“Sanctuary” #2

I have not written in 17 days. I have held my words as the perfect storm continues because really…why not? Pretty much everything happening has already been spoke of here, until now. And now…finally…the battle that needed fought has begun. We are finally at the battle we needed all along. And who shall prevail? A church needing thrown into the sea? Or have we changed? have we truly repented and a change has come? Have we regained an anointing in which God hears our prayers? Will we see what God will do to the Egyptians? And so…I feel led again to write about “Sanctuary” in this chaos. Because very violent times are coming. But those who are Skypeople will know Sanctuary.

Today I want to add a recommendation to your Sanctuary. I recommend if at all possible… you add “NATURE”, God’s natural creation. As I sat here this morning looking out through these French Doors that have a very small view of a piece of nature surrounded by city, I felt great peace. But then I would look away and a radio I had playing stirred up restlessness and anxiety. I could literally feel the affect on my spirit and emotions.

I then turned the radio way down low, so I could still here it, but I could also tune it out. It was a news talk show giving current events and etc. Every time I looked out at our small bird sanctuary I felt peace flow in my soul. Every time I listened to the words of the commentator I felt stress. What is it about NATURE / God’s creation, that has that effect?

There is something about the silence of nature. It’s not really silent, you know. We speak of the stillness, and it is so…but at the same time were hearing the wind flowing, perhaps a creek rippling, or a bird chirping, and yet we feel peace and silence. How does it do that?

I have heard NATURE called the “Silent Witness”. It speaks words we do not hear and yet we hear, even when we don’t think we are hearing. Consider these scriptures: “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above declares his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge. There is no speech, nor are there words, whose voice is not heard. Their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.” (Psalms 19:1-4 ESV)

Notice how those verses use words like: “declare”, “speech”, “words”, “heard”, and “voice”. Yes, nature is not silent, and because she is not “man-made, but God-made, it declares the words of God. Only those living in denial block those words out to their own destruction. But most of us will benefit greatly by bringing some of God’s NATURE into our Sanctuary.

As far as this election goes, the words and prayers needed are: LIGHT BE! EXPOSURE BE! Let there be no shadows for them to hide! Let all be revealed! And if the Church is too unanointed to produce such results? If solid proof is not brought forth? If God is not yet willing to expose the Egyptians but more concerned about exposing Jonah? Then so shall it be. Here comes the raging sea, until Jonah can pray a fervent effectual prayer.

But the fight is finally on. The battle that needed to be. Whether it takes 2 weeks or 2 years, Israel is finally coming out from behind the hills to face Goliath. But David only won because God “ANOINTED” him so. Let us pray we have that same ANOINTING, and let us seek it until we do! I pray we have learned at least that much.

Therefore…find your Sanctuary…create a proper environment to hear the Lord…and whatever he tells you to do, DO IT! Be Skypeople. Serve the Skykingdom, not this underworld, and we will see what God will do with the Egyptians! Amen.

Sanctuary / #1

What is sanctuary to you?

I googled the word “sanctuary” expecting to find considerable wordage in an attempt to capture the meaning of something very special, but what came up was: A place of refuge and safety.

That’s it? How dull! How boring! How little effort given to describe something so badly needed by one and all! What a narrow and lackluster explanation! Who could get a full picture of the magnificent beauty and importance of sanctuary from those pathetic words!

Therefore, I am making it a subject here. What is sanctuary to you? I believe it is different for different people, and will always reveal deep things concerning that person. It reveals who they really are, what they flow in, and what recharges them, whether good or bad!

I believe a sanctuary should reveal a person’s natural giftings. For example, for a person mechanically inclined, a garage could become a sanctuary. For someone who loves nature, it could be a garden spot. For a writer, a quiet room with inspiring view. For some it could even be a small apartment in a big city full of people energy. But in all of this, I also challenge that a true sanctuary should also make us more godly, and if it does not, then your sanctuary reveals you to be someone having little interest in knowing and obeying your Creator. Your sanctuary reveals you, and you are not in a safe place.

A personal sanctuary is about who we are. We fill it with what inspires and encourages us to keep going, stay on track, regain strength, to find refuge and safety as we bask in what we choose to be. A better person? A lover of money? A sexual deviant lusting in porn? A spiritual person seeking Skykingdom? A lover of God? What is a sanctuary to you, and do you have one? Does your sanctuary embarrass you if others see it? Or if God showed up at your door?

I see a sanctuary as a “NEED”. For the sake of our mind, soul, spirit, and health, we need a safe place to get away from the high stress of this world and recharge in peace, soul, spirit. It is a huge advantage to being a better person each day, and staying true to who God has called us to be, unless your quiet place is actually evil, and your light is actually darkness.

A “car guy” might get recharged in his garage. It’s his place to get away and let his gifting flow. But whether his sanctuary is good or bad depends on what he does with it. What is it filled with and what flows out of it? A gifted mechanic or body-man has a ready made pulpit to people needing that kind of help, “IF” he chooses to use it that way. But all kinds of cussing, drinking, and debauchery could flow out of that same place. A sanctuary full of evil and ungodliness.

Obviously I’m writing to encourage and recommend every person have a sacred sanctuary that recharges them in soul, spirit, and God. With a little consistent effort most people can create such a place if they really want to, and for many of us it is not even very expensive if we use our creative imagination and think outside the box. It is amazing what a small space can be turned into when we create sanctuary. It does not have to be big at all! You already have a living space, now what can be done with it? Or do you need to trade it off for a little different space?

My personal spiritual DNA gets recharged in quiet, solitude, God, prayer, contemplation, study, reading, writing, teaching, and I love nature. I was raised a country boy. I love outdoors and the beauty of nature, but I live in a big city. I have ghetto type hoods not ten minutes away. On a Thursday night just last week 5 people were shot and stabbed there! It was not even a weekend! One died! But I have 3-4 miles between me and them and I happened to find a very rundown home on a small dead-end street that is pretty unnoticed. God will provide if you try! My wife and I chose this place more by how it “felt” than how it looked. Some privacy fence and before you know it, you can have a secret garden in a jungle world. (I do recommend God’s help.)

I have always had one room of my house, no matter how small, as my spot to get away. That room has always been full of the things that inspire me. Over the years we have slowly transformed this house, but when I retired I went full time to working on this place and I had no idea just what could be done if you have some vision! Our actual plot of ground is very small, but our sanctuary has grown and is providing big impact from a small area! Less can be more! Everyone who visits is affected, because I have a sanctuary I can share and not be ashamed. It offers light and inspiration, not worldly rot.

Basically…we’ve bought second hand materials a little at a time, as we could afford…opened up three rooms…put in large windows… raised the ceiling… and then created a small animal and bird refuge surrounding this special area of our simple house. We could not afford professionals, I’ve done it all. It is full of the beauty and peace of God and nature. People are affected by it. We are recharged by it every day, as the seasons change and God’s art work constantly moves. It has been a lot of work, but oh so worth it in return inspiration! It renews my youth!

Now granted, if your sanctuary is a garage to create hotrods or fix sick vehicles; your sanctuary may not come cheap. There may be some real money involved. But if you lay it before God, and think outside the box, you might be surprised what you can do, and be serving God at the same time! I call my place a Holy Spirit Dojo and we train people in things of God here. I worked jobs that drained me all my life, but this work charges me!

So give it some thought. Pray about it. Look at whatever spot may be your current sanctuary and what does it reveal about you? Is this what you want to be? Is it godly? If so, then make it even better! But if not, then it’s time for change. Change your sanctuary and in the changing, your temple, your body, will become a better sanctuary for God! It’s a WIN / WIN!

More pictures will come as we write more on this subject. To be continued.

Spiritual Disciplines #2

Where to begin?

I’ve spent all weekend pondering and praying as to what is the best starting point when it comes to spiritual disciplines? I think this may be the most important point. We can think of so many disciplines that could be listed and are important, but this must be more than just a list. The true warrior of God is not about living it “list”, but it is about becoming a Godwalker, and how do we do that?

Enoch or Esau? (That is the question.) Enoch pleased God and walked with God. But Esau sold his birthright for pots of beans. And please understand, it wasn’t just one pot of beans. Esau made that choice every day! God’s Word gives us the details of when he finally crossed the path of no return, but his daily lifestyle leading up to that ultimate choice had set the stage. He didn’t just get there in one day, he had been sowing the seeds of his careless garden for years! He had been embracing beans and ignoring God for years!

Enoch, on the other hand, had been in love with the Presence of God for years. He daily sacrificed beans for the Presence of God, more of the Holy Spirit, to be empowered of God to be a Godwalker, and God took him! God actually raptured him off the earth! An early picture of what we believe will happen again in mass, in the rapture!

The first spiritual discipline is cultivating such a love for God that you do as Jesus said: Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Is that a discipline you might ask?) In that process we daily seek more of the Holy Spirit to empower us to walk with God, be a modern day Godwalker! But as long as we keep trading the Presence of God for pots of beans, we will always be a vessel of dishonor in the great house of God. Do we settle for beans?

In past times people used to say, “He is a man of God.” People recognized when someone purified themselves and dedicated themselves to the pursuit of God. They set themself apart and God made them a vessel of honor, a real spiritual warrior. We don’t here that phrase much anymore, but the Bible plainly says Enoch walked with God, and I have been inspired with the thought of being a Godwalker for many years. I share this thought whenever I can, and this is where spiritual disciplines have to begin! Not with a list and an emphasis on will-power, but a person in love with the Presence of God! So much so that he becomes the warrior! He is Samurai for Christ! He loves God with all his heart, soul, mind , and strength, even as Jesus said!

I could give you this one spiritual discipline; to stop spending your life pursuing beans but pursue Holy Spirit, and God’s will will be added to you! Wealth? A mansion? Maybe, or maybe not, but it would no longer matter! It only matters to us when we love the things of this underworld more than God and the kingdom above!

In Psalms 91 we see great supernatural power. I have memorized that chapter and have been praying it for many years now. As we face this COVID curse my spiritual garden is full of the seeds of Psalms 91. Prayer is a discipline. Sowing seeds is a discipline. However!!! That chapter sums itself up at the end when it says…

Because he has set his love upon me (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit), therefore I will deliver him: I will set him on high, because he has known my name. He shall call upon me and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.”

Do you see the “because” and the “therefore” at the beginning of all those incredible promises? Study them closely. Understand what it all means. It’s not about a list. It’s about becoming a Godwalker. It’s about being an Enoch and not an Esau. It’s about being Mary more than Martha.

We will continue in our teaching of spiritual disciplines. I’m asking God to help me teach it in the proper way. God looks at the heart. How would God teach spiritual discipline? Where would God start? I think he would start in the book of Song of Solomon. I think he would tell us if we gave our body to be burned at a stake, but did not “love”, it would all be for nothing. It would be hollow, shallow, and cheap.

Most of us need to cast away the selfishness of our beans and work on our love. And for that we need a lot of prayer and the Holy Spirit. But do we love that much? It is our choice. We choose beans or God every single day. Will we neglect the one who gives us each day for another pot of beans? Will we be a cheap sword from China?

Do we love God and others enough to pursue him with our whole heart and become more than a citizen of heaven, but also the warrior? Warriors are not looking for a comfort zone. When the people went into the desert to hear John the Baptist, they did not find a man wearing soft clothing and living in a mansion.


Spiritual Disciplines / Warrior #1

Sword Priest.

Some see Jesus as “lamb only”. They do not see him as warrior, because they only look at the visible, not the invisible. They live in the flesh, not the spirit.

As we begin leaving Mulan as a teaching point, I’d like to use her as a springboard into civilian or warrior? What dos it mean to be more than a civilian of heaven and become one of its warriors?

I see so many civilian Christians today, seeking their own little empire and the things of this underworld, while they neglect the Kingdom Above. They are careless in their spiritual ways and leave it to the warriors to protect them. They practice worldly wisdom but neglect spiritual disciplines. They are untrained and are as children before the enemy, unable to make any real difference in the spiritual outcome of this country.

When they look at Jesus they see a simple teacher of God who came as a lamb to be slaughtered and never fought back. Oh how little they see. How little they understand. And how small their own life will be because of it. But eyes can be opened. I pray it be so!

Mulan had talent and great abilities, but as a warrior she was still untrained. Then life faced her with an ultimate challenge that could not be changed. Either she becomes the warrior, or the father she loved would, and he would die. God wishes that his children would see the great need around them and choose to be more than a civilian of heaven, and also become the warrior! He has given us a Sword like none-other! He wishes his children would be moved by such great love, and not have to be forced by unavoidable circumstances.

I do not see Jesus as “lamb only”, but also the great spiritual warrior that not even our sins and death could hold! Not only is he King of kings but also the Lion of all lions! Do you not see what was happening in the invisible with every word he spoke? Do you not see the havoc he was wrecking in Satan’s kingdom with the brightness of his light? Do you not see the power of his anointing? Do we not see his spiritual disciplines and realize the great focus he had? And what was this focus? To please his heavenly Father and destroy the works of the devil! And so he did! With great force he warred against the enemy and broke his back!

So the question becomes…How do we follow in his footsteps? How do we shine great light, rescue the captives, and wreck havoc on what is left of Satan’s broken kingdom? Will we be birds of prey? Or birds in cages? Which will it be? Eagle soaring in the sky, or chicken scratching in the dirt, and going back in the chicken coop every night afraid of what lies out there in the darkness?

In Skykingdom God allows us to choose if we want to be an eagle, but not just with words, it must be deeds also. A chicken can claim to be an eagle all they want, but if they scratch in dirt like a chicken and cluck like a chicken, then a chicken they be and all can see. Vessel of honor or dishonor. Where does spiritual discipline begin? How would you teach it?

I’m just opening the door on this subject here at “Path Without End”. Jesus asked the people in his day, and he is asking us the same, he asked them what they went out into the wilderness to see? >

“What then did you go out to see? A man dressed in soft clothing? Those who wear soft clothing are in kings’ houses.” (Matt. 11:8)

They did not find a man wearing soft clothing in the desert, nor did they find a man living in a kings’ house. And so we begin.

Let us tire of civilian life and become a bird of prey!

Skykingdom #3 / Supernatural


In the last article when we found ourself using the newest movie of “Mulan” as a teaching point, I had not planned on that, and this morning I found myself having more thoughts on the matter. So since we have entered this territory… why not? I found the movie both a “let down” and a “pleasure” at the same time, depending on my focus.

I thought the trailers made it look like somebody had finally done an excellent and realistic version of Mulan. It was not animated, but would actually seem as real! It was the number one movie I was looking forward to seeing, and just as it was about to come out…COVID!

Bummer. And the wait was on. And we waited…and we waited…until finally… it was about to be released not in the theaters, but TV streaming. Hhmmm. Okay. Just glad to finally see it. Yeah! And my family knew I wanted to see it, but I wasn’t sure about the cost? And then one of my sons rented it for us! Decision was taken out of my hands and I was all set to see the movie with my wife and two of my grandchildren! It don’t get no better!

However, I must admit when the show starts out with Mulan falling off a roof and floating through the air like a helium balloon, I knew this movie was in trouble. Problem was though, I loved the movie’s message! I loved how it led to her having her own sword and another value added to the other side of her sword! Brave, loyal, and true on one side, and then “Devotion to family” on the other!

But now I had a dilemma. How do I fix this strange show in my head in such a way I can make some kind of sense of it? My answer eventually came, and it really is the only option as far as I can see. The way her abilities were displayed could only be understood as “supernatural”. Her gifting was connected to something called the “Chi”, which lies in our spirit, and is of a supernatural quality anyway, as I understand. So when I took the movie into the realm of the supernatural, now I could credit some logic to it. Have you ever tried to make movies of what spiritual warfare may look like if we could actually see the invisible with our eyes? Bear with me for a minute and I think I can explain what I’m trying to say.

At this blog site I write articles about God’s Skykingdom and Skypeople. I write about God ordering our steps and the power to live above it all, seeking that which is above, not of this underworld. Now if I fell off a roof or was in a car crash but came out of it unscratched, what might that look like in the “invisible”? Did earthly eyes sees me hit the ground like a ton of bricks but somehow was not hurt? But did God, and Satan, see me kind of float to the ground as angels carried me? And which would be more real? And if I wanted to show that side of it, well… that’s how my brain works! I sincerely believe if I practice walking with my Lord the way I am supposed to, I enter a supernatural realm in which his hand determines what is allowed in my life. And I call that supernatural!

This is the winged life I speak of. Another example: This COVID thing. I have absolutely no fear of it. I am at complete peace. I have learned Indiana is a hot spot right now, but God either intends to keep me here longer, or he does not! It makes no difference to me! God’s will be done!!! The greatest defeat in my own life would be me not fulfilling God’s will, whether it is to live longer, or die tomorrow. This is part of the surrender, the “letting-go” that so many Christians fail to understand. Complete trust in the Father. Living in our Father’s House even now, on this earth, in the present, as well as future! It’s supernatural.

Various religions and teachings have different ideas of how they express “spirit”, soul, after-life, and etc. Let me be plain, my faith is totally in the Jewish writings of the Bible! I believe God came to Abraham. He birthed a nation and continued working through them to birth one very special child! That child, JESUS, is the key to ETERNITY and all things supernatural. This is what I believe, live, and teach. When we die we find out if we have chosen wisely or not. Call it chi or whatever you want to, I believe in soul/spirit and our ability to be led of God and make Him our habitation, our dwelling place, under the shadow of the Almighty! I believe we can tap into God’s supernatural through Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit, and that is what I have pursued my whole life. And I have seen a few things.

So… Skypeople? A winged life? Yes.

Let me end with this: I prayed for someone in our home this last week, here at what we call “God’s Bird House”, or “Church Everywhere”. This person has been having kidney stones which the pain has then caused colitus attacks and caused him to miss work and put a strain on paying their bills, threatening everything. God had me do an unusual thing in this prayer. I had never done it before, but I think I may be doing it more from here on.

First I told him when I pray for you, God is likely to show you things you need to do. A lot will depend on if you do them, or not. And then… we believe the Bible still says to anoint with oil when you pray for healing, but I had a small can of sword/knife oil setting nearby, the same oil I coat my Samurai sword with the “Eagle Theme”. I found myself grabbing that oil to anoint him! Never done that before! But we did.

But here is the rub…I found out he does not like drinking “water”…also he does not have the best health habits…the doctor told him if he could not drink water, then drink koolaid… now I’m no doctor, but I have heard that when you add anything to water you change its effect. Also losing weight and proper exercise can aid any body’s ability to stay strong and function properly. I’m not saying these things are a cure-all, but water is very important in MANY ways, and if someone would rather suffer days of pain, and colitus to the point of throwing up, and missing work because of sickness and possibly losing everything, would it be so bad to make yourself drink water? Is this person serious about being healed? And what other stubborn points might there be between this person and God that are standing in his way of living as Skypeople? The INVISIBLE things of God are very much affected by the VISIBLE choices we make. As a teacher I can tell you that. SELAH.

God said Israel was a rebellious and stubborn people. We would rather live grounded than have a quality prayer life. We would rather live grounded than walk with God as Enoch walked. We would rather live grounded in this underworld than mount up with the wings of the eagle and know Skykingdom, seeking those things above. No one can make us do what we know we need to do. It’s our choice.

I may not be done with Mulan, but for now, this is enough. Thank you for reading. I hope you spiritually benefited in some way. We look not at that which is visible, but the INVISIBLE. Soar more, and flap less!

Sail a sacred ship. Live by a sacred Sword. God’s Holy Word, a Sword like none-other!

Fork in the Road

20 Days.

We are 20 days away from a major fork in our road. Chances are what we are living today will not be the same in 20 days. Have you thought about it? Has there ever been an election with so much hanging in the balance? Has there ever been a culture with such strong opinions of what is right and what is wrong? Has there ever been such division as to what is the high road or the low? Has there ever been such a civil war concerning our country, even to the point of changing our flag and national anthem? Do we even know what this complete transformation would look like, or where it ends?

We are 20 days away from this fork that might be more like a split in a river, rather than a road. The river pulls us towards this split, and we cannot stop it. We cannot get to a shore. It pulls us forward at increasing speed towards a decision we may not want to make, but it shall be made. And when this stream becomes two, we can only take one, and these two lead to very different places. It’s not like going to Indiana or Ohio. It’s more like San Francisco or Austin Texas. We’re talking macro difference, not micro.

We are caught in the force of this river, a force of nature, a force of human will against will, and yet the devil has his hands in it clean up to his elbows, and we will reap the whirlwind of this madness in 20 days. It begins in 20 days.

Some would say it has already begun, and yet I believe we haven’t seen anything yet. The river is already raging, for sure, but that fork is still 20 days away. What do our “seers” see? Can anyone tell us which way we shall go? Can anyone tell us what to expect? Can we have a peaceful election in the midst of so much hate, lies, cheating, and fire? Does either side of the fork offer that? But at what price? Would I have to be untrue to myself to give the “haters” what they want?

I may lose my country but I will not lose my wings. I will be true to Skykingdom no matter what. I will be TRUE to TRUTH. I will be true to the Holy Spirit. My wings will never be clipped and I will never be caged because my soul knows how to remain free. In the movie “Mulan”, she was called to be loyal, brave, and true. However, although she was loyal and brave, she was not being TRUE, and her wings were being clipped. When she threw caution to the wind to be TRUE, then she was free to soar again, and be lifted up in honor.

In the end she received her very own sword. Her sword stood above all others because not only were the words Brave, Loyal, and True inscribed upon her sacred blade, but new words had been added to the other side! Devotion to family.

Will America choose the side of the fork that continues destroying the family unit? Or will there be a correction in our path even if it cost us dearly? Which path will save our wings? Which path will enable us to soar again? Think through what you know to be true. Do not lie to yourself. I am amazed how many people fail to see through their own lies. Such a life only cripples you. It will not bring you the freedom you think it will.

The sword of Mulan really says it all. We love to watch such movies and believe that we are such a person ourself. But in truth, are we? The river rages. The fork still lies 20 days ahead. We still have time to be Brave, Loyal, and TRUE, if we only will. We still have the chance to put family first, and our own misguided passions second, if only we will.

I wish everyone well in what is coming. There may be fierce rapids ahead with deadly boulders everywhere, and no way to slow the raft down. May we all come through this fork in the river to a better place. A place where honor, truth, and devotion reigns again. Amen.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.

A Prayer – “Light be!”

Father… as our election draws closer every day we need TRUTH. So many lies flying around. I pray that those with lying tongues be exposed! Let there be light! I pray America RETURN to her godly roots and her biblical foundations and embrace them again, for they are the favor of God! I pray the wickedness of Hollywood and other platforms who daily attack your Word and your Presence, I pray they fall in their own pits! The snares they set for others would become the very snares they are trapped in! Let them fall in and be exposed! Light be! Let America seek Jesus again. Let the liars be cursed in their ways. Let their own words and evil prayers come back upon them!

I pray that your Church, Lord; your body in this country become prayer warriors again, casting off the cares of this life and walking in the Priesthood you have ordained. I pray the Church stop selling her birthright for beans! I pray her eyes would see INFINITY more than finite! I pray her mind be renewed by the INFINITE, casting away her pots of beans! Perhaps this time the ship can be lightened, the pots of beans thrown overboard into the raging sea, and Jonah be saved! But if not, if this great ship cannot be turned from Tarshish, then throw us into the sea, Lord. It is what we need.

I’m asking a lot, Lord. Your Church has so corrupted herself in worldliness. Can anything besides the belly of a whale redirect her? I do not know, Lord. But this is my prayer. I ask all these things in your name, Lord. I ask our Father, in the name of Jesus, LIGHT BE! Let TRUTH come forth with such weight and heaviness, that it sets upon the lies, and when TRUTH sets herself upon those lies, they cannot bear the weight of it, and they are crushed! I pray people be set free again in the liberty of truth, for surely right now, we are not. In Jesus name, Amen.

(If this prayer echoes in your own heart and soul, please join me in praying this as much as possible between now and the election, and even after if need be. We are at such a critical fork in the road in this country. The path we take will be our future, whatever that path holds, whether good or bad. Anyone claiming the name of Christ today, who is not aware of this ultimate fork in the road, surely must be sound asleep. We need to wake each other up and get back to being the Priest God has called us to be. There is a huge gap we are meant to be standing in, but are we? Are we functioning as Priest, or Gentiles? I truly believe this perfect storm we are in is more about God’s Church in America, than America itself. Just as it was with Jonah in that day. The Church is called to be the “Champions of TRUTH”, but where are the champions of our day? Let them rise up! Then perhaps this storm can pass away.)

Pure Wisdom.

Skykingdom #2 / Winged Life

Pure Wisdom

Welcome to another episode of Skykingdom. Who are those drawn to a life above it all? Who are those drawn to a life of wing and not lustful flesh? Except the Father draw us to these things, unless the Lord builds the house we labor in vain. As we seek more Holy Spirit, the Father draws us more to Himself. Please read Skykingdom #1 if you hope to truly understand this series we have begun.

Even as the parable of the Ten Virgins, a teaching Jesus gave about when he comes back! A teaching about the Rapture, when Jesus comes back not for all Christians, but for his Bride! It is she who lives a winged life! It is she who can soar away with Him because she has gained her wings! Those who live grounded in the earth shall be left behind! They will remain grounded in the dirt! Learn this winged life now, while Holy Spirit is here to teach and empower us!

“Five of them were foolish, and five were wise. For when the foolish took their lamps, they took no oil with them, but the wise took flasks of oil with their lamps. As the bridegroom was delayed, they all became drowsy and slept.” (Matt. 25: 2-5)

“And while they were going to buy (oil), the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with him to the marriage feast, and the door was shut.” (Matt. 25: 10)

The problem here is a failure to wake up and follow Jesus. I find many Christians asleep in their cozy earthly bed and they do not want to be bothered with a winged life of rising above. Spiritual disciplines are too much for them. And I understand that lazy and foolish spirit of death. How often have I heard if you want to live well in your old age, you got to keep moving!

My body lies to me every morning! That bed feels so good! My body says, “I’m still tired. I can’t move. This feels so good. You can’t wake up. You will be a zombie.” But you know what? About 10-15 minutes after forcing myself to get up, I find those were all lies! And now I feel good! And I’m so glad I got out of bed because I want to live my life! I can’t live the life I want to live if I’m asleep!

Our spirit man is the same way. It tells us we’re too tired. I can’t move. I can’t pray and offer up my spiritual practices unto God. I can’t follow Jesus where he is calling me. I’m a zombie. But guess what? If you force yourself to wake up, get out of that spiritual bed, begin mounting up with the wings as the eagle as we taught in Skykingdom #1, and tap into a life that flows, and life that soars more and flaps less, you will come alive and be so glad you did! A supernatural walk will be yours! A winged life will be your new norm!

Keeping it short today, in hopes you will read #1. In the rapture, God’s faithful people will take wing and the unfaithful will remain grounded. Is it possible those who are taken are the ones who were already living a winged life in Christ? Let us be ready. WAKE UP!

Cast off your cozy covers of spiritual laziness and that evil spirit of death and get moving! Stretch those wings! Spread your wings and soar! Show someone the life of Jesus today! It only happens when God’s anointing empowers us, and that, my friend, is a winged life. It’s the life God has called us to on the other side of IMPOSSIBLE.

Wisdom dictates…?

Skykingdom / Skypeople #1

Spirit / Wings

Perhaps my take on things is not your cup of tea, but Jesus inspires me, and a life of living by my wings, in the Spirit, and not as a Dirtdweller, inspires me, too. So I choose to write in such terms. Hope you enjoy.

For those who truly follow Christ, Jesus leads us to the other side of the IMPOSSIBLE. Eternal life? Impossible! Or is it? Jesus says, “Follow me.”

Moses led the people to God’s Promised Land. However, God had to part the waters twice before they would actually live in that land. In other words, God’s Promised Land was on the other side of the IMPOSSIBLE!

So how does one live on a cloud? What is Spirit life? How do we seek a Skykingdom? It is the same way Jesus walked on the water! And the same way Peter walked on the water! He was walking on water as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus, but when he looked at the circumstances around him, he immediately began losing the supernatural walk he was living and began sinking rapidly back into the natural. It was quickly swallowing him up!

“If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on things that are on earth (dirt). For you have died…” Colossians 3: 1-3a

That last part might be a bit disturbing, but you see, things are not the same in Skykingdom as it is with the dwellers of the land. Would you expect it to be? Living by wing and not flesh is a whole different set of paradigms, and it all starts with waiting upon the Lord. So…if you’re too busy? You’re probably not living a life of wing. Your earthbound.

Consider this, God’s word says they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and mount up with wings as eagles. This is Isaiah 40: 31a, and this verse speaks of a very supernatural lifestyle ABOVE. God makes no apologies for inviting us to a life ABOVE. God’s word and the teachings of Christ are full of instructions concerning this invisible world our eyes cannot see. Paul even told us not to look at what is seen, but that which is not seen!

I thought I would start this series where I start all my teachings on this subject, here at God’s Bird House. Isaiah 40:31. You see, that eagle is a picture for us, and that picture has a lot to teach about the ways of God, his kingdom, and how his people are supposed to live. We are called to a Priesthood. Let me add one more set of scriptures to this.

This is God speaking to Moses after he delivered them out of the bondage of slavery to Egypt. And remember, in scripture, Egypt is symbolic of the world, earthly, materialistic, the flesh, Dirtdwellers, earth lovers, etc. God is telling Moses what he wants Moses to tell his people, and every minister of God should speak this same message!

“Thus you shall say to the house of Jacob, and tell the people of Israel: You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself. Now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be my treasured possession among all peoples, for all the earth is mine; and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. These are the words that you shall speak to the people of Israel.” (Exodus 19: 3b-6)

Followers of Christ, our Lord leads us to the other side of IMPOSSIBLE. We are called to be Skypeople, a life of wing/ Spirit. We are called to live above it all as God’s priests in the earth, in the world, but not of the world, even as Jesus prayed.

There is so much more for me to say on this, and so many more scriptures, but let me quickly give you this one illustration. This is easier done in person as a physical demonstration, but try to picture in your mind as I describe. Our scripture, Isaiah 40:31…the eagles’ wings. How does an eagle mount up? It is a picture of Praise, Prayer, and Promises, the 3 P’s of Priesthood in Christ!

Try this > Stand to your feet…bring your hands in front of your chest as in a position of prayer…start praying…now exaggerate the motion as you swing your hands and arms outward and upward into the position of worship and praise…say a word of praise…now swing back down into the hands at your chest in position of prayer as before…pray…and then up again…do you see the flapping of the wings of the eagle as you pray and worship? You are mounting up into a realm of faith and Spirit! Your spirit man wants to go there! Now add to that faith all the promises of God. After you swing your arms upward in praise, now extend them outward…like a mighty eagle SOARING! Think of God’s word to you, his promises…and his personal words to you… his assignment to you! SOAR upon the promises of Psalms 91 and others! SOAR upon Isaiah 40:31! Do you see the motion of the eagles’ wings? Do you see this awesome picture God has given us? Now live it! Live as Skypeople and not the Earthdwellers scratching in the dirt! Live your Priesthood in Christ. It is your Birthright! And yes, it is a life on the other side of IMPOSSIBLE. Have you the faith for it? Do you love Jesus enough to live where he calls you, and leave these earthly things behind?

Set your AFFECTIONS on things above. We are in the world, but not of it. I drive an earthly man-made car, but that car does not own me, and I do not worship it. I can have material things, but material things must not have me! Or I am once again a slave to Egypt.

Jesus taught so many things pertaining to living above it all. We have only begun to open this door. I hope you want more. Find the time to wait on the Lord and live as Skypeople.

Flap less and SOAR more!

Night Watcher #12 / the year 5781.

Once upon a time it greatly concerned me when we passed the year 2000 on our calendar, and Jesus did not return.

I had been taught it was 4000 years prior to Jesus birth, and then another 2000 years after we would leave the 6th day (6000 years) and enter the 7th. At which point Jesus should return! The day of REST! 1000 year Millennial Reign! So when nothing happened I was confused! I knew Jesus would never be late! So man is wrong “again” in some way, and what is it?

You can imagine how confused at first, and then excited when I learned of the Jewish calendar. It made perfect sense! Of course God would run on that time table! But how the heck did we get so far off? And why had not my modern church taught me this? Once again it seemed the “old ways” not the new, had the answers, and they were there all the time!

Well…I still don’t understand all that but I am greatly relieved God is not late! As a matter of fact, I believe he will show up early! I believe God’s perfect will for man was a perfect 6000 years, but man’s darkness would destroy him before then, man is not going to be able to last 6000 years! When Jesus said the time “would be shortened”, I believe he was speaking of that 6th day and the over-all 6000 years.

Jesus said, “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.” (Matt. 24:21-22 ESV)

The Jewish calendar says we are in the years 5781. WOW! That’s a lot of years left before 6000! In my own mind, I can’t even imagine us lasting that long. Not knowing the self-destructing nature of lost man and the power we have to destroy this planet several times over!

So… God’s original people say it is 5781. Various prophetic people have already begun putting out opinions as to what those numbers (5781) mean as far as biblical values set by the Hebrew language, and it is all very interesting.

We Know we are in a time like none other. We can sense this as we look around at a perfect storm waiting to explode upon this planet. These people have already said they want a New World Order. I believe this new order will be set by a female goddess rising upon a mythical throne no female has held before. Even in the mythical world it has always been a male god on the over-all throne. And though these mythical gods are “fiction”, never forget the demons behind them are not! Mother Earth, Gaea/ Gaia, or Kali, (the dark mother), or whatever female goddess it may be, there are very real demonic forces behind those false gods and idols!

Also, even the church has fallen pray to the female gods in many ways. The word “Easter” is actually a form of a name given to a female goddess. The early church did not call it Easter, but Passover. And Satan went to Eve, not Adam, in the greatest victory he ever had. A female goddess would set the stage perfectly for his last great move of the antichrist.

But as the Jewish New Year was changing just a few days ago, and I was watching the Day of Prayer and Repentance in DC, I was fasting and joining in all of the actions of that day, I even had my own Shofar I was sounding. And as I stared out a large window beside me I saw a breeze stirring. The sky looked like rain but there was no rain. No rain was predicted and none came all day. However, what caught my eye beyond this was leaves falling and sailing through the sky, carried by that wind, and falling to the ground. And the trees were still 95% green! Where were these leaves coming from, and why now?

So, no rain, but a wind stirring and leaves falling? I began questioning God as I always do. What came to me, and only time will bear this out, but I felt I heard the voice of God saying… People in high places, positions of power and influence, in the world, and government, and also THE CHURCH! The leaves you see falling from the sky to the ground, are either the scales falling from these people’s eyes so they finally “SEE”, see TRUTH, Or…the person themself shall fall! And then I was reminded of RBG passing away at the very start of the Jewish Ten Days of Awe, as if in confirmation of what I was hearing.

God has been very patient with this country, and the church in this country. There is a new wine skin. new wine, and new anointing stirring. They are saying 5781 is a year to be… Strong in the Lord, alert with eagle eyes, separated in priesthood, and taking ACTION! Both a plow and sword are spoken of. The sword comes out of our mouth, and the plow is the work of our hands and don’t look back! We are in a time of great action and acts again! Do not be muzzled! It is a strange thing we are all wearing covers over our mouths at this very time, but it is only symbolic, we can still speak truth through those masks!

So the Jewish calendar says we still could have a lot of time, another 10 to 30 years would not be unreasonable. And if the time is shortened? Personally, I can’t see us lasting past 2060 or 2065, at the most! And probably much less.

So here we go folks. The chessboard continues moving. I haven’t heard anything on the 50 Days of White House Siege. Some people are saying that the polls showed these tactics were hurting the Democrats much more than helping. So they suddenly put a lid on it? Or maybe keep a low profile until closer to time? I am curious…and I intend to seek answers…because I am a watcher and it is what we do.

So keep a watchful eye. Is RBG just the first of people in high places to fall, or suddenly have their eyes opened? This will be most interesting to watch, but it still disturbs me that in what I saw…there was grey clouds, but no rain.

Soar more and flap less!