*Who is who in Yinney story/ Quick Reference*


Characters listed in Alphabetical order.

1.) Agatha : Agatha is a middle aged lady who runs the Coffee Cafe where Rachel works. Located in New York City. She’s not the store owner, but probably should be.

2.) Bubba : Bubba is a howler monkey who lives in a grove of rubber trees in the Amazon jungle. He is also a devout Buddhist and spiritual teacher of that way.

3.) Capy : Capy is a capybara, the largest of rodents in the Amazon. Yinney meets Capy after Capy suffers the loss of a close friend.

4.) Clara : Clara is the only daughter of Rachel. They live together in New York City after her mother and father divorced because the father had alcohol problems, which caused him to be very abusive to both mother and daughter.

5.) David : David is the second son of Frank the police officer. He has two brothers. They are all grown and living their own lives.

6.) Dinney : Dinney is Yinney’s father, and a sloth.

7.) Dorothy : Dorothy is married to Jerry, the owner of a wood mill. They live close to Dallas Texas. Her husband is bent on success and a workaholic. Dorothy has two young children, but very starved for adult company.

8.) Frank : Frank is the New York City cop. Middle-aged and slowing down, but he still loves the job. He has three sons, all grown and on their own: John, David, and Tommy. Frank’s wife passed away a few years ago, but begins to fall in love when he meets Rachel.

9.) Jack : Jack is married and works out at the local spa where Dorothy begins to go. Dorothy begins to think about an affair with Jack.

10.) Jerry : Jerry is Dorothy’s workaholic husband. They have two children in school. Jerry owns a wood mill just outside Dallas Texas, and his business is booming. All Jerry sees is dollar signs and a mansion someday.

11.) John : John is the oldest son of Frank the NYC cop.

12.) Jo-Jo : Jo-Jo is a bird, a macaw, and lives in the Amazon. She is a friend of Me-Me and Lu-Lu and becomes a part of the Fellowship Yinney starts at his tree.

13.) Kujo : Kujo is a spider monkey who Yinney meets briefly and learns about Bubba the Buddhist in the rubber trees.

14.) Lu-Lu : Lu-Lu is a bird, a macaw in the Amazon, and friends of Jo-Jo and Me-Me. She becomes part of the Fellowship Yinney begins at his tree.

15.) Me-Me : Me-Me is a bird, a macaw in the Amazon, and friends with Lu-Lu and Jo-Jo. She becomes part of the Fellowship Yinney begins at his tree.

16.) Minney : Minney is a sloth and mother of Yinney.

17.) Pastor Simmons : Simmons is Pastor of a large church where Rachel and Clara attend. It’s within walking distance of their apartment in NYC.

18.) Rachel : Rachel is divorced after many years of abuse from an alcoholic husband. She is also mother of Clara, and begins a relationship with Frank the NYC cop.

19.) Sam : Sam is actually Officer Sam and the partner of Frank, in NYC.

20.) Yinney : And last but not least is Yinney, a sloth living in the Amazon. He is a spiritual teacher of the Hebrew texts and lives in his 7th Day Tree overhanging a lagoon.