There is a Wind blowing.

The Wind of TRUTH!

I’ve never seen so many people afraid of where evidence might take them: The Truth? So our court system has become afraid of TRUTH? Our “JUSTICE” system afraid of evidence and where it might lead? When did that happen? How does that qualify as a justice system? We’ve known it to be true, but did we know it to this extent, to this level of darkness?


Many people are waking up to the TRUTH, and the value of TRUTH!

Big corporations have become the Kings and the media/entertainment their Priest. We have a king and priest dictatorship determined to take over and push their false gods on everyone else. But a Wind blows…

TRUTH is such a hard thing to keep buried. It has a perfect reputation for resurrecting! Just ask the Bidens, Clintons, and Obamas, if they don’t know it now, they will. But TRUTH extracts a price, and most Christians are not willing to pay it, are they? This is to our shame, and must change!

In Revelation 12:11, three things are listed as to how Christians overcome Satan, but I want to focus on only one, the last one. “…for they loved not their lives…”.

Now you may rightly correct me and say, but that is not all the sentence, and you would be right. It says they loved not their lives even unto death. Yes it does. You are correct. HOWEVER…

Before you can love not your life even unto death, you got to stop loving your life before the things of God! You got to stop loving your life so damn much! It’s of hell and Satan is milking you for all he can! We are on a path of either stopping loving our life and getting right with God, or we are on the path to “fall away”! Are you so sure of which you are as you continue seeking your comfort zone and all your stuff?

People who know me know, if I’m upset enough to use a cuss word, then there must be something seriously wrong! But it’s not because of my hard heart I have to use a word like that, it’s because of yours!

As I was watching the “Stop the Steal” rally, I suddenly realized. I have a house church we call a “Fellowship”. We put a lot of emphasis on the fellowship part of our message. And here is what I suddenly realized, if I have to be afraid of speaking against abortion, homosexuality, breakdown of the family unit, the destruction of our American Christian foundation, being a Republic, or any of the other antibiblical issues the Democrat party stands for, then our “Fellowship” is no longer a true Church. Therefore, I suddenly realized I cannot have true “fellowship” with any person claiming to be a Christian and yet votes Democrat. AND HERE IS WHY!

Any “Christian” who can vote in favor of abortion, homosexuality, Communism, anti-Bible, anti-family unit: There has to be something wrong with that Christian! If I try to fellowship with them, it will not work! I can treat them respectfully at work or anywhere else, but if they hear me teaching in our home they will either wake up to the evil of their agenda, or leave! Their choice. The scriptures still say to be ANGRY BUT SIN NOT! So don’t tell me there is no righteous anger! Jesus was never a sissy!!!

I can still fellowship with someone who has decided to not vote at all. I can understand and respect their view on that. They acknowledge no Christian would vote Democrat unless they are completely deceived. But they may not feel good about voting at all. I can respect that.

So… if anyone wants to be a part of this fellowship, I will set down with them first, in private, and I will explain to them that we are against these specific issues of the Democrat party, and I am convicted of God that no proper Christian could possibly vote for such policies as to murder innocent babies and promote Sodom and Gomorrah. I will answer any questions they have, and we will have a nice conversation, and then they can decide if our fellowship is for them, or not, because any Christian who can vote for such things would be a “POISON” in our group, and as a shepherd called of God I cannot allow such grievous sin to be acceptable Christian behavior. If I belittle the magnitude of what God has called an ABOMINATION, then what kind of messenger of God am I? We’ve got too many of them already.

The lines are being drawn in the sand. The foolish virgins are being told to go seek more Holy Spirit. I hope they do so in time to not be left behind. Do they even know where to go to find the Holy Spirit today? Many churches have ICHABOD written upon their doorpost today. Choose wisely.

Two more days until increasing light…to a full moon.

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