“A Christmas 2 Hour Delay”

I don’t know what came over me?

Well, I guess I do know, but would anyone believe it?

It’s the Friday before Christmas, and all through the town, not a single person was waiting as they rushed all around! Gas stations were jumping and traffic lights too, as all through the city people moved! They fled from their boredom and raced into freedom with one thought in mind! Can I possibly get home in time?

Well…nice try, but enough of that. I actually left my house just ahead of rush in hopes of getting a haircut I badly needed. So I go to my usual Great Clips only to discover one poor woman frantically cutting hair. She actually had to leave her customer to greet me at the counter! I saw five people setting and one in the chair, while the poor lady left cutting the hair! To my attention she hurried, as the old man’s hair stood all a flurry! Oops, there I go again. Sorry.

I asked if she was the only one working? She said, “Yes.” I asked how long the wait? She said, “Two hours.” Wow. I thanked her and quietly left. What to do now? Give up? And then I remembered a place caught my eye! Might as well give it a try! So I dashed to my Civic with bells on my toes and yelled onward to Blitzen, and wished we had snow!

I just can’t help it folks. A-n-y-w-a-y… I drove to this other place, and I never been there before. I had to park out a ways and decided I would nonchalantly walk past their window, casually glancing in as I go, to see if they were busy,…or onward I go!

But there was a man standing outside the store, eyeing me coming, smoking a cigarette, and walking about. As I drew closer he leaned against the wall. As I casually passed the window and saw people galore, I immediately knew I’d pass one more! But the man asked how I was doing, as I tried to pass by. He seemed determined to get a reply. This man who had eyed me all this time.

I said, “I’m doing fine,” smiled and kept walking.

Now this man did not know me from beans in a can, but this total stranger seemed to insist, “Sam I am”. And with only a few feet between us, I past by, he spoke again! Not letting me slide!

“So life is treating you okay, you say?”

My back is turned and I’m on my way, why is this stranger still bidding me stay? Is he really concerned as to who I am, and what’s my jam? Or is this the beginning of an elaborate scam?

I stopped in my tracks, giving a stern glance back! Something hit me! Something came over me! This man who eyed me from the start! I shot back at him this question not kind! “DO I KNOW YOU?”, I sternly asked, and gave him the eye!

I was suddenly on the attack and this has never been my nature. He began his nervous reply.

“No…I’m just trying to spread some Christmas cheer. You know, a little positivity’. Just being friendly.”

I love that word. “P-O-S-I-T-I-V-I-T-Y”. Immediately I knew this man was a snake in the grass, and I was going to nail him.

Positivity, you say? Well how about spreading the ‘godly’?” I asked.

“What?” he said. “Oh, yeah, of course,” he nervously smiled.

I spoke again, as I turned back in his direction. “So you want to have a conversation? Are you a Christian?” I asked as straightforward as I knew how. I mean, there was no beating around. I didn’t even know who I had become at this point, and I leaned against the wall next to him. Close like a friend, even though we had different skin.

“Well, yes.” he said weakly, and took another puff on his cigarette, glancing away.

“So you’ve accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior, and you serve him?” I came right back, strong with the same question, only more pointed.

His answer was weak again, but he said, “Yes.”

And then I said, “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU.” As I looked him right in the eyes.

There was a pause.

He said, “You don’t?” A very nervous, I’m caught, kind of “you don’t?” And again, he kept glancing away, not wanting to look in the eyes, nervously flicking the cigarette.

“No, I don’t.” And I went on. “You want to have a conversation, you say. I didn’t come here looking to talk, but I guess you’re the reason I’m here. But that’s the problem, you see. You don’t really want to know me, or you might have to change.” And then I said, point blank again, “I don’t know what kind of ‘game’ you’re playing, but if I were you, I wouldn’t forget this, ‘conversation’.”

And then I turned and left.

He saw me walk up there. He didn’t know why I came. He didn’t know I checked out that barber shop as I appeared to walk on by towards other stores. So when I turned and left, as far as he knew, I did come there just for him. And I think I did.

From there I drove to another Great Clips and thought I’d give it one more try, but I expected I’d find the same overcrowded condition. Amazingly, I did not. A ten minute wait, and the lady did an excellent job. What a strange chain of events. A two hour delay at one place, led to a nice conversation with a total stranger, and then eventually getting a fine haircut in another place, with no delay. How strange.

I know a spirit of boldness came over me from the Lord. That’s what happened. Why it happened I cannot say, except God was speaking to that man at that time in a powerful way, to call him out on whatever the “game” he played. I hope he considers the strange Christmas Encounter. I hope his “positivity” leads him to a certain “Nativity” where he might really meet the Lord, and give up the games people like to play, for the reality of the true Christmas message.

A Christmas Encounter of a different kind.



“Eternal Bricks”

You can be happy all you want, but if you don’t feel like your life has “Purpose and Meaning”?

Your happiness will become hollow, turn sour, and lose strength.

It can become down right depression. Purpose and meaning will keep you going even when you’re not happy. The message of Christ is all about a “Kingdom of Purpose and Meaning”. No wonder it’s called Good News!

A Kingdom of Purpose and Meaning. God’s Kingdom!

Jesus came on a mission of revealing God our Father. Saying… Be of good cheer! You have eternal purpose! Your life doesn’t end in the grave, but you can build something having everlasting life! You can build something that doesn’t fold in the end! Put your shoulder to the Kingdom of God and live with purpose and meaning! This will bring true joy and happiness! Then he gave us the Beatitudes, revealing the secret of true happiness. And if the Beatitudes are right, then happiness is not derived from what we would think.

It’s more happy to give than receive, God’s word tells us. But what are we giving? Is it just about money, or gifts? Have you considered giving fire? There must be a fire burning in our belly! Share that fire! God’s gift in you, use it for the Kingdom of God, and God will use it to benefit the kingdom of man. We can affect others with the purpose and meaning of the Kingdom of God. We can bake bricks in an oven of our fire and build something eternal!

Egypt put the Children of Israel in slavery and demanded they make bricks of mud and straw. Day after day, for many years, they suffered a meaningless life of brick making and building memorials to Pharaoh; and then they started taking away their straw, but still demanded more bricks! What a perfect picture of the dead end street of man’s kingdom. A kingdom of futility. Demanding more and more, but everyone loses in the end. Unless, we know the Kingdom of God.

We find happiness is not a life of constant “pleasure”. It’s not a world of more pleasure means more happy, as Satan would like you to believe. It’s becoming a part of something bigger than you, and putting yourself into it. It’s more happy giving than receiving. So we find ourself in “man’s kingdom” with a mission of revealing “God’s Kingdom” in whatever way God leads.

So how is this working for you? How is your purpose and meaning going? Whose life is being affected in some way because of the Kingdom of God flowing through you? And don’t limit yourself to one thing, our whole life should flow with the purpose and meaning of Christ, and his incredible news that our life doesn’t have to be a dead end street, but we can build with Eternal Bricks!

Look around at all the man made things you can see. Think about how long these things may stand. Chances are they will be here long after you are gone, but they are not made of Eternal Bricks. Even their days are numbered. Just ask the pyramid of Gaza. Old as it is, it’s days are numbered, and it shows the wear and tare of age. Even Gaza is just a blink of the eye to God.

As Jesus was leaving the temple grounds, his disciples pointed out to him the various temple buildings. But he responded, “Do you see all these buildings? I tell you the truth, they will be completely demolished. Not one stone will be left on top of another!”

(Jesus could be a real bummer, at times, but always reminding us eternity.)

Later, Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives. His disciples came to him privately and said, “Tell us, when will all this happen? What sign will signal your return and the end of the world?”

Jesus told them, “Don’t let anyone mislead you, for many will come in my name, claiming, I am the Messiah. They will deceive many.” …

Don’t be fooled by this world’s promises of straw bricks. They are buildings built on sand. Let this be your Christmas present from God this year: “ETERNAL BRICKS” baked in the fire he put in you. Let this be your message to others about the Kingdom of God plowing in the kingdom of man. And don’t just tell them, show them. Most times the greatest messages are preached with the least words. We show people the cross at work in our life.

Let your life build a road others can follow! A road leading to the Kingdom of God! Lay every brick with care. Your life a road others can walk on. A yellow brick road of gold! Eternal bricks, stamped with the words:

“Made in the Kingdom of God.”

“Real Life Stuff”

Continuing our previous article, what is John the Baptist really telling us?

Really love God, and really love people. We are called to real love.


 It’s a faith revealing itself in OUR cross. Yes, “OUR” cross. Show me your faith without works, and I’ll show you mine by my works!

The cross really is the perfect picture of Christianity, and if your actions don’t fit that picture, then you’re not following Christ. You may be following some success guru, or weak version of Christianity, but you have not gotten into the real stuff of life yet, because God’s word is not about making us “first”, it’s about us learning to love being “last”. Wow. Somehow, the place where my teepee is going, must fit that picture.

“The Golden Rule”

“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.” (Matt.7:12)

I painted a cross on the side of the teepee, not yet knowing how meaningful that was going to be.

How can I be last? What is God showing me I could do, but in the doing of it, I put others first? I’m talking real sacrifice based on your real love for God and people.

Donald Trump may well usher in a new age of prosperity in this country, but what will the average Christian do with it? “Blessings” have always been our greatest “temptation”. A failure to properly handle God’s blessings has always brought our greatest judgements. The church has always thrived best in hard times. Sad but true statements. Like Constantine blessed and empowered the church, and it led to idolatry, does today’s church really know how to handle more prosperity?

There is a simplicity to God’s call. Really love God, and really love people. Embrace your cross.

Consider what your gifting is when you look for your place. Now that we have the vision of the Priest/Servant, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find fulfillment in our sacrifice. The Christian walk is a call to a life of “meaning”. Meaning is more needed than happiness. I believe we search for real purpose and meaning. In this we find fulfillment. These kinds of people know what true happiness is.

So when you look at the world around you, where do you see yourself standing in line? Last? No?

Me neither. And that’s got to change for me! This Path of the White Feather has been a path of revelation personally challenging me. The ministry at Tumble Pigeon Farm must be a place teaching this personal God, personal love, and personal cross. I may never reach the very end of the line, but I’ve got to move more in that direction. I take this as a personal challenge to myself, to be more real in my faith, to really love God, and really love people.

John the Baptist declared what time it was on heaven’s clock, and he said there was an axe about to drop and chop off the original branch of the tree, and graft in something new, something different, something real. Are we at such a time again? I need to find my place in this line!

I watched a movie that was connected to a ministry called “Embrace a Village”. I don’t know a lot about this ministry, but it seemed real. God called them to help people in India with leprosy! I mean, they get right involved with them! Move towards the mess as they say.

I believe, now that I’m not so tied up inside the four walls of a modern church, I’m ready to find something “real”, to pour some of my sweat, blood, and sacrifice into. Now that I know I’m not under some law to give 10% of my income to a church, what other need is going on around me, where I might be able to make a real difference in the name of Jesus? It’s time to look with new eyes. It’s time to leave the padded pews and stage lights, and move towards the mess!

For anyone following this site, if you don’t feel you’re already doing this, I hope you will join me in making this a personal goal, a journey we can all make together, a journey towards the back of the line! Yes! I’m excited about moving towards the back! Just imagine if Christians all over the world truly caught the vision of moving towards the back of the line. Of letting God lead them towards a mess God has gifted them to thrive in, and they moved towards that mess! Wow…what a different world it could be.

This is what the true spirit of Christmas is meant to be. Not some materialistic stressful holiday of fearing people won’t think you love them if you didn’t buy for them. Or you’re cheap because you couldn’t afford them a nice gift, so you went in debt to show how much you love them. Now you’re stressed out all year because you struggle to pay that credit card that never seems to pay off, and guess what? Christmas is almost here again! Now what do I do? This is not what the baby Jesus was born for. This is not what he paid a price on the cross for! Let Christmas become going last!

God’s most powerful message is in the cross. God’s glory is in the cross. Let us bring that message back to the world by taking OUR cross and following Him. Jesus says, Walk with me. God says, Learn my ways. The Holy Spirit says, I will teach and empower you.

I did not know where this message was going when I started writing it. This is a message moving towards the mess. The mess of our own selfish materialistic lives, to a vision of embracing our cross, the beauty that can come out of that cross, and proving ourselves to actually be the Bride of the Lamb, because we really love God and are fulfilled in His ways. Amen.

(The previous article kind of led into this, so you might want to check it out.)


My first born grandson, Gabriel, who helped paint on this teepee. His current name given by me is, “Fire Keeper”. He helped to keep the fire going in the teepee.

“Changing the System” / Part II

What “did” Jesus do?

He took us from… “God above us” … to “God with us” …to “God ‘IN’ us!!!” … Wow!!!

We continue considering what Hebrews 7 means. What does it mean that our circumcision is now one of the heart? And how did God get us there?

This was the great mystery kept secret by God from the beginning of time! Do you think God can keep a secret? And Satan was never so surprised when he finally learned God’s love was so great, he would actually put man in himself, and himself in man! He never dreamed a holy God would or could do such a thing!

Before the birth of Christ, God’s Presence was contained in the Holy of Holies of the temple, of which a High Priest was allowed to go one time a year, and at great risk to his life! Making matters even worse, scriptures seem to indicate the Presence of God had already left the temple all together! And the Levite ceremonies had basically become empty practices. But before all this, when the Hebrews were crossing the wilderness with the wilderness tabernacle, they were blessed by God with a cloud above them by day, offering a covering and shade, and a pillar of fire by night, offering a covering and heat. God above them.

By the time Jesus is born things have gotten into a pretty bad spiritual condition. At this point God makes a huge move on the spiritual chessboard. Jesus is born into the earth and Matthew 1:23 records: “Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” (!)

God is making a move and it is major! Satan has no idea! God is moving towards checkmate! And Satan never saw it coming! The one who blinds was blindsided! The Presence of God has now moved from “God above us”, to “Immanuel”, “God with us”! And God’s not done yet!

But if God does such a thing, then even the Law must be changed?

“For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law.” (Hebrews 7:12)

And so God did, through Christ Jesus, when he fulfilled all the Law for us, not leaving a jot or tittle unfulfilled, as he shifted the priesthood from the Levite to Jesus, of the eternal order of Melchisedec!

Then, on the Day of Pentecost in an upper room, the Promise of the Father invaded from the Kingdom of God into the earth, and God’s Presence became “God in us”! Know ye not that ye have become the “temples” of God? Checkmate, Satan!

This changed everything.

An awakening had come!

Now we are led of the Spirit in all things, in harmony with God’s Word.

This article is about: “GOD IN US.”

Have you considered the dead body of Jesus? Jesus didn’t simply wreck his car that day, he totaled it!!! They say the whip and beating alone had him in such a physical condition you could not even recognize him. And yet, somehow his heart kept beating and his body kept moving forward in obedience to the Father.

This already badly damaged body is then nailed to the cross and suspended vertically for all to see. After several hours of this humiliation and suffering, (oh, and don’t forget the sins of the world are put upon him too), but right at the appointed time he releases his spirit of his own obedience unto the Father. Then a Roman soldier thrusts a spear in his side from which a mixture of blood and water pours, indicating his very heart has burst!

Now his body has laid in a tomb for three days. Dead. Not breathing. No blood flowing. Jesus shows up to his Insurance Agency saying he wants his car fixed. The Insurance adjustor says, “Sorry Jesus, but that car is too far gone. It’s not possible. All the experts have looked it over. The frame is horrendously bent. The front end smashed, pushing the motor into the front seat. Then it caught fire! It’s totaled, man. I’m afraid this check towards buying another car is the best we can do.”

Now…with these thoughts in mind…ask yourself the question: WHAT KIND OF POWER HAD TO HIT THAT BODY FOR IT TO BE INSTANTLY RESTORED AND MADE NEW?



“But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.” (!) (Romans 8:11)

Again, the Law was of Moses and the Levites. Jesus was not even of the tribe of Levi. He was of Judah. Our covenant with God was totally changed that day, disconnecting it from Aaron and connecting it to a mysterious person, (God’s secret), Melchisedec! Huge move! Huge revelation!

And now we do not have the external Laws, but we have a circumcision of the heart putting the laws in our heart, by which the power of God changing us causes us to be drawn towards those laws, and they have been revealed to us in summation as, love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself.

We have entered into a Bride and Groom relationship in which all of yours becomes all of His, (not just 10% or one Sabbath a week); and all of His becomes all of yours! Now this is a beautiful thing that truly boggles the imagination to even attempt comprehending. Welcome to your new covenant in Christ Jesus. Welcome to the Kingdom of God. Welcome to the Holy of Holies. Live in God’s Spirit and come boldly into His Presence anytime you so desire. Desire often and much! 

But don’t try to keep me in the Old Covenant. It’s an insult to what God hath done, and God hath said. Let us walk in God’s Spirit, render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s. And what is God’s? All of it. We have no inheritance in the earth. God’s Presence is our inheritance, and in His Presence, we have all things.