Billy Graham / Methuselah?

20170430_151937 This may sound weird, and please allow me to explain what I mean by this, but I have been watching for the passing of Billy Graham for years. It did not surprise me when he lived to be so old, because I “suspect” Reverend Graham may have been a “marker” with God. Has there ever been a more well-known, or stronger preacher of GRACE, than Billy Graham? The GRACE preacher. And what does this mean?

Well…remember how we get a little mystical here…I can only make possible suggestions…you must decide if it has any value, or not. But I see a world racing towards the book of Revelation, just like mankind was in the days of Noah. But God had a marker in that day. His name was Methuselah. He is the oldest living man we have record of, living to be 969! Consider how spiritually interesting those numbers are. Methuselah’s son, Lemech (father of Noah), lived to be 777! Another set of very interesting numbers. And his grandpa, Grandpa Enoch, never died! But was translated 300 years after the birth of his son, Methuselah. More interesting numbers. Then Noah goes into the ark at age 600! (Interesting.) And if you calculate all these numbers you will find that in the same year Methuselah died, the great flood came!

From the date of Methuselah’s birth a clock of judgement began ticking, but God, showing his great mercy and long-suffering for sinful man, extended Methuselah’s life to be the longest of anyone known! And even though Billy Graham lived to be very old against all the odds, and he died at 99, another interesting number, those are not the reasons I have looked at him as a possible marker, although they do add evidence. We have a lot to consider here, and I will try to be as concise and simple as possible.

In Noah’s case, it all started with his great grand daddy Enoch. This guy was the 7th generation from Adam! (Another special number.) And he was so special, it says he walked with God, and pleased God! So much so that “God took him”! He was translated!But before God took him, he had a son named Methuselah, and if you study the name deep enough, you will find meanings of “man”, “mature man”, “extension of”, and “coming judgement”, as in a dart or missile!

I was curious one day and began calculating all the very specific dates (ages) given from Enoch to Noah concerning birth of children and ages of death. It was then I discovered that the flood was unleashed the very year this very long-lived person, Methuselah died! In other words, and I assume no one knew this, but every year Methuselah lived was another year the judgement did NOT come. And in this I saw a tremendous testimony of God’s great mercy and how he does not want to pour out judgement, but eventually the wickedness reaches such a level that there is no other choice.

As you can see, Noah was of a very special linage. It wasn’t just Noah. But how does this relate to Billy Graham? It’s not his great age, or that his number is 99 and Methuselah was 969, or that he fell just short of 100, like Methuselah fell short of 1000. (I had suspected he would not see 100, for this very reason.)

It’s because of what his whole life stood for. God’s GRACE! And if there is to be a judgement, which we know Revelation predicts eventually, and if God would choose to have a “marker”, like he did “in the days of Noah”, then what more likely person than the preacher of GRACE, Billy Graham? What more likely person, in all of the earth, who spoke to so many leaders of the whole earth, was so well respected, was so consistent in his message of God’s love and grace, and whose age and numbers also seem to be “interesting”?

Now I add to this what I see as a civil war going on in the churches, which many do not even seem to be aware of, but a silent and mostly respectable war going on between the “Government Pleasing” churches and the “God Pleasing” churches. (Enoch pleased God?) Hhmmm. (And was raptured?) Hhhhhmmmmmmm.

Enough said on that, but I will add yet one more possibility. Again, only food for spiritual thought. You decide. Our President is known for the “Art of the Deal”, and his abilities in this area. And with the move he made concerning the capitol of Jerusalem, I see it as a move that had to be made if there will ever be the peace treaty there. At such a time as all this, am I saying Trump is the antichrist? NO, I AM NOT. I think before his 4-8 years are over, he could be the beginning of the white horse going forth. Is that the same person as the antichrist? I don’t know, but my theory is, if Billy Graham has been a marker from God, then God just took that marker away. His prayers are no longer rising up from the earth. Whatever the power of his prayers may have been, they are in heaven now, but they are not here.

The Ten Virgins heard a cry and woke from their slumber. They discovered their lamps had gone out! They begin to trim their wicks. I believe a trimming is going on even now. However, only five were actually able to light those wicks! So the five foolish go to the five wise asking for charity, give us of your extra oil, and the five wise say no! A division! A civil war? Hhmmm.

Billy Graham is now face to face with our Lord. I envy him. But he ran his race and completed it. Will we be able to say the same? Perhaps if we are wise, it’s not too late? Let a fire of God light in us before it is too late. The door of the ark closed, the five foolish were left behind, but in every case, the “faithful” made it. Jesus said, “Remember Lot’s wife.” Just three little words. Another special number. SELAH.



Summer in Indiana!

20180220_131237Yes it’s summer in Indiana and 72 degrees! But look at my Teepee! I went to the Retreat today planning on one thing, but finding another.

Shadow felt like this was the more serious problem, and I agreed. You see, I have some low ground between the Teepee and the barn. Rain runs off barn roof and also off the side of Teepee and a flood develops. No one said it was going to be easy to create a garden retreat from scratch, and this is one of the challenges. In no time at all I was ankle deep in water and mud. No, those are not waterproof shoes. Good thing my feet are. (Sort of.)

So I’ve been sitting around for 6 weeks while trying to get that awful flu bug out of my lungs, and praise the Lord, it finally left. Today was good proof of it, but I was in no shape for this kind of exertion. I don’t know if you ever shoveled mud before, but every shovel load weighed a ton, and wanted to stick to the shovel! I could only fill the wheelbarrel about half, or it was too heavy to drag through all the slop! And I do mean drag, because there was no way of pushing it. The front wheel kept sinking in! An hour later I discovered the front wheel was actually flat! It looked fine without a load, but once loaded, the wheel was flat! (It did push easier after air was pumped in, but I still had to drag it.

So I fought with this mess for two hours and loved every minute. It felt so good to be getting in shape in nature again. Good outdoor work. But this is only a beginning. After two hours I was totally spent. I was hauling the mud I was digging, through all the water, so I could begin building up the low ground. I had to start at the farthest point, of course. It had to go clear up in the south end and against the barn. Dragging that wheelbarrel and slipping and sliding all the way, and with flat tire. I was a mess.

So I vastly improved the situation, but it’s only a start. Much more digging of trench to be done, possibly a dry well could be in the plans, and much more building up the ground between the barn and Teepee. But when I finally gave it up, it looked like this. >


All in a days work. So after weeks of bitter cold, winter, and a flu bug, we finally got to work on Tumble Pigeon Retreat for a day. Grandpa White Feather was a happy man. Tomorrow gets nasty again, including more rain. I’ll most likely be too sore to move anyways, so might as well dive back into studies! God is good! Now where’s that bottle of max strength aspirin? I know I put it somewhere.

“Refining our def. of Christian Mystic”

20171109_131414 I have found it of necessity to speak more of our definition of Christian Mystic, which is stated in our previous article. In my study of the early church fathers, my mind has been strongly challenged and impressed by their willingness to be martyred. I think I’m only beginning to truly see what is the “Passion of Christ” so  often spoken of.

The “Passion of Christ”, as I understand it, specifically speaks of his suffering leading up to the cross, the acceptance of that cross, the suffering on the cross, and his death. The way I understand it, it is all about that day leading to, and ending in the cross. How he did not defend himself, the beatings he suffered, and the suffering on that cross even unto death. It’s all about complete obedience to the Father, a will that has been completely surrendered, even unto embracing your cross. It’s about “THE LOVE OF GOD FOR US”, in that he was willing to suffer that much in order to rescue his Bride from a fate worse than death. Is there a love in us so strong to enable us to such feats when called for?

The early church fathers saw that such a surrender was the ultimate proof and life style of a fully formed, fully Holy Spirit filled, follower of Christ. But how do you get to such a tremendous degree of surrender and ONENESS with the Father? Well… I think they knew it had to be the supernatural working of God in us, through his grace, growing us, whether quickly, or slowly, to such a divine place. So what does this mean?

It means these church fathers spent much time diligently seeking this inner work that only God could do! How many of us can really say we have embraced the Passion of Christ for ourself? You see, it reveals itself in little ways first. Self denial for the benefit of another, or for seeking a deeper relationship with God, preferring your brother before yourself, the embracing of our personal cross, identifying ourself with the Passion of our Lord, comes in many forms and fashions before we are ever ready to be literally nailed to a cross. As a matter-of-fact, our ultimate goal should be to reach such a place with our Lord spiritually, even though we hope we would never have to be literally nailed like our Lord. Let me say, our early church fathers had that same Passion of Christ! (And they proved it.)

That same richness of Spirit enabled Jesus to live such a cross-life every day, his whole life! And I believe if you’re already trying to think of ways to have that same mindset yourself, by hard discipline, you’re already on the wrong track! All we can do is pray for it. All we can do is admit it is right and desire it. But it will take God mortifying our flesh BY THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT, even as Romans 8:13 says.

So in simple terms, even though I think our longer definition is very useful in helping us to understand, but in really simple terms, I think the Christian Mystic is one who is seeking for Romans 12:1-2 to be actually fulfilled in their daily living. If you study those two verses closely, you will see it is all about becoming this living sacrifice. A life that embraces the Passion of Christ every minute of every day, a form of praying without ceasing. This is a work only God can do in us, BUT WE CAN SEEK IT! This is the Christian Mystic I want to be, and the definition thereof, and the goal every follower of Christ should have. This is meant to be NORMAL CHRISTIANITY! How does Romans say it? THIS IS YOUR REASONABLE SERVICE? (Lord help us see and agree with our whole heart, soul, strength, and mind.) But this is a mystical work only God can do.

So I’ve written all this to say, if you want my definition of Christian Mystic in its most simple form, combine a Seeker of God’s Mysteries, with Romans 12:1-2, and you have it. Or, just study intently, closely, veraciously, whole heartedly, and honestly Romans 12:1-2. (LOL)

And then always sincerely seek and pray to our Father, in Jesus name, for such a fire to be birthed in you. It is God’s fire! No strange fire! (Which brought death upon priest in the O.T.. Big NO-NO!) (Lev. 10:1-2)!


“Christian Mystic & Church History” P-6

20171202_173614 Grandpa White Feather here, and today I’d like to offer up my own definition of a Christian Mystic. Now granted, I don’t have any real authority to do so, and no one needs to agree with my definition. Everyone can totally ignore it if they like, but for my own comfort level, I feel led to do this. As we study the Mystics, there will be some we agree with more than others, and the kind of C.M. I want to be may draw different lines than they, but I believe still qualifies.

Lets start with this point. My definition is based on the Christian Mystic’s desire to understand the “Mysteries of God”. Now I agree we will never solve all the spiritual mysteries God has set before us, but the C.M. I desire to be, loves to dive deep into God seeking such answers as may be found. Consider this scripture from Proverbs, in both the King James and NLT.

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.” (Prov. 25:2)

“It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them.” (NLT)

This is a “king” in God’s eyes, someone interested in heavenly things enough to dig deep and search out. This person is rich in heavenly possessions. The world may not see them as a king, but God looks at this child and says, “King!” Has not God said, he who shall be least, shall be the greatest?

And why would God hide things, making it difficult for us to find? Doesn’t he want us to be as successful in his Spirit as possible? You’re probably already saying the answer. Lets see if we’re tracking the same? My scripture answer would be…

“But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that DILIGENTLY seek him.” (Heb. 11:6)

So, my definition of Christian Mystic has a lot to do with a person who is a seeker of the mysteries of God, to know God in a deep and intimate way, like a Mary and not a Martha.

Here is what I currently have, and I may change and refine as our studies go along:

A Christian Mystic is someone who loves God enough to pursue God into His deeper mysteries. He is fascinated with all things God! Including those things God has hidden for the DILIGENT to seek and find. This love of God in them (he, she), must be such as to not only drive the Mystic into separated times with God, but also drives them to love his fellow man, so that God’s fruit bears witness in his good works towards mankind. (Much like a Dorothy Day, as one example.) All spiritual disciplines are known, and may be used by a C.M., such things as prayer, fasting, holiness, separation, sacrifices to benefit others, moderation in all things, seeker of peace, love, and unity, and so forth, as revealed in God’s Word, which the C.M. searches diligently.

Okay, we have our starting point here, and I want to close out today by adding these scriptures: (In the Amplified version.)

(Psalms 78:1-3) “Give ear, oh my people, to my teaching; incline your ears to the words of my mouth. I will open my mouth in a parable — in instruction by (numerous) examples; I WILL UTTER DARK SAYINGS OF OLD (that hide important truth), which we have heard and known, and our fathers have told us.”

Also: Matt 13:34-35 > “These things all taken together Jesus said to the crowds in parables; indeed without a parable he said nothing to them. This was in fulfillment of what was spoken by the prophet: I will open My mouth in parables; I WILL UTTER THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN HIDDEN SINCE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD.”

We will continue to study Christian Mystics and Church History. My next article will likely be about 3 main early church fathers: Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, and Polycarp of Smyrna. All three had direct contact with the Apostles. All three became Bishops of the early church and offer light upon what the church is meant to be. Since Origen was our first Mystic, I don’t want to leave his time period without also showing what was going on with early church fathers who may not be called “Mystics”, but certainly had great power and influence with God!

Hope you enjoyed this latest article. Until the next time, Grandpa White Feather and the “Fellowship of the White Path”.


“Christian Mystic & Church History” P-5

20171021_171413 And so the plot thickens and the mystery continues. As I have been self-educating on this subject of Church History, a couple of questions have caught my curiosity, and this also pertains to Christian Mystics. As I have said, as I studied the Mystics I saw a need for knowledge of the history. It all ties together.

Question #1.) Why have none of my Protestant churches educated me on early church history, especially those first 200 years when transition from the Apostles, who actually walked with Christ, was changing to those who had only walked with the Apostles, and then to those who had not even had that privilege. In my humble opinion, this would be an extremely important time period of the evolution of the church. After all, if these early church fathers changed things from what Christ had started, then why? And would Christ have been in agreement with such a change? And how does the church of that first 200 years compare to what I experience today? (Hhmmm.)

And if this is as important as I think it is, then why haven’t I been taught of it? Are they trying to hide something? I’m not saying our preachers never mention the early church and give an impression of teaching the subject, but in my experience, very little details have ever been given. Is it a subject only for Bible College? I think not. It’s too important! It’s foundational! It reveals if we have been faithful to the early church fathers, OR NOT.

Question #2.) The main church history book I was using, was written by a Catholic Priest, but it was supposed to cover from Pentecost to the year 2000. Well, it sort of did, and it sort of did not. As I searched other sources I began to notice 3 names not mentioned in my book. Upon further examination, I discover these 3 Bishops were of “major” importance during those first 200 years! Why would such important Bishops fail to be mentioned by this Catholic Priest? Was not the church one church at that time? Would they not be a part of the history leading to the Roman Catholic Church? How do you miss speaking of : Bishop Clement of Rome, Bishop Ignatius of Antioch, and Bishop Polycarp of Smyrna? Three major players! Again, is someone trying to hide something? A personal agenda? A personal bias?

Well, I don’t know yet, but I have bought more books and am studying like crazy. One book is aprox 1,350 pages long! Thank God for Amazon! But we need to look at our first Mystic! Believe me, more will be said on these other guys when I have a little better handle on this. Little by little it is coming. I’m like a spiritual hound dog on a hot trail! I’m a Retriever trying to “bring back” (fetch) something hidden in time, but not lost!

Our first Mystic I have chosen is a man known as, “Origen”. He lived aprox A.D. 185-254, and he is an amazing story. But I want to give you a juicy part first, so you will want to know him. In Origen, I see the heart of a Christian Mystic. We ask our self, “Just what makes a Christian Mystic?” I’m looking for the “simple” answer to that, and I think, without knowing it, Origen may have expressed it when he was explaining the 3 different levels of meaning to scripture.

Origen was the first Christian translator of the Old Testament Book: “Song of Song” (Solomon). He used it to explain these three different levels of meaning to any given scripture. He explained, on the first level the Song of Songs is simply a wedding poem showing the intimate love between a rustic bride and a royal bridegroom. On the second level it represents Christ’s love for his church. On the third, mystical, level it expresses the deep yearning of the soul to be made one with the divine Word. (WOW!)

My simple understanding of a C.M. is someone who is totally in love with Christ, the church, and his Word! Origen’s example of level 3 is such an expression of such a person. The Mystic is a Mary, not a Martha. But most Mystics also believed their private contemplations in solitude should also lead to godly actions in public. Most Mystics were not hermits hiding in a cave somewhere. They may have had their cave moments, and trips into the desert, but those deep places with God were meant to also bear fruit in the physical world of hurting mankind.

Mystics have a deep love for all things Spirit, and as such they often lived ascetic lives which simply means “self-denial for spiritual reasons”. Fasting would be an example of such. Putting a brother before yourself. Keeping things simple, to be non-materialistic. (Of course, there are different levels of such things.) One might think of our Lord’s words when he said, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me. If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.” (Luke 9:23-24 NLT)

Asceticism is sometimes referred to as spiritual training, or to be a spiritual athlete. Christian Mystics pursued such paths, but again, the training was supposed to also bear fruit that would bring glory to God, hence, not just a hermit sitting in a cave. I believe the goal was to be more like Christ.

How far down this road a person must go to be considered a Christian Mystic would be hard to define. I’m sure in most of our lives it is a growing process. Most of us do not leave everything behind, become a monk and run for that mark, but if we are a C.M. in our heart, we can still get there, even with all the responsibilities of family and work. We can still fall so in love with our Lord, that everything we do, even washing the dishes becomes an act of worship to God. There is so much to say here, but I must control myself, so here are some quick facts on Origen, and if you want to know more, it can be found.

He was born to Christian parents in Alexandria, Egypt. His father was beheaded during the persecution under Roman Emperor Lucius Severus (193-211), when Origen was about twelve. The beginnings of Christian Mysticism began second century, in North Africa, of which Alexandria was a city of, and part of the thriving culture of Rome. An important Catechetical  school was developed there, and Origen became a student of Clement of Alexandria. It should be noted this teacher was also influenced by Greek philosophy; Platonist in orientation. What effect that had on scripture, I’m not sure, but Origen eventually became the head of the school.

Origen became a great teacher, wrote a lot of stuff, and was sometimes described as a “Master Mystic”. He learned Hebrew and became a translator of Hebrew scripture, such as Song of Songs. He also traveled about preaching and teaching. He had a great influence on church doctrine in his day. About 250 A.D., he was imprisoned and tortured. He survived and was released in 251, but was so weakened physically that he died shortly thereafter, in 254. There is much more to his story and material he wrote to be read if you so desire to research.

I don’t know how many Christian Mystics we will look at, or which ones, but Origen has been our first, and don’t forget his teaching concerning that third level: The deep yearning of the soul to be made one with the divine Word. May we all aspire to such things.


Until the next time…



“Path Without End”


Grandpa White Feather here, and I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks to a young lady in the UK for nominating me for this award. The opportunity to reach out to others is a precious gift. You can visit her site at Walking With The Way . Thank you, “Walking With The Way”. Sincerely, Grandpa White Feather.

Liebster Award: The Liebster Award is an award for new bloggers and those with few or small followers. It’s a way of giving new bloggers some recognition and encouragement for the hard work.


1.) Create a new blog post on your blog thanking the person that nominated you, link to their blog and put in a graphic of the award.

2.) Answer the questions provided and share some facts about yourself.

3.) Nominate others and share your blog post with them so that they can accept their award.

Some random facts about me:

1.) After 61 years in various church denominations, I finally left what I call the “modern church” and built a huge Teepee. (LOL. I realize how strange that sounds.)

2.) What I thought was going to be a way for grandpa to connect with his 7 grandchildren, all boys, has also become a place of potential ministry, where I connect with others who may share my same desire to hear God better.

3.) I decided the journey of this story might be of interest to others. I know how much work goes into a blog site, but felt strongly led to make that commitment.

4.) Besides being ordained at end of year 2000, after many years of youth ministry, also assistant to various Pastors, I actually made my living as a truck driver. I was never the paid staff of a ministry. I only went over the road for a short time, and then I drove a route.

5.) I met my wife when I was 18, I was 21 when we married, she was 18. We had 4 boys, and a baby girl was #5. We named her Destiny. Now we have 7 grand kids, all boys, so far. My wife and I are still very much in love.

“Walking With The Way” questions for me:

1.) How has the Lord blessed you so far in 2018? The freedom to pursue the answers to my frustration. At the same time I left my last church, I was coming up on early retirement. I decided to take it so I could fully pursue my heart. I will likely take on some part time work soon, but for now I have been in crash course study of early church fathers. It’s been eye-opening! And I have loved it.

2.) What five things are you grateful to God for? First of all, my Lord and Savior. Where would I be with out Him? Lost. #2> My wife who gave me such a great family, the family itself, all of our kids. #3> A love for reading and study of God’s Word. #4> A love for writing, of which I have a book I hope to publish this year. (An Allegory.) #5> The Teepee! Thanks to my mom and dad’s small farm, I had a place to begin building this spiritual retreat.

3.) What are your favorite Christian songs? I usually use music to set a mood. For that I like John Michael Talbot. Songs like: “Only in God”, “Come Worship the Lord”, “One Bread, One Body”, “On Eagles Wings”. My next mood is harder to find, because “The Man in Black” (Johnny Cash) didn’t make a lot of religious type music, but when he did, they hit me in a way like only he could. “The Man Comes Around”, “Goin’ By The Book”, “The Wanderer”. He had a few like those. Next? I like the soundtrack to the Disney movie: “Holes”. (Odd, I know.) Getting more country rather than Christian, Katrina Elam: “Dream Big”, “Love Is”. (I absolutely love the movie: “The Gift” (Pure Country 2). And one more, John Denver: “Wind Song”, “Country Roads”, “Sunshine on my Shoulders”. I don’t listen to music a lot, but when I do, especially at the Teepee, it’s stuff like this.

4.) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? I’m not big on going out of country because when there is so much “in country” I have not seen, why go to all the expense and hassle? Hawaii would be nice. I hear there is a trail there I would likely love. But I also love the Black Hills territory, in South Dakota. Been there twice. I love mountains first, oceans second. (I’ve been to NYC 3 times, but my reasons were more educational than desire. God spoke to me about the Towers. It’s a story in itself.) More time in the surrounding areas of the Black Hills would be my choice.

5.) Are there any languages you would like to learn? Nope. At my age, and no real desire to leave country, a new language is pretty low on my list.

6.) What is your main goal/s for God in 2018? To get “Tumble Pigeon Retreat” up and running, as a place offering something a little different in God. To be able to hear God’s voice speak to you in the wind. Not just to hear the wind, but hear his voice in it. And #2> I actually have 3 books I hope to publish. The first is called “Flapless”, an allegory about a raven who cannot flap his wings. #3> Connect more with my grand kids. These would be my top 3.

This part was very hard for me. As I understand this award is for fairly new bloggers. I hope to increase my blogger contacts with time, but for now>  My nominees for the Liebster Award is:

Live Your Dreams

Daryl Madden



“Christian Mystic & Church History” P-4

20170430_144931 Now that we have somewhat of a picture of Church History in our knowledge, per P-3, we see that for the first 200 years our early church fathers focused on “Tables in Homes” and not “Temples of Stone”. But then, with much influence from a very carnal Roman Emperor, the church began its first tentative steps back towards Temples; and mans’ heart began turning back towards cold stone, until they eventually became so hard that even torture, theft, bribery, and burning someone at the stake was done by the church in Jesus name. It strains our brain to understand how such a thing could happen. These were very dark days, indeed.

Once upon a time, the true child of God, “the church”, lived in fear of the Roman government. Who could ever have imagined the day would come when the church itself would be the worst enemy of God’s people? Like they say, fact is stranger than fiction. What a story to be told. Who needs to make up fiction when reality is so mind-boggling?

Our Bible speaks of evil spirits, dark forces we do not see with our eyes. Is it so hard to believe, when you look at such a dark and twisted path, and try to understand in a purely logical way how such things happen? Surely, there is more at work in the earth than anything purely logical. But whatever happens in the kingdom of man, the heart of a Christian Mystic is already living in God’s Kingdom. NOW…not future.

It’s Sunday morning and I’m feeling a little mystical myself, just sitting here pondering things of God while I sip the coffee. We spoke of Abraham living in the Promised Land even before he could prove his ownership of it, for indeed, how could he ever prove such ownership? All he had was a promise from God, a word from God, like Peter heard the word “Come”, and he walked on water.

Abraham, the father of our faith, was enjoying God’s promised future in his NOW. This is faith. This is also the Christian potential. We speak of the “human potential”, but what of the “Christian potential”? (For it exceeds that which is merely human.) This is faith. This is an internal condition we can possess no matter what the external kingdom of man may be trying to do. I observe the kingdom of man from my inner peace of the Kingdom of God. I help the kingdom of man from my inner love flowing from the throne of God.

When I speak of faith I picture a state of mind and spirit that is always in forward motion. This is why I usually speak of faith as F.F.M. (Faith Forward Motion). Even when it is all I can do to simply “stand”, that is still forward motion if I’m standing in faith. So we must understand, that even though faith is a perfect state of REST, the paradox of God enters in and we discover the REST also produces action, a forward flow. God is always advancing, never retreating.

As long as there is even just one forward step to make, that God has revealed to me, even if it is to simply pray, then I have my next step of faith, my forward motion, and God will likely reveal more, once I take that step. But I must not touch God’s work!

This is where we get in so much trouble and end up burned out and defeated. The mind of faith, the mind of Christ, the mind of perfect REST and PEACE, does not try to do what only God can do! We must be an Abraham who says, “Sarah, either you’re going to have a baby, or there will be no baby. Unless God does his part then it will not be done, and I’m not going to worry about it.” (Oh if only Abraham had known this. But like most of us, he learned it the hard way.)

Peter is the one I like to use for this illustration of faith. Whether he realized it or not, his walking on water started with a prayer. He sees Jesus coming to them on the water, and he says to the Lord, Lord, if it be you, bid me come to you on the water! Yikes! Peter is speaking to God, and he asked for something! He prayed to God! And God answered his prayer when he simply said, “COME”.

Now here’s the deal. There is a very bad storm going on and rough waves on the ocean, not to mention the fact that water will not hold the weight of a man without special devices. Does Peter think to himself, “Okay, lets see, I need to stop this storm first, then calm the waves, and finally, solidify the water, increase its density. Then I will be able to do this.” You may laugh, but how often is it, that we think and act in this very way?

Peter really only has one step of forward motion he can do, and must do, if he is to enter this miracle of God. He can begin climbing out of the boat. For him, the storm should not even be a factor. It’s a non-issue. That’s God’s challenge, not mine. The waves are not a factor. Can Peter do anything about even one of those waves? Nope, only God. Not Peter’s problem. The wind…not Peter’s problem. Either God is going to make this happen or in a few seconds I’m going to be more wet than I already am. That simple.

So…Peter prayed…God answered…”COME”…what’s next step? Pray again? Maybe…but eventually, either Peter starts climbing out of the boat, or not; if no forward motion, everything stops with Peter’s lack of forward motion. The storm must be ignored… the waves and wind ignored…the science of water ignored. Peter can’t do a single solitary thing about any of these things. It is all he can do to start climbing out of the boat, and one more thing…

Keep his eyes on the Lord.

One very feeble little act at a time, and Peter goes down in history as a man who walked on water, and also discovered that the power to do that was keeping his eyes on the Lord. We are all meant to learn from what Peter showed us that day. Now “my” COME, may not be to walk on water. But what is the “COME” God speaks to you in the quiet of your soul? Have you climbed out of the safety of the boat yet? Have you reasoned in your own mind that the storm must stop first? Are your eyes on Jesus, or the storm?

Be sure to listen closely to what God hath said. If Jesus said, “Wait Peter, I will calm the storm first, then come.” If that had been his instructions, then do exactly that. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, you must become the mature sheep who hears the leading of his shepherd. This is mystical. There is mystery here. This is of the spirit and not the flesh. This is the way of God’s Kingdom, not man’s.

It’s Sunday morning and my coffee has been good. Grandpa White Feather has a grandchild with him today and we have seeds to sow in his soul. Words, stories, truth, faith, love, fellowship, a Table, a temple building in his heart. Praise the Lord. Perhaps someday my young grandson will even read this article, and understand.