Where does “My Road” Lead?

If someone spends a day with you, will they closer heaven be, when day is through? Am I a road others can walk? If so, what’s my merge with eternity? For all those I may lead, in the end, what will they see?

Two articles ago I wrote something entitled “Eternal Bricks”. That article became our Christmas Day devotions with the family. We always set aside a space of time on Christmas which is focused entirely on the reason for the season, as they say.

In preparation for that day, I bought six bricks and a can of gold spray paint. I painted those bricks as gold as I could get them! Then I took a black marker and wrote: “Made in the K. of G.” “Eternal Bricks”. I put them in a box and just before sharing the lesson, I walked around and had a member of each family reach in a pull out a brick. They did not know what was in the box till they pulled it out. All they knew was, Dad had just given them a brick! Whaaat?

I highly recommend reading that article, but here’s some more thoughts on the subject. I’ve been on a strange road with God, but I think it is only strange to the “American” form of Christianity. I’ve shared about the church of 800 that I left in shame, had to apologize for letting the Pastor down, and had to find myself a new vision and new name. As a result of all that, I find God is developing me into a road others can walk on leading to a different place than Americanized Christianity, of which I will be sharing details of very soon!

Over this Christmas some very interesting information just happened to drop into my lap concerning the church I left. I was not seeking this info, nor was I expecting it, but I was not surprised by it. God decided I was ready for the confirmation of why I left. I was informed by a member there, who came to my teepee to share in some Bible and fellowship, that the board had to send that Pastor away for three months of sabbatical and counseling! And “EVE” has had a lot to do with the strange struggles going on in that church. All I could think was, “Wow.”

This has been a repeating theme in my life, leaving a church because I did not fit, only to find out later that my spider senses were not wrong; and this repeating theme is what finally convinced me I had to find something different, something more true, because it is truth that sets us free. Evidently, in my old age, God wanted me to blaze such a trail.

Now let us examine ourselves, each of us. What kind of road are we? Where do we lead in God? Are we building with Eternal Bricks, and are we laying each brick with care? Or are we using bricks of mud and straw? A road that will not stand the test of fire, but will burn like a house of cards? Leaving us empty. The king has no clothes.

First of all, are we willing to be walked on? If we are, then it is likely we are building with Eternal Bricks, because only the cross of Christ at work in our life changes our heart to be such a person. I believe that was an important question asked in that first article. Are we willing to be walked on? Are we meant to be a door matt? Is that how you see Christ, as a door matt? No. But he is a path inviting whosoever will to walk upon.

It is more happy to give than receive, according to God. But only God working in us makes us comfortable, even happy, with that. The life of a Priest was and is a life of sacrifice energized by a flame of love burning in our belly. I believe God bakes those bricks in our own belly, in the fire burning in us, and we give birth to the Kingdom of God into the kingdom of man. Our life should be a road, a path leading to heaven, not a dead end street. If someone takes the time to walk with me for a day, by end of day we “both” should be closer to heaven.

I find it very exciting that we might be such a road. And my time has come to share what God has put in me. I’ve been the “team player” too many times now. I have finally learned my part in the “team”, the body of Christ, is to be a part of a rebel message growing who reject this American Christianity, for something going back to the early Church fathers. This is where I want my road to lead, and so too this blog site.

John the Revelator wrote of the beast and the Empire. There is a change coming in the force around us. There is an awakening, are you hearing it? Are you part of it? Very soon, perhaps tonight, or tomorrow, I want to write of my feelings after seeing the new Star Wars movie, and I won’t be worried about spoilers. I am anxious to do this. I am anxious to share things I have been seeing in God’s amazing Word, since I decided to leave the American Empire church. We will see if it’s time, if God will indeed release me to begin the writing and sharing of it. Very, very soon. I promise, it will not disappoint.

The picture I took of my Eternal Brick was not a staged plan. I knew I needed a picture. I looked for a good place to snap it. My wife already had this little table set up with the can saying “Despicable Me – Minion made”, and the other ornament standing there, a Precious Moments ornament, holding a kitten, having angel wings, and she bought it t a Goodwill. I sat the brick on top of the can and looked at the already prepared scene, and thought, what an interesting set-up. Somehow it seemed right, and my spider senses said, go with it! So I did.

I’m not really into those movies, but the word “minion” actually means a servant, follower, or underling. Someone serving a higher authority over them. You can decide if you think God set this picture up, and what it all might mean?