Skykingdom / Skypeople #1

Spirit / Wings

Perhaps my take on things is not your cup of tea, but Jesus inspires me, and a life of living by my wings, in the Spirit, and not as a Dirtdweller, inspires me, too. So I choose to write in such terms. Hope you enjoy.

For those who truly follow Christ, Jesus leads us to the other side of the IMPOSSIBLE. Eternal life? Impossible! Or is it? Jesus says, “Follow me.”

Moses led the people to God’s Promised Land. However, God had to part the waters twice before they would actually live in that land. In other words, God’s Promised Land was on the other side of the IMPOSSIBLE!

So how does one live on a cloud? What is Spirit life? How do we seek a Skykingdom? It is the same way Jesus walked on the water! And the same way Peter walked on the water! He was walking on water as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus, but when he looked at the circumstances around him, he immediately began losing the supernatural walk he was living and began sinking rapidly back into the natural. It was quickly swallowing him up!

“If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on things that are on earth (dirt). For you have died…” Colossians 3: 1-3a

That last part might be a bit disturbing, but you see, things are not the same in Skykingdom as it is with the dwellers of the land. Would you expect it to be? Living by wing and not flesh is a whole different set of paradigms, and it all starts with waiting upon the Lord. So…if you’re too busy? You’re probably not living a life of wing. Your earthbound.

Consider this, God’s word says they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and mount up with wings as eagles. This is Isaiah 40: 31a, and this verse speaks of a very supernatural lifestyle ABOVE. God makes no apologies for inviting us to a life ABOVE. God’s word and the teachings of Christ are full of instructions concerning this invisible world our eyes cannot see. Paul even told us not to look at what is seen, but that which is not seen!

I thought I would start this series where I start all my teachings on this subject, here at God’s Bird House. Isaiah 40:31. You see, that eagle is a picture for us, and that picture has a lot to teach about the ways of God, his kingdom, and how his people are supposed to live. We are called to a Priesthood. Let me add one more set of scriptures to this.

This is God speaking to Moses after he delivered them out of the bondage of slavery to Egypt. And remember, in scripture, Egypt is symbolic of the world, earthly, materialistic, the flesh, Dirtdwellers, earth lovers, etc. God is telling Moses what he wants Moses to tell his people, and every minister of God should speak this same message!

“Thus you shall say to the house of Jacob, and tell the people of Israel: You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself. Now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be my treasured possession among all peoples, for all the earth is mine; and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. These are the words that you shall speak to the people of Israel.” (Exodus 19: 3b-6)

Followers of Christ, our Lord leads us to the other side of IMPOSSIBLE. We are called to be Skypeople, a life of wing/ Spirit. We are called to live above it all as God’s priests in the earth, in the world, but not of the world, even as Jesus prayed.

There is so much more for me to say on this, and so many more scriptures, but let me quickly give you this one illustration. This is easier done in person as a physical demonstration, but try to picture in your mind as I describe. Our scripture, Isaiah 40:31…the eagles’ wings. How does an eagle mount up? It is a picture of Praise, Prayer, and Promises, the 3 P’s of Priesthood in Christ!

Try this > Stand to your feet…bring your hands in front of your chest as in a position of prayer…start praying…now exaggerate the motion as you swing your hands and arms outward and upward into the position of worship and praise…say a word of praise…now swing back down into the hands at your chest in position of prayer as before…pray…and then up again…do you see the flapping of the wings of the eagle as you pray and worship? You are mounting up into a realm of faith and Spirit! Your spirit man wants to go there! Now add to that faith all the promises of God. After you swing your arms upward in praise, now extend them outward…like a mighty eagle SOARING! Think of God’s word to you, his promises…and his personal words to you… his assignment to you! SOAR upon the promises of Psalms 91 and others! SOAR upon Isaiah 40:31! Do you see the motion of the eagles’ wings? Do you see this awesome picture God has given us? Now live it! Live as Skypeople and not the Earthdwellers scratching in the dirt! Live your Priesthood in Christ. It is your Birthright! And yes, it is a life on the other side of IMPOSSIBLE. Have you the faith for it? Do you love Jesus enough to live where he calls you, and leave these earthly things behind?

Set your AFFECTIONS on things above. We are in the world, but not of it. I drive an earthly man-made car, but that car does not own me, and I do not worship it. I can have material things, but material things must not have me! Or I am once again a slave to Egypt.

Jesus taught so many things pertaining to living above it all. We have only begun to open this door. I hope you want more. Find the time to wait on the Lord and live as Skypeople.

Flap less and SOAR more!

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Night Watcher #12 / the year 5781.

Once upon a time it greatly concerned me when we passed the year 2000 on our calendar, and Jesus did not return.

I had been taught it was 4000 years prior to Jesus birth, and then another 2000 years after we would leave the 6th day (6000 years) and enter the 7th. At which point Jesus should return! The day of REST! 1000 year Millennial Reign! So when nothing happened I was confused! I knew Jesus would never be late! So man is wrong “again” in some way, and what is it?

You can imagine how confused at first, and then excited when I learned of the Jewish calendar. It made perfect sense! Of course God would run on that time table! But how the heck did we get so far off? And why had not my modern church taught me this? Once again it seemed the “old ways” not the new, had the answers, and they were there all the time!

Well…I still don’t understand all that but I am greatly relieved God is not late! As a matter of fact, I believe he will show up early! I believe God’s perfect will for man was a perfect 6000 years, but man’s darkness would destroy him before then, man is not going to be able to last 6000 years! When Jesus said the time “would be shortened”, I believe he was speaking of that 6th day and the over-all 6000 years.

Jesus said, “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.” (Matt. 24:21-22 ESV)

The Jewish calendar says we are in the years 5781. WOW! That’s a lot of years left before 6000! In my own mind, I can’t even imagine us lasting that long. Not knowing the self-destructing nature of lost man and the power we have to destroy this planet several times over!

So… God’s original people say it is 5781. Various prophetic people have already begun putting out opinions as to what those numbers (5781) mean as far as biblical values set by the Hebrew language, and it is all very interesting.

We Know we are in a time like none other. We can sense this as we look around at a perfect storm waiting to explode upon this planet. These people have already said they want a New World Order. I believe this new order will be set by a female goddess rising upon a mythical throne no female has held before. Even in the mythical world it has always been a male god on the over-all throne. And though these mythical gods are “fiction”, never forget the demons behind them are not! Mother Earth, Gaea/ Gaia, or Kali, (the dark mother), or whatever female goddess it may be, there are very real demonic forces behind those false gods and idols!

Also, even the church has fallen pray to the female gods in many ways. The word “Easter” is actually a form of a name given to a female goddess. The early church did not call it Easter, but Passover. And Satan went to Eve, not Adam, in the greatest victory he ever had. A female goddess would set the stage perfectly for his last great move of the antichrist.

But as the Jewish New Year was changing just a few days ago, and I was watching the Day of Prayer and Repentance in DC, I was fasting and joining in all of the actions of that day, I even had my own Shofar I was sounding. And as I stared out a large window beside me I saw a breeze stirring. The sky looked like rain but there was no rain. No rain was predicted and none came all day. However, what caught my eye beyond this was leaves falling and sailing through the sky, carried by that wind, and falling to the ground. And the trees were still 95% green! Where were these leaves coming from, and why now?

So, no rain, but a wind stirring and leaves falling? I began questioning God as I always do. What came to me, and only time will bear this out, but I felt I heard the voice of God saying… People in high places, positions of power and influence, in the world, and government, and also THE CHURCH! The leaves you see falling from the sky to the ground, are either the scales falling from these people’s eyes so they finally “SEE”, see TRUTH, Or…the person themself shall fall! And then I was reminded of RBG passing away at the very start of the Jewish Ten Days of Awe, as if in confirmation of what I was hearing.

God has been very patient with this country, and the church in this country. There is a new wine skin. new wine, and new anointing stirring. They are saying 5781 is a year to be… Strong in the Lord, alert with eagle eyes, separated in priesthood, and taking ACTION! Both a plow and sword are spoken of. The sword comes out of our mouth, and the plow is the work of our hands and don’t look back! We are in a time of great action and acts again! Do not be muzzled! It is a strange thing we are all wearing covers over our mouths at this very time, but it is only symbolic, we can still speak truth through those masks!

So the Jewish calendar says we still could have a lot of time, another 10 to 30 years would not be unreasonable. And if the time is shortened? Personally, I can’t see us lasting past 2060 or 2065, at the most! And probably much less.

So here we go folks. The chessboard continues moving. I haven’t heard anything on the 50 Days of White House Siege. Some people are saying that the polls showed these tactics were hurting the Democrats much more than helping. So they suddenly put a lid on it? Or maybe keep a low profile until closer to time? I am curious…and I intend to seek answers…because I am a watcher and it is what we do.

So keep a watchful eye. Is RBG just the first of people in high places to fall, or suddenly have their eyes opened? This will be most interesting to watch, but it still disturbs me that in what I saw…there was grey clouds, but no rain.

Soar more and flap less!

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“Verbal Arsonist”/ Prophetic Poetry.

Liar, liar, pants on fire! Run through the streets igniting terrors!

Truth is the enemy to be destroyed! Facts mean nothing, only lies!

Shed your skin often, for surely you must! Who has peace in flesh like yours?

Who could sleep in your skin; mouth full of sin!

Give no thought to Infinity! Sell your finite dreams of numbered days!

Sell your dead end streets leading nowhere!

Sell your pot of beans while promising the world!

So lie you must if you would succeed! Never mind those who burn!

Those foolish enough to believe!

So many youth easily swayed. I am embarrassed for you. The media uses you too.

You are the used the used the used. Like little foxes with tails on fire! Aren’t you proud.

Someday when you grow up, you will see the bill of goods sold.

Like puppets on a string. Like a prostitute ring. You are the used.


This country don’t need Left or Right. Would the real Jesus please stand up!

May his truth reign in this country again! May the media repent of her sins! Do they have a permit to speak such things? Verbal arsonists setting fires? Shooting lies more deadly than bullets! Destroying lives of honest people! These are the guns behind the guns we hear, their words in our ears!

Or have we all become a country of LIARS? Have we all become hypocrites needing to shed our skins? How shall we repent?


This is what the book of hate says about a lying tongue…

“And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.”

Is it a book of hate; or truth and wisdom? You be the judge. Which is TRUE? Truth is a treasure beyond measure!

As I send out this poem there are many Christians traveling to the DC area for prayer and repentance for our country. I am with them in Spirit, prayer, and fasting. They were heavy on my mind as I wrote the above words. May God hear our prayers, correct his Church, and send enough waters of peace from heaven to put out the flames of a lying people. In Jesus name I also ask for protection for these ones as they pray. Please forgive us, Lord, that we have become such a worldly people. May we once again set our true affections, our true heart, on things ABOVE. May your precious Anointing fill us again. Amen.

If MY people…

Night Watcher #11 / TRUTH

It has been said lies travel 6 x’s faster than truth.

Truth is a treasure. It has been said that lies travel six times faster than truth on the Internet. The more scarce a thing becomes, the more valuable it becomes. The price and value of TRUTH is skyrocketing in our day. If it is “true”, that lies travel 6 x’s faster, then we as a people are in big trouble! Our survival rate is plummeting because lies are self-destructive!

How can we know what is true anymore? We are constantly bombarded by liars who claim to be journalist, but really just want to promote their lies as truth. How do you describe such evil? People base their decisions on what they believe to be true! But if our truth is actually a lie, then our house we work so hard to build, is built on sand! But your pain is their gain! $$$$$$$$

Lies always have an expiration date, but TRUTH does not, it is eternal. Lies are finite, TRUTH Infinite. A lie is always eventually revealed as sand slipping through your hands no matter how hard you grasp! A life built on lies has an expiration date. But a house of TRUTH is Infinite.

Unfortunately, with the speed of the Internet, by the time a lie is revealed, no one cares anymore because they are already emotionally caught up in the next lie! These people do not exercise control over their EMOTIONS to live in WISDOM, but they choose to live in the next lie. Those who chase the finite and ignore Infinity are houses built on sand, and their house will eventually sadly and tragically fail.

Ask any Astronaut, lies won’t get you to the moon! Only TRUTH will! Liars are on a one way trip. They will not return. If an Astronaut’s theory, science, and plan is based on lies, that ship will fail! It’s a one way trip! A house built on lies! Lies that will one day expire!

Ask an Astronaut if TRUTH is TREASURE, and what value should be put on it as they are shooting through the sky, breaking gravity and feeling the power of all those G- forces on their body. You may not be trying to reach the moon, but what are you hoping for in life? Perhaps to simply be happy? I love that one, and only TRUTH will get you there to stay. I seek a Skykingdom and a Skypeople. We love our wings (Spirit), and TRUTH.

If you want to end up very disappointed in life, chase lies. Embrace lies and spread the lies to everyone around you. Now you become the liar too, and when the harvest from all those lies begins coming in? When your friends remember the lies you spread that sabotaged their house, then you will know the hollowness I speak of.

But if you desire meaning, purpose, and fulfillment? Find TRUTH. It is a great treasure. It will guide your life well and get you successfully to the moon. It will establish your house like a ROCK!

Who are these people promoting lies as truth, and do not care to check the facts? Who are these people who promote only “part” of the story, but not the whole? Who are these evil verbal arsonist going around setting fire to America? Who are these ones who accept lies as truth and without any double-checking of facts, light themselves on fire with EMOTIONS and deliberately spread the lies! How should such people be described? Are they simply ignorant? Uneducated? Foolish? Evil? Self-destructive? Undisciplined? What? What words would you choose?

Is mankind self-destructive by nature? It could be said that in our love of lies we surely are. Sin is self-destructive. God says planet Earth has an expiration date and invites all his peple into a Skykingdom where we live by Spirit, and not flesh. We wrestle in self-discipline, prayer, and truth, to keep our flesh down and our spirit up! It’s all taught in God’s Skybook known as the BIBLE. Which just happens to be a book that liars hate and want to destroy! Go figure. Liars want to destroy TRUTH.

The Indians use to say that white man has forked tongue, (and most snakes do!) It would seem the Internet has become a place for money-hungry and power-hungry snakes to thrive! So many forked tongues speak today from every platform that the average person will only find there way IF they put a real priority on it. But the lazy and the emotional will continue being the “herd” these snakes so easily manipulate.

Have our cell phones become the strings attached to a herd of puppets, as the puppet masters on the other side rake in the money? Wow. So sad. Another example of Earthdwellers seeking their own pleasures at the expense of others, simply because they can. Lost man is self-destructive.

A life that soars must be based on TRUTH. Flap less, and soar more!

As a watcher it is hard observing a world of liars self-destruct. Our Kingdom Above tries to help, but the world hates us, and calls us haters. The dying reject our message, preferring to live in the finite rather than the Infinite. We are called the liars, as a world in which lies travel 6 X’s faster, slowly drowns in a flood of their own making. I write such words as these and send them forth, but who knows TRUTH anymore? Your soul does, if you listen! Stop clipping your own wings!

All are welcome in the Kingdom Above, Skykingdom; but first the lying tongue must go. A snake’s tongue cannot have eagle’s wings. Only truth sets free, only truth defies earthly gravity to live a life above, in the Spirit. Seek those things which are above, Jesus taught. TRUTH is a TREASURE. TRUTH is also a person, the Son of God, Jesus. But will you believe me?

They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles! Skykingdom. Skypeople. God the Father invites all his children to a Kingdom in the sky. The Bible shows the way!

Isaiah 40:31

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Night Watcher #10 / RBG / God

Is God behind the flames that grow? The timing of the death of RBG is highly suspect!

The last words of the Old Testament is still a threat from God to a disobedient people full of hate, violence, and ungodliness. No one can say that man manipulated the unfortunate death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg for such a time as this. After so many bouts with cancer that she won, with only 40 something days left to go before the election, if someone wanted to add gasoline to an already burning fire, this is it! Who saw this coming? Were all the previous victories simply waiting for such a time as this?

Jonah was caught in a perfect storm as he tried to run from the will of God! The storm kept raging more! Soon he was woke from his sleep! Eventually he was revealed as the reason for the storm and God was the creator of it! There is so much talk of being WOKE now. But this storm just keeps forming new fronts! It comes at us from every side! How many videos have been made of Democrats screaming into their phones, not in sympathy for her death, but in fear and rage of what it might mean for the Supreme Court?

Here is how the Old Testament ends before there were several hundreds years of silence, and then Jesus is born >

“Look, I am sending you the prophet Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord arrives. His preaching will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers. Otherwise I will come and strike the land with a curse.” (Malachi 4: 5-6)

I wonder how this scripture relates to ABORTION? Turning the hearts of the fathers to the children? And what about the mothers? Hhmmm. Never pondered it this way before. What do you think? Israel was sacrificing their children too. God gave them many warnings before his final judgement fell.

This has been a constant theme here in the “Night Watcher” series. The possibility that it is the modern church system that is failing, has caused this perfect storm, and our culture is rejecting her, ready to throw her in a raging sea to become fish food, and maybe that’s God’s will too.

The prophet Elijah. I (GOD) am sending you the prophet Elijah, the scripture said. Elijah prayed for a CURSE in the earth upon all! He prayed for no rain! That means he was praying for drought, famine, poverty, starving, sickness, and death! And God answered his prayer until the church of that day got right! God was not going to reward a disobedient child any longer. Would you?

You can’t plant the seeds of a different harvest once winter has set in. Many Christians are gathering in Washington DC this Saturday to pray, fast, repent, and seek a fresh revival from God in this country. This may be our last chance to avoid great judgement. They are seeking A RETURN. In my opinion, that return needs to go all the way back to the church being much more like it originally was in the book of Acts. To that point we see a Remnant movement of Micro churches slowly developing in America. Could this be our answer? A RETURN to the original simple ways Jesus established as church?

I left the traditional church some 3 years ago. It was not an easy decision after having spent my whole life of 62 years, at that time, in traditional church, but I simply couldn’t stand the hype and complexity of it all anymore. I now enjoy the simplicity of Christ every day and we call what we do: “Church Everywhere”.

Where did Jesus have church? Everywhere he went. When did Jesus have church? A lot! Whenever opportunity presented, and even when it didn’t! So as this storm rages and America burns, we will have a lot of opportunity to have church, but perhaps not in the way we have become accustomed, and the ANOINTING will once again be required.

RBG has passed away and left a very strategic position open on this political battlefield. The Republicans are in a position to possibly capture another critical hill. The Democrats are threatening more violence if they do. Violence seems to be their thing. They are afraid they might lose the legal right to commit violence against their unborn babies. There is panic in the ranks as they grasp for straws. Again, as asked in our previous article, who are these desperate people?

However, even as the Earthlovers battle over dirt, we Skypeople have our own questions we need to answer before God. Is this storm because of us? Have we become as the church of Laodicea and God is ready to spew us out of his mouth, as the fish did Jonah? What a dangerous time we are living in. What an emotional time. What an interesting time. And what a time of opportunity for those who live by their wings, and not the flesh.

I highly urge every true Christian to be in fasting and prayer this Friday and Saturday as our people gather in DC. God is not playing games. We are in very serious times, as this storm continues raging and we have no idea what might come next? As the passing of RBG has just proven.

“The night watchmen found me as they made their rounds. They beat and bruised me and stripped off my veil, those watchmen on the walls.” S. of S. 5:7

Night Watcher #9 / America

How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? (Psalms 137)

Will I know my country 4 years from now? Or will I be asking, what is this strange land in which I dwell? In some ways I already feel this way. How is it a significant portion of our country wants to become Socialist? How is it we would exchange our American birthright for a pot of beans like Esau did? Socialism is a pot of beans! It’s not the dream false teachers claim! Who are these desperate people? How have we been dumbed down?

And now begins 50 days of mental siege of the White House. Have we not already had mental siege from the left ever since President Trump defeated such a poor candidate as Hillary? Was that so difficult to believe? They blame everyone but themselves for their poor choices. It’s our fault they chose Hillary? And now we have Biden? And they blame everyone but themselves for their own poor choices. Did we force them? Did we choose?

However, it is not simply democracy being rejected, it is also the traditional church and her Bible. Socialism is very anti-Christ, and the democracy of this country was built on biblical principals, a fact they hate. (They hate a lot!) For the Progressives to get their dream, the Bible must become a book of hate and no longer tolerated. How is it so many professing Christians have bought into this Socialist agenda? Do they not see where all this leads?

Will I know my country in 4 years? Will I feel like singing the Lord’s songs in this place? Or will I be too heart broken over what has been lost? Will it even be allowed? Even our modern church has become strange to me. Who is this materialistic and self-centered Jesus they preach? Who are these Christians who are so busy seeking their personal prosperity that they have let the spiritual condition of this country go to rot? Would we have this spiritual rot today if the Beatitudes were the main sermon from our modern churches? What have our priorities become? How have we become so earthly minded? We have not chosen a life in Spirit, but we have chosen dirt! Like Esau, we choose beans.

We have not been Skypeople focusing on Spirit, but we have lived as unsaved Gentiles, seeking earthly things, this underworld. Now we have a post-Christian nation becoming more anti-Bible every day. If we do not read, study, teach, or live our Bible, then we might as well lose it, right? We might as well clip our wings and become grounded for life!

It is not hard seeing a candidate like Biden defeated by Trump. It is not hard to predict that the party threatening violence unless they get their way, going down in flames. We Americans do not take well to threats. Who came up with their strategy? Who would want to defund law and order? Again, who are these desperate people? How have we been dumbed down? The handwriting is already on the wall for anyone to read.

But where are these desperate people taking us? The stage is being set for a lot of hate, violence, and pain! Why are we going here? How is it any political party could have violence as their strategy to win? For fifty days the flames of violence, desperation, and hate will be stoked. They will present themselves as the underdogs who are violated by the big bully. They will push the buttons of Conservatives hoping someone will cross the line of peace to commit crime! They will stoke the flames of an explosion, growing larger and larger for fifty days! But they will not take responsibility for their own poor choices. Not the poor choice of their candidate, nor their hateful strategy. It’s our fault they make dumb choices? That’s dumb in itself! Point proven! Do they not understand it is easier to live smart rather than foolish? Life gets better with spiritual wisdom.

So when President Trump wins again, has he stolen the election? Why do these people never take responsibility? Yes…they hate the Bible because it points out their bad choices and they hate that. So rather than wise up, lets get rid of the Bible so we can continue living foolish! Let us embrace our anger! They are the ones so full of hate, but they try to claim the high ground. They claim to be the warriors of morality while they stoke the flames of hate and continue murdering babies in the womb.

The Bible they hate teaches us that our “habitat” (the life we live), is derived or built or grown out of our daily “habits” (choices of action). Our habits create our habitat. We sleep in the bed we make. We reap what we sow. We eat what we grow. Any of that sound familiar? But these people refuse to acknowledge this physical and spiritual law, this wisdom from above, explained in the book they hate. This law of life will continue working whether they get rid of the Bible or not. I guess they don’t understand that?

I believe our modern church has failed to create mission fields in the neighborhoods of these people. We are guilty of being so focused on our own pleasures that we have not loved our neighbor as ourself. We are guilty of helping to cause this situation. And how will that change? Will prosperity preaching change us, or more living of the Beatitudes?

There is a church rising who will be true Skypeople desiring to live by their wings rather than man-made ways. This earth will lose hold on them as they seek first the wisdom and Spirit of God. Now is the time to decide which you shall be! You will be told your Bible is a book of hate! But God says it is WISDOM! Which do you believe?

It’s not about what you say, but what you do! Five virgins were left behind that day to experience all the horrors of what was to follow! Mary was approved by the Lord that day while Martha was corrected! Esau was rejected by God while Jacob was blessed! Now is the time to rise above all the mess that is to come and show a different way! But it must start now!

It’s very hard to build a shelter after the storm is already upon you! And I’m not talking about a physical safe house, but a supernatural “favor” of God. You will walk upon the water others are drowning in. You will show the world a different way, but only if you mastered a life in Spirit, and not flesh. If we separate ourselves to things above, a true Skypeople living by wing and not flesh, refusing to be a dirtdweller anymore, then we will know God’s power and favor.

Jesus says this Spirit life is real, and powerful, but how many dare to believe him? He says God’s Word is a powerful spirit sword, but how many believe him? He says we can live above it all…as Skypeople…seeking that which is above…instead of a life striving in the dirt of a people who reject WISDOM. Now is your time to choose. Now is your time to prove. Once the window of opportunity passes, at that point the die is set, there will be no rising above it all. The seeds of your garden must be sown while there is still summer, not winter! There is a winged life for those who understand and develop those godly habits. Selah. Don’t throw your Bible away, but master it! Learn from it! Flap less and soar more!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. Acknowledge him in all thy ways, and he shall direct your path.

Consider the birds of the sky, for they neither sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of much more value than they?

Dare we be true Skypeople, living by love, faith, and peace? Lovers of pure wisdom?

Now is the time. A word to the wise. God’s Word to the wise!

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“Belly of the Whale” / Prayer

75364021-1200px The storm rages and Jonah is thrown overboard into the violent sea! You know the story. Is America throwing “church as we have known it” overboard? Statistics say they are. Is traditional church being rejected? And yet Jesus is not traditional church, and he rises above!

Have you ever noticed in your walk with God, how if you “defile” yourself for a time, then it takes a little while to get that intimate Anointing back? As Priest of God we’ve all been there. It’s a most basic lesson of understanding the power and Anointing of God. The Old Testament spoke of it symbolically as eating or touching unclean animals. Or if you had touched a dead thing. The O.T. painted us a picture how intentional sin can “defile” us, and then there was a time period of cleansing before the Priest could perform his priestly duties again. I call this our 3-Days in the belly of the fish.

Jonah was in a heck of a predicament, wasn’t he? And yet it took him 3 days before he could pray a prayer that God actually answered! Are we in that same spiritual condition?

“… And Jonah was inside the fish for three days and three nights. Then Jonah prayed to the Lord his God from inside the fish.” (Jonah 1:17b & 2:1)

Jonah had definitely slid into a distant relationship with God, and was sailing farther and farther away until the fish brought him back, and even then Jonah still had an attitude. God continued working on him even as God was saving Nineveh.

What is it going to take to get the church back into a position of power and Anointing with God? I believe I see the great fish coming! We are in the storm now, Jonah has been woken by the unbelievers and told to pray, but he has not yet admitted to this storm being his fault! It is his fault because he is not preaching God’s message that was given! Not only that, but he is sailing AWAY from the will of God, choosing to go to Tarshish rather than Nineveh, because those people were so evil! They deserve to die! (He decided.) Hard hearted.

Jonah was planning on living a blessed life in Tarshish rather than preach to the heathens the warnings and judgments of God. Have we not done the same? The storm is here! We have been woken and told to pray! But Jonah’s prayers were no good until after 3 days in the fish belly! We’ve not had our 3 days yet. We’re not Skypeople living by our wings. We’re destined for fish food.

So…what kind of a fish, and what kind of a belly does God have “planned” for us??? God is very intentional in these things, you know.

Then the sailors picked Jonah up and threw him into the raging sea…

Now the Lord had arranged for a great fish to swallow Jonah.

In our New Covenant God also warns us about a life of sin, unholiness, defiling our temples, which have become our very body. We are called to be Skypeople, not Earthdwellers living in defilement! We have forsaken our sacred ways! We don’t live by our wings, but we live as normal men! A life below, not above! A kingdom below, not above! A life of carnality, not Priesthood! We’d rather live in Tarshish!

We have much better means of forgiveness and restoration now, through Christ Jesus, but believe me, in severe cases, God still has his GREAT FISH! And the last verse of the O.T. is still a warning ending in the word “CURSE”! I believe we are there. We have pushed God’s buttons too many times and crossed an invisible line.

Now the heathens have not thrown us overboard yet, but they sure are beginning to think about it. HATE SPEECH! RACISM! GENDERISM! ABORTION, CONTROLLING POLITICS, HOMOSEXUALITY! EQUAL RIGHTS IN THE CHURCH! They have a lot of reasons already prepared. We’ve actually gone soft on these subjects, but they don’t see it that way, nor do they want us to have a chance to get stronger.

During the time of this election, they are throwing their lots and asking their gods for a revelation of who is the cause of this perfect storm? We already know who the lots fell to, Jonah. We have caused a political storm they will no longer tolerate. So the tolerant will cease to be tolerant in the name of being tolerant. 

In 18 more days the “50 Day White House Siege” begins. The lots are being rolled. The storm continues raging and it will not go away until God’s people get right with God again. Until they can pray the prayer that God hears.

Leviticus 18:24- > “Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, for the people I am driving out before you have defiled themselves in all these ways. Because the entire land has become defiled, I am punishing the people who live there. I will cause the land to vomit them out.” (Like the fish vomited Jonah?)

The land is defiled with hate, violence, lies, murder of babies, divorce, adultery, lust, materialism, selfishness, homosexuality, perversion, and how much more can it stand? In all this the church has been asleep. Now the storm is upon us. If God will hear our prayers as he did Nineveh, perhaps we can shorten out time in the belly. It’s up to us, the church, God’s people who paid the price for a ticket to Tarshish rather than following Jesus.

“The night watchmen found me as they made their rounds. They beat and bruised me and stripped off my veil, those watchmen on the walls.” (S. of S. 5:7)

snowy owl in Colorado
Are we awoke now?

Night Watcher #8 / 21 Days

75364021-1200px Do you see it now? I’ve been declaring this for weeks, the escalation of emotion, Jonah being thrown overboard into the sea of a perfect storm, the Democrat game plan, and yes, they are not innocent, but well aware of the fire they are intentionally setting! And now we have it in writing! The future laid out for us! And a 21 Day countdown to another escalation! White House Siege! Googling that should bring it up.

Of course none of the Democrat names are on the war plans. And it wouldn’t matter if they were. Things have been proven before, but they are above the law. I have seen this coming for months, but I am a watcher, only the blind or the guilty could deny it now.

Surely most Americans will not vote for the Party promoting violence to win. So Trump wins again. Then what? He cheated! They already are saying he cannot legally win! How can they know such a thing? And then our country explodes! Will Jonah be thrown overboard into the raging sea? What will it take to get control? Will we see martial law? Of course we will. Do we not see the hand writing on the wall?

Are you watching it build? Do you see this growing wave of hate, lies, and emotion? Are you prepared to soar above, or will you be caught in the tsunami? Will you be a part of it? In their eyes President Trump must not win at any cost, so if he wins, then the country must be so devastated that he will spend the next 4 years just trying to repair all the damage. Consider these quotes >

We will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain for exactly 50 days.

…we’ll inspire a global movement of systematic change… A Global Spring… a cultural heave towards a true world order.

We will not let Trump steal the election.

A massive collective action of the sweetest kind of disobedience.

There is also something said about them ensuring a peaceful transition of power. What? The only transition of power they want is into their hands, and none of it has been peaceful so far! President Trump has been under attack from day one! And they are just waiting for Conservatives to retaliate. They know many people are going to be hurt and suffer in this fire they build, and yet they build it anyway?

Again, these groups claim they only intend peaceful protest, and yet somehow there has been much violence. These people know it will only take one little spark to ignite the explosion. I expect if something does not happen to cause it naturally, then they are prepared to light the flame intentionally. And if Trump wins, that is all the spark they need. But what if the Republicans did the same? What if we were threatening violence if Biden wins? How is it that one party is prone to this kind of behavior and there is no vast exodus from their ranks!? No being held to accountable? Yes…they are very sly with their words…careful to send out sparks…but never be the actual fire themself. They are so smart. They are so innocent. But truth always eventually wins. If not in this life, then the next. In the meantime, we suffer.

This must be more of the “good trouble” they keep promoting. “Sweet kind of disobedience”? But what is God telling you to do in this perfect storm, child of God? Do we not have a responsibility in all this? Abortion is still a horrible crime against humanity, and Planned Parenthood continues with blatant disregard to the truth. Most scientific biologist will tell you that life begins at conception! How ungodly, as a nation, we have become!

As followers of Christ what does all this mean for us? Does God still have a mission? As in the days of Noah, more and more violence breaking forth, the earth filled with violence! Again, the hand writing is on the wall! Can we be the peacemakers in such a great fire? But we are the HATERS! That is the lie they believe! Are you a HATER? Is it not so plain how the enemy has worked in all this? We’re not the violent! How are we the HATERS?

Jonathon Cahn has already had a huge prayer and repentance rally planned for D.C. area on September 26th. This has been planned for months! The White House Siege protest begins on September 17th. Both these groups will be in the same area, and how will this be portrayed by media?

The darkness grows…the darkness comes. There are those setting the flames for violence to fill our streets and martial law required! Surely you see it now! They claim Trump won illegally, and yet they are the ones actually trying to win illegally by threat of violence, and in plain sight for all to see! How has America become this? How has a party become this? How is a party able to get away with this? Our right to vote the way we want is under threat of “violence” by one party and one party alone!

I am a watcher and I will continue writing what I see, unless they shut me down, which wouldn’t surprise me a bit. Hopefully I’m too small for them to notice. But here again, one party wants to silence free speech! How can anyone not see this?

Our country is already on fire. The kindling is already set and burning. We have a date with destiny already planned. The perfect storm increases in its hate and Jonah is the target. The last word of the Old Testament is “curse”, and we are in it, if a revival does not sweep this nation and turn the hearts of people back towards God, and one another. What is the price we’re going to have to pay, like Jonah, before such a revival can happen?


Heart and Soul of Nation.

75364021-1200px I keep hearing Politicians talking about this election is for nothing less than the “heart and soul” of this nation. To that I ask what do Politicians know about the “soul”? This only confirms to me what we have said, the church has lost her way, and now the soul is in the hands of politics? The Ark has been captured. Eli and his wicked sons have cost us dearly. The Philistines have ransacked us! That which is the church’s territory is in the hands of the heathens! It reminds me of Constantine influencing the church of 300 A.D. Will we down the road, see the dark place that road led before?

Most Politicians I’ve seen over the years will speak any lie you want to hear if it gets them elected. They flip flop. The very person they were exposing as so vile a few days ago, will suddenly become best friends and endorsing them. Where is honor, integrity, and truth? They show little knowledge of true morality. They endorse the murder of pre-born babies. They live in wealth and luxury. They love money and power. They might be denied communion by their Priest. They will use whatever is available to sabotage a nation’s well-being for their own agenda. They hurt the very people they claim to defend. They allow lawlessness if it promotes their agenda, and again, many innocent people are hurt, including the businesses of hard working people. How long should I make this list? These are the people fighting for our soul? And the church? They seem to have embraced politics as the answer. Have they embraced Constantine? And do we have a choice at this point? Maybe not. Just like Jonah, he really had very little choice in the storm.

Here’s a wake-up call, people. Here’s a news flash! Politics don’t save a soul! We are well into uncharted waters that will surely create a huge hurricane storm of Jonah proportions before this is over. And then, perhaps a Jonah will rise out of the belly of the whale who preaches a true message, as he is forced to sit in the hot sun, miserable. Not a pretty picture.

Now we have a scandal with Jerry Falwell Jr.. What has happened to Christianity in America? Jesus said if we truly followed him, we would be hated and persecuted. However, was that hate supposed to be derived from politics, because the church became a political entity? Or was it other things, like saving souls and being anti-worldly, anti-materialistc, and pro- God? Pro- Word of God? We have succeeded in being hated, but I don’t think it is for the same reasons Jesus was.

I believe in the flux of all this change is the chance to make a different choice than Jonah made. Those who truly hear the voice of God see opportunity. The fields are white unto harvest! However, King Saul must be recognized as a king having no clothes. The Anointing has left him and he is tormented of demons. God is in the caves with David. God is alive and well, and so is the new wine rising for such a time as is coming. We will know more after we see what happens in this election, sad to say. We have allowed everything to become about this election. And when it happens I believe we will see great chaos like we’ve never seen before. And in such times as these a new wine should flow, but are we such a wine skin?

Now is the time to hear God and catch the wave. Trump moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem. He took the stand every President before him coward away from. Now we see more movement towards peace in that area. Trump is involved, “The Art of the Deal”. That is one of his claims to fame. And what does it all mean? New times are coming! End Times are coming! But that 7 year period could still be many years away. Much could still happen if David succeeds in bringing the Ark back into Jerusalem, even as Trump moved an embassy! But that’s church territory! Not politicians!

Now is not the time to be more worldly, more materialistic. Now is the time to live in the high places of God’s Spirit. Be the Skypeople we claim to be. Learn what it means to live by our wings, our spirit man, rather than the dirt of our flesh. Again, Jesus said we would be hated, but for what reasons? Check the Beatitudes. Does God expect us to vote as godly as possible? Surely he does. But can’t we do that without becoming a political platform?

Many times what looks good at the time also conflicts with what Jesus actually said and did. In those times true wisdom stays in faith in Jesus. We follow him. We mount up with the wings of the eagle. We do what Jesus did even in spite of how it may look to our human reasoning. And when we don’t… that 20/20 hindsight eventually confirms the error of our way. As for me and my house, we will follow the Lord and the example he set for us. Constantine led to a dark place before, and will do so again. Jesus is always the true light!

Sail on, brothers and sisters. Sail a sacred ship.


In these chaotic times, with a hurricane rising in the future, where lies true north? Your soul knows. Your soul will find the way, if you pray and obey. The set of our wings!

“Night Watcher” #7 / Poet

75364021-1200px “SPIRIT”

Excellence… Mastery…So many desire…So few achieve.

Peacefulness of soul…Life that flows…You are a Spirit walker.

When there seems to be no way…Faith is power to stay…

Spirit walker.

One with time…No stress, no strain…Precious state of mind.

What is this power? This force? This poise?

Falling…falling…falling…Only to land…Upright!

You are a Spirit walker.

Let others faint…Let others strive…You seek His voice.

Let patience have her perfect work…A path that lies upon the Wind.

A wisp of smoke…A feeble trail…The slightest strain disturbs…

Go ahead pilgrim, test your worth.

If you should fail…there is One who knows…One who cares.

He watches every step.

He too is a…

Spirit walker.

Xyli_Snowy_Owl Are we Skypeople or Earthdweller? They are two very different ways of living. One lives by their wings, the other by human reasoning. One has a focus on Infinite, the other finite. One goes on forever, the other trapped in the numbers. One walks by what he hears within, the other by what he sees without. What we hear from above, or what we see from below. Two very different ways of living. It cannot be hidden or faked for long.

Which you are always shows.

Jesus said, “Follow Me.”