The New Moon Cometh!

The new moon cometh and what shall we see in its light?

As I continue watching events unfold. As I continue praying and listening to things in the Spirit. I take note that a new moon begins on December 14th. Is that not the very day our electors are supposed to make the choice and seal the deal as to which fork of the river we will be pulled down? A very interesting coincidence.

A new moon is the first night of increasing light. The sky will be dark, no moon seen, but it begins growing. From that night forward light grows, and we enter a time of increasing light. Things will be exposed in the night! It grows to the fullness of the light of the full moon on December 29! Interesting. A time of increasing light just ahead, only six days away.

If all the allegations and signed affidavits are ignored and not intensely investigated, then what does that mean? Does it mean the high places of our country have been taken over with darkness so great that all light is smothered out? Surely it means an evil beyond description has captured the high places of our land, and then…?

And then it will dawn on each of us just what spiritual danger of soul we are all in!

If we are of the Light, keep praying! A new moon cometh! A full moon cometh! All we ask is for the light! It’s not about political parties! It’s about that which is true, right, and honorable! If we become a country taken over by darkness, if our light is revealed to actually be darkness, then each person of true wisdom will surely know the hour in which we live. All will be revealed.

But nothing changes for the child of God. We are about light. We live in light. The fake will fall away, and the real will be seen, like shining cities set upon many hills. Beware, for they will attack those hills. But these are high places they cannot have, for they are God places, and no darkness can stand there. Amen.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear…

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