Are you “STRONG” in the Lord?


Welcome to “Fellowship of the White Path”, path without end, and I mean that literally, because I am going to start sharing what we are teaching in our group meetings. Small though we be, like the wren in my story of Flapless, we think big, we think outside the box, and God has laid it on my heart to make the teachings of our meetings available for anyone who is teachable and has a heart to learn. We all like to think we are strong in the Lord, but are we?

My last two articles were about a spiritual surrender to God’s Holy Wind. To live like the sailboat, not the motorboat; and the eagle, not the sparrow. But in our Fellowship we are about to look at what it means to be “Strong in the Lord”. And true to what I previously wrote, as I was in morning prayers my Lord impressed with a Wind current saying, “Make the teachings of the Fellowship available to whosoever will.” (I knew God meant the blogsite, because our group meetings already are available to whosoever will.)

When it comes to the Fellowship, God told me not to worry about the numbers. You might remember David got in serious trouble with God when he numbered the people. God says “He” adds to the Church those who should be saved. He tells us we can sow and water, but the “increase” is His responsibility. What He “IS” concerned about, that thing that “IS” our responsibility, is how we are growing His spiritual children. What is our discipleship? What are we teaching? What kind of pastures are we leading the sheep to for grazing in? What kind of warriors are we growing? This “IS” our responsibility >

“Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the Apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors, and teachers. Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ.” (Eph. 4:11-12)

 These verses are immediately followed by scriptures explaining about “unity” and no longer being like “immature children”. Clearly the “building up” that is spoken of has to do with “spiritual growth and discipleship”, rather than a concern for “numbers”. God says we have this responsibility of how we raise the children.

So…I surrender to the Wind, and I have no concern about numbers, but I am very concerned about where I lead people to graze! And the thing that breaks my heart everywhere I turn, the need I see that is so great, is an understanding of our PRIESTHOOD! Our spiritual armor is directly connected to our priesthood. Are we strong in the Lord?!

The reason we are so prone to the “7 Deadly Sins”, ( and yes, we are officially back into that topic), is because the king has no clothes! We CANNOT take God’s Armor of Light for granted and expect to be strong in the Lord. You simply are not! I want to look at that armor as it relates to our priesthood in Christ. Jesus said the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. If their is no armor covering your flesh, because you have not developed such disciplines, then you are weak! But you can be strong, if your teachable.


I find myself emphasizing that question so much in this modern day. Are you teachable? What is God’s wilderness and what is his Promised Land of faith and Spirit? Most of that first generation died in the wilderness. The old man had to die! The old man understands little of God’s true Promised Land.

The book of Ephesians will be our main focus. I will be taking our “Fellowship of the White Path” through this very article I am writing. You will be reading the same material I will share with them. I like the above picture of spiritual armor, but I actually picture our armor as something more like this next picture.

download (6)

Of course this is the Marvel character of Ironman. This character is fiction, but our Armor of Light is not. If God has made something even greater than the imagination that spawned Ironman, if he has made such armor available to us, and indeed, encased us within it, then what is the proper care and maintenance thereof? How do we keep this armor fully charged? For scriptures make it plain that we can be drained. Just ask the five foolish virgins.

Also consider this, Satan sees the invisible. We do not. You may not see yourself walking around encased in a sacred armor, but Satan does. He also sees those who are walking around naked, or near to naked. While we look not at that which is seen! Always consider what Satan sees more than what your flesh and blood eyes perceive.

This is where I’m taking our little flock of Fellowship of the White Path to graze. Our focus Bible book will be Ephesians. Our focus questions will be: 1.) How do I stay strong in the Lord? 2.) Am I teachable? 3.) What charges this armor and keeps it at full power? 4.) What is this Priesthood thing I’ve been born into by the blood of Christ?

I have never been a part of role play games such as Dungeons and Dragons, and whatever else is out there, including the many video games. I know little of these things, except they can be poisonous and consume much time. But I have learned some games have the “Priest” character, and as such they have certain powers. How many of us have neglected the powers of our Priesthood in out pursuit of an earthly kingdom, a false theology of kingship? Is that all you know in Christ? Has that been your focus? Priesthood is more powerful than any false teaching of kingship. How well do you know the powers of Priesthood? God’s favor about us as a shield, as Armor!

Well… that’s where Grandpa White Feather is leading his little flock. God has promised our needs will be met. That is what God hath said. He has also said there are many mansions “in heaven”. I’m not in heaven yet, and neither is my flock. Paul accused one group of people that they had begun to reign without him! I’ll stay with Paul, thank you, because he stayed with Jesus. This is where Fellowship of the White Path is going, and you can go with us if you like, right here at “Path Without End”. I don’t know how many of you God is speaking to, to follow? That does not matter to me. Not my responsibility in a time when people seek someone to itch their ear. But where we are going. That’s what concerns me. That’s where God will hold me accountable. Not for numbers, but for what this teacher teaches.

John the Baptist was a voice crying in the wilderness, ushering in the coming of Christ. History is repeating.

maxresdefault (4)

We’re talking about the Wind.

20180606_124330  In the story of “Flapless” there is a relationship that develops between a raven and a wren. Now a wren is a very small bird, but this wren’s name is “GOLIATH”, because he “THINKS BIG”.

Can you imagine a little wren with the name Goliath? He got that name because he had a habit of thinking outside the normal box. His ideas were considered BIG, and someone named him Goliath because of his thoughts, not his physical size. (And let me say, the Bible is thinking outside the normal box. If your mind has truly been renewed to have the mind of Christ, then the world will consider your thinking abnormal.)


So Goliath eventually asks the question, “If the Wind is ‘All-Knowing’, then why do I fight the Wind?” He then explains to Flapless, who cannot fly, how he uses his wings to fly faster, or contrary to the Wind in some way. Rather than simply being happy to ride the Wind, he uses his wings to add something that would not be there if he simply rode the Wind. Goliath begins to question the wisdom of that, and what it would mean if he simply rode the Wind?

Ever feel like this?


“They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with the wings of the eagle, they shall run and not grow weary, walk and not faint.” (Does the above picture look like someone who is waiting upon the Lord? Unfortunately, I know people who look just like that and claim they live Isaiah 40:31) 

God’s Word is supernatural and He offers us a way of living based on love, joy, and peace; not run, race, and take anxiety pills. Our problem is, we refuse to learn. We refuse to change. We refuse to trust Him completely. Surrender to His will. So far, we have proven ourself to be unteachable. But where do we learn such things as these?

Well… believe it or not, your Bible really does teach all this, but also God has called His teachers to inspire students. If you know no other teacher saying these things, then you have found one here, but are you teachable?

Again, in the movie, “The Shack”, the person playing the part of Jesus asked the question, “Am I like those who claim to be Christians?” The obvious answer was NO. And as I study the life of Jesus as revealed in the Gospels, I do not see someone who ever gets in a rush, or stressed, or worried about money, or what people think about him. I never see Jesus looking like the above picture. Not when his friend Lazarus was dying, nor when Jesus himself was about to die. Sure, he struggled for a short time at what he was facing, but he went to prayer, and he restored his peace. There is some flapping required to mount up, but the flapping most people are doing is not to mount up in their spirit man, and does not lead to walking in the Spirit.

I am convinced Jesus is not the least bit concerned about the “number” of his followers, and he has not put that responsibility on us either. What he is concerned about is the spiritual growth in his followers. The Great Commission still says to make “Disciples” of all nations. The Bible still says “the Lord” added to the Church those who should be saved. (Not man.) Paul still wrote that we can water and sow, “but God” gives the increase. Many times Jesus said very hard things, revealing he was more concerned about spiritual growth, than the number of those who followed. He was about “Disciples”, not followers, or a fan club. Now who are those who wait upon the Lord? Those who mount up with the wings of the eagle to ride, to soar upon the Wind.

image1Everyday I find I have to do some flapping in order to “mount up”. But once I am charged in the Holy Spirit, now I am tuned in to soar. Every day I practice the 3 P’s of my Priesthood > “Praise, Prayer, and Promises”. The two wings and the tail feathers of the eagle. This is the practice of my Priesthood in Christ, and this is wisdom.

God is concerned about how the church is raising His spiritual children. What do we consider creating Disciples? God will hold us accountable more for the spiritual growth of His body rather than the numerical growth. Today a church can appear to be very successful based on numbers, but again, what did Jesus do? And what hath God said?

Are we afraid to go back to the early church fathers and learn from them? How far have we drifted from those things Polycarp fought for as a Disciple of the Apostle John? Have we studied how he fought against the coming Catholic influence, of which after he was gone, the Catholic church took over? Is all you know is that we Protestants eventually rebelled and came out of the harlot Roman church? But did we really go back to Polycarp and everything Jesus showed us, or are we still contaminated with many worldly ways? Why are we avoiding such knowledge? To remain intentionally ignorant is not innocence. 

ARE WE TEACHABLE? It does require some effort on your part. I have tried to make it as easy as possible in this blog site, by simply going back to the beginning and reading the journey. There are voices in the wilderness calling to those who are true disciples, teachable, a strong desire to learn, change, grow. It’s not about numbers. Jesus said narrow is the gate to life, and “few” there be who find it. “Few” is a “relative” term. Based on the number of all who have been born, those “few” are still a lot of people. BUT…are we one of those few? Have we proven ourself teachable? Have our actions shown we care enough to study diligently, as God hath said?

Again, we are talking about the Wind here at Path Without End.



The Wind

20180606_124255Jesus said to Nicodemus, “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whether it goeth: SO IS EVERYONE THAT IS BORN OF THE SPIRIT.” (John 3:8)

This was the first scripture that caught my attention and began to paint a picture in my mind of what it meant to WALK IN THE SPIRIT. I began seeing such a freedom, such a liberty, because where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, not a box prison, not cookie cutter conformity, not bondage and drudgery, but to be like the wind. When I picture the wind I think of a bird or a sailboat.

I began imagining a sailboat on the seven seas of life. The Captain of this sailboat has intentionally cut the “man-made” motor loose and dropped it to the ocean floor. Then he grabbed the oars and said, “No more row row row your boat stressfully down the stream!” (And he threw them overboard too.) Now he is dependent upon an unseen power, invisible, not man made; the eternal wind! He waits upon the wind. 

This is how I see walking with Jesus. Jesus says, Walk with me. God says, Learn my ways. The Holy Spirit says, I will teach you.

The above picture shows some of the progress I have made on the Teepee. I now have a tarp at the top in which it can be raised like the sail of a boat by ropes I have strung over limbs in the tall tree above it. I can also lower the tarp and close off the top. Yesterday the wind was blowing in such a way that I used the ropes to pull the tarp completely away from the opening. IT ALL DEPENDS ON HOW THE WIND IS BLOWING.

For the true child of God, everything should depend on how the wind is blowing. I check the wind in my spirit everyday. I set my sails to that wind, not some worldly wind, but a fresh breeze from heaven. Is your life like this? Do you know the ways of the eagle, they that wait upon the Lord? My story, “Flapless”, teaches of these things.

20180606_180924 You might notice windows are going into the Teepee also, and air vents at the bottom. We are letting in wind and light. The winter was a learning experience. I closed the Teepee up and all the winter moisture caused a dank, mildew, depressing situation. But wind, light, and smoke is changing all that. Yesterday I got a good fire going and threw wet limbs and leaves on it. I smoked that Teepee good! Bugs beware! Wind and light lives here! It’s so easy to drive the bugs out of my Teepee. I love it.

Once again the atmosphere in the Teepee is coming alive with the Presence of God. I was there several hours as I spent time with God for the Fellowship that night.


We are talking about how God is like the wind. And as his disciples, as Jesus said he was going away so another could come, if we are properly spiritually growing we should be “Disciples of the Wind”. Jesus said, I’m going away! Another is coming! One who is like the wind! We move in the Holy Spirit.

Jesus words to Nicodemus are not the only hints we have concerning this wind-driven Spirit life. After his baptism Jesus was immediately “driven” by the Spirit into the wilderness for his 40 days of temptation. (After the Holy Spirit appeared in the form of a bird! The dove,)

“And immediately the Spirit driveth him into the wilderness.” (Luke 1:12) (Are we wind-driven like a sailboat? Do we realize the potential of such a life? Does this kind of talk seem strange to you? It should not.)

We also consider the birth of the Church on the day of Pentecost, when in that upper room it says there was the sound of a rushing mighty wind! This happened as the Holy Spirit invaded that place. God’s people became wind-driven at that very moment!

A close study of Genesis 3:8 reveals God had a habit of showing up in the garden to fellowship with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day when the “evening breezes” were blowing. Just a coincidence?

When God created Adam, he “breathed” into his lifeless body the breath of life and he became a living soul, brought alive by the breath of God, a blown wind.

In Ezekiel 37 the prophet is told by God to prophecy to a valley of dead bones. He begins to do so and the bones began becoming flesh and blood bodies again, but there was no life! So the prophet is told to prophecy to the four winds in verse 9, the winds began to blow and life came into them! A mighty army rose up brought to life by prophecy and a holy wind!

The eagle is a tremendous picture of what the Christian is “supposed” to be, living in the high places and “soaring”, not flapping, upon the Wind! Does this describe your life? A supernatural walk with God? The joy and freedom of Spirit life? Living in the high places of God?

I only learned recently, a close study of the “spiritual gifts” will lead you to original language calling them “wind-driven spirituals”. What an interesting description. Is our life a wind-driven spiritual? Wow.

This walk, this way of life, is all tied up IN and revealed IN your “Priesthood” IN Christ. In this time, in this earth, it’s all about being the Priest, not the king. I am so anxious to get back to our spiritual armor and the seven deadly sins, but this all ties together. As we reveal problems in our life we must also reveal answers.

Your spiritual armor is charged through the practice of your priestly ways! Jesus said the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Watch and pray! That was his answer! You cannot live like a sparrow and expect the power of an eagle! You cannot live like a motorboat and expect the wind in your sails! And if you prefer the life of a sparrow or motorboat, what does that say about you? Are you teachable? The first generation out of Egypt died in the wilderness, all but two! They were not teachable.

I’ve heard too many messages preached in which I was told everything I should not do, but was not given the answer as how to overcome. God never points out our shortcomings without also giving the way of overcoming. We serve the God who has all the answers. There is no dilemma he does not have the answer for, and usually that answer will be tied to MORE of the Holy Spirit, the Wind, in our life! Are we soaring or flapping? Row row row your boat.

After waiting on the Lord in my Teepee yesterday, that night our Fellowship had prayer and then had pizza and a movie: “The Shack”. That movie is such a strong message about inner pain, judgement, forgiveness, and trusting God. I love their representation of the Holy Spirit, the Wind. The garden message in the movie is my favorite, even though there are many very strong messages. But the Holy Spirit working in our life. Do we trust God completely? Or do we fight the Wind?

Do you struggle with surrender? It is a paradox. We cannot imagine that surrender could be the key to all our fulfillment, and yet it is. Do we believe God, or not? Faith without works is dead. We live in a day in which Pastors pat you on the head and say everything is alright, even though your life is a complete rat race and struggle. 2+2 somehow is not adding up to 4, but God does have the correct answer. God knows how to add 2+2 and get 4. God is the fork in the road for every one of us. Will we trust him completely, throw the oars overboard, and surrender to the Wind? This is a Godwalker, an Enoch person, a true spiritual life. (So teaches Grandpa White Feather, and intends to go to his grave so teaching!)

Some people have problems with the movie, “The Shack”. I tried reading the book and struggled with it. I never got all the way through. So I was very surprised when I watched the movie and really enjoyed it. Perhaps you have a comment you would like to share about the movie?

So for now we will end with these thoughts of God’s Spirit like the Wind, a fresh breeze from heaven, Spirit life, and I’ll give you a few more pictures of the Teepee progress. A third window will be going above the two. I also flipped on the Christmas lights and it was beautiful as we had a very grey and raining day outside.



Practice the Pause…Pray!!!

Part of our ministry at fellowship of the White Path is creating flower boxes and gardens with a message of “Slow Down and Hear God”. I enjoyed this article so much by “Godly Chic” that I decided to reblog. Hope you enjoy.

The Godly Chic Diaries

Practice the pause.  When in doubt, pause.  When angry, pause.  When tired, pause.  When stressed, pause.  And whenever you pause, PRAY!!!

If words just ran together leaving punctuation behind, with no commas or periods.  Each page would stay undefined.   And imagine your favourite song being denied any intervals of rest.  Every note would lose its power.  It would be a cacophony at best.

No matter how softly you whisper a prayer, God surely listens, understands and knows the hopes and fears you keep in your hearts….And when you trust  HIM, Miracles happen.

As you move through your day to day experience  let the prayer on your lips be….I want to know the fullness of who I am.  So guide me closer in every step today to a fuller recognition of what I’ve been asking for and who I really am.  Rise above the noise to feel the trueness of…

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“A Bird Called, Flapless”

casey-horner-552263-unsplash So it’s Monday night and another weekend is over. On Sunday morning we opened up a link to our story of “A Bird Called, Flapless”. Please read details in previous article. This is just a shout out for all those so busy on the weekend they had no chance to catch the announcement. Lots of pictures included with the story. Hope you enjoy. Link connect set in previous article.

Feedback on the story is welcome. Hope you enjoy.

“A Bird Called, Flapless”

2616 So it’s Sunday morning and perhaps like me, Church is different for you. You’re not in a Sunday morning service like a lot of other people are at this very moment. My Fellowship is coming together at Noon and we are headed to the country and the Teepee today. Around 5:30 p.m. we plan to have a meal at China Buffet and then a small Bible study at home.

So as I enjoy my coffee this morning and listen to the Voice in the Wind, I feel led to launch my “Children’s Story for Adults”. I have been promising to launch this for a while and today seems right. So says Grandpa White Feather, the Story TellerThis epic tale is for adults in two ways.

ONE > If you are a good reader and enjoy reading bed time stories to your children, then this is a great opportunity for an adult to read out loud to any child. I like hooking my laptop to a “Big Screen” and reading from there, because this book is full of great pictures. Children really love the pictures. And I highly recommend doing a different sounding voice for the “Turtle” and the “Eagle”. The children will love it!

TWO > This story also has great spiritual value for any “very busy” adult. It is enjoyable to read while at the same time teaching great spiritual lessons. You can’t help but fall in love with these characters, even the turtle who sees his day’s end from his day’s beginning. All he sees all day long is the point he is trying to get to.

Chapters 10 and 11 get into deeper teaching and there is a warning there to alert the reader they may want to skip to chapter 12. Or simply skim the pictures in those two chapters. There are great pictures.

So if you’re having a lazy day today and searching for something to do, please check out this free Internet book: “A Bird Called, Flapless”. It’s all there for the enjoying. I’ll be saying more about it from time to time, but for now, I think I’ve said enough. Here’s the link > Flapless

The Tides of Time

20180521_121426 This is where I was a few days ago, and 35 years ago. I was 27 then, and 62 now. What a leap. Whiplash! A place called Tybee Island. I was a trained warrior 35 years ago, just out of Boot Camp at Fort Jackson, and then stationed at Fort Gordon for schooling. I am also a trained warrior now, always have been, my chosen lifestyle, but more spiritual than physical.

The spiritual has always been more important to me, but as I slowly waded in the waves that day, the passage of so much time, I was reminded of why the spiritual is so. “TIME”…the soul does not age…only the flesh…don’t lose your soul to sand…build upon that which is ageless…this is spiritual wisdom.

I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of more time. As the sand moved away under the heels of my feet, every wave sweeping away, but not so much under my toes for some reason. My heels sank quickly with every wave. He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel. Hhmmm, interesting. Mortality.

My brain strained to feel the 35 years. Here I was walking and I felt fine. 27 or 62? Which am I? If I began running on the beach my brain would quickly realize, but just walking? It didn’t seem real. It didn’t seem like 35 years could possibly have passed. 35 years of living, just a vapor, as scripture says. It’s hard to grasp vapor. It’s hard to feel it, and yet the reality was I’m no longer 27, and though I love her greatly, my wife is no longer the sexy beauty queen she was that day, either. I could still see her all those years ago, even her hairstyle and bathing suit. She was there, though I made this trip alone.

20180516_164105 White Feather Mobile.

My wife, Grandma Turtle Faith, (Grandma? Wow.), was “flown” down to Georgia to babysit grandkids while their parents took a cruise. I drove down a week later. Now I was driving home in my beat-up 97 Honda Civic. A car Turtle Faith Lady refuses to ride in. She would be returning home same way she came, (flown), but she didn’t get to enjoy Tybee Island. So Chief White Feather walked the sands of time alone this day.

Ladies…White Feather speaks here…a Grandpa speaks here…make sure that guy loves you for who you are. It won’t take long, and soon, though you still have much beauty, more beautiful women will be all around, the younger and perhaps more physically blessed. But if he really loves “YOU”. If he is the “RIGHT” one. As time goes by he will love you, and the family you both grow, even more. But that won’t be true if you allow yourself to be swept away in nothing but lust. Great heartache will likely be your future. You deserve better. You owe it to yourself, your children, and God to have better.

So…this is simply a short message today. For you older folks, perhaps you have an experience of your own like this? (Or a car like mine?) A special place you have not been in many many years. A place where you were young, and decades later circumstances of life dropped you off to remember. A place where youth is your memory, and age is your reality. But I really enjoyed that whole experience, even as I relive it now in the writing. If anyone would like to share such an event of their own, I would love to hear. Others would like to hear also, even those still young.

If you’re still too young for this amazing experience, I hope you live long enough to know one day. Put it on your “Bucket List”. It’s too good to miss. Let God bless you with this. And think about “TIME”. Think about it now. You’re not too young.