“Belly of the Whale” / Prayer

75364021-1200px The storm rages and Jonah is thrown overboard into the violent sea! You know the story. Is America throwing “church as we have known it” overboard? Statistics say they are. Is traditional church being rejected? And yet Jesus is not traditional church, and he rises above!

Have you ever noticed in your walk with God, how if you “defile” yourself for a time, then it takes a little while to get that intimate Anointing back? As Priest of God we’ve all been there. It’s a most basic lesson of understanding the power and Anointing of God. The Old Testament spoke of it symbolically as eating or touching unclean animals. Or if you had touched a dead thing. The O.T. painted us a picture how intentional sin can “defile” us, and then there was a time period of cleansing before the Priest could perform his priestly duties again. I call this our 3-Days in the belly of the fish.

Jonah was in a heck of a predicament, wasn’t he? And yet it took him 3 days before he could pray a prayer that God actually answered! Are we in that same spiritual condition?

“… And Jonah was inside the fish for three days and three nights. Then Jonah prayed to the Lord his God from inside the fish.” (Jonah 1:17b & 2:1)

Jonah had definitely slid into a distant relationship with God, and was sailing farther and farther away until the fish brought him back, and even then Jonah still had an attitude. God continued working on him even as God was saving Nineveh.

What is it going to take to get the church back into a position of power and Anointing with God? I believe I see the great fish coming! We are in the storm now, Jonah has been woken by the unbelievers and told to pray, but he has not yet admitted to this storm being his fault! It is his fault because he is not preaching God’s message that was given! Not only that, but he is sailing AWAY from the will of God, choosing to go to Tarshish rather than Nineveh, because those people were so evil! They deserve to die! (He decided.) Hard hearted.

Jonah was planning on living a blessed life in Tarshish rather than preach to the heathens the warnings and judgments of God. Have we not done the same? The storm is here! We have been woken and told to pray! But Jonah’s prayers were no good until after 3 days in the fish belly! We’ve not had our 3 days yet. We’re not Skypeople living by our wings. We’re destined for fish food.

So…what kind of a fish, and what kind of a belly does God have “planned” for us??? God is very intentional in these things, you know.

Then the sailors picked Jonah up and threw him into the raging sea…

Now the Lord had arranged for a great fish to swallow Jonah.

In our New Covenant God also warns us about a life of sin, unholiness, defiling our temples, which have become our very body. We are called to be Skypeople, not Earthdwellers living in defilement! We have forsaken our sacred ways! We don’t live by our wings, but we live as normal men! A life below, not above! A kingdom below, not above! A life of carnality, not Priesthood! We’d rather live in Tarshish!

We have much better means of forgiveness and restoration now, through Christ Jesus, but believe me, in severe cases, God still has his GREAT FISH! And the last verse of the O.T. is still a warning ending in the word “CURSE”! I believe we are there. We have pushed God’s buttons too many times and crossed an invisible line.

Now the heathens have not thrown us overboard yet, but they sure are beginning to think about it. HATE SPEECH! RACISM! GENDERISM! ABORTION, CONTROLLING POLITICS, HOMOSEXUALITY! EQUAL RIGHTS IN THE CHURCH! They have a lot of reasons already prepared. We’ve actually gone soft on these subjects, but they don’t see it that way, nor do they want us to have a chance to get stronger.

During the time of this election, they are throwing their lots and asking their gods for a revelation of who is the cause of this perfect storm? We already know who the lots fell to, Jonah. We have caused a political storm they will no longer tolerate. So the tolerant will cease to be tolerant in the name of being tolerant. 

In 18 more days the “50 Day White House Siege” begins. The lots are being rolled. The storm continues raging and it will not go away until God’s people get right with God again. Until they can pray the prayer that God hears.

Leviticus 18:24- > “Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, for the people I am driving out before you have defiled themselves in all these ways. Because the entire land has become defiled, I am punishing the people who live there. I will cause the land to vomit them out.” (Like the fish vomited Jonah?)

The land is defiled with hate, violence, lies, murder of babies, divorce, adultery, lust, materialism, selfishness, homosexuality, perversion, and how much more can it stand? In all this the church has been asleep. Now the storm is upon us. If God will hear our prayers as he did Nineveh, perhaps we can shorten out time in the belly. It’s up to us, the church, God’s people who paid the price for a ticket to Tarshish rather than following Jesus.

“The night watchmen found me as they made their rounds. They beat and bruised me and stripped off my veil, those watchmen on the walls.” (S. of S. 5:7)

snowy owl in Colorado
Are we awoke now?

“Looking to the Future”#5

5883 I’m sorry, I tried to change the subject and talk about what we do in our Fellowship, but God seems to have drug me right back to future events, perhaps because the situation appears to be at a point of no-return. Satan has been declaring “check” for some time now. But the church scrambles on the chessboard again to save its kinghood for another round. Eventually Satan will declare “check” again, and then “checkmate”!

I believe God keeps showing me more from the living vision. I’m seeing beyond the open gates. Yes, I saw whirlwind force winds, and people, represented by dry corn shucks whipped around through the air and pinned against wire fences, but what does it mean? What form does it take? Where is Satan’s checkmate coming from?

If the church could, I believe she would put the toothpaste back in the tube. She has tried in several ways, but there is no way, other than scrapping the current form of church and starting fresh with a new wine skin. The modern church is past the point of no return. She scrambles trying to prevent the calamity, the checkmate for another day, and I believe she just barely did it when Hillary Clinton was defeated and Donald Trump elected. Politics has become the churches last hope, it would seem.

Trump was a drastic measure for a drastic time, and one I believe will backfire on us, but it did delay Satan’s Master Plan. How do you put the toothpaste back in the tube? That’s the problem, WE CAN’T! Eve will not allow it! We are way past that point, but think about it…what greater scheme and success did Satan ever have than when he inverted and perverted God’s chain of authority, and went to Eve rather than Adam? Satan knew what Adam’s greatest weakness was, or should I say “who” his greatest weakness was?

Some more pieces of the puzzle just recently fell in place for me. There is much to reveal on this matter, and once exposed, it’s so very plain to see. I believe our current Racism evolution  has gotten all our eyes off of what Satan is doing. We are distracted. Right now all our eyes are on Racism, and for good reason, no doubt! But every good magician knows the value of distraction. Every good military Commander also knows. We must always remember who the real enemy is.

While everyone is focused on Racism, Satan continues setting up “The Bible” for a great fall from grace, with Sexism and Genderism. He needs the same conditions he had in the garden with Eve to bring about a great fall like he did in Eden! It’s not Racism that is going to be our downfall, it’s Sexism! The chess pieces are all moving into place, and the church will fall to her if not by “inside spiritual compromise”, then literally by being physically destroyed.

Have you heard of R-Evolution? The 48 foot tall naked woman statue they almost displayed in DC, just across from Washington Monument? And consider what some people think of the Washington Monument to represent. The male sex organ. Yes, it is true, more than you know, do.

And, have you heard of the “Burning Man Festival”? Have you heard of Black Rock Nevada? Prepare to burn, men! Woman is on her march to power and she will have her day! And the female goddess Gaia, and her worshipers, and her “Green Plans” hate Christianity! We are considered to be the greatest threat to her plans of one world religion.

I know this sounds crazy, but that is just what they want us to think, it’s too crazy to be true. Did you ever think a statue of a 48 foot tall naked woman would be “approved” to be set across from the Washington Monument? It was!!! Just before it was disapproved! Another major Satanic move barely diverted! That sounds crazy too! And yet it happened!

I intend to assemble the pieces of this puzzle, this master plan in such a way as to make it plain. Consider this: In our Bible we have examples of what can happen with God when homosexuality takes over. We see the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. We see what is written in Romans chapter 2, but what do we have as an example of God’s chain -of -command being inverted? Not much! Other than the Garden of Eden, we’re actually in uncharted territory. This could be a first! I mean, we have not seen Adam and Eve on a large scale, like a city, or country, or world! And may I specify, I’m speaking mainly of the church! The world will do what the world does. God expects that of them. But when the church violates the plainly written will of God, that opens doors of a whole different nature! We’re talking doors of judgement which we have said is coming. We can’t put the paste back in the tube!

Ishtar was a female goddess of Babylon, and she functions in most of our churches and church families at Easter, but Gaia brings a very different kind of threat that we have yet to realize. We do not realize how many worshipers she already has. We have not realized how much she has infiltrated the church like Hydra infiltrated Shield! She is all about the rise of womanhood and “loving all”, and loving Mother Earth, but if you try pointing out a “sin”, a need for “salvation”, you are a “HATER”! And the New World Order has no place for HATERS, or their HATE FILLED BOOK!

How are you going to defend your Bible against this kind of logic? How can it be explained to this kind of faith, belief, religion? What will you say when someone is screaming HATER/ Racist/ Sexist at you? (And homophobe.) What will you do when everyone can speak their truth but you? I plainly see it upriver. It’s coming our way, unless someone knows how to get the paste back in the tube?

Okay…we have opened the lid on this horrible can of worms. There is much yet to explain and show. Black Rock, Gaia, R-Evolution, and Burning Man. I believe when the link between Trump and the church is broken, and those two old and weak gates open, Gaia is set to FLOOD in! And there will be no standard raised against her, because Adam is already too compromised. But there will be caves, islands, small groups you can find where God still has his true shepherds.

“Return, O backsliding children,” says the Lord; “for I am married to you. I will take you one from a city and two from a family, and I will bring you to Zion. And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.” (Jeremiah 3:14-15)



Adventures in Podcasting

bible-sword-of-the-spirit Where do I begin?

Once upon a time I was led to leave the modern church religious system and go on a 9 day God-Quest in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where God spoke to me and my wife, and began to reveal many things. A path that has continued slowly unfolding day by day ever since that Quest.

Once upon a time, after returning home, I was led to build a very large Teepee, out of 2×8 beams and plywood. I built this by hand, and by myself, in the country, behind a big red barn, and under a large green tree, looking out over fields of corn. This was my 61st and 62nd years of age. This became my spiritual retreat, and it was ready for me when Orion’s meteor shower came. The weather was very rough, but I moved in that very night for a 2 week period. God spoke more, as I saw one meteor, along with the constellation of Orion the Hunter, his belt, sword, and bow.

Then God brought me back to our city house, small though it be, and we started a Fellowship called, “Fellowship of the White Path”. Jesus walked the red path of his own blood, so we could walk the white path of his own righteousness.

Once upon a time, God spoke to our little Fellowship about developing a Prayer Garden with a path running through it to a side door of our house, which would enter two rooms, and would be a free laundry mat for people struggling making ends meet. But this would require much shifting around of our house, so my wife and I would still have 1000 square feet of living space. Much renovation would be needed to put in an outside door to the Laundry Rooms, and create a new bedroom and laundry room for my wife. And so I began, Once upon a time.

However, my wife developed a medical problem. She cut back working and medical bills began to arrive. Surgery is scheduled soon and she will be fine, but in the meantime I had to take up part time work as a carpenter, and the house and garden project slowed way down, even to a crawl. But slowly we still climb. Her laundry room is almost done, then we begin the bedroom. We project Prayer Garden and Laundry Mat to open next spring, at Passover!

But in the meantime, once upon a time, I was working the carpentry with a young lady, and I began to speak to her of the “Missing 200 Years” most Christians have little knowledge of. 200 very important years and the lost knowledge. And as I spoke of this, she was most interested, and she had a suggestion. She thought I should start a “Podcast”.

A what??? Okay, I had some idea of what it was, but being of my generation, I really knew very little. Once upon a time this young lady explained to me and also played for me a couple of Podcast she enjoyed. I was immediately hooked on the idea.

Once upon a time this old man downloaded on his phone: “Podcasting for Dummies”.

There is a change coming. More and more this site will be relating to the subject of the Missing 200 Years, what it means for us today, how did we get away from the Church Jesus started, how there has always been a river flowing of people still practicing early Church history, but we are not told of it, and there are many great writers! A treasure trove of scriptural knowledge!

If I am successful, as an old dog tries learning a new trick, this site will become the launching pad for a Podcast I already have a name for, but not to be revealed until time. The house continues slowly moving towards its projected date for the Laundry mat, because we believe in the beauty of slow, not stress. The Fellowship continues. My wife will be well again, soon. And we will be Podcasting. You will be able to learn about the Missing 200, and what it means to us, while driving down the road, or perhaps doing dishes. No reading required! No having to stop what you’re doing in order to learn! This is an amazing time.

So I’ve read most of Podcasting for Dummies, and we just ordered a Podcast Kit due to arrive in 3 days. I still have much to learn and figure out how to do in order to be on the air. We appreciate your prayers. For me, the message is the easy part. It’s the technical stuff I have to learn, and Lord willing, so we shall.

I will be changing a few things on this site, to fit the new theme. As for the story of “Yinney”, if there are those who want more, please give me some feedback and I will start a page just for the continued story. I may do that anyway. It is in my heart to do so.

We are on no time schedule here. Next article I’ll show some pictures of the new laundry room, the Podcasting equipment and how we’re progressing. We have microphone, small mixing board, and headset for monitoring sound on the way, and we hope it will all hook up to this laptop. Then I have a very crude, dank, cement basement I hope to use for a recording room. It’s like being in a cave. I’ll try to do pictures of all these things, and anyone possibly thinking of Podcasting too, perhaps my journey will help you. Or maybe you already do this and can help me?

BUT THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES! As Grandpa White Feather attempts to stick a new feather in his cap. I believe as more and more people are leaving the large, expensive, cumbersome, impersonal mega-churches and hungry for something more like what Jesus actually did, we see a Micro-Church movement swelling, a new wine skin developing, and what does it all mean? A second Reformation? Or a great falling away? These are signs of our time. Even as homosexuality, and all forms of sexual perversion are strongly on the rise, these are signs of our time. Do not be left in the dark! We are called to be children of the day!

More coming soon. Thanks so much for participating in our journey, “Path Without End”. Our address for this site will be remaining the same, as amazingly enough, the thought of a path without end connects very well with where the Podcast is going. God knows all along what we daily discover.


One section of the Prayer Garden still in development.


“Christian Mystic & Church History” P-3

20170706_143707 Tipi…a structure of coming together…beams standing in strength because they lean on each other. It’s time to begin our journey into the details, the heart and soul of our Christian Mystic and Church History. So says Grandpa White Feather.

Much of my study of church history has come from a book written by a Norbertine priest by the name of Alfred McBride, O. Praem. At the time of the writing of the book he taught theology at Pope John XXIII National Seminary in Weston, Massachusetts. Book Title: “The Story of the Church” – Peak Moments from Pentecost to the year 2000. (There has also been much internet research.)

Our journey has been perfectly timed. As I left the modern church in search of our forefathers, one of my first revelations was the shift Jesus made in his ministry away from “Temple”, to a strong emphasis on the “Table”. We wrote a line that has become near and dear to my heart: Jesus focused on the Tables in people’s homes so he could create Temples in their hearts. (This is also what I want to be the heart and soul of Tumble Pigeon Retreat.)

So with this revelation of “Temple to Table” in mind, as set forth by Christ, let me give you a quote from McBride concerning church history: “In the beginning liturgies were celebrated at home. House Eucharists were the norm for over three centuries, until the move to basilicas in the fourth century.” (Page 174 of book.)

It appears the shift back to Temples began around 340 A.D., with the help of a Roman Emperor named Constantine. Constantine made things a lot better for the Christian when he brought about religious tolerance. This meant Christians no longer had to live in such fear for their lives. This was a very good thing. But for some reason this worldly Emperor took a liking to Christianity, (I think his mom was Christian), he claimed to be Christian in spite of many actions seeming otherwise, and began giving great favor to the Christian church. Even to the point that heathens wanted to become Christians just so they could get the political benefits!

Well, you can imagine trying to navigate the murky waters of such temptations and conditions. So…for at least 200 years our early church fathers were very content with home type churches and the closeness developed in those settings. They saw no need to pursue large buildings with high overhead, entangling the priesthood with a need for money, which might be connected to a worldly government. But slowly, that is what happened, until the home Tables were once again forgotten, and the Lord’s very simple Last Supper had been turned into much ceremony and pomp. It’s very hard to compare the two.

Like fire slowly being turned up on a pot of water, the frogs suddenly looked around one day at all the bubbling, and couldn’t understand why they were unable to jump out? How did we get here, some of them were asking, while others seemed to delight in it.

According to McBride, there were those who questioned and warned against leaving the home setting to enter the largeness of Temples, but they lost the argument as Constantine continued influencing the church leaders at that time.

Very slowly the wheels of time worked its way. Western Rome began to have a power vacuum. Constantine had not done a very good job of taking care of Western Rome. The church felt they had a duty to step in and fill the vacuum and take care of the people, but this led to them gaining more and more power. (Please understand, I’m giving you the short-form synopsis here.)

So the church is convinced they are doing the right thing in assuming all this power in order to care for all concerned. But around 770 AD., a man by name of Charlemagne (Charles the Great) came along, he was king of the Franks and became the first recognized emperor in western Europe since the fall of the Western Roman Empire three centuries earlier. The church had been filling this void all this time, and growing more and more dark!

Charlemagne offered to take the political power back into the secular, allowing the church to fully focus on the spiritual again, but when all was said and done, the church decided it was not meant to release this power. The church now chose to keep control of the secular without any apparent logical reason. And it’s not long after this the church really begins to go dark, to the point of committing actions no one would dream a Christian could justify doing in the name of Jesus! We’re talking the Inquisitions, burning people at a stake, Knights of the Templar, Crusades, holy wars, confiscation of properties, torture, and etc.

It got so bad, there was a huge split in the church around 1054 AD., some 500 years before Marten Luther even came along! The East split from the West! This became the Orthodox church, and they rejected the Pope and his Papal system. But still the church pressed on into more and more darkness which 500 years later does result in the Protestant uprising. Even then they would still be slow to learn.

It is important we have some idea of the downward spiral of Temple over Table. In the process of all this there were those bright spots where a special person rose up and reached upward to the simple Table of Christ. Someone like a Francis of Assisi. It is so hard to understand how such contradictory visions of all the grandeur of the Pope was able to be accepted by monks and friars? Many of them even wrote letters to the Pope speaking of badly needed changes, and even though nothing changed, they stayed connected for the sake of a unity of the church body, understanding our Lord also taught against division. This whole time period can be very hard to wrap your brain around, but Marten Luther was actually the second explosion, the Orthodox were the first.

I have come to the conclusion that if being Catholic was all about the monks, friars, Jesuits, and so on, I’d probably be a Catholic! I love their simple Gospel and example of Christ, and many Mystics come from their ranks. Thomas Merton is an example of one whom we will be looking at his lectures concerning Christian Mystics. But we would all do very well to consider how it was that after at least 200 years of following the example of Christ, the church at that time began to go down a primrose path leading to much darkness, even unto evils and extravagance; luxury, pomp, and power that no message of Christ could ever support! Too bad for Marguerite Porete who just happened to be a victim of those dark days. Those who burned her at the stake lived on in their luxury and power while they sacrificed another helpless lamb. Wolves were at home in the hen house! I send you forth as sheep amongst wolves!

Hopefully, this is enough historical perspective to enable us to now examine closely the Christian Mystic, starting with the Gospel of John, and learning more of it even unto our current day.

In a quick review: At least the first 200 years of church history was faithful to a “Table Ministry”, a Welcoming Table it was called. During those times there were points of great Christian persecution, which also lent to small home type ministry. But even with the persecution over, there were many reasons to consider maintaining that same format, if only for the reason that Christ himself gave such example.

However, a Roman Emperor finally comes along who is favorable to Christianity. He begins offering large buildings and positions of political power to the clergy. Soon it even becomes popular to be a Christian! The church takes the bait and heads down that path. Those opposed are out voted.

The water gets a little hotter, as Constantine leaves Western Rome poorly prepared for current rising challenges. The church more and more steps in, believing it is the right thing to do, but 300 years later, when they are given the chance to let the power return to the secular government, they refuse to do so. (Charlemagne)

Soon comes the first major split in the church. The East and West divide, and the East becomes the Orthodox church, separated from the Pope of Rome. Very dark deeds descend upon the church. People burned at stakes, accused of being a heretic because they don’t see things exactly the same way as the church in power. Some are even tortured. Holy wars are declared and soldiers do horrible things to infidels all in the name of God. The Pope declares their sins are automatically forgiven if they die in battle. Over the next 500 years many atrocities are committed, (the sale of Indulgences for instance), until Marten Luther becomes the voice of the next huge split. Some years after that second split, after the church wanted to kill Marten Luther, and the church was bleeding people profusely to the Protestants, some reforms finally began to be made.

It is true that early America, especially the Puritans, did not want anything Catholic in this country. The bad taste left in everyone’s mouth has lasted for many many years. We seem to finally be past all that now, as much change has slowly taken place.

One more quote from McBride: “Who knows but that the counsel Fathers at Trent (1563) did look wistfully at the Protestants, but could not bring themselves to imitate them because that was tantamount to admitting their revolt was legitimate. What could one say then about their heretical teachings?” (Page 174)

Surely it is a heavy thing to look upon such darkness and know that you caused two major splits in the body of Christ. We shake our head and ask how? I look back on what we did to the native Indians, and I shake my head and ask how does a Christian nation rationalize their actions at the time it is happening? And what might we be doing today? But Christian Mystics have been among those who seem to have more clear vision even in the times of such gross darkness. May we learn to hear God’s voice when it is spoken, and rather than burning the messenger at a stake, or nailing Him to a cross; we listen and change. Amen.


A structure of coming together.

Beams that are stronger because they lean on each other.

Living in the “Less is More” / Star Wars Part IV

20170430_145845 Learning an ancient way in a modern day.

When does less = more? Have we become money slaves? Living the “less is more” in a world preaching “more is better”. Rey has struggled her whole life just to get by. She has been a survivor, living by her wits. But now she is seeing a different way of living, a powerful way, but it is at odds with the modern Empire.

The Apostles were so proud of those temple buildings they showed Jesus that day. “Look at these magnificent buildings, Lord! Aren’t you impressed! Look what man has done!”

How do you think they felt when Jesus was not at all impressed? As a matter-of-fact, he even told them in a few years not one stone would still be standing upon another. Are you tired of all your “man-made stuff” yet, in an age when technology is offering so much pleasure? More and more pleasure! How do we learn this ancient way in our modern day? And what is this ancient way?

God is love.

Every time you take less, so someone else can have more, this is what God reveals as love. Every time you put some one else ahead of yourself, this is what God reveals as love. People accuse God of not being love if he can send people to a place called hell, but these people are going to discover what love really is on that day of judgement, because they are going to be judged by love, and they are going to be shocked at how guilty they are of what they have been accusing God of being. They accuse him of being cold and heartless, but they are the ones cold and heartless. God lifts up the humble.

I can’t get into this now, but I believe the last chapters of Revelation reveals a people who are not part of the Bride, or New City Jerusalem, but they go into eternity upon the “New Earth”. And who are these people? And how have they been judged? I call them the “Golden Rule People”. They are a people who have lived by God’s Golden Rule in their hearts even though they never had a proper understanding of Christ or the Bible. I intend to get into this soon, but the point here is… the path to God’s heart… whether it be as part of the Bride of the Lamb, or these New Earth / Golden Rule People…is a path of living love as God knows it to be.

Every one I talk to seems so caught up in the “newest thing”. These new things cost a lot of money. Many times the problem is not so much the “new thing” itself, as it is the money slavery the person enters into in order to have the new thing, and keep it fed! It is impossible to serve God and be the slave of money! How can it be anymore plainly said?

So what are you telling me, Grandpa White Feather? Are you saying I can’t have nice things? To your question I ask, When does less = more? The answer: When in service to God. But are you in service to God? Are you willing to learn and live an ancient way in our modern day?

Do you not think the Mark of the Beast (666) will be very desirable? It will bring such ease, convenience, and luxury to our lives! It will contain apps ready to fulfill your greatest pleasures! Constant entertainment and fun! Do you think you will be able to say “NO” to the pleasures of the flesh then, and not now? Your very survival will depend on that mark.

I have seen the hand-writing on the wall. I’m simplifying my life every way I know how to enter into a greater walk with God. The Apostles chose to stay with the One who put down their fancy buildings that day. He rained on their parade, but he had the words of life! (And they knew it!)

Our first love should be to the One who gave us life, our Creator. What is this illogical sinner mindset that rejects their Creator and embraces their destroyer? Why are so many people self-destructive? It can only be the evil selfishness in our own heart that we would chose the self-gratifying pleasures of darkness over the love life of Light! And for that we will be judged. We can take that to the eternal bank! I have decided Amreicanized Christianity is not for me. I’m fleeing it like the harlot I believe it is!

Rey is in over her head and probably knows it. If “the force” is not real…if it does not come to her rescue…if she fails to reach a certain degree of mastery…all will be lost. Hans Solo told her it is all real! But he never chose it for himself. Which type of person are we? Do we feel personally challenged by this ancient way in our modern day? If so, what are you doing about it?20171202_173614

“What’s in the Picture?”


Hhmmm, Part II of “Eternal Bricks”. As I said, I did not plan this picture. So after I invited you to study it, I did the same myself, and was quite surprised!

I did not pay any attention at all to what was in the glass cabinet beside the table whereupon I sat the brick and snapped three pictures. Not until I began to study the pictures, and it was then I noticed the candle sticks lying on their sides, as if removed from their stands! And a glass eagle taking wing! And something over the table, the tip of which you see, but do not know what it is, but I do! This accidental picture is such an amazing message! (If it be true.)

“Look how far you have fallen! Turn back to me and do the works you did at first. If you don’t repent, I will come and remove your lampstand from its place among the churches.” (Revelation 2: 5 – spoken by Jesus himself!)

The book of Revelation plays a big part in the things I will soon be sharing. I have never had such an incredible understanding of that book as I have had since embarking on this new journey. What were the odds that I accidently snapped such a picture as this, which so amazingly lines up with the growing message of this blog site? This picture is smarter than me. I would not have thought of this.

And what hangs over the picture? I am embarrassed to say. It is a relic of my past, that now has all new meaning! It is a Rod Parsley Covenant Partner sword. It has hung on my wall for years, even though I have not listened to him for years, for some odd reason I never was able to figure out. Oh the story that connects me to that sword!

Things are getting a little uncomfortable for me now. It’s one thing to share my experience with a church I do not name, and few people would know of whom I speak. It is not my intention to do harm to the body of Christ, but I must say, this ministry has been perplexing to me. His ministry has been such a major force for good in so many ways in this earth, and yet there are many Gentiles that I fear blaspheme the name of God because of ministries like this, and many more who are much worse, but I’m so sorry to say I have to include this ministry in the lot. This breaks my heart, and reveals how far I’ve come on this path. A path I have been on for some time, and did not even know, hence the reason I lost interest in his preaching, and his books. I didn’t know this picture was going to take me there.

I must admit I am bias here, and I want to avoid hard words, because this ministry was once very precious to me, a long time ago. And I must point out, this is only my “opinion”, being offered up as possible truth, because we are living in such perilous times. The “body” is divided. It is so very divided. But the five wise virgins were not, and they were in unison, even “one” in their answer to the five foolish. This so breaks my heart. I am a “nobody”. Who am I to speak such things?

How much should I share, Lord? What needs to be said, and what does not?

It’s a beautiful “looking” sword, but it has no edge; it’s rather heavy, it’s mostly ornamental, as it was meant to be. Perhaps for safety’s sake. I understand. But this sword with no edge, I did not buy, because our money was too tight at the time. I forget what was being asked for it. My mother bought it and ended up giving it to me. Boy, this sure takes me back. I’ve always had a problem with the way many modern ministries go about getting their money. Money and ministry is a big issue with me.

I’ve been to his church a few times, even a week of Holy Spirit Explosion, back in the day, which came at a critical time in my life. I guess it was right for where I was then, and where this ministry was at that time. But afterwards, eventually, I got tired of all the money gimmicks. I don’t know how else to say it. And his preaching lost interest to me.

Before writing this article I went to his site to see if anything had changed in all these years? If it has, it was not obvious to me. The ministry says God is going to do some special things for the Covenant Partners, and it is somehow connected to the fact that it is the year 2017, a number ending in “7”, which means certain things, so join now. But in my humble opinion, perhaps just a minion, isn’t it actually the number 17? How weird is that?

This saddens my heart. This ministry lit a fire in me many years ago, a fire still burning today, and I made a journey to connect with it because of a spiritual linage going all the way back to a man of God named, Smith Wigglesworth. Now I see another sign, because I still read Smith Wigglesworth, but have not this ministry in a long time. What would Wigglesworth think of this ministry if he were here today? I do not know. But I love reading Wigglesworth still today, and I cannot say the same for the other. That’s all I can bring myself to say in this matter.

There is an awakening happening, and no one said it would be easy, or painless. Who are the churches who’s candle stick shall be removed? I fear we travel this road dangerously, at great peril to our soul, but how can we be anything less than honest? Is not dishonesty also a great threat to the soul? And so I find myself bad-talking a ministry I loved, a preacher I admired, a ministry I still miss? This too, judges me, for better or worse. Others must judge.

Each of us will have to decide for ourself what the Spirit of the Lord is saying in this day and hour. I remember in a very small early morning prayer meeting, with the Pastor of the church of 800, I spoke words I thought very strange to me at the time, and others spoke too, words nothing like mine, and mine were “completely” ignored. I thought it all very strange, and filed it away in the back of my mind.

The words were…“You have to say “no” to the woman! You have to say “no” to Eve.” There were a few more words I don’t exactly remember, but they basically emphasized the same point. I was one of the last to speak that day, and yet it was totally ignored, and likely not even remembered by anyone there, but I remember it clearly. There was something about the speaking of it, and something about the ignoring of it. Time judges all things.

What a strange picture I took today. Is it prophetic like words prayed in an old prayer, once upon a time? Now that Pastor is on leave, and in counseling? Time will tell, I guess. I’m just glad to be out of the Americanized Christian mess, or at least struggling to be so. I’m still working on what all this means, and this blog site is recording my journey. One day at a time, as it unfolds, and I report it as honestly as I know how. We will see where this teepee is going. I certainly did not expect this today. This picture takes me by surprise.

But there is an eagle taking wing also, and in February I hope to be publishing my book, “A Bird Called Flapless”.  Stay tuned for more!


What Brought Jesus the First Time? An Axe?

“Even now the axe of God’s judgement is poised, ready to sever the roots of the trees.” (Luke 3:9a) (John the Baptist declaring the time! Preparing the way for Christ!)

This is John the Baptist himself, the forerunner of Christ, explaining to the religious brood of vipers, that Jesus was coming and there was an axe “POISED” ready to strike, preparing to chop down the corrupt religious system at that time. Need I remind of Roman’s chapter eleven’s warning to all of us that if a wild branch were grafted into the tree, how much easier it would be to cut it off and graft back in the original branch?

I have often posed the question, will the same conditions that Christ came the first time, be the same conditions that Christ comes the second time? This thought has haunted me for many years. Because “WE” are the religious system that is supposed to be shining the light of God to the world! Would we repeat the same mistake the original branch did? Would we fail to recognize God in our time? Has our message of Christ become so perverted, that we would not heed the true words of Jesus himself? Is this “King Theology”, as I have labeled it, nothing but a house of cards ready to fall, as I believe it is? Is there a huge axe poised over the modern church, and it will fall immediately after the second coming of Christ?

The pretrib version of the rapture shows tremendous persecution of those who follow Christ thereafter. The early Christians also suffered great persecution from Rome after Christ came the first time. Is the modern church repeating the same mistake the original branch of the tree made? Thereby setting up the same conditions which brought Christ the first time? I hate to say it, but there is something that seems very likely.

If John the Baptist showed up today and was baptizing in a nearby river, and some of our tv evangelist, or modern church pastors went to him, asking him who he was, do you think he might have the same message for them that he had for the scribes and pharisees of that day? And are we the spiritual products of those preachers? Is this setting up the great falling away? Has it been in progress for a while now?

I have shared how something has drawn me out of the modern church religious system and has me now facing a lot of questions for myself. The teepee I have built, which is not fully completed by any means, but is functional, will likely open its doors for anyone interested this coming spring. In the meantime, I have this time, to make some hard decisions about what hath God actually said in our New Testament covenant with Him. One thing I see so far is, our modern church strains at a gnat and swallows a camel!

Is a church service supposed to be about the “Presence of God”, or the “presence of man”? Are we setting our table to please God, or please more men (and women)? When we come together as a corporate group, should we not be seeking the greatest Presence of God we can achieve, rather than the greatest presence of people? And would not a greater Presence of God, eventually develop the kind of body of Christ we’re seeking anyway? Our mission to build up the body of Christ into an image which actually reflects the nature and character of Christ?

This is the spiritual journey I am on. Others are on this journey too. Many are hearing a John the Baptist, a voice crying in the wilderness. I am in much study, prayer, and reading at this time, and will likely be so this whole winter. I’m still holding off on some thoughts I’ve had concerning the latest Star Wars movie, so as not to cause spoilers, but I’m here to tell you, the lives Princess Lea, Hans Solo, and Luke Skywalker went on to have after their great victory, does not seem to have been so great! They spent their whole lives in battle against the Empire, and it’s still not dead! How depressing is that?

I do believe there is a new wave coming, just as Jesus was in his day, and the five virgins who have the oil will recognize that voice. Indeed, already are recogning the voice of the lover of our soul! Perhaps this is the time of John the Baptist preaching to make straight the path of the Lord! Something is stirring in the hearts of God’s people. An awakening! It’s real! And it’s the most important thing at this time! (But will it actually seem contrary to the word of God as we have known it, even as it seemed to the pharisees in that day?)

So……….. we need to discern what sound doctrine is. We need to know what the truth is. It’s contained in God’s word. It’s there for us to find. God has given us the Holy Spirit to lead into that promised land. He has not left us orphans. Jesus is speaking! And so is a false image of him. Surely, if we are sincere, we can recognize the real Jesus from the fake!

I have much to say on this journey we are making, and this article launches this subject. By the time my teepee opens, I will have to know what it shall be. A House of Prayer, for sure, but what else?

I have mentioned I’ve been reading Brian Zahnd. His message came to me just at this time. I think finding the right balance of what he is saying may be the answer to a lot of my questions. I will be sharing more thoughts on that message after I complete more study of his books. But let’s finish this article with this: What did John the Baptist follow his hard words to the pharisees with? When the crowds were moved by his words and asked the question: “What should we do?” (Luke 3:10) What was his answer?

John replied, “If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have food, share it with those who are hungry.” (And he continued. But you get the idea.)

There is much I agree with Zahnd on, one of which “I think” is: Christ is coming back for a people who truely love God (first), like a bride should; and then also live by “The Golden Rule”. We are not kings of our own little empire, but our hearts should not be able to help noticing the plight of others. This is not an easy thing, but I do think if we pray, the Holy Spirit in us, will do the work of changing our hearts, so that we actually become what we speak with our mouth. In other words, many of us claim these things “verbally”, but are not living it “actually”. The two must become one. Our words must become real. There is an axe poised for the foolish virgins.

Who are the true John the Baptists in our day? The day of our visitation. We must hear such people. I’m spending this winter seeking that very thing. I hope we can do this together.


Anticipation of Star Wars!

My wife and I see “Star Wars” tomorrow. I’ve waited 40 years for this episode!

We were married on April 2, 1977. In May of 1977 we saw the very first movie of Star Wars! It blew us away! It was cutting edge at that time. We saw it at the best theater available, and had never seen anything like it. We were still newly weds just starting our lives together, and did not know we were beginning a 40 year journey with Star Wars! I was 21 and she was 18. Now I’m 62, and she is 59. We have grown old with Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, and Princess Lea, who I will see for the last time tomorrow. Where have the years gone? But it has been great.

None of our five children were born yet. Now we have seven “grand”children! Tomorrow, my bride and I, the woman I have loved all these years, go to see another Star Wars movie: “The Last Jedi”. What does that mean? The last? Is it all coming to an end?

I believe Star Wars is special to my generation because it led the way into the incredible movies we have today. It was like “the first” for us. But as you can see, it has meaning for me in other ways too, including spiritually, because of the battle between light and darkness, Empire and Soul!

I have spent my life learning to be a soldier of the Lord, a priest of light, a disciple of love, a witness of truth, and seeking God’s power, not my own, something we call the Anointing, His Holy Spirit in us. When Darth Vader said his famous line about Luke, the one where he says: “The force is strong with this one.” That fed the fire in me to grow in my Lord. Now, many years later, a strong topic of this blog site is not to be “Skywalker”, but to be a “Godwalker”, an Enoch people, whose heart burns within us as we walk with our Lord!

(Luke 24:15) “…Jesus himself suddenly came and began walking with them.”

(Luke 24:32) “They said to each other, ‘Didn’t our hearts burn within us as he talked with us on the road and explained the scriptures to us?”

Star Wars has always been an allegory (of sorts) for the Christian calling of the “Good Fight”. It makes no claims to be Christian, and it is not, but that doesn’t mean it can’t inspire a person if viewed from a certain perspective. Luke’s Light Sabre? Wow! What a great analogy of the Word of God, a Sword of Light!

A Jedi Knight was not materialistic. I’ve always enjoyed this part of its message. Was this one of the reasons the Jedi had become a dying breed? People love the pleasures life has to offer, but a Jedi was trained to walk a different path drawing on an invisible source of power most people no longer believed in, including Hans Solo, the perfect worldly non-believer! (He came to believe.)

And now Hans is dead, Luke is old and been separated on an island for years, after having great tragedy befall him, as he led a “School”.

But there has been an awakening. Have you felt it?

A new Jedi discovered? Like Luke, she did not even know! She is untrained. Who is she? What is her relationship to Skywalker? Why does his light sabre call to her? The sabre thought lost, suddenly found! This one who’s name is, Rey.

So…I consider this weekend to be special. Even as I’ve been on a journey of my own, what with leaving the “modern” church to build a teepee behind a barn housing Tumbler Pigeons. And there has been an unexpected ingredient added to the mixture of this weekend. A new teacher I came across. (New to me.) So I bought a book of his, not knowing what was in the last third of the book. But I read the whole thing in less than a week! And now it adds to my viewing of Star Wars tomorrow.

Brian Zahnd, is the author. The book: “Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God”. At this time in which I’m trying to figure out some things, this man’s perspective challenges me. He’s caused me to reconsider some theories I’ve had of my own; theories I’ve been uncertain about, but now see possibilities. He seems to have a problem with what I call the “judgement” side of God, of which the Old Testament is a warning to us not to go there! But I’m still sorting out where I agree with him, and where I don’t. I do agree with him in some ways. But I love the last third of his book! Especially at this time! I did not know the book would take me into Revelation! And an analogy of “Godwalker verses Empire”! It could not have come at a more meaningful time!

I think I’m going to have a lot to say on this. Is this part of the awakening? I believe it is, but in what way? I’m very cautious in matters of the soul!

Zahnd explains how John the Revelator was exiled on the Isle of Patmos because of an Empire, a superpower, known as Rome. He also explains how John (or God) encoded the revelation so it would not be obvious it was about the empire Rome. Perhaps this was for his own safety, but whatever the case, the book of Revelation is the story of God and his people resisting the Empire at that time, and perhaps a time yet to come. After all, the Prophet Daniel did interpret the king’s dream and saw a revised Roman Empire in the last days!

Whether we are coming into the last days, or not, the materialistic “World System” has always been the adversary of all “Godwalkers” in the earth. According to Zahnd, and I believe he is right, John the Revelator was concerned the Church was becoming too comfortable in the Roman Empire. John, evidently, had not gained such acceptance, as they exiled him to this island! Pretty obvious he simply was not fitting in, but the Church was beginning to.

I know Constantine eventually comes along, and the rest is history. We happen to have a potential Constantine of our own right now, of which I have spoken of in other articles. It’s all very spooky how it seems to fit together. Those with eyes to see, those who are awake are aware.

Is God treating you as his friend? God reveals things to his friends. Has there been an awakening? Are you aware? Has it been made known to you? Or are you out of the loop? Is this article possibly God inviting you in? Only you can decide these things for yourself.

I know I’m going to have a lot to say about this. I love writing and teaching. Don’t think of this site as just a blog. Think of it as a “BOOK”. If you’re truly a seeker, and if these subjects interest you, then there is much here for you to enjoy. As much as a BOOK!

I don’t want the chapters to be too long. So I’m making a chapter break. I will likely shoot another article out before this day is over, because I already have it on my mind. And tomorrow? After having seen Star Wars? It is likely I will write again, if I think I can do it without causing any spoilers. I’m loving this! I hope you are too!


Jerusalem / City of 3 Faiths

Merry Christmas everyone, and welcome to another episode of “Path Without End”. I have been very honest from the very first article about how God has me on a journey. I was with family yesterday, and a brother-in-law, three years younger than I asked: “Don’t you get tired?” I had to answer, “Yes, I do.” It has not been easy at the age of 62, still working almost full time, and begin building a large teepee, AND some kind of a ministry God is revealing day by day. A spiritual retreat? A church? A writing ministry? All three? I’m still not sure.

It has not been easy, and I do get tired, but a fire still burns in my belly! This blog site is a living record, complete transparency, on what God is doing, and something I call: “Path of the White Feather”. Jesus walked the Red Path, so we could walk the White. It’s by his power, and not our own; a very supernatural walk, powered by fire! Holy Ghost fire.

I’ve been honest in sharing my dissatisfaction with modern church, how I did not fit, mostly got in trouble, and finally left feeling like something must be wrong with me. My wife and I went on a nine-day “God Seek”, mostly in the Black Hills of South Dakota, and I found a new vision, new name, new mission, new passion. And now here we are. More details of this journey have been written in earlier articles for anyone interested.

But as I have looked back over recent articles, and the direction God has had us on, I see a very powerful teaching opportunity here with “JERUSALEM”. Our teaching started with me having to decide if I were going to ignore certain scriptures contained in our New Testament Covenant, like other ministries I know. I soon realized this has been part of my problem with them, the “adding to” and “taking away” from the N.T.. I decided I must not do as they have done. This is why God is developing a “School in the Wilderness”. What hath God really said? And we can discuss these things in a reasonable way, and learn from each other in all humility and honesty, like responsible adults.

Secondly, our journey turned into a close inspection of what really happened when Christ became our High Priest. What really happened when “he who was not of the tribe of Levi“, (Jesus), took the place of the high priest who had always been of the tribe of Levi? We discover Christ birthed us into a powerful new Covenant, freed from the Law that always condemned us, and birthed us into a Relationship in which we all became “Priest of God”! With the Holy Spirit living in us! The Old Covenant fulfilled for all those IN CHRIST! WOW! (So what does all that have to do with Jerusalem, a city of 3 faiths?)

Current events in Israel, and specifically Jerusalem, is an excellent teaching moment for where these articles have been going all along. (Imagine that.) Three faiths collide in Jerusalem! Yes, there is spiritual civil war in that city. These three faiths have been trying to coexist as best as possible, but it has been a coexistence in which Jerusalem has not been recognized by the world as the capital city of Israel, and the Jews have not been able to rebuild their sacred temple on the holy Mount, even though the Muslims have their sacred “Dome of the Rock” upon that very Mount. This coexistence sounds rather one-sided, especially considering Israel’s right to that land.

All eyes of the world are once again upon the city in which the Son of God was nailed to a rugged cross outside its gates. (Have the eyes of the world ever really left that city? Just another coincidence?) Many try to say he was just a common man who was a great teacher, and yet we see the world continue revolving around the evnts of this city, for at least 3,000 years, all the way back to King David! Why can’t this place be ignored! Hhmmm. This city touches a nerve with one and all.

The Muslim faith, the Jewish faith, and the Christian faith, all three collide in Jerusalem, and all three trace their linage back to a man of faith called Abraham! WHaaat? What a wild and crazy coincidence! And all of this has a whole lot to do with the God who hung on that cross, whom we Christians accepted, and the other two faiths did not.


It seems the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians are all children of Abraham, but how we became so is such an important spiritual lesson to understand! Not only for the people in Jerusalem, but the people in the Church, wherever they may be! To understand it is an insult to God when we drag things from the Old Testament and try to force them into the New! Putting a burden on people God has set free! And when we leave out New Testament scripture, taking it upon ourself to judge it outdated, when God hath not said! This results in us setting an improper table for God, in his sanctuary, and creates a condition very simalar to the church of Laodicea, whom Christ said he would spue out of his mouth!

I may have went a little long on this one, but… we need to look at these three faiths, and fully understand what kind of “child of Abraham”, we who are Christians, are called to be. Path of the White Feather.

I find it interesting, in Psalms 122, David specificaly prayed for the peace of “Jerusalem”. Even 3,000 years ago, David pinpointed the need. He did not ask for prayer for Bethlehem, Nazereth, any other city of Israel, or even Israel as a whole! He pinpointed Jerusalem!

Over the next few episodes of “Path Without End”, we too, are going to pinpoint Jerusalem, and what it means for all of us who desire to be Godwalkers in Christ, fulfilling the Priesthood we have been called to. Let there be an awakening with the children of Abraham! (To be continued.)

“Where is this Teepee going?”


This is a Teepee that does not move, and yet it’s going somewhere.


In Matthew 25, at midnight, the ten virgins hear a shout declaring: “The bridegroom is coming!” This shout, this declaration awakens them.

Has the shout come yet? Is it just beginning? Are we nearing the midnight hour? Is Jerusalem the capitol of Israel? What time is it? Does anybody know?

Hhmmm… One thing I notice about these virgins is there very rapidly becomes a major division between them. > Give us some of your oil. (They even said, please.) NO! Go get your own. < Are we supposed to be divided? And while they are gone, they are left behind. Those who were ready, were taken.

Some would say I have a negative message as I declare the king has no clothes. I might be causing division. Is it a negative message when a lawyer points out a politician twisting, or adding to, or omitting from our Constitution? Is it negative when an Officer of the Law points out a criminal act? Or a doctor delivers a true message to their patient?

The politician can be corrected. The criminal can be arrested. The patient can be healed. Truth is never negative. It is healing, revealing, liberating, for those who have the wisdom to grow by it. Lies are negative.

Is there an awakening? Has a shout gone forth? Are questions being asked? Are people leaving the modern church in order to save their faith? That’s what I heard one preacher declare. Are they searching for schools in the wilderness, asking: “What hath God really said? Is it true women are not to be pastors, exercising authority over men? Is this really true? Does the New Covenant of love really say that?

Where is this Teepee going? Where is God taking it? It’s going there… into all the rough and tumble of an awakening! How do we set a proper table for God? At the end of Revelation chapter three, Jesus challenges the church of Laodicea with: “So be diligent and turn from your indifference.” (NLT version) (Verse 19).

>Be “diligent”. Turn from your “indifference”.< Is God looking for a proper table setting? He follows this statement with: “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.”

IF YOU HEAR MY VOICE? About what? BE DILIGENT? STOP BEING INDIFFERENT? Has the modern church become indifferent to a proper table setting unto God? So where do we go to find a diligent church? That’s a good question. But my gut says if God is tapping me on the shoulder to do such a thing at this time, then I’m sure I’m not the only one. And are we causing division? A church civil war like the Marvel movies of the Avengers? Ironman verses Captain America, who will now change himself to Nomad? Who’s with Ironman? Who’s with Nomad? Our heroes divided? Some of them at odds with the government?

Well…if telling the other five virgins to get their own oil, if that is a form of division and church civil war, then YES, that’s what we’re doing, because we’re fed up with naked kings and lukewarm Christianity! I’m tired of an unscriptual table, as if what God put in writing does not matter. What “man” has the authority or power to pass such judgement on God? Are not God and his Word, ONE?

There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? Are you aware of it?

The modern church in America has created a theology of kingship, not priesthood! We’re more concerned about the morning stock market than our morning prayers. We walk in the flesh, not the Spirit. We cannot neglect priestly ways and claim to walk in the Spirit. If the branch is not drawing on the Vine, it can do nothing. We feed our bodies every day. They say there is an obesity problem in America. I push wheelchairs in an airport. I’ve seen that problem first-hand. But our prayer life is starving! My house shall be known as a house of prayer? And as a priest of Christ, so you shall be.

Spend that time in prayer. Lay down your kingship as Christ also did, practice your priesthood. Drink of his Holy Spirit, and be part of the awakening.