The Vision of the Warrior

As my fast continues well into day 2, I find myself pondering the vision of the spiritual warrior. Has that vision always been for the few? How many Christians actually live a warrior lifestyle against Satan, I wonder?

God’s Word speaks of the weapons of our warfare, and yet day after day goes by and we do not dawn our armor of light, we do not pray, we do not fast, we do not study and memorize scripture so we can pray it, and have it come out of our mouth like a sword! Therefore, when the devil comes a knock’n, he does not find a warrior who will break him, but he finds a civilian he can manipulate and destroy.

I know a few who practice spiritual warrior disciplines. They live lean. They are not entangled. They can move fast. They do not love money. They do not seek a comfort zone at the expense of a spiritual battlefield. Their affections are set on things above, not this underworld. They listen to the Master’s voice and live on the wind, an eagle mentality. They understand spiritual truths and how this universe actually works. They do not intend to waste their eternal life with the finite. They are as a samurai for Christ. Well trained. Well able. Spiritually fortified and armed. They are READY in season and out.

Their brains work a different way than the worldly, because they have had their minds renewed in what is true. Jesus said he was the way and the truth. So either he is who he claims to be, or he is a liar. I have not found the Lord to be a liar. His Holy Spirit brings power, contentment, peace, and wisdom just as he said he would, if we heed and implement the TRUTHS.

I have been in prayer and study this whole day. I may be up most of this night. I may send out more during the night. We shall see.

A snowy owl in flight January 12, 2018 on the Northeast side of Stanley Lake in Westminster, Colorado. (Photo courtesy of Gerry Morrell) ONE-TIME USE WINTER 2018 W STORY

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