark depression, and decided to hide away from the world. Others had fought on without him. Now they needed him.

Hhmmm. Never stay too long in your cave. Elijah ran to a cave after Jezebel threatened to kill him. David found himself in a few caves. Sometimes we need a dark place to refocus, find direction, hear that godly whisper again. But be careful, for the dark night of the soul also lurks there. Many things may try to grip you in that darkness. Don’t turn to other things in your hour of need thinking they will help you. Just wait on the Lord. His voice will come. Be still and know he is God. He will send someone, or something, to lift you out of the fog. Wait it out in faith. Let the fog slowly clear. If you doubt not, the fog will clear, and his voice will come.

Once God helped Elijah get to the cave, he then asked him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” Elijah explained how hard he had fought for the Lord, how he felt he was the only one left, and now they would get him, too. He was in a dark night of the soul, but God gave him some assignments anyway, got him back to work, and had him find his replacement. Elijah then left earth in a fiery chariot, not as a defeated soul dying alone in a cave.

This movie is not as predictable as others have been. I hope you enjoy it and get some good food for thought. It’s never easy resisting an Empire, especially if you live in it. Luke went to the island of his own choosing. John the Revelator was exiled there against his will, but it did not stop him. I can here God asking him now, “What are you doing here, John? Let’s see what we can do with this.”