“Fellowship of the White Path”

1985 Church has certainly changed for me.

For me, my wife, and my good friend Jason, church has become a “Fellowship”, and it can take place any time and any place. As a matter a fact, it takes place every time we come together, because what is the church? It’s God’s children coming together, whether 2 or 3 or a 1000. Whether in a barn, a bar, or a secret meeting. Or even a mall food court as in the picture above. (I believe that’s Al’s arm in the background between Jason and I.) If we love Jesus, and his Presence is in our midst, we’re having church!

My journey to this has not been a careless one. Those who have followed this site know it to be true for I have written much on it. I’ve always been the thinking, pondering type, as most writers are, rather introverted, a loner, and yet guided by God’s Holy Spirit, which means people! My nature may be a cave, but God’s nature is love people and so it is by God’s power, (not my own), I find myself having a social life. Praise God! It is good.

Followers of this site know I spent a lot of time digging through the early church father records, and with perspective gained by Polycarp and a few others, my New Testament Bible began coming alive in a fresh and powerful way! It was an eye-opening experience involving many weeks of study and prayer. This led us to have a Christian version of the Passover during Easter, and became a “key” for me understanding many things. (Because it is about a Table!)

There were 7 of us total that day in the mall, but most of the time we have been the “3 Amigos”. And what do we do? Acts 2: 42-47. Yes! It’s true! It can be done! It’s a simple list actually. Jesus delivered us from a complex religious system into simplicity itself. Love God with all your heart, and love others as yourself. Love Upward first, and Outward second. At the end of this article I’ll give you the list again, so you can see how simple it really is, and compare it to the church you participate in.

I don’t know how many churches I have left over the 62 years of my life. For many many years I did not think that much about it. There was always a reason. One time the Pastor was divorcing his wife, and my wife and I had just come through two years of marriage problems, but stuck it out until we both got right. So we just couldn’t handle this Pastor’s divorce, and it actually wasn’t long before another woman showed up in his life.

Then there was the Pastor that just rubbed me the wrong way. I was there because a good friend insisted we needed to be. I told him I’d give it a year. After one year we left. A few years later we learned the Pastor had an afair, and didn’t do right by my friend either. I considered my gut feelings vindicated.

Most churches were simply me being dissatisfied with what I perceived to be materialism, or hiding inside the four-walls, lack of really knowing each other, still feeling something was all wrong but couldn’t explain why. I mean, I could point out such things as mentioned, but most people seemed happy in our modern church system. So there was always the nagging suspicion that it was “I” who had the problem, until I dug into early church history of which our Pastors, for some reason, actually teach very little about, as if hiding something, and indeed they are, whether they know it or not.

Armed with new knowledge and a fresh leading of God, Church changed for me. The Temple transformed into a Table, and it has been so good!

When we were at the food court, at a table, I initiated a plan to build a “Flower Box” for a grandma we knew who had recently lost a granddaughter in a very tragic way. Our “Fellowship” took this on, and today, if things go right, it is to be delivered. Hopefully, the grandmother and I will also get to sit at a “Table” and have some “unchurchlike” church.

A few days ago I was in a hospital room with a man who had just had a complete heart transplant. It just happened my brother-in-law had the honor of leading him to Christ. Then my brother-in-law called me, completely out of the blue, I had no idea, next thing I knew I was meeting this man and offering him “discipleship”. But why me? Why is God directing what were news events to this little group of three? These three rebels not attending formal church services? (To be fair, Jason does still attend Catholic Mass on a semi regular basis.)

Now we are creating “Turtle Gardens” and “Turtle Flower Boxes” with the message of “Slow Down & Hear God”. Yes, that’s what I believe God told this little fellowship to do. Not your typical outreach program, but nothing about us seems to be typical anyway. And in these gardens there must be a “Table”, the Lord’s Table, a place of fellowship with God and man.

So we still have the Tipi Retreat about to get back underway as good weather is finally here. More pictures of that coming soon. And we have a free book releasing in one month, of which the heart transplant person is already reading. We have this blog site going forth which I will never know until in heaven one day if it’s having any effect or not. And we have the regular fellowship meetings of the “3Amigos”, which we asked the question and studied scripture on, “Are we teachable?” That was after we ate out at a Mexican cafe and also worked a little in the garden. The 3 of us then left our garden, went to Jason’s apartment, and had a great time in the Lord, both in the Word and prayer.

I don’t know how long we will be the “3”. But as long as it stays as good as it has been, then I’m not worried, God is doing something. I am amazed how much this “3” is doing actually. I have not gone seeking these things other than sharing God’s Word as a teacher, and loving upward first and outward also. So here is the list pertaining to God’s simple church as described in Acts 2: 42-47. (In the order given in scripture.)

1.) Be devoted to the Apostle’s teachings. (Your New Testament Bible.)

2.) Fellowship.

3.) Share meals, including the Lord’s Supper.

4.) Be a house of Prayer.

5.) Meet together. (Early church mostly met in homes.)

6.) Share what you have. You are your brother’s keeper. (But you still have the right to possessions as you feel led.)

7.) They worshiped together.

8.) Met in homes for the Lord’s Supper and shared meals. (This is listed twice!)

9.) Praise God together and show goodwill.

10.) And the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved. (NLT Version).

There you go. We have been adopted into God’s “family”, not a religion or a building. We ARE the building, wherever we go, wherever we meet, whenever we decide to, but it should be regular and often. We need that time together as family. The world system beats on us every day, but in our family we find love, hope, truth, and strength.

This only touches on one point of many we have written of in past articles in this journey. I felt it might be good to give a status report of sorts, as to what church has become for me since delving into the early church fathers. It has become a Table, not a temple. It has simplified. It’s not about money. Some money has been given completely free-will and only towards projects, such as the Turtle Flower Box Outreach. 100% has been able to go into whatever project it’s given towards.

I hope to write a little more often of what comes of this Fellowship of 3, because I think we need to broaden our understanding of what church can be. I’m not the only one preaching this message, for sure. It seems to be a rising move of God. So until the next time…Don’t neglect your upward love, and in the power of that…love outward also. Grandpa White Feather, amateur gardener, signing off.


Love Upward & Outward #3

>Love Upward first, and Outward also.< 

Our Lord offers us a “Table”.

We have a table in our garden now. We wasted no time in this point. “Turtle Gardens”, as I call them, are about a table… The Lord’s Table… and an invitation to slow down and hear God.

I recently spent time with a man in the hospital room he was about to leave, after spending many weeks there. We will give this man the name of Larry.


Larry was dancing with the Grim Reaper on a daily basis. His prospects did not look good, and yet I’m here to say somehow he has survived. He is no longer dancing with the Reaper. God seems to have spared his life. Most of the time we do not know why one person dies while another is granted more time.

Larry was no angel either. Strip Clubs, drinking, motorcycle gangs, divorced twice, a life seeking whatever caught his fancy. However, during his time in the hospital he had a lot of time to think, and a chance encounter with my brother-in-law ended up with him asking Jesus to forgive his sins and receive him into his Kingdom. Larry humbly came to the Lord’s Table: The blood, the bread, and the cross. He crossed over from being an enemy of God and joined the family. But now there is a certain test that begins.

Is he teachable?

I have business type cards for this blog site and the Teepee Retreat. On the back of my cards I ask a couple questions: 1.) What value? 2.) Are you teachable?


The Bible says we have this “Treasure” in earthen vessels, or clay pots. (II Cor. 4:7) What is the treasure it is speaking of?

Well… first of all… your soul! It is the only part of you that is eternal. We are a spirit (soul) contained in a body until released. Released into what? God’s Word calls our body a “body of death”, and so it is. It basically starts dying from the time we are born, but the soul, God says, is eternal, and it will either spend an eternity in a place “with God”, or “without God”. Our choice. The big fork in the road! We all choose one or the other.

So…my first question. “What value?” What value do you place on YOUR eternal soul? Do you treat it as a great treasure? Or ignore it, gamble with it, don’t believe in it, take it for granted, leave it to rot, assault it on a daily basis, cast it away like so much trash? This great “gift” God gave each of us. How we appreciate this gift reveals a lot about what kind of person we are. If you find that insulting, I’m sorry, but it’s true. Think about it. Have you ever given someone a great gift, only to watch them waste it?

Larry now faces this same question. We all face this question whether we are saved or not, but what does it mean when someone seems to sincerely receive Christ and yet goes on to ignore the relationship? Are they willing to spend time at the Lord’s Table? Do they value their soul and salvation enough to be “Teachable”?

I remember when I popped the big question to a very attractive young lady I was hoping would be my wife. Will you marry me? She could have said no. But when she said yes, I realized what a precious relationship she was granting me. Have I treasured that relationship? If not, I should be horsewhipped. But I think I treasure her more and more even as the years go by. What of our relationship to God? Is that not an even bigger gift? An even bigger marriage?

Planet earth is a garden in which both good and bad seed has been sown. What separates the good from the bad? A teachable spirit. Also known as discipleship.

Those Children of Israel God rescued from Egypt died in the wilderness because they had an unteachable spirit. I can plant a live flower in my garden, but if I neglect it long enough it will die. If I’m unwilling to learn how to garden and apply what I learn, then my garden will go back to wilderness. These are basic spiritual principals taught to us by nature itself. Nature, God’s silent witness. The wise understand that nature confirms God’s Word, and learns from it. Am I teachable?

The bad seed says, “I don’t care what my Creator says or desires. I’m my own boss. I’ll do as I please. I decide what is good or bad, right or wrong. Don’t put no guilt on me. To hell with God. I bow to no one. I don’t care I didn’t create myself, and can’t keep myself. I throw myself away so I can love my sins.”

A clay pot is a very fragile vessel to declare such big things. Fools are born every day, and you can usually tell when you hear one talking. The clay pot will suddenly break and their only treasure will be lost. But what is wrong with this treasure that it treasures the wrong things? Created from the God who said, “let there be light”, and yet chooses darkness.

Have we considered the wisdom of God to put such treasure in clay pots? It shows the utter foolishness of pride. Only a COMPLETE fool ignores their own mortality when eternity is within their reach! And only a COMPLETE fool ignores their own Creator.


Those who treasure the temporary earthly pleasures of a dying world more than the eternal pleasures of their Creator will never become a part of the garden God is planting. If you don’t like God’s pruning and gardening, then the wilderness will over take you again. You may think you want to be king of the jungle, but believe me, you are a clay pot, and the jungle will eat you alive!

As for Larry, from what I hear he is hungry to know more. He is teachable. He is willing to read, study, and listen. He will have a bright spot in God’s garden if he remains teachable, as will we all. His life will bloom before him, one day at a time, under God’s skillful care, for all eternity.

So I hope you value the treasure in you, not only your soul, but also the Holy Spirit and God’s Word too. I hope you treasure it, for where our treasure is, there is our heart also. This clay pot will certainly break one day, and when it does I want it to be freedom! Not another prison. Praise God forever. Plant me in your garden Lord, and let me bloom!




Turtle Gardens Forever!

Love Upward & Outward #2

20180414_100445  “Two or more adults required”, is what the directions said. (Maybe I should say the directions WARNED!)

My wife decided we needed a wheel barrel in order to properly work our garden area, and I believe she is right, but did it have to be so difficult? “Some assembly required?” Our continuing saga of creating a beautiful place to “Slow Down, and Hear God”, Turtle Gardens. Nobody said it would be easy. And neither is loving upward and outward. In fact, two or more adults are required!

First of all, even though children seem to have a leg up when it comes to faith, let me be quick to say it requires an adult to have the “self-control” to properly love. Many are the flaws and imperfections we all bring to the common table. There will always be plenty of things to get upset and in a huff about, if that is what we are prone to do. And believe me, human nature is prone. Spiritual maturity is required to love others as ourself.

I see the creating of these Turtle Gardens as a physical picture of a spiritual path. It is my hope to reveal living lessons in picture form of the life God has called us to. Love involves two or more. It’s not about you! Death works in us so life can be born in others! That’s how love works. It’s a garden requiring much attention, but the beauty of it, and the peace of it, fills our life with such wonder and awe from day to day! Wow! It’s hard to explain. God makes it work. Another God paradox.

I have mentioned in earlier articles a home that was the victim of a drive-by shooting in which some 40 bullets were shot into this house. A one year old little girl was hit and died. I heard this on the news and thought how terrible. I did not know till someone called me that I knew the grandma, whose house it also was that was attacked. I’m planning an article soon showing a “Turtle Box” from our “Turtle Gardens” concept, that I just spent two days putting together. An old wood box became this:

It has a message of slow down and hear God on the side panels. More pictures will come in next article, but there is a lot of pain on planet earth, and we who claim to know the love of God, need to find real ways of showing it. It’s my prayer this flower box will open a door for me to talk with the grandma about God. We had some small conversations at work, but there needs to be much more. There is a “Table” our Lord invites us to. A Table I hope to sit at with her, and perhaps share some pain, and a cup of coffee. Table Ministry.

The body of Christ is too full of selfish children acting like children, and having very little adult action of true sacrifice to reach the world and create disciples in a real way. Ask yourself, how many have you “discipled”? Go ye and make disciples of all nations? Our Lord discipled more at Tables, than Temples.

There are no short cuts to discipleship. Perhaps that is why we see so little of it these days. In our “hurry up” and instant society, we have lost patience for the hard work and sacrifice of true disciple making.

In getting back to the wheel barrel, which is today’s lesson, my wife and I had some good quality time together as we struggled with the assembling of this thing. I had seen her trying to do it herself as I was digging out dirt for a screened in porch. I did not really want to stop what “I” was doing to enter what she was doing. But when she read me what the directions said about “two or more required”, I realized I needed to, and I’m very glad I did. It was the most fun I had that day.


My wife, whom I have given the Indian name of “Grandma Turtle Faith Lady”, was so very proud of her wheel barrel as she wore her Wonder Woman shirt that day. You can see in this picture the joy in her smile, and even in her eyes. That look is priceless.

For a short time we were basking in the glow of success. The wheel barrel was together and working great! It was going to make our garden so much easier to create. However, this is planet earth, and it didn’t take long for some of the “earth curse” to try and upset the glow of our hard earned achievement.

As she was backing her way out of the surrounding construction work, you guessed it, she was in for a tumble! Grandma Turtle Faith Lady was about to go down! Hard!

In a split second her look of joy suddenly became fear, as the back of her heel struck a log while moving backwards, as it is hard to see, she instantly found herself falling! Making matters worse, the log lay beside a pile of pointy limbs! Thank the Lord she did not get impaled! But she did get a small cut and a very hard landing jarring every bone in her body. She was in pain. Planet earth had managed to do it again. Like coffee; bitter and sweet.

My first thought was get to her and is she alright? My second thought was get a picture for the blog site which she refused at threat of my own death. Needles to say, I have no picture to show you. So I helped her painfully and slowly rise from the ground.

I often compare life to coffee; bitter and sweet. Let’s enjoy a good cup of coffee together. We all experience bitter and sweet on planet earth, but together we can turn it into a cup of coffee around a “Table of God”, and help each other find our way through another day on our way to those pearly gates. I know we’re in no hurry to get there, but that is our eventual destination, so might as well encourage each other along the way. Turtle Gardens continue: “In progress.”

20180413_164247So this is Grandpa White Feather, “Fellowship of the White Path”, still building Tipi Retreat and also Turtle Gardens, in hopes of encouraging one and all to “Slow Down and Hear God, especially if you’re pulling a wheel barrel and walking backwards. Right, Turtle Faith Lady? (i.e. Wonder Woman.)

Love Upward and Outward #1

668571080“Love Upward first, and Outward also.”

Turtle Gardens are coming! Slow down, and hear God.

We may run with this title of “Love Upward and Outward” for some time. This has become the motto of our Fellowship: “Fellowship of the White Path”.

Well the “outreach gardens” have begun and I thought I would try to keep the pictures going too, so you can see the progress as it happens. Instead of building big temples, Jesus invited “Temples to His Table”.

Know ye not that ye have become the temples of God? God is not looking for temples made by man nor hand. He’s looking for you. He’s looking for us. He’s looking for his family.

Yes, Jesus changed things. I hope your church isn’t confused about the changes he made, but it’s all good! So the heart and soul of these gardens is to be a “Table” in which to fellowship upward and outward. Always keep your love for God first, because he is the power working in us to also love others in a godly way. Consider these your thoughts for the day to ponder, we’re keeping it short, and now here’s some pictures.

This is the garden area for my mom. It’s a green stretch of ground 20 feet wide and 30 feet long. We painted the building yesterday in winds rushing 25 mph. That was actually no fun, but we gott’er done.


There is an apple tree at the one end. Our Lord willing, this plain Jane site is going to become a beautiful garden. This is before we painted. It got a fresh coat of white yesterday. The blue arch is something my mom salvaged off the Tipi. (LOL).

Now as to our own place, I started taring up jack! Much work to do, starting with much clean-up. I’m taking the old deck out, we have gutters to clean, leaves to burn, and amazingly enough, we actually discovered a few plants survived the winter in a little corner flower garden we had. So the area already has life!


20180411_144856 We also found water damage to the house we did not even know was happening. So we are a long ways from setting our garden table yet. And we have a Turtle Box about to happen also. In memory of a one year old girl who was shot in a drive-by and died. Turns out I know the grandma of the little girl. This box needs to be special, and it will speak words hard for the human vocabulary to express. Pictures of the box coming soon.


That’s it for now. Grandpa White Feather saying, Love upward first and outward also. Slow down. (Speed kills!) And hear God!


What is the Simplicity of Christ?

Love upward and outward.

I want to spend some time on the “Simplicity of Christ”.  My next few articles may be short or long, but I want this to be the subject. It was a deep hunger for simplicity driving me out of what has become the church system. And as I began studying the scriptures with new eyes, the first thing the Holy Spirit revealed to me was Jesus shifting God’s Old Testament Temple to a New Testament Table, because Jesus was bringing us into “family”… the family of God.

Jesus constantly fought with the complicated system of the religious Pharisees. As asked in a previous article, why would he fight that system so hard, even to the sacrifice of his life, only to create another complicated system of his own? He took that whole system of laws and summed up God’s will as “Love Upward first, and Love Outward also”.

A Temple is religion, a Table is family. Love Upward and Outward, and you will fulfill all the law. Be family.

God recently surprised me with an outreach direction for “Fellowship of the White Path”. At first I was a little surprised at what this meant, because it meant the fellowship was to not only continue, but be offered to others, which means potential growth, which means eventual multiplication, which will also mean a need for other leaders who are able to lead in this same “Table Ministry” kind of way. WOW. Our focus is not a church, but a fellowship, which also fulfills church. (Does that make any sense?)

And of course our outreach is very simple. We plan to create “Turtle Gardens”, which have a message of “Slow down and hear God”. These Turtle Gardens not only connect to the “Free Book” I am about to release, but they are also Prayer Gardens, and Fellowship Gardens. These gardens will also have a “Table”.

We are starting with 2 gardens and a Box! Sometimes a “Turtle Box” is better than a garden. More to come on the Box later. The first 2 gardens is one for my Mom, which even though it is on the farm where the Tipi is, this garden is separate and will be hers. The second garden is at our city house, which I must admit has been neglected while I have pursued the Tipi. This garden will give us a spot to invite people here in the city. We will invite them to a beautiful Table that says “Slow down and hear God”. Lets share a cup of coffee and talk about God. God likes gardens. You did know that, didn’t you?

I end with a few pictures of the ugly spot this piece of ground currently is. A Turtle Garden is coming to this neglected place, a Prayer Garden. This is only the first article on “Love Upward and Outward”.  The Holy Spirit has much to say on this. Updates and pictures concerning the Garden Outreaches and the Tipi Retreat will fill the articles for this spring, summer, and fall. Enjoy, and thanks for reading. (Here’s my lovely wife showing you our ugly back yard.)



Believe it or not, there is a small pond buried in there somewhere.

“I’ve Seen Enough”

20171202_173614  All I can say is, I fully understand why so many people are leaving what has become the church “System” in groves and flocking to small home groups. A lot of true Believers are leaving the modern church in order to save their faith.

They are tired of the repetitious Sunday services that have grown so old. Tired of Pastors who do not really know their flock. Tired of being told they must “tithe” when our N.T. Covenant does not teach that. Tired of falling through so many cracks in the system because it lacks personal relationship. Tired of a Gospel that preaches to be family but fails to deliver. Tired of services more about super talent and entertainment than real Christianity. Tired of complexity from a religion claiming simplicity. This to name but a few reasons.

Can God be found there? Yes he can, and for many this is the “gathering together” we practice in faith. Can we grow there? Yes we can, but is it the same growth the Apostles cultivated in the early church?

Notice I started all this by specifying “true Believers”, because all those looking for a place of high entertainment and low commitment are perfectly happy with such a place. I almost felt guilty when I left my last church, but I held my judgement because I suspected my answers were hidden in the days of the early church fathers. I would seek out that information before judging the spirit in my gut that kept driving me out.

So I downloaded 5,000 pages of church library and also began much research on the Internet, other books, any source I could find, even the study of all those early Rome “Popes” who were not really “Popes”, but the title was back-dated to them whether they wanted it or not, including the Apostle Peter! Personally, I think Peter already had a much better title.

Because of recently retiring, I have been able to do a tremendous amount of study in a short time. Its been three months of much digging and questioning. A week or so ago I knew I had finally seen enough, and my path was plain. Our Christian Passover meal was very much a success, and a meeting with a handful of people this last Sunday, in the food court of a mall, has also led to an outreach we are about to begin involving gardens. There seems to be no end to this path God is showing us. It is full of life and possibilities!

I take it very seriously where our N.T. instructs us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. Therefore, I have made an effort to reach out in fellowship in various ways from the beginning, and it has been happening, and with good results I might add. Something living is slowly developing in a very organic way. I fully expect it to produce living cells that multiply into other living cells, rather than a bigger and bigger building. A building so large that people begin falling through cracks, or hiding in the crowd.

After my studies of the early church, a few scriptures have become particularly precious to me. Before my studies, every time I read these verses I somehow thought I was reading about some kind of an early church Commune, and I couldn’t see any way it could fit today’s reality. But now, somehow, those verses no longer seem to be complicated, but have melted into the simplest of structures, and clearest of instructions for what Church is supposed to be.

Maybe it was the King James Version that made it sound so complicated. I do not know why it did, actually. I read it now and am amazed at the simplicity. And it was not a Commune. It could not have been. The early church did not even have any large buildings for such a thing, and it says they were breaking bread in their homes. Whose homes? Theirs! And once you see this, you begin to realize what you really have is a very simple set of instructions almost in list form!

Of course I’m speaking of Acts 2: 42-47. And you can read it for yourself, but I’m going to put it down in “list form” so you see what I’m referring to. I’m partial to the NLT Version, but most any version basically shows the same thing. Here is the list in the order given. Perhaps even the “order” is a clue to the “priority” of each item?

1.) Devoted to the Apostle’s teachings. (Which for us, is our N.T. Bible, and any early writings that are in harmony with the Apostles. In other words, study your Bible, know what it says, and live accordingly!)

2.) Fellowship! (Number 2 on list! #2 on the list! And also #3 and #7!)

3.) Share meals, including the Lord’s Supper! (Sounds like more fellowship to me. Sounds like a lot more time spent at tables rather than temples!)

4.) Prayer! (Item number 4! Does this sound too hard or complicated to you? If Jesus said his house would be known as a house of prayer, look at the items that have been listed before prayer! Bible and fellowship!)

5.) They shared everything they had. They sold property and possessions to help those in need. (Okay, I admit this is one of the areas that originally scared me away. But we got to look at the whole picture. They are still meeting in homes, and these homes must belong to people in the body of Believers. Also, in chapter 5, Ananias and Sapphira lie to the Apostles, saying they had sold everything and given everything, when in truth they had kept some back. Peter tells them they are not in trouble for keeping some back. It is theirs to do as they wish, but they dropped dead because they lied about it. The more I look at the Book of Acts, I don’t see a Commune, but a people looking out for each other like family, and isn’t that what Jesus told us to do? Have you considered if you belong to a large church, you have a certain responsibility towards all those you are fellowshipping with? Be careful who you fellowship with. Not so to avoid giving, but people not truly saved could take advantage. Be harmless as sheep, and wise as serpents!)

6.) They worshiped together at the temple, before getting kicked out. (After the first few years, the Jews denied them use of their temples.)

7.) Met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals. (Notice this is basically instructed twice! Not only are these things mentioned before prayer, but listed twice! How important is that?)

8.) They did all this in great joy and generosity while praising God and enjoying goodwill of all the people.

9.) And each day >the Lord< added to their >fellowship< those who were being saved. (Jesus himself will add to a group living this way. Sure, I need to live in such a way to shine the love of God, but I can’t save anybody, therefore, I just need to learn to live God’s love and the rest will happen.) (But think closely as to what is God’s love?)

So…I look at this list and I wonder why I thought it was too difficult before, and did not apply to today? Why did I think it had to be some kind of a Commune? Or the selling of every item I owned and a sure path to poverty?

So with new eyes I now turn to the modern church and I ask, are we practicing the family relationship the Apostles instructed? Well… we have “something”. And something is better than nothing. But a lot of people are now realizing the human heart hungers for something more, and only true and meaningful relationships fill that void. Not only relationship to “Our Father” in heaven, but also my family in Christ. Jesus said two things fulfilled all the law. Love upward and love outward!

People like to ask, “What would Jesus do?” But in this case maybe we should be asking, “What DID Jesus do?” Does your church look like what Jesus did? Did he constantly ask for money, or seek a fancy house, or large paycheck? Were his people materialistic, or their affections set on heaven? It seemed to me the materialistic did not last long with our Lord? Ever notice that?

My personal choice has become continuing this path of fellowship I am on, and that might also include a more traditional church setting eventually, but only if they have managed to capture a certain family feel to what they call church, a certain Acts 2: 42-47 way of doing things.

So Acts 2:42-47, some scriptures that use to confuse me, has now become one of my favorite verses and words for guidance. In our next article we will share another set that has become so very important in my walk with Christ, with my new understanding.


Blood on the Door – P2

IMG_20180330_193825761_HDR  For 3 days those blood red rags hung on my door. I’m sure people in the neighborhood saw them as they drove by. I wonder how many didn’t have the slightest idea what that was about, or what they had to do with an egg laying bunny?

I was glad to take those rags down Monday morning as I thought about my risen Savior. Much had been accomplished in those 3 days. Besides the meal, and the Matzah bread, I brought in a white board and did a little teaching with our small group. Questions and conversation were encouraged.

I also used my laptop to put some pictures on the big screen tv as we taught. It was a great time of relaxed teaching. My oldest grandson knew very little of any of this story. He was able to ask “Grandpa” questions, and “Grandma” was able to comment also, even his Great Grandma was there to add comments. (How cool is that!)

Sunday morning as I sat in the quiet of my room picturing in my mind what I would be doing if I were still doing the normal church thing, I made a comparison, and considered the pros and cons of each. It is for sure the presence of the Lord can show up in any gathering of his people. But after due consideration, as for me and my house, I look forward to doing the Passover meal again. And maybe next year, having a little more time to prepare, teach, and invite; maybe next year there will be a few more people in the group to share and fellowship. That would be nice.

I would like to take this moment to say, “I’ve finally seen enough.” If you follow this site you are aware I’ve been in intense study and prayer concerning the early church fathers and how we got to where we are today. It has been a fascinating study in which I was very challenged at times to unravel where the evidence led next, and what did it mean?

I’m finally satisfied. I’ve ferreted out much evidence in which a very plain trail has been revealed. After due examination of that trail, I have been able to make some very well-informed decisions bringing a great deal of peace, joy, freedom, and satisfaction to my soul. This Christian Passover Meal was only one result of the direction my walk with God is now going.

 “Fellowship of the White Path” will continue. It has been excellent, and it has been “fellowship”, and like family. God confirmed to me it must continue when he showed me the next step, and it is a big one. We actually have a plan for outreach in our area! It’s not the usual sort of thing and I’m curious how it will go? I received this idea while in prayer on Monday morning, the day our Lord resurrected, this idea burst into my head.

One goal of my Teepee Retreat is to create a garden area. The Teepee must be situated in an atmosphere promoting the Presence of God, and for maximizing a persons focus on hearing God. But suddenly I saw myself creating what I’m calling “Turtle Gardens” in various places!

The first will be here at our city house. I intend to invite a few others to have a “box” in the garden in which they can grow something they would like, and enjoy the garden. But it doesn’t stop there. I have a few people I’m meeting with this coming Sunday. We’re having a small meeting in a mall food court, of all places. (LOL). I’m going to ask them if they want to have help starting something in their back yard? No matter how simple it is! Maybe even just some tomatoes! But it will be a chance to fellowship and open a door for ministry. A door leading to “discipleship”.

My wife and I are calling these gardens “Turtle Gardens”, because we want to encourage people to “SLOW DOWN”, and “HEAR GOD”. Of which I also have a book soon to come out with that very same message. Wow. God is good. (Do turtles have ears?)

My next article will share much of this new walk I’m on with the Lord, and certain scriptures that were very critical in the conclusions I have come to. The title of that article will be: “I’ve Seen Enough.”

I hope you had an excellent Easter with your loved ones, and I pray for the spiritual growth in God’s church in all the many forms it may take. Let us take serious the things of God. We need a fresh breeze from heaven to blow away the gathering storm clouds. We need a true church and a true example of Jesus in our day. Hhmmm, now I feel led to add one more thing.

People of all kinds are hungering for a new simplicity. The Jews had taken God’s 10 Commands and created a very complicated religion involving a massive amount of laws and formality. When Jesus came He confronted their complex religion. He fought them on a daily basis. Now does it stand to reason He would turn around and create another complex system of religion? Especially after everything He “said” and “did” for our example to learn from? Scriptures say to let us not forget the simplicity of Christ. I look forward to writing more soon. Turtle Gardens are coming! Slow down, and hear God!