Fork in the Road

20 Days.

We are 20 days away from a major fork in our road. Chances are what we are living today will not be the same in 20 days. Have you thought about it? Has there ever been an election with so much hanging in the balance? Has there ever been a culture with such strong opinions of what is right and what is wrong? Has there ever been such division as to what is the high road or the low? Has there ever been such a civil war concerning our country, even to the point of changing our flag and national anthem? Do we even know what this complete transformation would look like, or where it ends?

We are 20 days away from this fork that might be more like a split in a river, rather than a road. The river pulls us towards this split, and we cannot stop it. We cannot get to a shore. It pulls us forward at increasing speed towards a decision we may not want to make, but it shall be made. And when this stream becomes two, we can only take one, and these two lead to very different places. It’s not like going to Indiana or Ohio. It’s more like San Francisco or Austin Texas. We’re talking macro difference, not micro.

We are caught in the force of this river, a force of nature, a force of human will against will, and yet the devil has his hands in it clean up to his elbows, and we will reap the whirlwind of this madness in 20 days. It begins in 20 days.

Some would say it has already begun, and yet I believe we haven’t seen anything yet. The river is already raging, for sure, but that fork is still 20 days away. What do our “seers” see? Can anyone tell us which way we shall go? Can anyone tell us what to expect? Can we have a peaceful election in the midst of so much hate, lies, cheating, and fire? Does either side of the fork offer that? But at what price? Would I have to be untrue to myself to give the “haters” what they want?

I may lose my country but I will not lose my wings. I will be true to Skykingdom no matter what. I will be TRUE to TRUTH. I will be true to the Holy Spirit. My wings will never be clipped and I will never be caged because my soul knows how to remain free. In the movie “Mulan”, she was called to be loyal, brave, and true. However, although she was loyal and brave, she was not being TRUE, and her wings were being clipped. When she threw caution to the wind to be TRUE, then she was free to soar again, and be lifted up in honor.

In the end she received her very own sword. Her sword stood above all others because not only were the words Brave, Loyal, and True inscribed upon her sacred blade, but new words had been added to the other side! Devotion to family.

Will America choose the side of the fork that continues destroying the family unit? Or will there be a correction in our path even if it cost us dearly? Which path will save our wings? Which path will enable us to soar again? Think through what you know to be true. Do not lie to yourself. I am amazed how many people fail to see through their own lies. Such a life only cripples you. It will not bring you the freedom you think it will.

The sword of Mulan really says it all. We love to watch such movies and believe that we are such a person ourself. But in truth, are we? The river rages. The fork still lies 20 days ahead. We still have time to be Brave, Loyal, and TRUE, if we only will. We still have the chance to put family first, and our own misguided passions second, if only we will.

I wish everyone well in what is coming. There may be fierce rapids ahead with deadly boulders everywhere, and no way to slow the raft down. May we all come through this fork in the river to a better place. A place where honor, truth, and devotion reigns again. Amen.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.

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