*Guide to Site!*

“Path Without End” is meant to be much more than just a collection of articles, opinions, stories, essays, or whatever. It is a journey. It’s the journey of one person, after many years in the American Church, deciding there must be a better way. (And yet, we are not supposed to forsake assembling with other Believers. So, what to do?)

I am that person, and this site records my journey. I’m now 62 years old and been in church all my life, everything from Baptist to Pentecostal, and even Holiness. So I am not a novice in these things, and yet I find myself spiritually frustrated and not knowing where to go?

After much seeking of God, I became convinced God was calling me to create a place for people like me. This site is the record of my journey to obey God in this matter, not only in creating a Spiritual Retreat, but also this Blog Site.

The best way to navigate a Blog Site is with a “Content Page”, and this is my Content Page. Blog Sites can be confusing to people not use to them, because the newest writing always moves to the top and pushes everything previous downward! So to find the beginning of something, you got to scroll way back in time and work from the bottom up. Understand?

If this were simply a collection of individual essays, then it might not matter what you read first or last. This Blog Site can be read that way, but if you want to go on the “JOURNEY”, (and I hope you do), then you really need all the details, and in some kind of order.

It’s really not hard. In the “Side Bar” there is a button labeled “Archives”. Click on that button, go to the oldest month and click on it. Now scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Each writing has a title and a date listed. That is how you locate yourself for each writing. And so begins your journey, which can become our spiritual journey together, because I bet you have some of the same questions I have had.

In the following, I have listed the first few months of articles by “Title”, “Date”, and a brief description. The list starts with the oldest article and moves towards the newest, unlike the way a Blog Site actually works. So remember, go to that “ARCHIVES Button” in the “Side Bar”. Find the oldest month, and oldest writing, and begin your journey. Below is some of what you will find in those archives, listed from oldest to newest. ENJOY!


November 01, 2017 > “Where to Begin?” > Just getting web site up and running. My goal is creating a different kind of Church, something that is not the modern church we see today. A fellowship I hunger for, and must find. A journey to spiritual simplicity. “Path of the White Feather”.

Nov. 04, 2017 > “A Sacred Place” > This web site a sacred place to share and grow. Also, a future “Tumble Pigeon Farm Spiritual Retreat”, also a sacred place to share and grow. We set a “Godseek”. A vision quest for answers from God. F.F.M. – Faith Forward Motion – to create something different – to connect to my 7 grandkids – I take on the name Grandpa White Feather.

Nov. 05, 2017 > “God Seek / Vision Quest” > A “Nine Day” quest begins.