Increasing Light!

We have entered 16 days of increasing light.

Starting today a new moon begins, and we will enjoy 16 days of increasing light to the full moon. Will this prove to have significance in what we are watching going on right before our eyes?

Shield is being revealed to be full of Hydra! Entertainment is the priesthood of this new age religion, and they love preaching their message for those who have eyes to see.

Are we entering a Cold War right in our own country, with China at the root of it? Biden speaks of a Dark Winter ahead? Is there a Winter Soldier who’s mind has been perverted to thinking his evil is actually good?

In my opinion, yes to all of the above. Are we ready for a spiritual Cold War? Is this worldly church ready? Biden has said it over and over, this is a battle for the SOUL of America! And I say it is a battle for what is left of its’ soul. They want it all!

Recently God took me to a place in my past that is significant to me. Many years ago I attended a small church on a back road. My eyes were opened to the Pentecostal message at that small church. It was a significant crossroads in my life. It was a place I lived when my wife and I married. I no longer live there, but recently I had the chance to visit. When I arrived at this church of significance to me, I found chaos, burnt wood, rusty nails, and complete collapse!

It hurt deep in me when I saw it. Somehow the building had been set fire and burned to the point of collapsing in on itself. The church had a basement, and the burnt wood and debris had collapsed into that basement. It had collapsed into a place where a friend of mine and myself did puppet shows for the children, a very special memory of mine. There was nothing left but burnt debris and rusty nails.

I climbed out of the car and walked up the cement steps to a small cement platform. The entry to this church was rather high off the ground, a cement porch of sorts. The cement had survived along with the cement basement walls and foundation. I stood there gazing at the burnt debris, the wreckage, and the memory buried under that fire now long gone. There once had been spiritual fire there too, but no more.

I finally turned away and descended the steps back to ground level, but before I did, I picked up a sliver of the burnt wood and one of the rusty nails. I thought I was doing it just for a keepsake, but as I sat here in my “spot” with God today, and I listened to more reports of refusals to investigate, and I considered the new moon rising, God drew my eyes back to that burnt sliver of wood and the rusty nail.

Now those of you who follow this site know that I have had great concern if we are in a time of Jonah, and Elijah, in which Elijah prayed for a curse on the land and all those in it, and Jonah was exposed as the cause of the storm and thrown into a raging sea! Elijah was also the cause of the curse at that time. One was thrown into a sea, the other ended up in a cave, and then eventually raptured!

When God directed my vision to the burnt wood, rusty nail, and the picture in my head of that collapsed building, it did not help me see a church rising up out of the ashes, but a church going into the ashes! And then…we will see…if there are modern day Christians capable of rising up out of the ashes!

God always has his people. The Biden fork of the river would expose, reveal, and purify the church probably much more than the Trump side would. Each has its’ own spiritual dangers. But the wise virgins will always overcome in the end. The wise virgins will always rise from the ashes like the 3 Hebrew children in the furnace of Babylon! Beware of the Martha syndrome! Seek to be Mary! Content at the Master’s feet! And remember Lot’s wife too, while you’re at it! Selah.

16 Days.

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