Our full moon has arrived and what do we see?

What is the force, the power behind all the actions on display? What “force” causes our courts to shut down and refuse to examine a mountain of evidence? What is, or who is the invisible power behind what we do see? It still refuses to be revealed, or has it?

I was a bit shocked to see GAIA show up on my Youtube when I never searched for her, but suddenly there she was and making very bold statements. The river we are caught in still seems to be pulling very strongly towards the Biden stream. Even though the majority of Americans are convinced there was major fraud in our election, and Dems are winning by cheating, there still seems to be a strong pull for the cheater to win. What is that? (Besides pure evil?)

I believe it is the new religion, creation worship at its best! Mother Earth, GAIA, a female goddess and female “energy” as they call it. Once again, as in the great fall, Adam will follow Eve!

This stuff I began watching, because I wrote of it back in the last couple weeks of June, and now I was seeing it before my very eyes, claimed to be in control and taking credit for this great transition, which was marked by the Christmas Star on Dec. 21st, as we entered age of Aquarius, something they have been waiting for for many decades, like 200 years, but now has arrived. As crazy as it sounds, “Going Green” and New Age religion is all about this stuff, and earth seems to be pulling that way! If Biden wins this election, then America has already been taken over just as they have said. Here are a few of the claims they made.

Searching gaia.com might connect you to all this. I’m not really sure how it showed up for me, other than they are pushing harder to preach their message. >

1.) The world is changing before our very eyes. A bit of chaos will be part of the change, probably 3 months… January through March. (NOTE: What has Biden said? We will have a Dark Winter!)

2.) We are leaving the old 3D system, it is crumbling, as we enter 5D! Put your focus entirely on yourself, there is no being higher than you! But many will experience a dark night of the soul. Many are losing faith in their old beliefs.

3.) The U.S. election has been neutralized to become the greatest coup d’etat in universal history! Old system being dismantled. Corruption surfacing at rapid speed. This is the final battle and the victory of light is eminent!

4.) Current events have been carefully premeditated, planned, and executed! It has been a cooperation between light forces and earth alliances. Only a landslide of this caliber is powerful enough to wake the sleepers.

5.) The events of 2020 have caused many to question their belief system. This is the ultimate dance of a corrupt system, the U.S political situation.

6.) You are now moving into the golden age of GAIA at an accelerated speed! Don’t engage in political debates with people of the old matrix. Many will feel devastated and feel lost or trapped. Dismantling the old paradigm. Entering 5D reality. The old earth passing away, the New Earth comes!

7.) Those of this religion are a divine, Christed, angelic, humanoid, avatar being! (Boy, that’s a mouthful! They can claim to be “Christed”? But I’m just a simple follower of Christ. K.I.S.S.! keep it simple…)

8.) We are being awakened! We transition into 5D timelines!

Yes, they said all of that and much more. They believe in some kind of a Galactic Federation. I have no doubt they have experienced beings they do not understand as they have sought darkness. The great lie, the great illusion, it has been here for hundreds of years, but now Jupiter and Saturn aligned and we enter “their” time, or so they believe. But what does this mean for true followers of Christ?

A very dark winter indeed. It means they have taken control. America is not only post Christian, but pro Gaia! The dark winter will not be a 3 month event for us. Jonah will be thrown overboard into the raging sea. We need to REPENT, change our priorities, and pray like we have never prayed before if we have any hope of escaping this!

President Trump has called for a rally in DC on Jan. 6th. The turnout at the last rally was not very good. Will we see a great rally that day? Or have we no fight in us? Jan. 6th will tell the tale. If Vice President Pence looks out the White House window and sees no great ground swell for justice and Biblical foundations, will that be what determines his actions that day?

Looks like we are still in a holding pattern concerning this fork in the river. D-ecision Day is coming. This fork cannot be avoided. Threats of Covid still continue. Light still grows as the days slowly grow longer and night shorter. But the principalities and powers our Bible speaks of are hard at work. They want Eve leading Adam again, so they can cause a great falling away again! Do not be blind to the invisible things around you. As the Apostle Paul said to Timothy, in the last days perilous times shall come!

If your light be darkness, how great is that darkness!

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