“Drain the Swamp”

Happy Holidays????

Today I heard something that has caused me to stop eating. I believe it was a hearing before a board in Michigan. This poor lady! She gave her eye-witness account of what she personally had seen and knew had taken place in the election process concerning ballots. A member on the board then asked her why she was the only one they have heard this from? If it were true, wouldn’t there be others?

She then informed them that the next two people following her would be testifying the same thing! But this wasn’t good enough for the board. Another person asked why are there not more people coming forward if this is all true? She then began informing them of how her life has been DESTROYED because of this! Her children have been threatened! She can’t get a job! She had to change her phone number and exit all social media! They’ve even had to move!!! Then she said most people won’t come forward because they don’t want their lives destroyed by intolerant Democrats! (Hate filled Democrates! “my words.”)

As I sat there my heart broke. I thought about what these people are going through while I’m enjoying the holidays. They are on the front lines for me! For us! They are not enjoying any holidays! Their life is being destroyed while I am worried if I got my Christmas decorations up yet! Sure, I’ve been faithful to pray concerning the battle we are in. And when I look around, I tell myself that is more than most people are doing. But it is not enough! I’m still too distracted! These people deserve better than this! And I stopped eating.

Do any Christians pray and fast anymore? I know a few who do. But how much prayer and fasting have we done NOW, for THIS? You see, this is our problem. This is the product of our modern churches. This is what we have become! Weak, self absorbed, blind to spirit, individuals!

I know this will sound crazy, but as an illustration, I saw “Infinity Wars” again recently, where Ironman, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, and Star Lord are battling Thanos. There is this moment they almost had him beat! It would have saved so much pain and suffering that was to come! They were 10 seconds away from victory! But Star Lord could not control his own desires for another 10 seconds, and Ironman had to step away to try and stop him, but he would not stop! Spiderman actually managed to pull the glove off his hand! But Star Lord caused Thanos to snap out of it just in time to grab the glove and get it back on! It was all downhill from there and a lot of very bad things happened to good people!

We say we want to drain the swamp! That swamp has a plug at the bottom, and we are trying to pull that plug just like they were pulling that glove from Thanos! That plug is covering a drain hole! If we manage to pull the plug, the swamp drains and all is exposed! We have this MOMENT! If we could just focus, and self-sacrifice, and use the weapons of our warfare God has given us for another 10 seconds, maybe we could avert a dark winter coming!

But what is this modern Christian who cannot fast and pray long enough to support these poor people on the front lines who are sacrificing ALL, so we can have the breakthrough we so badly NEED! What is this modern off-spring of a worldly church who know so little about spiritual warfare and the ANOINTING? This church having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof!

God had been telling me to “fast”. I was slow in coming around. After all, it’s no fun! It denies the flesh! I kept praying faithfully and telling myself it was enough, and I’m too busy to fast right now. But these poor people on the front lines taking great risk deserve better from me! They deserve better from all of us! If we lose this, then we deserve exactly what we get!

I still don’t know which fork of this river we’re going to end up going down. I’ve cut way back on writing, because I only want to focus on this most important battle going on right now, during Covid and holidays. I’m watching everything very closely. I’m only writing when I feel there is something that really needs to be said!

If I’m guilty of being distracted, lazy, self-centered, too much of a pleasure seeker to suffer fasting, then I know I’m not the only one. The average modern Christian knows little of true spiritual warfare because they are not willing to discipline themself to the sufferings of a battlefield. Even at a time like this, with SO MUCH at stake, we only see ourself and our personal desires. We do not wait upon the Lord. We do not mount up with wings of the eagle. We do not bring down the thunder of God like Thor’s hammer, because we do not tap into the supernatural! We no longer even know how. And if we did, we wouldn’t likely do it anyway.

This is our MOMENT, folks. If we fail to stop this evil here and now, then MUCH MORE pain and sacrifice will be required to endure what will lie ahead. I believe most modern Christians will fall away, because you can’t fake it till you make it with God. A true battlefield will certainly weed out those who are faking it.

Trump made a 45 minute speech yesterday. Win or lose, I believe that speech will be the shot / speech heard round the world! Millions of people believe this election is being stolen by a bunch of low life crooks. Maybe those crooks can shut down every investigation and keep “the people” from PROVING their EVIDENCE. But the words of his speech will not go away! A sword has gone forth out of his mouth. “The people” who heard those words and see the evidence of it will not go away. If this battle is not ended now, then this is the BEGINNING. Will this be an ending, or beginning? Our choice.

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Sound the trumpet and rally the troops! Is anyone listening?

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