“White Thoughts”

20180130_162748 Taking a break from our Christian Mystic journey. I feel led to share some words I wrote on a wood plaque I created in my wood shop. These words pertain to my vision of “Path of the White Feather”. The flip side also has words and contains a pure white feather. But today I share the black feather turning white, and leave the white feather for another time. Hope you enjoy.

“The White Feather”

I’m drinking black coffee while I dream of white things, my Bible open in my lap. “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” What did Jesus mean?

A journey towards white, a journey towards light, a journey towards perfection. Your sins shall be whiter than snow? I drink black coffee and ponder white promises like a weather man predicting a winter storm…all shall be white?

Most of us see ourself as the feather above, on our way to the white feather one day. A promise of light made possible only in Christ. May we praise him forever!

The high places of a pure heart where the eagle soars and one walks with God? I drink my coffee and ponder these things, in the rising sun of day.

In Christ alone I stand…all other ground is sinking sand. “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the ‘perfect’ day.” Wow…what a thought.

Signed: Grandpa White Feather.

This hangs in the Teepee. Perhaps this too is a little mystic?

I was there yesterday and God’s Presence was strong as I spent time with the crackling fire.



Is God treating you as His Friend? / Star Wars

Why would such a question be related to Star Wars? Could it be because of what Jesus revealed about the nature of God, and how he treats his “friends”?

“I no longer call you slaves, because a master doesn’t confide in his slaves. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me.” John 15:15

Is God treating you as his friend? Are you growing in understanding and revelation? Are you living in the secret place where things are revealed? Can you explain mysteries? Can you explain to others and answer questions you could not before? Are sins one by one falling away? Has your witness become more powerful? Are your steps ordered of the Lord? Do you struggle with “Martha chores” because you love “Mary ways”? Is the invisible more real to you than the visible? Are you a Mary or Martha?

Darth Vader said the force is strong with “this one”. Star Wars is all about resisting the evil “Empire” and growing stronger in an invisible force not worldly or materialistic. These are only a few of the comparisons to Star Wars.

Can I learn from Skywalker how to be a Godwalker? “NO.”

As a Godwalker you have a different light sabre, the Bible, learn from it! You also have a different Lord, “Hear ye Him!” And the Holy Spirit is not just a force; He is divine, and He is God! Be filled with Him! 

I love using Star Wars as an analogy. But no more than that. I’m looking very forward to the latest movie tomorrow. But how can we challenge ourself to be strong in the Lord, and the power of “His” might? For therein lies “the way of our Way”.

Jesus said of his dwelling place, it shall be known as a house of prayer.

James says we have not because we ask not, and when we do ask, we ask amiss, to consume it on our lust.

There is a supernatural river of life flowing from God’s temple. The only way I can explain the changes I have experienced in me over the years is, that it has been supernatural. God working very hard in me, because I sought his face consistently. Not here and there, but faithfully. And now I feel to pray…

Father, I ask in Jesus name, that anyone seeking your face to walk with Jesus, even to walk upon the water in His grace, may you grant more of your Holy Spirit to them, so they might be called “the friend of God”. I ask we be filled with the same heart Mary had, that the Marthas of this world would not distract from what cannot be taken, for that which most certainly will be. Grant us eyes to see, so we do not ask amiss. I ask for that supernatural first-love. A love only you can set aflame, and maintain, as branch draws on Vine. I ask these things in Jesus name, AMEN.

There has been a great journey leading to this article. I hope you desire more. I hope you take the journey contained in this site. Much labor has gone into these articles. Each one deserves a hearing. May God bless you in “the way of the Way”. Jesus is that Way.


Roy Moore Defeated

As the world turns in the kingdom of man, will the church follow the world in Eve’s march to manhood?

Why not? We seem to slowly follow the world in everything else. Services offering more entertainment than holiness. Churches slowly accepting women as pastors over men. Eve is on the march like never before, and the tide is with her. Except in the church, right? But who dares to preach about the role of woman in the church anymore? Watch out, preacher! You may be the next Roy Moore!

If the man did what they claim, then good for Eve! It seems all these were a long time ago. Did the man have a conversion drawing him closer to God? If he has been well-behaved ever since, does that prove a true change of heart? When is enough time, enough time, to prove we have changed? Does the new birth in Christ mean a fresh start and clean slate? Yes it does. But that would not be something recognized in politics, nor does it exempt us from earthly consequences we already set in motion.

The rise of woman in earthly affairs should be easily predictable, after all, if we are headed into the last days, if we are to have fertile ground for the rise of antichrist, did he not by-pass God’s chain of command and go straight to Eve? Be careful now. Don’t read into what I am saying. I’m not saying women are evil or stupid any more than man is evil and stupid. I’m ONLY saying, Satan loves to disrupt and pervert God’s chain of command. And any time he can succeed in that, he has atmospheric conditions “favorable” to his desires. (That’s all I’m saying.)

“IF” Roy Moore did the things he’s accused of, then he gave Satan, through women, a lot of opportunity and power. “IF” he did not, then these accusing women are giving Satan a lot of opportunity and power through them. But we see Eve as the primary player on the board at this time, and attempting to reach even to our presidency! They want Trump’s head on a silver platter! Will they succeed?

BUT NOT ALL WOMEN! I hear there are those who still believe in the godly chain of command, and even voted for Donald Trump. Unfortunately, our worldly media does not want to hear the voice of “those women”. We see your lips moving, BUT WE CAN’T HEAR YOU! “THEY” call “those women” stupid and put them down all the time! For some reason they are allowed to do so, but no one else can be such judges. They are the judges of which women are stupid, and which ones are enlightened, or smart. They are the judges of which women should be heard, and which should remain silent in the world!

Men need much wisdom when it comes to woman. Is that a bad thing for me to say? Adam needs much wisdom when it comes to Eve. Everyone knows that Billy Graham made sure he was NEVER alone with a woman other than his wife. Was Billy Graham afraid of women? Was he a woman hater? Was he a male chauvinist pig?! “No.” But he had wisdom, he knew who his enemy really was, Satan; and he knew his enemy! (The Art of War?)

I have heard our Vice President Pence, has the same Billy Graham policy. (I hope he does.) If so, then his “woman”, his good “wife”, can protect him against the allegations of evil women willing to do “anything” to get what they want.

God gives his church biblical wisdom concerning woman. This has nothing to do with the world, the kingdom of man. The world can do what the world wants to do, we’re talking about inside the body of Christ, the church, the Kingdom of God. How many pastor’s today still conduct their sanctuary service unto God in such a way pleasing to Him? How many pulpits still preach God’s word on the different roles based on gender? Do we remind people, God and Adam were having a party before Eve was invited? That “God and Adam” had a relationship before “God and Eve”?

Does that mean God loves Adam more than Eve? NOT AT ALL! If Adam keeps messing up, then Eve may have more in heaven than Adam! It wouldn’t surprise me a bit! Mary and Martha are still one of the best lessons to be learned for Adam and Eve! Who’s your first love? But God has a “Master Plan” from the very beginning, and only the Master totally understands what His plan is.

God and Satan are both much better at spiritual chess than we are. God’s already checkmated Satan on that multi-level spiritual chess board, but he has always been slow to believe. But watch out church! Don’t think Satan only has his eyes on the head of Donald Trump! We are the body of Christ! Let not head and body be separated! Five virgins were left behind that day! The door closed like a guilloteen, and head was separated from body! Heed the words of Christ to his churches in Revelation through the Apostle John. There may be a spiritual multi-level chessboard, but neither God, nor Satan, considers this a game!

I want to get back to the 3 faiths in Jerusalem today, but I just felt led to write this little reminder. My journey started because I did not fit the modern church, and even as I am sorting out these very issues for myself, and “what God hath said“, I cannot help but notice the rising power of Eve in our current culture, and how it is just “another” sign of the time. My wife and I have peace in what God has shown us in this matter, and whatever service may take place in the teepee I have built with my own hands, it has nothing to do with the kingdom of man, it’s all about the Presence of God, and pleasing Him. He stands at the door knocking. I want to invite him in, and I want Him to say: Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I want Him to feel at home. I want Him to be pleased. And so does every “Mary” in His service.




20171117_161644So I get up this morning and I’m trying to fix my black coffee, (I like it black), after bathing my mind in white thoughts during morning prayers. As a Priest of Christ walking the “White Path”, one of my mottoes is “Prayer Before Coffee“.

White thoughts before black coffee”. When we sleep, we are in a state of fasting. The wise Priest will offer his first-fruits to God before breaking that fast. Very powerful. Very good medicine, strong medicine, Path of the White Feather.

So I’m fixing my coffee and I turn on the radio to see what the “kingdom of man” is doing? In no time at all, I learn President Obama made a speech comparing President Trump to Hitler, (without actually using his name). (Would Hitler have supported Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel? Hhmmm.) (Who’s Hitler?) So a past President not respecting a present President is a man worth listening to? That alone should tell us all we need to know, something about honor, but be that as it may, the news of the day went on, as the world turns.

Then I learned Australia legalized gay marriage. Okay, fine and dandy for you, this is the kingdom of man, but they didn’t stop there? They also passed laws forcing all ministers to have to perform the gay wedding ceremonies?! This is like forcing a devout Jew to eat pork! This is the civil war we have spoke of! What churches will bow the knee to the kingdom of man, and what churches will not! Who will have oil in their lamps and who will not! With the biggest baddest guy coming, if we continue our Avenger comparison, with Thanos coming, can anything pull a divided church back together to face the END TIMES? Who will stand against even our own government? Captain America was the ultimate patriot, and yet even he had to rebel! (And become Nomad!) Hhmmm. Selah.

Next came the news of the first casualty of the Jerusalem Battle. A 30 year old Palestinian man was shot dead by live fire in a protest confrontation. First blood had been drawn! And all in the name of religion.

Add to all this, of course, are all the recent sexual assault revelations; a thinly veiled plan to still get Donald Trump. Do they really think we don’t see their true motives? Why can’t they just be honest about “anything”? The Democrats were strangely silent on all these matters, covering up a world of filth, (Bill Clinton?), until it became politically advantages for them. Now all of a sudden they are the white knights in shining armor? I think I need to eat some grass. (Real, in my yard, green grass like you mow with a mower!)

Looking back on it, I now understand why I looked out in and saw my 100 pound black Lab eating grass, just before she began to upchuck something! No kidding! This really all happened while I was fixing my coffee!

Good medicine, bad medicine. Okay, I get it folks, the news is not the best place to go expecting anything “uplifting”. Spend too much time there and you will become a very negative person, but we do need to be aware. We do need to have conversation about these things. We need to draw together and encourage each other. We have brothers and sisters in Australia who are now having their lives turned upside down by new laws suddenly enacted! Who’s next? Where can we go? What are we going to do? Are you really ready for such religious persecution? Will your faith stand up to the threat of jail, or law suits? We have business owners right here in our United States of America who have already had their livelihoods, and lives, turned upside down by this very same stuff! Are any of us really safe in this new world coming? What kind of thoughts are you having? Are we preprayed and prepared? Is there enough oil in our vessel?

Well…I have seen how a teepee that I began building as a way of connecting with my grandchildren, of which I took on the name: Grandpa White Feather, teacher of the White Path in Christ; I have seen how that teepee has become a symbol for this website, a structure of coming together, and a website I did not know I was going to be creating. (This site is relatively new to the blogging community.)

You may not live where my teepee is, but this website is a connecting point. We can lean on each other here, as we enter the Truth Storm of the last days. I have decided I do need to touch on politics at this site, but only in a way for us to lean on each other and be encouraged. This planet is the kingdom of man, and we are the everlasting Kingdom of God. The bad medicine of this world cannot overcome the good medicine flowing in me from the Kingdom of “my” God. “The Lord”… “IS”… “MY”… “Shepherd””!”

Jesus walked the Red Path so I could walk the White. Jesus says, “Walk with me.” The Father says, “Learn my ways.” The Holy Spirit says, “I will teach you.” We are called to be an Enoch people, Godwalkers! We have this Covenant with God through the blood of His Son, and we need to live in the Praise, Prayer, and Promises of that Word. This is good medicine, strong medicine. The world speaks with a forked tongue, snake’s tongue. I will tread upon the lion and adder! There is a Truth Storm, and we are “Called” and “Empowered” to be “Spiritual Storm Troopers”! Our feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace!

Let this place be a place of coming together as we face these very black storms. Let the white thoughts, white prayers, and white ways (spiritually speaking, no reference to skin color), be a light in this world’s darkness. My thoughts are pure in this matter. If it were not for the darkness of this world, I would not have even needed to make a clarification on what I meant by “white ways”. Everyone would have assumed the best, instead of the worst, unless otherwise “proven”. But it is no longer so in the kingdom of man. This is the world we now have, as the world turns.


Where are the Bruce Lees of Christianity? Part II

“And if a man also strive for masteries, yet he is not crowned, except he strive lawfully.” (II Timothy 2:5)

In other words, you don’t get your black belt, son, unless you prove the proper skills of a black belt. Pulling out a gun and blowing your opponent away will not get you a black belt, even if it’s a black belt martial artist you just blew away. You got to “learn the way of your Way”. And for the Christian, that means, how do I live by priestly skills, not carnal ways. Hhmmmm.

Do you really believe in the power of God’s Spirit? Do you really believe there is true power there? Do you believe it enough to construct your whole life around that belief, and learn those skills? Will you pursue those skills at least as hard as Bruce Lee pursued his fighting skills? Does our Master not deserve even more devotion?

ARE YOU REAL? Maybe you “are” living by the way of your Way? You’re just not being honest about what your “Way” really is. The church has let so many “worldly ways” sneak into the sanctuary that no one is sure what’s eternal and what’s temporary any more. Soon we will be confused as to male or female.

As I have said, it’s hard for a naked man to defend his position. Bruce Lee was true to the words he spoke. He was true even unto death. He practiced what he preached, and he sought to constantly improve those skills and to have a better understanding of a more perfect way of self-defense.

We have the Word of God. As we study, we should have seasons of growth where we come to a “better understanding” of what God hath said. When we do, are we faithful to grow, change our way, practice the new understanding until we have it down pat? Or do we simply continue in the old, in the lesser, in the mediocrity, in the luke-warmness, the no-fire? If so, we need an awakening.

I intend to die like Bruce Lee, living what I preach. Living by what I have learned, and constantly seeking even better understanding, a more perfect Way. This is one reason I’m building the Tipi. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to do something that was true to what God has showed me, cause I couldn’t seem to practice it in the modern church of our day. Even our government pleasing ways make me sick. Am I anti-America? Not at all. Earthly kingdoms will do what earthly kingdoms will do. But when I allow them to influence what I teach from the Word of God, just so I can maintain my precious tax-exemption, that’s being anti-Kingdom of God!

What did Jesus do? What would the Apostle Paul do? What would Bruce Lee do? What would an upcoming Jedi Knight do? Light or darkness? Are we willing to endure hardness to be a warrior? This is “the way of the Way”. 

Jesus did not hide “the way of the Way”. Neither did the Apostle Paul or any of the other Disciples. Neither did Bruce Lee or any other warrior try to hide the hardness of this Way. But there is also joy here. And there is power here. As we climb in mastery, there are also all the benefits contained in mastery.

Acts 1:8a> “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you:…”

Yes, there is power there, but it is the power of Priesthood. It is in more of the Holy Spirit. It is of that “Way”. So if you want to learn that “Way”, then you better learn to pray. Jesus said you can do “nothing” without me. It all starts on our knees drinking more of God’s Spirit as we pray and worship. The two go together. They are like the two wings of the eagle.

Never forget this is not our home. Spiritually speaking, we are the Children of Israel in the wilderness after coming out of Egypt. When God moves, when the cloud moves, you better learn to flow with Him, stay in the Shadow, His will and presence, His secret place. This is “Godwalker”. And you better learn to gather your “manna”, your spiritual sustenance everyday. These things were all for a picture to us to learn from and receive revelation of how Spirit life works. Have you seen this? Are you awakened?

I know what God had me do. He had me start right here, gathering my daily manna, in prayer. I was no longer allowed to take God for granted, or fail to appreciate His power in my life. I became very conscious of my “first-fruits” to God every day. How I broke my fast as one of his priest. Every night as we sleep, we enter a state of fasting. When we eat “break-fast”, we break the fast. I don’t manage to do this every single day, and I am not under some “law”, but at least 95% of the time I enter prayer and worship before coffee. In other words, I seek God’s Way in my life before I break the fast. I render first-fruits unto Him. Prayer before coffee has become one of my priestly mottoes.

There is great power in this understanding, because there is no good thing in us, and if there is to be good things come of us, then it is only when “God in us” produces those things supernaturally. So if we become faithful in drinking of the POWER OF GOD, which is His HOLY SPIRIT, then all these other things begin to supernaturally grow within us. This is God’s WAY. Not based on our own abilities, but based on His. Not based on our own power, but based on our obedience to the revelation we currently have, and our desire for more. Constant growth unto a more perfect day. Selah.

In the coming movie, our new Jedi needs a trainer. Let the Holy Spirit be your trainer. Jesus says: Walk with me. God says: Learn my Ways. Holy Spirit says: I will train you.

Now we’re getting somewhere.




Day 3 / Purity


This story reminds me of my childhood. I grew up with the original half hour Batman and Robin series. I can remember how every other show left them in some dire situation of which there was little hope of survival. I remember running in from the school bus the next day. I lived way out in the country and we barely got home in time to catch the show. I was so anxious to see what was going to happen? Were they going to survive? Was there any doubt?

You always new the first episode of a pair was going to leave you hanging, and I actually dreaded that. When the thirty minutes was running out and the show about to end, and it would be 24 hours before you could see the conclusion, that was awful! And if it hit on a Friday, that was the worst! Three days of waiting! Three days of wondering how Batman or Robin was going to escape being sawn in two!

As I hung there on White Butte, I did not think of Batman. I also was doing some pretty serious praying. My prayers had already begun! This was not a silly Batman show. This was real! People are badly hurt and even killed by falls in the Badlands while climbing on this strange dirt that suddenly crumbles away. This butte was made of the same kind of material.

Twenty years ago I had actually been in the Badlands and barely escaped a climb at that time too. A car of local people actually saw me climbing and stopped to warn my wife of the dangers. It was too late at that point, I was already way up there. And now, here I was again. These cliffs are so deceptive. They start out climbing pretty safe and easy. But somehow, before you know it, you’re way up there and can’t find your footholds to come down! You either press on to the top, or start an out of control slide downward!

I was seriously worried, but I knew God had led me here and believed it was all for a purpose. My thumb had a pretty good slice in it, blood was freely flowing and spilling onto White Butte. At least I knew the sword was sharp. Pressing the thumb against my other fingers had failed to stop the flow. I remembered my bandana in my rear pocket and managed to pull it out and wrap around my thumb. That would be good enough for now.

On my back was a small book bag type backpack. That was actually what held the Samurai sword in place, but in the bag was also a Colt knife with an eight inch Damascas blade. I needed that knife! If only I could get to it. With my new handhold I now had the chance to try. It wasn’t easy, but with patience I eventually got it out. Why hadn’t I strapped it on my belt to begin with? Good question.

Once I had that knife I was able to do some serious digging. My wife got a very distant and short video of me digging at the butte as I climbed. It looked like I was stabbing a monster over and over again. There are still scars on the blade from that climb. The whole event was forty minutes long. By the time I finally pulled myself onto the top, I knew I had been through a life and death situation. God had made it real enough.

Yes, God had made it real enough, and now I would pray prayers, offer up worship to the God who was going to lead me in the Third and final Act of my life. I was taking these nine days to offer up “first fruits” to God. My next mission in this earth was to be the result of these nine days of seeking God first! And so it has been.

The view was beautiful up there. I sat Indian style on a big hump of ground and enjoyed my black coffee while thinking white thoughts. Thoughts about God, and thoughts about purity and our years of climbing towards it.

I watched a group of people hiking in. I watched from my high position as they naturally chose the easy well trod path without giving it much of a thought. Why was I different? Even at the age of 61, I had not been drawn to the easy path everyone else seemed to naturally gravitate towards. My gravitational pull was different than the majority. Gravity was what I had also battled going up the side of this beast. There was less gravity to fight on the other path, but also less reward. That path never reached the high peaks. I know, because I checked it out before I left.

People may think this story is crazy. They may think the whole idea of giving nine days to seeking God, spending a vacation in this way, is nuts. But have you ever seriously tried it? I’m telling you God is real and he will speak to you, but you must come to him on his terms. Do you know this way I speak of? Over the course of my life, I’ve done more than a few of these, and God has never failed to show up.

So this was Day 3 of our 9 Days. I would like to point out that “White Butte”, symbolic of a climb to purity, was on private property. In other words, I was again upon symbolic land separated from the government. Remember the scriptures God gave us in Bear Butte? Remember how David was delivered from King Saul, the government over him in his time? Remember?

As I sat up there with my Bible and my sword; I pondered all these things. Do you think Jesus would have been in bed with our government, allowing them to influence what he taught, just so he could maintain his tax exempt status, or avoid jail? I worry about our modern day churches and the theater type services we now have. As I sat in these high places I remembered more than once struggling with male lust over an attractive woman on the platform while trying to focus on God. Many churches today simply seem to be late copies of the world. If Jesus labeled your church, would he label it a “Mary”, or a “Martha”? Has the modern church become Martha, worried more about earthly things than simply enjoying the pure word and presence of God?

God was calling me to start something different in these modern times, something of the old ways and the simplicity of Christ. While the crowd flowed very easily towards a path of least resistance, I was drawn to the high places. I speak and teach about all these things of our modern church in other sections of this site. If you have a real desire to “AWAKEN”, you will naturally seek such things. But if you are a Martha, seeking to build your own little kingdom, caught up in “image” rather than humility, then there are plenty of people on that path to keep you company.

Here’s a final thought for those who have actually read this far. When Satan entered the garden on his quest to cause havoc, he did not go to Adam, but he went to Eve. His plan worked so well then, that I think it is also his main plan for “The End”. How many ways has your church allowed Eve to get out of place? Am I being anti-woman? No, I’m simply being pro Word of God. There is a proper balance to all things. Jesus did not preach poverty, but he did also preach against materialism and the love of money.

The church is way out of balance today in its attempt to attract the world. Our first duty is the light of Christ, not stage lights. We shine the pure light of God and those who truly want to be God’s children will be attracted. We don’t want to attract the world. The world should run from us. But Satan is using his same Garden of Eden plan to bring us into a state described in Romans chapter one. Check it out. It speaks of reprobate minds and every sort of evil. Men becoming Eve. Eve becoming men. And God’s line of authority completely destroyed. That’s where were headed if the church doesn’t AWAKEN. Perhaps it’s too late. Perhaps we’re already there.


II Samuel 21:22 – 22:4

20170429_143623These four were born to the giant in Gath, (Goliath), and fell by the hand of David, and by the hand of his servants. And David spake unto the Lord the words of this song in the day that the Lord delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies, and out of the hand of Saul: And he said, The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my savior; thou savest me from violence. I will call on the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from my enemies.”

I did not know it that day, but I have come to realize an important part of God’s message through me is the misguided effects of what I call King Theology. What are the odds that a very special marker fell between the pages of scripture speaking of God as my rock, my fortress, my high tower, while we were in such a high place surrounded by rock fortresses?

How my eyes fell on the last verse of chapter 21, and the beginning verses of 22, I cannot explain other than God. They were not highlighted or marked in anyway, but my eyes went straight to those verses when I opened the page. But those verses mean so much more than a high and rocky fortress to me, especially relating to what I had just come out of.

These verses specifically said David was delivered out of the hand of all his enemies “AND” the hand of Saul…”KING” Saul. David did not consider King Saul his enemy, even though Saul was trying to kill him. David’s heart broke over the death of King Saul and his son, Jonathon. Jonathon was David’s closest and most cherished friend. And yet the scripture is specific to both list David’s enemies and also King Saul. God had delivered him out of two very different kinds of threats.

As a spiritual warrior, and not just someone who sits on the side bench of the battleground, we all now what it is like to have enemies of all sorts. Our enemy will use whatever means to stop the will of God in us. It can be finances, health, people, lies, demons, and circumstances of all sorts; but for David, King Saul and his son, Jonathon, was a very complicated issue. Now God seemed to be speaking these scriptures to me, on this second day of our quest, in the high place of Bear Butte. What did it mean?

I believe God was saying no enemy would be able to stand before me as I undertook the coming vision, the development of a school in the wilderness. God would be my rock fortress and my high tower of refuge. Of course this is very good news! But it was the other part that had me in such amazement and deep contemplation. How did God know? How did he manage to speak so specifically to my “weakness” in scriptures written thousands of years ago, and then guide me to land on them with my eyes in this moment?

Not to go into too many details, but, my best friend of over forty years had been one of the main reasons I ended up at the church where I lost my name. I had always thought we were meant to have a ministry together, and I had been very slow to give up that idea, because we were more than ordinary friends. We were comrades.

Looking back from this high place I could see how this church, and perhaps my friend too, had a King Theology, of which I could not fit into or agree with. This path was doomed from the beginning, and there I was trying to make it work. Now I could see God was listing this as part of what I was delivered out of. How could he find such a list…describing my current physical environment and location…two very specific false paths that had been revealed…and land me on those scriptures at this very moment and place in time? Wowwww.

My first warning light at this church was when I first started going there. Through my friend I had a quick connection to important people, including the Pastor. The Pastor became interested in a teaching I had put together about emphasizing our Priesthood over Kingship. He asked permission to preach it and I agreed. I felt honored, and for the next three weeks he was doing an excellent job of preaching it, until the congregation began complaining and attendance dropping. Many there felt they could not identify with the priesthood aspect of our birth in Christ, unless it included King Theology.

On the fourth week the Pastor made a switch and preached the King-side of the equation, as falsely translated in the King James version of the Bible. Details of this teaching can be found under my menu button: “VISION”. A red light went off in my spirit that very day, but it was still too early to say for sure, so I continued forward with the best of hopes. As I did, I ran into more and more church “political correctness”, which we would call church government.

David was delivered out of “heathen” ungodly enemies. He was also delivered out of the hands of his government, as in King Saul, and he was separated from his good friend, when Jonathon died. At least three specific things God delivered him out of, and I had just come through a season of all three of those things, which had brought me to such a spiritual state of which I had lost all vision, and my sense of who I was. All I had left was the sacred fire still burning in my belly, and so I had taken my vacation time and decided I would seek God, to find my purpose again. A new vision, for I had surely wrecked the previous one.

I could look back and see exactly where that other vision died. I could see where I switched to a different path, began to ride a different horse, in order to obey the leading of the Pastor, or the “House Vision”, they might say.

My heart was sad when I looked back. It still gets sad when I look back even today. But the new vision is actually similar, only in a different location. We are establishing a “House of H.O.P.E.”, a House of Prayer Everyday.

The specificity of these scriptures, and the card that guided me to them, (The Eagle Huntress), still amazes me to this day. If I had any doubt God was speaking, those doubts could not stand against the overwhelming odds of these things ever happening. I had been through a lot. I was at a place of doubting myself in every way. I can only believe God knew I needed some strong evidence I was still hearing Him.

There is a language that is personal between you and God. He knows what different things mean to “you”. He can use those things to get your attention if you seek him. He can confirm things in ways no one else can know.

I tied a prayer cloth to a tree for my wife and I that day, a bright red bandana. It blows in the winds of South Dakota, high on Bear Butte at this very moment.

Turtle Faith Lady barely managed to get down from the high places before dark. I was actually worried if we were going to make it. We were the last to leave there, and a huge male Bison crossed our path as we were leaving, a symbol of power, strength, endurance, and abundance. God was speaking, and I was doing my best to listen and properly interpret. Knowledge is not enlightenment. Truth is enlightenment.


Our bandana flies from that little tree you see at the point. Yes, that one by itself, way out there.


God Seek / Vision Quest

It has occurred to me maybe I should talk about the spiritual quest before getting into more of the tipi. As I study some of the people who have visited this site, it seems to me they may have little knowledge of a true God Seek. You mean God will actually speak to you, and tell you what to do?

Yes…but he is Spirit, and he speaks to your soul, your spirit. Therefore, if you do not know how to enter the spirit, if all you know is carnal knowledge, you will likely ignore God even though he is speaking.

“Tumble Pigeon Farm”, the Tipi, Grandpa White Feather, “Path of the White Feather”, this web site: “Path Without End”, none of this would be happening if I had not spent time entering the spirit to seek God in a deeper way. The rush of this world interferes with hearing God. Scripture says God is a rewarder of those who “diligently” seek him. It takes time to hear God. If a person does not “care” enough to have the “faith” and “devotion” to seek him, then they aren’t interested in the Kingdom of God, or the God of that Kingdom, anyway.

So we will take some time to share details of the God Seek my wife and I went on. We had nine days and God showed up on the very first night. It was aproximately 17 hours of driving for us to get from Indianapolis Indiana to the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was rather comical how God spoke that first night. We had pulled into a rest stop we knew nothing about. We were well worn and weary. Much to our surprise we were greeted by a 50 foot tall Indian lady named, Dignity, with a sacred blanket, or mantle coming onto her shoulders.

The details of what happened is quite comical, and there is much to be understood concerning this first encounter of our trip. So we will tell this story of the first night on the next blog. For now, check out this incredible statue.

indian lady (1)indian lady (5)