Spiritual Disciplines / Warrior #1

Sword Priest.

Some see Jesus as “lamb only”. They do not see him as warrior, because they only look at the visible, not the invisible. They live in the flesh, not the spirit.

As we begin leaving Mulan as a teaching point, I’d like to use her as a springboard into civilian or warrior? What dos it mean to be more than a civilian of heaven and become one of its warriors?

I see so many civilian Christians today, seeking their own little empire and the things of this underworld, while they neglect the Kingdom Above. They are careless in their spiritual ways and leave it to the warriors to protect them. They practice worldly wisdom but neglect spiritual disciplines. They are untrained and are as children before the enemy, unable to make any real difference in the spiritual outcome of this country.

When they look at Jesus they see a simple teacher of God who came as a lamb to be slaughtered and never fought back. Oh how little they see. How little they understand. And how small their own life will be because of it. But eyes can be opened. I pray it be so!

Mulan had talent and great abilities, but as a warrior she was still untrained. Then life faced her with an ultimate challenge that could not be changed. Either she becomes the warrior, or the father she loved would, and he would die. God wishes that his children would see the great need around them and choose to be more than a civilian of heaven, and also become the warrior! He has given us a Sword like none-other! He wishes his children would be moved by such great love, and not have to be forced by unavoidable circumstances.

I do not see Jesus as “lamb only”, but also the great spiritual warrior that not even our sins and death could hold! Not only is he King of kings but also the Lion of all lions! Do you not see what was happening in the invisible with every word he spoke? Do you not see the havoc he was wrecking in Satan’s kingdom with the brightness of his light? Do you not see the power of his anointing? Do we not see his spiritual disciplines and realize the great focus he had? And what was this focus? To please his heavenly Father and destroy the works of the devil! And so he did! With great force he warred against the enemy and broke his back!

So the question becomes…How do we follow in his footsteps? How do we shine great light, rescue the captives, and wreck havoc on what is left of Satan’s broken kingdom? Will we be birds of prey? Or birds in cages? Which will it be? Eagle soaring in the sky, or chicken scratching in the dirt, and going back in the chicken coop every night afraid of what lies out there in the darkness?

In Skykingdom God allows us to choose if we want to be an eagle, but not just with words, it must be deeds also. A chicken can claim to be an eagle all they want, but if they scratch in dirt like a chicken and cluck like a chicken, then a chicken they be and all can see. Vessel of honor or dishonor. Where does spiritual discipline begin? How would you teach it?

I’m just opening the door on this subject here at “Path Without End”. Jesus asked the people in his day, and he is asking us the same, he asked them what they went out into the wilderness to see? >

“What then did you go out to see? A man dressed in soft clothing? Those who wear soft clothing are in kings’ houses.” (Matt. 11:8)

They did not find a man wearing soft clothing in the desert, nor did they find a man living in a kings’ house. And so we begin.

Let us tire of civilian life and become a bird of prey!

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