About: “Path Without End”

How do you reach people so unconcerned about “ETERNITY”, and distracted by the “EARTHLY”?

They do not walk the “Path Without End”, but they love the “DEAD END”.

They live in the blip, the dash between dates. They live in that which dies, not that which lives. Living in the seen, not the unseen.

They live in the Halloween, the celebration of fear, sickness, cursed, darkness, and death. These things they celebrate.

They choose rotting flesh over eternal Spirit, and encourage others to join them in the rot. But I will not.

Where are the others like me? Priests of Eternity. Who will choose a path that’s white, and shine the eternal light?

This is the burden of the White Feather.

To awaken.

Jesus walked the Red Path so we might walk the White.

By the power of his Holy Spirit we are born-again. Are you out there?


As far as I know, there is not a drop of Indian blood in me, but I have always loved the way Indians describe things.

At the age of 61 I found myself very dissatisfied with our modern Church, so I went on a journey. This site is about that journey, and everything developing in my life since that time.

So the journey continues and it is a Path Without End. I hope this site can help me connect with others of a kindred spirit in Christ. Scripture says to not forget the simplicity of Christ, (II Cor. 11:3). I fear our modern Church is so entangled in stage lights, church political correctness, and business tactics that we have forgotten the simplicity of walking with God… to be a Godwalker…like Enoch.

Jesus says: Walk with me.

God says: Learn my ways.

The Holy Spirit says: I will teach you.