Do the Lights in the Sky Speak?

Why now? Why tomorrow?

Astrologist say our universe has orbital mechanics that work like a clock.

They can track the clock backwards and determine the exact alignment of stars, planets, etc. So if this is so…and God set this clock into motion…then eons ago he determined for a type of Christmas Star event tomorrow! He ordained it! And why might that be? I mean, are we not all praying for greater light? Are we not in a dark time when truth is desperately needing to be known? And if there is an evil underlying agenda operating in our government, do they not need to be revealed, exposed? Is this special event that has not been seen in 800 years, but showing up tomorrow night, is it a sign from God?

I recently wrote about INCREASING LIGHT that started on 12/14 with the new moon cycle. That began 16 nights of increasing light! (To the full moon.) At that time I really did not know about this Christmas Star event showing up on the 21st! And the experts say it is purely coincidental that it is also showing up on the day of Winter Solstice! What are the odds! This event has not been seen in 800 years (not to this degree at least), and it is happening NOW! During such a time of prayer and darkness as we have not seen!

Winter Solstice is the night of the longest darkness and shortest light! After the 21st we enter another time period of growing light as the days begin growing longer and night shorter! What a picture is being painted in the sky! The stars do speak when God speaks through them! Surely this Christmas Star showing up on the exact day of Winter Solstice is a message!

Our 12/21 event consist of our 2 LARGEST planets lining up! We’re talking the BIG BOYS! Strong words! Jupiter and Saturn. The planet Jupiter speaks of a King and expansion! Saturn speaks of “karma”, reaping what you sow, and equitable punishment! Yikes! All swamp creatures beware!!! It is written in the sky!

AND ANOTHER THING: I did not know this either, but as God has led me to use the spiritual analogy of Skypeople, and a Skykingdom, and living by your wings (Spirit), and not the flesh (earth), I have learned according to Astronomy, for the past 200 years we have been in the “Earth Sign”, earth energy. But we are now transitioning into the “Air Sign”! The alignment of these planets officially move us into Aquarius and Air Energy! Interesting coincidence.

I’m no expert on any of this, but as I live in Spirit, God shows me things and moves me to teach and pray in certain ways. If all this be true then there has been a prophetic essence to these teachings. I’ve also noticed an increase in people following this site. Thank you one and all.

But I also want to note, this site began with me leaving the modern church system and reaching back in time to a day when Home Church was the way. I have written much on this in past articles and if there be any prophetic essence to my words today, I believe it flows from getting back to what Jesus actually said and did. I was a traditional church person for 60 years! It was not an easy decision to make, but it was a fork in the road I had to choose.

Biden has spoken of a Dark Winter ahead. Will we see darkness or light? One path promises darkness by their OWN WORDS! The other says there shall be light! The fork in this river still looms before us. Whichever fork we go down, a warrior anointing will be needed! The eagle is a bird of prey!

The next time Jesus shows up is described in Revelation 19:11-16. He shows up with eyes aflame! A Sword! Blood on his vesture! He shows up to make war! But when he looks at us, will we look like him? Or … will he look at us as if he does not recognize us? He is the Lion of Judah, but we look like the Fat Slob of Laodicea! Which shall it be?

God has a mountain for us to climb into his high places. It is a spiritual samurai mountain. Amazing signs are happening both in the earth and in the sky at this time. There has been an Awakening! If you have not taken that Awakening seriously, then you’re already well behind and need to catch up quickly! Pray about it for yourself and see if it is not so.

Every day we grow closer to possible explosive events in which power will push against power in violent ways. I suspect the fork in this river is full of deadly rapids! We shall see what comes out on the other side? This fork is only days away. It cannot be avoided, the River pulls us along, and cannot be stopped. Christians are called to ride the Wind and walk on water. Let us not let our Lord down. Let us look like Him! Amen.

High Places.

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