Grandpa White Feather

I had lost my name. I had become “No-Name”. I had no vision to pursue, no direction from God. I needed a new vision and with that would come a new name. I left that Church where I lost my name and began a new pursuit, because I still had a fire in my belly. Never…never ever…lose the sacred fire.

So what is my story? I don’t fit. I simply don’t seem to fit today’s Church. My last attempt to fit failed miserably. I decided to go on a nine day “God seek” in which my wife and I went to South Dakota, and I spent some time hiking, climbing, and talking to God in the Black Hills, among other places.

When we finally left there, I had a phrase echoing in my head : “The Path of the White Feather.” I did not know what it meant, but as time went by, understanding came, along with direction from God, a vision, and a name. I was no longer No-Name.

Since that time I have endeavored to pursue the leading God has given. This website is just another step in that leading. The building of a wood tipi standing 22 feet tall and 24 feet across on the inside was the first step. It still has a long ways to go on the inside, but where there was nothing but grass and a shade tree, now stands a “structure of coming together”. I made it be. And what will be because of you? This is one of the questions of the White Feather.

This place will eventually be a spiritual retreat, a school in the wilderness of sorts. There is much yet to do in the preparing of this special place. It will be called “Tumble Pigeon Farm” when it is done, home of the White Feather. My dad has Tumbler Pigeons, and if you are not familiar with this crazy kamikazi bird, then you do not know the biblical comparisons that can be made to the typical Christian of our day.

How do we reach the unconcerned about eternity, and the lovers of the earthly? They do not walk the “Path Without End”, but love the dead-end. Living lives in the blip, the dash between dates. They live in that which dies, not that which lives. Oh, you think I’m talking about the lost? No, I’m speaking of the average Church-going Christian who pursue a king theology and ignore their priesthood in Christ.

Is this a way for you to fast this day? How did you break your fast? When you rose from bed for break-fast. Did you put a priority on your priestly prayers first, rendering unto God your first-fruits? Or did you ignore God, put self on the throne, and rush into your busy day with eyes set to your personal agenda? And what of the will of God? You have little idea of it. You have not taken time. You have not deemed it important enough. What great thing has God asked you to do for his kingdom? Are you about your Father’s business, or your own?

Which did Jesus speak first: Love your neighbor as yourself? Or love the Lord thy God with a all your heart, soul, mind, and strength? Which is God looking for first? Your relationship with the brotherhood of man? Or your relationship with him? Oh but were doing such great things in his name! That’s what Martha thought as she busied about, secretly seething at Mary sitting at the Master’s feet loving his every word. I think Martha was very shocked when Jesus rebuked her.

Yes, I do not fit our modern Church who preach king theology at the expense of priesthood first. I seek simplicity. Priesthood is simple, but a king worries about many things. Priesthood is a Bride looking forward to her wedding, and living in the assurance that her husband has her covered. No worries…PEACE. This is a powerful way to live, but it doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by deliberation, intention, and Holy Spirit training.

Here at “Path Without End” we will speak and teach of such things, as well as tell the story of how I got here. I hope you like it. I hope you join us. Surely there are others who know what I speak of, and have felt the same thing. This is a place for us to flock together. Let me know if you’re out there.20171021_164443